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Warwick Team

Tuesday, 1 May, 2018

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It is a big witness to have a table set up in the main Street of Warwick with signage offering Free Bibles & Resources. Thank our wonderful God for the blessing of this Ministry!

There have been a good number of people stopping to ask who I'm associated with. Some of them are Christians and it is exciting to tell them of the work and blessings that God brings through Street witnessing and events.

Today I met Tony who told me he has been praying for the people of Warwick for years. Tony has looked into the Ministry and is very supportive and was greatly encouraged that we have started here in Warwick.

Some names to pray for are - Warren who used to be a Sunday School teacher, now he says there is no God. Pray the words I spoke to him will challenge him and Gods Spirit stir his heart. He did take a 'Are You a Good Person' comic tract.

One Bible was taken today! A man named John asked for a Bible. We had a little chat but he was needing to go. I gave him a Gospel tract too. 

Pray for Barry who took a number of Creation tracts and a booklet that explains the ministry as well as some Gospel tracts. He is from Lismore. We had a good chat about the Ministry and the Gospel.

Its early days here at Warwick but our wonderful Lord is doing work in hearts of people and His Grace is new every morning Great is His Faithfulness!

All Glory to our Lord and our King Jesus

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 1 May, 2018

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This afternoon five team members made it out to Woodridge Station to bring the Gospel to bear on the ears of the people travelling through.

It was a very busy afternoon to begin with, as over 300 tracts were handed out, but the foot traffic slowed down as the usual school traffic left.

One conversation was had with a man named Dustin. He professed that religion wasn't really his thing and he was happy to live his life how he wanted, without needing to think about God. Dustin sort of rejected the idea of God but was quick to acknowledge that God must exist, because the universe does (because every house needs a builder and he himself is a builder).

Dustin ultimately heard the problem of sin, the desperate situation it leaves us in and that hope is only found in Jesus Christ's perfect life, sacrificial death and victorious ressurection. Sadly Dustin still didn't really want to surrender to God because he was pretty happy living according to his own standard.

Please be praying that Dustin will not be able to stop thinking about the conversation and will come to trust in Jesus as His Lord and Saviour.

Another brief chat was had with Hayden. In the past he had been a drug user but proudly professed that he had been clean for 2 months. It was good to rejoice with him in this but as the conversation turned to the Gospel, it was clear that he had very little understanding of who God is. Thankfully, he was open to hearing what God had revealed about Himself.

Some simple explanations were given about God's perfect standard and the punishment for sin. At this Hayden seemed to understand the dire position all of humanity was in.

As his train arrived, a simple and clear Gospel presentation was given and Hayden left with a tract in hand.

Please be praying that this message may take root in his heart and that he too may be forgiven of sin and reunited with God, through the work of Christ!

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 26 April, 2018

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At Sunnybank yesterday, God raised up a team of 8 of us for the outreach, which meant we were able to reach both sides of the road very well, handing out gospel tracts and starting conversations.

Two standout conversations - one person who was quite hard hearted and the other person who was very receptive.

The hard hearted man was a man in his 50s or so who said he is a Mormon all the way from when he was young. He was very familiar with all the teachings of the Mormon church, saying that God the Father has multiple wives and lives near the planet Colob. He said that Jesus and Satan are brothers, and that humans were never created but have always existed.

There were so many false beliefs to deal with, so we decided to focus on a main topic - salvation. He said that God would judge everyone one day on their works, and so therefore he interpreted from that that God will weigh a person's good deeds verses their bad deeds. We made the point that the Bible says even all liars will have their place in the lake of fire (Rev 21:8), that means even one lie is enough condemn us forever. And it would not be the just thing for a judge to let a criminal go free based on doing more good actions than crimes, neither can the good God of the universe do that.

We then brought up Ephesians 2:8-9 which describes how we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus and not by works, and he said that belief is from the devil. He then jumped topics on to the trinity saying that there can't be one God who exists in three persons, instead there must be multiple gods. What this man was saying really shows how different Mormonism is to Christianity and the Bible. And he wasn't misrepresenting Mormonism at all, this is what they actually believe.

He didn't want to believe what the Bible said about all these subjects and instead wanted to rely on the modern prophets of his church. So the conversation ended some time after that.

But not too long later, we had a good chat with a Chinese man named Roy who hasn't even heard of the name Jesus before or what He has done. We got to talk about how we have all sinned, deserve God's judgement, but that Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sin if we would come to believe. The evidence that we believe is that we will then start living a different way.

