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Saturday 13 August 2016

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On Saturday night as the team went into the Queen St Mall in Brisbane City it was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday. Whether everyone was at home watching the Olympics or had been up late all week and were now asleep was unknown but a decent sized team headed out and went about their Christ given mission of faithfully sharing the message of salvation.

The team has an 'Intelligence Test' flip chart which is often used as a conversation starter and this evening quite a range of people stopped in over the night and engaged in conversations because of it. Another easy tool used were the 'Good Person' comics, a well loved favourite by many team members, slightly larger than a normal tract but often a easy to talk with people after asking, "Did you get you free comic tonight?".

During the preaching, on the topic of 'True Love', a range of locals stopped, engaged and listened. At one stage there was a young couple out for a night who stopped to listen as the discussion over what really is true love was had. The girl was affected to the point where she was crying as she listened to the message of our sin, guilt the deserved judgment. It seemed as though the weight of the message had struck her.

It was then a privilege to proclaim the message of salvation from sin, through a whole hearted surrender the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and it's accomplishments!

An exciting conversation was had with a man called James, he was a catholic raised man who very characteristically professed the idea of divine scales. As long as his good deeds out weighed the bad, he was right to get into Heaven. When confronted with the idea that a single bad deed deserves a punishment more than infinite good deeds could ever repay James was stopped in his tracks. Unsure how really to respond, it dawned on him the extreme difference between Heaven and Hell. Not whether or not people were just good enough or not but as James said, "that means everyone deserves Hell". 

It was explained that because of the weight of the punishment of sin the only way one could be saved is by a total surrender to the single perfect, sinless sacrifice that could pay the debt. James heard the news and seemed to comprehend it but wasn't interested in surrendering to Jesus Christ as he wanted to live by his own rules.

The night was a massive success as the Gospel was proclaimed! Please keep the team in prayer as they head into their week, pray that they and yourself will remember that the work of evangelism isn't a specific time during the week but rather the whole week!

Please be praying for the many people who heard the Good News that Jesus Christ came to save sinners! Pray that God will use this proclamation as the means by which to bring them unto salvation! 

Please pray that this post will be an encouragement and a challenge to many Christians being the final point in getting them to go out into all the world and to start sharing the Good News!

Soli Deo Gloria!



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