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Friday 9 October 2015

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On Wednesday at Queen St Mall, Brisbane, it was another scorcher of an afternoon. Thankfully despite the weather many people still flocked to the mall, either leaving or heading to work, finishing uni or school or just generally visiting the mall.

It was quite busy, which was great for bringing a crowd for the sketch boarding and Praise God that we had a team of nine labourers allowing us to cover a good amount of the mall to share the Gospel.

Early on in the afternoon a rather tall man named Arthur came up to us and asked for a Bible, we gave him one and asked him what was getting him to Heaven, he said he himself was, that Jesus died and everyone just has to be true to themselves and they will get to Heaven.

His message was very twisted and skewed, later he said Jesus wasn't the way, that we had to do certain things, then he said Jesus was the only way. He wasn't letting us talk much but was just generally talking about things that didn't make much sense.

His mind must have been damaged by something, please pray for Arthur that he will be able to comprehend the truth of the Gospel, surrender his own attempt and goodness and follow Christ for salvation!

We also talked with Rumel, a young man who has recently stopped practicing Islam, he didn't really have a reason he just got bored with it he said.

We were able to ask him a few questions, firstly we addressed the truth of God, talking about His perfection, justice and holiness. We discussed to a point where he said he understood that God's justice and mercy must be compatible, that to show mercy His justice must be also paid.

We then asked him what could pay for our sin, if God is going to let us into Heaven and knowing that the penalty for sin is death. He said, "I suppose someone has to die". He was right, someone must die.

He talked about that meaning no one should go to Heaven because we all deserve the punishment for sin. I told him he was spot on, not one single person deserves to get to Heaven but thankfully God is loving.

God loved us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God came into this world as a man, and laid down His life so that we, guilty sinners may have a path to Heaven. He said that was great news.

He sadly had to leave but we gave him a bible and he said, he will have to read it!

Please pray for Arthur and Rumel, pray that the message of the Gospel, takes deep root, that their lives can be changed by the repentance and belief bought about by God's sovereign plan.

Please pray for all the others who took tracts, heard the preaching, read the signs, were asked a question and walked away laughing, for those whom we talked to or who too literature.

Pray that God uses this encounter, however small to change their hearts and minds and to allow them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by their surrender to Christ as Lord and Saviour!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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