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Wednesday 30 September 2015

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At Queen St Mall (Brisbane) on Wednesday afternoon the mall was very busy, many were on holidays doing a bit of shopping.

The afternoon started off fairly normal, we discussed a range of things with a range of people, many briefly.

I had a lot of short conversations with people who would either, say they were getting to heaven based on something and then not want to defend their position, as they just assumed they were right or people who didn't believe God exist, pull out their 'trump' card of a single argument and then when I answered it would deny that answer and walk off.

It was a very sad thing to see, people desiring to not know the truth, just being apathetic. Apathy is worse than holding a strong position. Why? Because atheists have to constantly fight against their knowledge of God.

Agnostics on the other hand, or even partial believers just don't really mind, they drift around saying, 'If God reveals Himself, in a way I consider good enough then I shall follow Him'.

They use it as a opt out clause. But the problem is: God will still judge us all according to our deeds and unless Christ has taken the punishment no one enters Heaven.

I talked to Jarvis and Coby for a little while, they readily admitted sin, had no problem admitting to their guilt but they had no real understanding of its sinfulness.

They didn't think it was that bad, they didn't think there were any real consequences and they didn't really consider it needed fixing.

I started going through the Holiness of God, talking about why sin is so bad because of our blasphemy and idolatry in every action.

They sort of hinted towards seeing its weight but they weren't overly moved.

I shared with them the way of salvation, the love of Christ Jesus that was shown in his work on the Earth and that we can trust in Him alone as the payment for our sin.

I also talked to Chloe and Grace two girls who identified as lesbians, sadly they also were basing their identity off it, it was what gave them meaning and a reason to live. It makes the conversation a minefield to try and walk through but at the same time they need the grace of God as much as I do so we can't try and avoid the tough conversations. Sadly, the conversation went around in a circle, I don't want to follow God and His laws.

Onto why don't you eat shellfish? Back to trying to argue the absurdity of God and His laws. Then finishing with a statement similar to, 'Even if God exists, I don't want to follow His laws, this is my life.'

A very sad conversation. Please be praying for all those that heard the Gospel, please pray for those who caught a snippet, read a sign, took a tract or things like that.

Please pray that God uses the message, plants it in their heart and allows them spiritual sight to be able to see the truth of the Gospel! Therefore coming to repentance and belief!

Please praise God that we were able to outreach in the mall, thank Him for His sovereignty and pray that the team may continue to deny themselves and be able to serve God through evangelism.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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