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Saturday 23 April 2016

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On Saturday night the team made their way into the Queen St Mall in the heart of Brisbane city, with a low temperature it seemed as though there may be a lacking number of team members or people to talk with but God graciously provided both, a team of about twenty came out and there were many conversations that were had!

One major highlight was a young Muslim man, Josh, who engaged the preacher from very early on, discussing the deity of Jesus and discussing the way of salvation. The conversation drew a decent crowd and was extremely productive. A topic would be started, some new ground would be covered and Josh would slowly talk until a point where he would acknowledge he understood or say he still disagreed. The conversation lasted over an hour with the preacher and Josh stayed till after the night had officially finished discussing Christianity with a team member! 

Over the course of the night he talked with a few different people and heard a range of different ways of explaining Jesus Christ being God. Please keep Josh in prayer, consider him this week as you come before the Holy God of the universe and lift up Josh's salvation. Pray that the truth of God will penetrate his heart and that his life will be forever changed as he comes to trust in Jesus Christ, the God Man who came to save.

Another conversation was had with a young man named Matt. He was apathetic, a discussion was had about things more important that money about where this universe came from, where humans go after their bodies die and a range of similar topics.

But in it all Matt remained adamant that even if there is 100% proof for the Bible, even if he could know without doubt that there is a God, that He revealed Himself in the Bible and that Jesus was the only way of salvation, it wouldn't change his mind. Matt just didn't care, he said that he wasn't going to change for God or anyone else and wanted to live just for himself.

He heard the Gospel, he discussed the penalty for sin and he engaged in a discussion about the way of salvation, he was an agnostic and despite an almost thirty minute conversation, his apathy shone through. He didn't even care enough to support or argue his point of view, he just said it didn't phase him. To finish off, he was left with this question, "Would you trade the small cup of pleasures in this life, purely a gift from God at the expense of an ocean of suffering in the next?" There wasn't much of an answer but he has heard the bad news and the Good News and is accountable for his actions. Please pray for as he heads off tonight, that God may work and he will not be able to sleep until he has been made right with God.

As you read this, let the encouragement be there, evangelism is the most natural extension of our salvation. Though it may be scary, though it may bring fear, let us be encouraged that if Christ can save someone as wretched as me, surely he can save men and women anywhere!

Let us rejoice in the salvation offered in Jesus Christ and boldly proclaim it to anyone and everyone! As this week goes on, please keep Matt and Josh in prayer as well as the many others who interacted with the team and those who will be heading out to share the truth of the Gospel. May many come to salvation and may God be glorified!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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