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Saturday 23 July 2016

Posted by Posted 4 August 2016, 12:21 PM by Josh Williamson. Permalink

Thank-you to all those who prayed for the outreach Saturday night in Brisbane. The night for some reason was extremely busy. Normally, in winter the Queen Street Mall is quieter, but tonight there were people everywhere. As a result many people were spoken to about Christ.

I had the honour of preaching in the open-air using the sketchboard and chemical cross. I spoke on the "Way to Heaven" and looked at three wrong ways that people trust in, and then I spoke about the one right way. The Lord was pleased to bring a good size crowd in to listen. I also noticed that the crowd was really engaging with what I was doing on the board, often they would call out and give the answer to what I was painting.

After my open-air, it was truly amazing to see people throughout our area of the mall being spoken to in one to one conversations. Every which way I looked, there were Christians sharing the love of Christ to people who may never come to church.

What was also a huge encouragement was seeing so many people making their way to the Free Bible and Literature Table. Quite a number of resources were given out.

We also had two other preachers share from God's Word tonight. The Lord seemed to be at work on the hearts of many people. Please pray for all those we encountered tonight. May the Lord bring them into the truth.


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