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Saturday 27 February 2016

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Last night, we had a fairly good night of evangelism in Brisbane. We had a good size team. I had decided before arriving at the outreach that I wasn't going to preach, instead I wanted to focus on one to one witnessing.

My prayer was that God would allow me to have good conversations with at least five people. He brought along six.

The first conversation I had was with two young Muslim men from Africa. Both of them had no knowledge of Christianity. We chatted for a bit about Islam and the Justice of God. They told me that they hoped that by doing the best they can that Allah would one day let them into Paradise.

Ultimately, they said they weren't sure if they had done enough. I shared with them that I know with 100% certainty that I will go to Heaven when I die, even though I haven't been 'good enough.'

They seemed intrigued by this answer, so I got to share with them about the Lord Jesus, who He is, and what He has done. Both men said they had never heard such teachings before, and they wanted to learn more. Both took in-depth tracts and thanked me for speaking to them.

During this time members of the team were preaching open-air, or engaged in one to one. It was great to see a number of people from different backgrounds making their way to the Free Bible table and taking literature.

My next conversation was with a group of three elderly Aboriginal ladies. One of them was converted, the other two weren't. The Christian lady was so excited to hear the Gospel being proclaimed in public. The other two also listened closely as I spoke of Jesus and what He did at the cross.

Other conversations I had during the night was with a self-righteous man who thought he had never sinned. I also spoke to an evolutionist who believed that Christians taught that the world only began with the resurrection of Jesus. And, sadly, I also had a conversation with an apostate who use to go evangelising.

Please pray for all those we encountered last night. May the Lord Jesus be lifted high and may He receive all the glory.


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