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Saturday 9 April 2016

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This evening, after a day of sketch boarding training, the team headed into the city, with a decent sized team and a range of visiting members (from other outreaches), there were many interested in testing out new skills for sharing the good news in good ways. The night went absolutely fantastically, with many people taking the time to stop and engage. At one stage there were 10 team members in conversations from those who had stopped to listen to the preacher and were approached as the preaching finished.

Those who were out in Queen St mall received a wide range of sketches, as there were new and colourful designs on display.

There were many who had the opportunity to speak with the team tonight and many opportunities were seized. Please be praying for the many people who heard, listened to and engaged with the preaching tonight, that they will consider the Gospel message, consider their sinfulness and have their hearts changed by God.

One stand out conversation from the evening was with a couple, Marcus and Gwen, they were simply posed with the question, "What is the world's biggest problem?", Gwen said it was a lack of compassion in the world, as people love money and power, then decided to rephrase it as "People loving the wrong things" and Marcus said it was America, as Donald Trump had so much support but after a small discussion Marcus to admitted surely the biggest problem was love for the wrong things. The one he had in mind was just Donald Trump.

"Love for the wrong things", there isn't really a much easier segway into the Gospel, so that is where the conversation headed, except Marcus decided more of a discussion was required as he boldly professed that there was no God. And Gwen mentioned she wasn't sure but believe we should take better care of our Earth.

A simple discussion about origins came up and a discussion was had about this universe and its complexity, if no one denies the requirement for a designer, purpose and builder for a building, why would they do such with a infinitely more complex universe? It is always an interesting question, with rarely an answer given. Tonight Marcus acknowledged the thought but decided to try another route, he quickly jumped to another argument about fossils, we discussed what conditions are required to cause fossils, a great weight over a short period of time. The question was posed, what event in history seems to fit that information? He couldn't think of any, so it was suggested maybe a world wide flood, as recorded in the pages of scripture.

After a little more discussion Marcus made a few attempts at leaving as he was much less sure of his answers as he had once been but Gwen who was interested wanted him to stay. Finally Marcus asked, "Have you heard what Stephen Fry said?", phrased simply as, "I can't believe in God because there so much evil in this world, that is not our fault." As an answer was given, starting in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve both willingly disobeyed God, bringing the penalty of their actions upon themselves, Marcus made a final effort to leave and this time Gwen followed. Sadly Marcus didn't want to contend with the truth of God's Word and was doing all he could to prevent having to consider God and His truth. They couple took tracts and heard a small portion of the message.

Please pray for Marcus and Gwen as they venture off into the world, pray that they will be unable to think about anything else until that have surrendered to Christ as Lord, pray that God uses this simple conversation as a big piece of the puzzle in bringing them unto Himself.

Please take the time to Thank God for the great opportunities that were provided this evening and commit the team, the further outreaches in the coming days and all who will be exposed to the Gospel to the Lord and pray that many may hear the Good News and trust in Christ!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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