He asked a bunch of clarifying questions, even asking, "Why would Jesus do that for me?" We also gave him a gospel of John to start reading.

To God be all the glory!

Hobart Team

Tuesday, 1 May, 2018

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Here in Hobart the Secular elites and their minions have been having quite a run of bad behavior over the last year. Just lately our state run and taxpayer funded hospital is to be the new location for an abortion clinic, regardless of what some taxpayers may think of this. If you disagree with the intrauterine killing of the innocent you are free to hold that opinion privately, but heaven help you if you seek to convince others of that conviction. Worse still if you were to start a group that holds to pro-life convictions and register that at the local University student union. Worse again if you publicly stand and speak against abortion. But worst of all is the act of quietly standing outside the hospital with literature or the offer of counsel and support for expecting mothers going in desperation to have their children killed because no-one will care for and support them.

If you speak to others about abortion, expect at least an angry tirade if a progressive even suspects you are influencing others against this “holy cow”. I have lost track of the number of times this has happened over the last couple of weeks.

If you register an organization at the Uni, expect as we have seen lately here, protests on the street and on campus, angry letters to the editor, and formal complaints made to the university. I salute the bravery of those standing for the unborn and for mothers on campus, please do not give up!

If you stand outside the local abortion clinic, no matter how quiet and loving your manner. The police will come and lock you up! Graham Preston is fighting the charges brought against him for standing outside our Hobart abortion clinic. His conviction and bravery humble me, may God see to it your name is cleared!

If you stand publicly to speak against abortion and call people to repent of this horrible crime and sin, expect a fortnight like we’ve just had in Hobart.

I have placed on the front of the bible table a series of signs speaking against abortion and encouraging people to consider the little person whose life is taken. I have spoken a number of times of the sin of our nation in allowing this legislation to be passed and then not removing it after it was enacted. I called men to look after the women of our community rather than use them for pleasure and then abandon them to be single mothers or to abort the child. I have urged the people of Hobart to see that this is murder and that taking the life of a child, no matter how early the stage of life, is still taking the life of a child. I warned the people that God is not to be fooled with and He has a passionate and jealous love for all the children He gives us.

God warns explicitly in Scripture that those who take the life of a child whether for religious purposes or convenience or even through neglect will face His judgement. This is murder and all those complicit in it and encouraging it will face wrath of God for this sin.

But this is not the end of the story necessarily, God in His mercy offers a way for wrath deserving sinners both great and small to receive mercy and grace through the atoning death of Jesus Christ the perfect lamb of God. For those who turn from sin and come seeking Christ no sin is great enough to keep us from Him. But likewise, there is no sin too small that it will be overlooked by God’s justice. We all need a savior and there is only one that God offers. Jesus Christ our Lord!

Needless to say, our sin delighting and justifying society is not pleased when people point out the evil that they have taken as their “right”. We have had the Bible table thrown over and about a number of times, an attack video has been published against us, and I was assaulted for standing in the way of the Bible table being overturned and had to restrain the man involved. I was not badly hurt in case you were wondering.

In all these things we rejoice that God is over-ruling our world and only allows that which we need for growth in holiness and Christ-likeness. Praise God that in the midst of all this opposition there are many wonderful gospel conversations happening and Christians are being encouraged to stand boldly in the city.

Over the course of the last 2 weeks we have had numerous great conversations with people who come asking why we do this and what God’s word says about them and this world. Also, we’ve had a number of Christian people who have made explicit comment that the work in the Hobart mall has encouraged and emboldened them to speak for Jesus also. Likewise, there are a large number of tracts going out whenever we hand out literature.

Please continue to pray that God will graciously call sinners out of the Australian culture of death and sin and bring them by His glorious power into His kingdom of life and light.

Praise God for His abundant goodness and ongoing patience!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 30 April, 2018

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As we started there was a windy gust or two to remind us of Jn. 3:8 and the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit in regenerating grace. Here are 2 prayer points for your consideration:

     - Jordan is a self confessed agnostic. Hearing the building/builder analogy he seemed to be open to more. He was told that God says that he is without excuse. He is now evaluating the law/gospel facts as applied to himself. May God be merciful to him and transfer him into the kingdom of His Son, Col. 1:13,14.

