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Thursday 8 October 2015

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At Sunnybank there is always a range of people, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Atheists, Muslims and some 'Spiritualists' but a serious lack of Christians.

On Thursday we were able to head out and talk to some people waiting at the Bus stop, we had a few early conversations where they would answer the question about eternity, whether it be that they were going to Heaven, or they didn't care or something similar but would very quickly lose interest.

One pair of girls, said they were going to Heaven because doesn't everyone, then they added that they don't really think about it because why consider the future, aren't they still alive.

We asked them if they knew the moment of their death and they said of course not, no one does. Then we said, why does eternity not bother them? If they are living for the now but don't know when they will face eternity, why can they with such certainty ignore thinking about it to scroll down facebook?

Soon after we talked with Rebecca, a young lady who attends a local Catholic school, she said that she was pretty sure she was going to Heaven because she has done Holy Communion and been baptised.

We asked her if those things take away sin and she said she thought they did. We used some analogies, explaining how deeds don't pay for sin and that the penalty of sin must be paid. She said that bothered her because the penalty for sin is death.

We offered her the salvation of Jesus Christ, offered only in the repentance and belief in Him and she said she would consider it because she knew her own sin.

Then we talked with a young lady named Stephanie, a Mormon girl, who professed her works as the way to Heaven, she was adamant that as long as she kept being as good as she currently was, God would have no problem letting her into Heaven.

We asked her how good she was by God's standard and she said that she had never sinned, we tested her with God's law and she admitted to having broken the law and said she didn't know what it was.

She then seemed a little worried that she wasn't as good as she thought she was. We offered the salvation of Jesus Christ, that Christ came into the world to die for sin, that anyone who believes in Him may have everlasting life.

She said it sounded too good to be true but would have to think about it. We encouraged her to read her bible when she went home.

We briefly talked with a man named Shaun who was a practicing Muslim and said as long as his goodness outweights his badness he shall get to Heaven. Sadly he had to catch the bus before we could challenge him on the 'justice' of his god.

We also talked with Kyle, the atheist, who sort of didn't know what he believed but was sure that God didn't exist. We challenged some of his presuppositions but he too had to catch a bus.

Please pray for the local Mormon missionaries, that they will realise the weightiness of their sin, how wretched we are before God and therefore admit that Christ is the only way and therefore submit to Him alone as Lord and repent and believe the Gospel for salvation and as a product desire to share the true Gospel of Christ Jesus!

Please pray for those we interacted with that they will heed the warning on the Gospel, that they will understand their dire need of a savior and turn to Jesus Christ the only way to have sin paid for.

Please praise God that we were able to proclaim the Gospel and pray that many might decide to join us in the labourers of sharing the Gospel, may Christians hearts be stirred up with compassion, desiring to warn the perishing and desiring to share with them the way of salvation!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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