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Sunday 7 August 2016

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It was another busy arvo at Wellington point with the sun shining and plenty of people to share the gospel with again because of the Pokemon craze continuing the same as the previous fortnight. A good sized team of us met and prayed together before we got the outreach underway. 

Paul was with us and decided to check out the other side of the park with the ladies and discovered it was very busy around the Jetty area as well and started handing out tracts, most people were taking them and it wasn't long before one on ones were happening.

Glenda saw a lady sitting on the bench seat with a couple of little ones, she could see us handing out tracts and having conversations, when she was approached and offered a tract she said she had received one a few weeks ago and she did not like what she read and wasn't interested in talking. 

On asking her that we would like to hear from her so we can have feedback as we talk to a lot of people and it would be helpful for us if she could let us know what she disagreed with, she then said she was a Christian but her Church doesn’t use the language that we have used in our tracts. Glenda asked her what it was and explained that everything that is on the tracts comes from God's Word; it is not what we have made up from our thinking, it is found in the Bible. Then this lady said that at her church they don't use the word 'judgement', they use the word 'acceptance'. She then said that it was not good for her children to have read the words we use.

So as they chatted the lady was more open to listening as Glenda reasoned with her about how we can explain to the children in a way they can understand. When Glenda quoted John 3:16 the kids were saying the verse along with her. She encouraged the mum to read to the end of the  passage and see what God’s Word is saying in context.

Comic gospel sharingThen Glenda gave the analogy of going to the doctor and him giving you medication and not telling you what it is for. You would not want to take the medication because you don’t think you need it, and you wouldn't appreciate the doctor offering you it either! But if he explains about the disease and all the symptoms you have and how this medication will cure you, that’s when you will take the medication and be thankful that you know about it and have a cure. That is how it is when we share about God’s Judgement, which is the bad news, then the good news is understood and appreciated.

Glenda then went on to explain how we have all broken God’s law and every time we do the wrong thing there is a consequence. For example, if we grow up and we drive a car and get caught for speeding we are breaking the law of the land. The police write us a ticket and we have to pay the fine and if we don’t pay the fine we would be brought before a Judge and there are consequences because we broke the Law. Similarly when we break God’s Holy Law, but so very much more serious is the consequence there must be a perfect life and perfect blood shed for the payment of sin. The Bible says the only way for our fine to be paid is through the perfect work of Jesus! We broke God’s Law and deserve punishment but God is so kind He sent us Jesus to save us! This is the good news!

At this stage there was so much interest in one of the young boys he was nodding his head and hearing the good news and his mum was allowing Glenda to engage with him she was hearing everything too, praise God. Then the little boy asked her where did God come from and she was able to explain to him that God is not like us He does not have a beginning or end. We are born and we die. God is Spirit and He has always been there and always will, He is Eternal! God offers Eternal life!

Glenda asked him if he has heard that we must be born again. He said no. So she encouraged him that Jesus said we need a new heart so His Spirit can be with us and help us to know God and to love Him and be ready for heaven. This little boy was so eager, Glenda then asked if he has a bible. His sister said no, but he quickly said, "Yes we have". This was an amazing result and also because later when Lee-Anne approached the mother and children, they all took tracts from her. Wow praise our wonderful Lord for changing this whole encounter around like that!

While this was happening Railee got to encourage the work of evangelism to a believer all the way from Germany. He is travelling around Australia with his wife. And Lee-Anne was talking with a young couple and challenged them of the Bible message and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, and not of works, but it is through the work of Jesus - His life, death and resurrection.
All Glory to God for He prepares the hearts, we are privileged in being able to share in the joy of His work!

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