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Saturday, 8 September, 2018

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Hear two team members share about Gospel conversations they were able to have on Saturday night. 

The Square had no other events in it this weekend freeing it up entirely for Gospel conversations.

Hear one team member share about a conversation she had with a man who was Hindu, had considered Islam but was still searching. 

Hear another team member share about the conversartion he had, using the intelligence test, with a Muslim.

It was an encouraging night in the city. Please keep those in prayer who received tracts and heard the Gospel.

Capalaba Team

Monday, 10 September, 2018

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We had a shorter-than-usual time at the bus stop today due to the departure later tonight of the team to Myanmar.

There were only a few conversations to commit to prayer:

     - Ryan had an 'indifferent' mature age man who admitted the Builder/building analogy made sense. He heard the good news. He seemed to be uninterested in taking it to heart. Pray God stirs/awakens him up to his dire situation.

     - My wife was praying that the Lord would grant encouragement today. Meet Charlotte from the Belgian Congo. She very succinctly & correctly answered the diagnostic question, "If you died today, why would God let you into His heaven?"  I gave a little summary about how science has shown that there is no reasonable possibility for a starting point, i.e. a cell randomly forming (protein + dna) and so macro-evolution is a dud theory. She replied with a demolishing of the Big Bang theory. After swapping some details of what we believed the Bible taught, we prayed as a brother and a sister-in-Christ. We went on our way rejoicing. Thanks for praying.

May God do His sovereign work through our efforts and the tracts. To Him alone be glory and praise. 

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 7 September, 2018

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This evening with the rain, there was a worry that few people would be out in Surfers Paradise but God bought along many people to hear His glorious Gospel!

Hear Mark share about a conversation with a German man who understood the Gospel and was interested in finding out more.

Hear Harry share about a conversation with a young couple who had never heard the Gospel before, spoke for almost thirty minutes and also wanted to know more.

Lastly, hear Matt share about a conversation he had with Vinnie, a man he had spoken to years prior in Woodridge. Hear how Vinnie had been thinking about it seriously and wanted to head along to a local Church!

Please be praying for the people in these conversations as well as the many more that took place tonight!

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 6 September, 2018

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This afternoon in Sunnybank the team got a little rained on but thankfully nothing too severe. There did seem to be fewer people around than usual though as people were less interested in waiting for their bus in the wind and rain. But despite this the team had a range of lengthy and important conversations.

Two guys the team has spoken to before at different points in the afternoon dropped past. The first named Mitchell. He is having a really tough time with some things but has recently headed back to Church. Sadly he is still struggling to understand that we are saved by the work of Christ alone, not based on anything we can do.

He was reminded of the Gospel and its call to repent and believe and was encouraged to dwell on that truth and rely on Christ alone. He was also encouraged that God in His absolute sovereign authority doesn't leave us alone. Mitchell is having some troubles with his living situation and past friends and was wondering why God would let him suffer like he is.

It was explained, with compassion that God's plan for our lives may be harder than we desire but better than we had hoped. God's plan for His children is not for them to have a worry free life and rarely rely on Him. Rather He often places us in circumstances and situations in which our only hope is to cling to Him, teaching us that through it all, He is a only true hope! 

He was also encouraged with the wonderful promise of Romans 8:28-29, that God plans all things for the Christ-likeness of those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose!

Another conversation was with a JW, Darnell. He had spoken to another team member a week earlier but was having a real struggle understanding. The same this week. The reason wasn't because of his English ability. Rather, he had been sown seeds to falsehood and he had been mis-taught theological words. For instance, "Salvation is simply deliverance from danger or destruction, and often specifically referring to deliverance from sin".

This poor understanding of salvation cuts the heart out of the Gospel message. Equally a misunderstanding of who punish Jesus on the cross, God's judgement for sin and many other things were missing. It was a scary conversation with a man who is "very religious" and even reads the Bible but has little to no understanding of what it actually is!

A final conversation and one that was lengthy and encouraging was had with a woman named Beth. She at first when asked, "Where do you think you will go after you die, Heaven or Hell?" declared, "Definitely Hell". She said she was too bad, too sinful to be forgiven.

This is a relatively uncommon response to the Christian message so the team were interested to hear why. We engaged with her in discussion for almost an hour. Answer questions about Noah's Ark, The Tablets, Heaven, Hell and many other topics. 

At one point she declared that some Jehovah's Witnesses had been visiting her mother and saying there was no such thing as Hell. She then said, this doesn't make any sense and she thinks that they are wrong.

This was encouraging to hear and also good to know that she wasn't just looking for any false hope or false religion. With a lengthy conversation coming to a close, the team once again reiterated the simple beauty of the Gospel, the command it has upon our lives, to repent and believe and the offer of forgiveness it brings.

Beth left with a Bible, a tract, an encouragement that this conversation didn't happen for no reason and was encouraged to read her Bible.

Please be praying for Mitchell that he will come to understand the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice and trust in Him alone for salvation. Please pray that Darnell will see the glaring issues with JW teaching and doctrine and instead will seek to understand what the scriptures say. Please be praying that Beth will understand how deeply she has sinned but instead of wallowing in guilt will be able to rejoice with great joy that there is a God who loves to save the most despicable sinners.