     -Jack is a friendly young man who had a R.C. school education. He had not thought of what heaven is like. After reminding him that God is too holy to tolerate even a person with only one sin to 'walk with Him, cf. Adam after his transgression, Jack.suggested that heaven is perfect. Going through the law/gospel, he had not grasped why God should let him into heaven. I repeated that he needed to rest in the merits of Christ and explained that after receiving mercy for the forgiveness of one's sins, then one sought to do good works as a testimony of his love for God. We journeyed through the Blondin illustration to highlight the difference between 'believing the facts' and 'getting into Jesus wheelbarrow - by (saving) faith. He was shown how to get onto our website to the interactive 'way to heaven' section. May God excite him to seek Him out.

The work continues by God's enabling grace which we are especially mindful of our ongoing need of when we encounter some of the more vocal opponents of God. God does as He please and it is all good for us!

We give Him thanks and all the glory for only He can do glorious things that are worthy of unending praise.


Warwick Team

Tuesday, 24 April, 2018

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Praise God for the good response from the people of Warwick.

Today the Ministry Table was set up next to a Salvation Army Table. Terry a Salvation Army soldier has had a table in this spot for many many years. He sets up on a Wednesday but because of Anzac Day he was where I have arranged to be on Tuesdays. It was a good opportunity to team up with him as he knows and preaches the Gospel and it shows the people that we are united in pointing to Jesus as the way to Eternal Life.

Pray for Roy who believes and loves the Lord. He spoke with me for a while and took tracts. He needs prayer for his depression.

Phillip a lovely man very open who says he believes but sadly he is not reading Gods Word. He went on to tell me he witnessed a healing where a man's leg that was short became normal in a church service. At hearing this I grabbed the illusion tracts where you hold up two curved cards and one looks bigger then the other then you swap and the other looks bigger. He was amazed ... then I said what our eyes see can be an illusion. sure God does heal and He can do anything but we must know & focus on what is more important. The tract lead into the question... "Would you sell one of your eyes for $1,000,000? or both eyes for $20,000,000? Of course you wouldn't your eyes are precious but they are merely windows of our soul."

I explained that our soul needs to be made right with God, when we die it's too late for forgiveness of sins and we need Jesus. God sent His Son to save sinners! What Jesus has done on the cross is the most important healing we need for our sinful souls. We need our souls to be saved. Then I encouraged Phillip to read God’s Word because this is how we get to know and love God, we also need to feed our souls, it is even more important than food for our physical bodies. Phillip received tracts and was thankful, hopefully I will get to see him again to see how he is doing.

Terry the Salvation Officer told me he knows Phillip and his family well and was thankful I could talk to him as he says he finds it hard to chat with him because he is close to the family.

I got to talk with an 18 year old girl who has been brought up in a Christian Family and she was interested to hear about the ministry we discussed the Commandments how they show us our sinful state and our need for Jesus, that He is the good news!!!

Jesus forgives us when we see our sin, humble ourselves & trust His offer to be saved - that He lived perfectly and died in our place, He took the punishment we deserve, Jesus rose from the grave! He defeated sin and death & offers us Eternal Life. She has had some hard times recently and her faith tested so I encouraged her by telling her that God is Sovereign and will bring good from all our difficulties as we trust in Him, He helps us to keep in His Word, we need to pray for His help to keep trusting. Everything is for His Glory! We know all the treasures that last will be in Heaven.

Praise God for sending a helper today and being able to be along side of Terry.

Praise God for His Spirit in us & through us in the bond of service & prayer.

All Glory to Jesus our King.

Special Outreaches

Wednesday, 25 April, 2018

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We had an enjoyable morning sharing the good news of the gospel in Brisbane city. The Anzac Day march was on and tens of thousands of people gathered to watch it.

We brought along some specially themed gospel tracts including our 'Lest we Forget' card and the million dollar notes. And by God's grace, over 5,000 gospel tracts went out into people's hands as most people were very happy to take them.

For we recognize and appreciate the great sacrifices people have made for our country, and when we look back in history we see the greatest sacrifice someone has made to set humanity free from sin and its consequences (hell) and how He offers eternal life to all who would come to trust in Him - trusting that He has paid the penalty for all their sins on that cross 2000 years ago. That is why were out to share this good news with the people there today.

We also had some conversations with people. One brief chat happened with an elderly man who said that his god is the 10 Commandments. We asked, "Wouldn't it make more sense that God would be the giver of the 10 Commandments?" He said, "No, the 10 Commandments have evolved into being over time."

