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Monday 28 September 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday, it was a relatively quiet afternoon, there weren't to many around but by God's grace there were quite a range that engaged in conversations.

It is a very interesting location for evangelism as you have to approach people and ask them and talk to them on their terms, which makes for many people turning you down and also quite a few being pretty angry that you'd even ask them about what they believe.

I talked to a range of people, The first guy and listened and discussed the Gospel, he did admit to being a sinner but also said he didn't really worry about it all. I asked him about what he thought Hell was and he really didn't know, I explained to him what it is and he said it didn't really bother him because this world is pretty bad and so he said Hell couldn't be much worse.

We talked about the common Graces of God, things like rain, wind and sun, food, showers and beds and many more things that we take for granted and he still said it didn't bother him.

I asked him why and he said because of the things he gets to do now, it will be worth it. He wants to sin.

I then talked to a lady who pulled up lots of little problems, things like evil, and morality, like 'science' and other things. I answered her questions and she said she wasn't going to believe in God because she didn't want to.

I also talked to a young man (Jake), who I have spoken to a few times, he says he rarely goes to church, he was able to tell me the Gospel but he said he has plenty of time.

I challenged him by asking when he was going to die, and he admitted that he didn't know, so I asked him if he would consider eternity, there is no time like the present.

This week there was a previously angry older lady sitting next to a younger lady, I entered into a conversation with the younger lady and the older one actually joined in.

By God's grace they both engaged and were able to go through the he law, to hear the truth of the Gospel and said they would consider it.

I also talked to two young men, Jeru and Josh, they both admitted to being sinners but when asked about going to Heaven they both said they didn't want to go to Heaven on the blood of Jesus, they were either going to earn it or go to Hell they said.

It was quite sad but our pride is a big reason we don't want to go to Heaven. 

Please be praying for the hearts of those who heard the Gospel, may they hearts be softened and made good soil so that they will desire to trust in Christ alone for salvation and serve God.

Please pray for the team that they are able to surrender to Christ, denying themselves and taking up their cross to follow Him.

Please pray for more labourers at this outreaches, may there be many people desiring to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the way of salvation with the lost.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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