Auckland (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 5 September, 2018

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We were blessed by today's outreach at Speakers Corner . Tim, Trevor and myself, by God's grace, each had an opportunity to preach.

Like last week, we weren't sure about the foot traffic, as the University students are on semester break. It seemed quiet at first as people were spread out and you had to walk to get to them. Then in mid sermon a whole crowd of approx 20 high school students going through a tour of the University walked past us, all listening to the preaching.

As they passed I was preaching on God's law. The point was made that we would be judged by a Holy God for every sin that we've committed. I expanded quickly on the 5th and commandment and how even those things that we've looked at on the internet, facebook, instagram we will have to give an account to God who is judge.

Then I preached Christ and Him crucified for sinners and as that happened some of the students asked and took our gospel tracts that brother Sam was handing out. 

May the Lord get glory from this work. 

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 5 September, 2018

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This afternoon the sky seemed to threaten rain as the team arrived but thankfully none came, except a couple of stray drops. The afternoon did come with a number of exciting conversations though.

An early conversation and a very sad one was with Roger. He declared that God did not exist. Then after the building, builder analogy he declared that God did exist, followed quickly by the statement, "He will let me into Heaven because I am a really good guy".

Roger, was so blinded by his sin and hatred of God that even when taken through the law he was unwilling to admit that God would find him guilty. Sadly at this he was left with a tract and encouraged to honestly read it.

Another conversation had soon after this was with Tristan. His mother was Jew by descent but non-practicing and at some point they had joined the Mormon church. They weren't overly religious but had gone to the Mormon church on and off during his childhood.

This was an interesting conversation as Tristan at first thought he would possibly go to Heaven but after hearing God's law and engaging with God's perfect standard he saw that no one in all of human history is good enough to get there. This then entered into a discussion about the Gospel and what God has done, so that the guilty and underserving can be forgiven.

Tristan later shared about some of his sins and he said he thought that he was too bad to be saved. It was explained that Jesus' sacrifice can save the most vile and wicked of sinners, because sin is primarily against God, and it was God's wrath satisfied at the cross.

He later went on to describe, that he probably wouldn't want a God that wouldn't let him live as he wanted. It was pointed out that this very thinking is the root of all sin. Sadly even though Tristan seemed to understand by the end of the conversation he wasn't (at this point) interested in God's offer of salvation. He rejected God's call to repent and believe.

Two other conversations were had with young men. One named Blake and the other Josh.

Blake said he liked the idea of reincarnation and explained his thoughts about the universe then with the simple building, builder analogy agreed that there must be a God. He heard the law, saw his sin, understood the desperate position humanity are in and heart the Gospel. 

It was a real struggle for him to understand that the Gospel called us not to be good and fix ourselves but to simply trust in God that He can pay for our sin and will fix us. It was explained four times but Blake seemed to understand it by the end! He also expressed and interest to trust in Christ, please be praying that He does and gets right with God, tonight!

Lastly a conversation was had with Josh. He had some Christian background and could declare that Jesus died on the cross for our sins but he didn't really understand what that meant. Through a lengthy discussion including an important one about how he was wrong regarding what God has said about salvation, Josh seemed to understand.

It was tough going through the conversation with many side tracks and misunderstandings but it seemed as if the Gospel was understood by the end. 

Please be praying for these four men that they would heed the call God has given them to turn in repentant faith and trust solely in Him and His accomplishments to save them. May they be humbled by God's Holiness and fall in love with Him!

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 4 September, 2018

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This afternoon at Woodridge was filled with some scattered showers and some Gospel conversations. As usual at Woodridge, there was the opportunity to converse with people we had chatted to before, as well as new people.

One repeat conversation was had with Afful. He had heard the Gospel a few weeks prior and had been challenged to make a decision. He was left to decide whether he would turn to Christ or continue in rebellion. Sadly Afful has still not turned to Christ. Again this afternoon the Gospel was reiterated and the importance of finding salvation in Christ was stressed.

He was left again, with an encouragement to read his Bible and to turn to Jesus. Please be praying that he does this!

Another conversation was had with a young man named Jake. He had a Christian background and had some Gospel understanding but his primary issue was that he just was non-commital. He sort of liked the idea but was more interested in living his own way and doing his own things.

This was another sad conversation as it shows the scary reality that you can grow up in the Church, understand the Gospel and yet be completely unchanged by it! May we never get so complacent that we forget the importance and seriousness of the Gospel.

A final and very exciting conversation was had with Aaron. Three years ago, on this day, a conversation was had with Aaron. It was on similar topics and had similar themes. Today, the Gospel was clearly shared with Aaron and he listened and understood. The importance of it being a gift to the underserving was stressed a number of times and Aaron said he understood.

Then some simple explanations and answers were given to a range of questions that he had. Some regarding events in the Bible, or things that he had misunderstood from the Bible. Others regarding why evolution is faulty and cannot explain life and a range of other things. It was an exciting conversation as Aaron understood and was left to ponder the challenged, "When will I turn and trust in Jesus?"