We explained how just like a building has a builder for it, so must the universe have had a creator for it, and he thought for a moment and said "That makes sense." Pray that he reads the gospel tract he received. Please also pray for all the others who received gospel tracts today.

To God be the glory!

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 20 April, 2018

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On Friday at the Gold Coast, we expected it to rain as it was raining for almost the entire time driving there, and yet once we arrived at Surfers Paradise the ground was completely dry and it turned out to be a really busy night.

God raised up a team of about 10 to 15 of us and He saw fit to allow lots of people to hear the gospel. We used the sketchboard to preach a message on the way to Heaven - during which a crowd instantly formed.

This also led into some good conversations with people afterwards, some who only got to hear the last part of the message and so wanted to find out more about what we were saying. One man we spoke with was like this and he was very receptive. He began to see the urgency of what we were talking about after we said:

"Imagine if you were walking across the road tonight and a speeding car came straight towards you. You wouldn't just stand there, would you?" "No", he said. We continued, "The fear of getting hit by that car will make you run out of the way. So in the same way, in what you've heard tonight you now realize that if you died tonight you'd be sent to Hell forever and that should absolutely terrify you, but it should terrify you enough to do something about it - and that is, trust that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and so be saved."

He grasped that, and so we kept talking for a further 20 minutes answering his questions and explaining the gospel. He took a gospel of John from us to start reading.

God's word is sharper than any two edged sword, so please pray that God will use it to bring this man to himself.

The team prayed together at the end of the night and went home rejoicing that we were able to be used of God to communicate the good news of the gospel to those who are still in darkness. To God be the glory!

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 21 April, 2018

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The gospel went out again last night in Brisbane city. God brought along about 15 labourers for the team. It was great to see the team in constant conversations throughout the night.

We talked with Muslims who thought they had to earn their forgiveness by doing good deeds. For them, we gave them an illustration - "If a criminal stood before a judge and said. 'Judge, yesterday I murdered someone, but today I have done 5 good things, so please let me go free.' Would that work?"

Of course it wouldn't. Same thing with God, our good deeds could never get rid of any of the sins we have done - that is why we need a substitute who would take our punishment for us - Jesus.

We also talked with Christians who lacked assurance of salvation. We asked, "What would happen if you sinned on your way home this evening and then 5 minutes later you died, where would you go?" They said. "That's a good question, I'm not sure, because of that last sin."

We were able to explain that Jesus didn't just die for our past sins, but even for the sins we'll do tomorrow, and next week and next year even - if we are trusting only in His death on the cross for our forgiveness. That means we can know where we are going when we die, because Jesus has paid the price. And the evidence that we are trusting in Jesus is that we'll start living our life differently - instead of for sin, we'll want to live for Jesus.

One other person we spoke with said he had had a bad experience with church in the past and so that is why he has given up on church and just believes in God. I asked, "If you were sick and you went to a doctor but he turned out to be a pretty bad doctor, do you say, 'I'm never going to any doctors ever again!' No, instead you would go and find a good doctor. Same with church, if you happen to have been part of a bad church, you don't give up on church, you find a good church instead." The man said that made sense.

To God be all the glory for a wonderful night!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 23 April, 2018

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There were 2 very similar but separate conversations with two young men - Dillon and Hudson. Both were open to the possibility that 'God is' after hearing an analogy.

They heard the overview of God making man in His image, the introduction of death through Adam's sin and the cursed state of planet earth even to this day. Told of the 2 natures of Jesus and why each nature was necessary if He was to fulfill His name - Mt. 1:21, they were shown how God's moral law was satisfied. Jesus was born without sin and lived without sin = absolutely righteous, cf. Jer. 23:5,6.

Furthermore He suffered all that God required to make atonement for His peoples' sins, cf. 1 Peter 2:24; 3:18. Now one can approach God asking God for His mercy of forgiveness of all his sins by pleading the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ on his behalf. Because God's standard of righteousness has been fully met in Jesus Christ alone, one can trust Him now for eternal life and know he has been given it - Jn. 3:36a.

Both seemed to have accepted the need to read the Scriptures asking God to reveal Himself to them.  Please pray that they do and may God grant them the graces of repentance and faith in Christ alone.

As usual, there were other conversations ranging from 'who cares', to the defiant ones who love their sin, to those who were very open to hearing the things of God.

Thanks for praying, and please join us in giving all the glory to God triune.     

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