He is in contact with the team and will interact via email with any more questions. The first email was sent this afternoon to touch base and send some preliminary Creation resources.

Please be praying for Jake that he will heed the Gospel's call that he would turn and repent of his sin, finding salvation in Christ. Please praise God for the work he has done in Aaron's life up until this point and please be praying that this conversation will be a turning point where he decides to seek to understand God's Word and what God has said, rather than trying to work out this world by his own rationalisation.

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 1 September, 2018

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After the Re-Engage Conference many people were exhausted and there was a smaller team out than usual. That didn't stop the conversations though. After a day full of equipping the team were emboldened in their faith and ready to declare the glorious truth!

Hear Lee-Anne share about a conversation she had with a Muslim man who liked the idea of reincarnation.

And hear Natalie and Bekky recount how they shared the Gospel with a man named Amin.

Please be praying for those the team were able to speak to!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 3 September, 2018

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This afternoon there was some cloud cover at Capalaba which kept the afternoon fairly cool. It seemed to keep the bus stop quieter than usual but thankfully there were still enough people around to speak with. 

One conversation was had with a lady named Elise. She had spoken to the team before and had been left to consider the Gospel. Sadly she hadn't surrender to Christ and therefore had chosen to reject it (by her passivity). She was once again reminded of the Gospel's summons, calling her to turn in surrender and faith to Christ. The wrath and love of God was re-iterated and she was one again encouraged to heed God's call on her life.

Another conversation was had with Emily. She was a few years out of school but said that she stopped believing in God after school. This information was referred to a number of times to help her realise that her disbelief in God wasn't intellectual but theological. 

She acknowledged that if God was to judge her by the Ten Commandments she would be guilty and deserve Hell. She even noted that no one would deserve Heaven. When asked how a sinner could be forgiven, she wasn't really sure. The Gospel was explained a number of times until she understood that it was a gift, that God gave to the undeserving not the worthy.

When asked when she would trust in Jesus she said she didn't really want to and reiterated that she didn't believe in Him. She was asked, "Which came first, you living your own way or you rejecting God's existence?" She responded, "I have lived my own way my whole life and I didn't reject God's existence until after I left school."

It was pointed out that this therefore is the order in which the events occurred, it wasn't that she disbelieved in God and then decided she could live her own way, rather, her desire to live sinfully came long before she tried to justify her rebellion through rejecting God's existence. She seemed to agree with this and was left with a final reminder and challenge that our only hope for forgiveness, salvation and right-relationship with God, is to turn in repentance and faith to Jesus.

A final conversation was had with three high school boys, Toby, Andy and Cain. Toby was distracted and quite uninterested, preferring to play on his phone rather than listening. Andy, was trying to argue about any and everything to try and defend his rejection of God and Toby was quietly but attentively listening.

The conversation was a simple and straight forward Gospel conversation, God created us, we rebelled against Him and His law (with specific examples), God hates sinners and cannot let the guilty go unpunished. Yet, God in history has stepped in so humanity can be forgiven. He came, lived perfectly, died sacrificially and rose victoriously so that all who surrender to Him may have life.

Toby was keen to live in sin and wasn't even the slightest bit interested in turning to Christ. Cain, thought only really bad people went to Hell and only really good go to Heaven, the rest just die. Andy thought anything that he could to try and disagree with the Gospel, even if it didn't make sense. The three took tracts and were strongly encouraged to turn from their sinful self-reliance and to find forgiveness in Christ.

Please be praying for Elise, that she would not put off trusting Christ any longer. Please pray for Emily, that she would heed the warnings and find her greatest satisfaction in Christ, rather than the pursuit of the things in this world. Finally, please be praying for Andy that God would humble him, Toby that he would be given a hatred of sin and Cain that he would turn to Christ for salvation.

Wellington Point Team

Sunday, 2 September, 2018

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With Chris & Gloria coming from Adelaide for the occasion, the Lord had 9 on this team today. We operated a large flip chart on the eastern and another on the western side of the Point, plus the roving evangelists.

Many seemed so intent on celebrating the (commercial) 'fathers' day'. However, the Lord gave us some interesting  chats.

     - John, a young Dad and his lad were taken through the good news message but Dad could not grasp the Way. Later, another one of us was able to share the good news which he still did not get. When told that his answer to "Why should God let you into His heaven?" was incorrect, he wanted to know the right answer. He departed with the correct understanding and we ask the Lord to do His work of grace in him. His son returned at least twice because he had thought of some of his friends who needed to hear God's gospel.

     - Chris, a young woman, agreed with her sinfulness, guilt before God and that she deserved to be sent to hell. She also believed that Christ had suffered the wrath of God for her. However later she stated that she believed that God loved everybody. When she was challenged on the fact that only the Christian enjoys the inseparable love of God, Rom. 8:38,39, she could not define what sort of 'love' He had for those who died in their sins. It seemed to be a result of her R.C. upbringing. May she come to know what faith in Christ alone means.

     - Hayden needs prayer as he counts the cost of committing to Christ.

The list goes on. Let us pray until the last of His elect are brought into the one flock and then our praises will be 'out of this world' on the new creation. To Him alone we give the glory!

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