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Wednesday, 22 August, 2018

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This afternoon in Brisbane City the team had the privilege of speaking to a whole host of different people. As usual the flip charts were a great hit and many people heard the Gospel through them.

One conversation that was a real surprise was the end of the afternoon. A middle aged man, Buster, with his adult daughter, were sitting down having a smoke. When asked where he thought he'd spend eternity Buster said he didn't really know. Upon a few clarifying questions he jokingly said that compared to all his friends, he was a good guy and hoped he would get to Heaven, but openly acknowledged that he was a sinner.

Over the rest of the relatively humorous conversation Buster heard of God's design for this world, his hatred of sin and at the same time, God's offer of hope for guilty people. He seemed to understand that Gospel and ended up heading back to the restaurant with his daughter when they'd finished their smokes.

Please be praying that Buster will heed the summons of the Gospel and turn to Christ as His Lord.

Another conversation was had with a man named Prince. Sadly, he lived up to his name and thought so highly of himself. Prince wanted to be his own God. Over the course of an almost hour long conversation Prince on numerous occasions declared that he was just going to live his own way, do his own thing and hope that whatever God there was, would simply be okay with that. Even when it was stressed that this rebellion is the cause of all out sin, Prince simply brushed that off as, "someone else's belief".

He brushed off God's glorious offer of salvation and declared that he was happy to live his own way.

Please pray that God would humble Prince, so that he may be saved by God's, Prince of Peace.

A third conversation was had with a lady who had some ideas of Christianity but mostly had very little idea. She engaged briefly to the point where she understood Christianity but sadly she had to head off on other errands.

Please be praying for this lady that the information she learnt won't just remain as intellectual knowledge but a saving knowledge, in which she surrenders to Christ as King.

Thank you for your continued prayer support of the teams! Both individuals and the group. Please also consider how you can step out in your life, either joining a team in a local outreach or simply finding ways that you can share God's glorious Gospel with a neighbour, work colleague or even family member!

Woodridge Team

Tuesday, 21 August, 2018

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This afternoon at Woodridge the team had an encouraging afternoon. They had the ability to speak to a range of different people. Some recaps on past conversations and also many who had never heard before.

On young man named Renata, listened the the Gospel. He didn't seem too attentive at first but began to listen as the conversation flowed. He engaged well regarding God's design and creation, how God has loved us and how we have rejected Hod through our use of His gifts.

He interacted as God's hatred toward us and our sin was shared and then was offered God's solution of love. That God offered salvation to guilty sinners. He didn't make much more of a response than saying, "Thank you for changing my mind". But he headed off to the bus.

Please be praying the Renata dwells on God's love displayed in the cross and comes to a saving knowledge of the truth.

A short conversation was had with Saheed, a young man who only engaged quickly before his bus came but shared about he was torn about what to believe between Christianity and Islam and said he agreed with parts of both. It was pointed out that we don't get to make our own way to God but our only hope is to come to God on His terms.

Please be praying that this conversation can be continued with Saheed next week.

A lengthy conversation was had with a local worker Margaret. She declared that there was no God and that this world is merely a product of chance. She was very strong and adamant in that, ever despite the watch and watchmaker analogy and many other simple explanations about this complexity and clear design of this universe.

It was pointed out the first thing in her beliefs was that she wanted to live her own way and from that followed her disbelief in God and subsequent attempt to use science to justify her rejection of God. Margaret didn't disagree but she wasn't willing to lay down her tight hold on autonomy.

The Gospel was explained a number of times and she seemed to understand, even asking, "What would my life look like if I did believe in what you were saying?"

Please be praying that Margaret in all of her defiance will desire desperately to know the Saviour!

Lastly, in video form you can hear of a conversation Ryan and Matt had with a man named Patrick, who originally professed to be an atheist but in the end was interested in coming along to Church.

Capalaba Team

Monday, 20 August, 2018

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This was a day with a few repeat encounters plus the new ones that God directed our paths to.

There is a small gang that Lee-Anne often speaks with and again today. Matt also had a chance to speak and one young guy said that he had been taught something today. Matt invited him to speak some more next week. Please pray that these young ones might see their hopeless position before God - in His perfect time. 

Ryan met up with Byron who has had conversations with 2 other team members in the past. He could not remember what God required of him to let him into the kingdom of the Son He loves. Pray that Byron would see the urgency to repent. He was informed that he would know that his repentance is true because he would start to love what God loves and hate the sins he has been entangled in, Heb. 12:1.

Stephen showed up after being absent for a while. His Mum is in hospital and he does not expect her to leave alive.

On being  asked if she was on the Lord's side, he could only say that she was a catholic. He still does not deal with his own sin and quickly turns the conversation away from himself, again and again as he has for a few years now. May the Holy spirit awaken his spirit to his desperate situation that he might flee to Christ alone to save him, Mt. 1:21.

Ryan was able to take three commuters sitting on the leeward side of a bench seat, through the flip chart presentation. One man whom he had spoken to before walked off after a while. Finally, there was an elderly lady left who had thought that it was a matter of her doing 'good' to get into heaven. She has gone home to 'dust off her Bible.' May God lead her in the everlasting Way.

How wonderful to see God working in different ways with different people. We can rejoice that all His dealings are righteous as He is and will be forever - our great and awesome God Almighty.

You can also hear a video update from this afternoon. Watch Ryan share about a conversation with Amy. She had three encounters with people asking her about where she will spend eternity in the last two days.

Hear Matt share about an exciting conversation with a young couple who were hanging around the "small gang" of youngsters.

Warwick Team

Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

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Edward stopped and asked about the Ministry of OP-513. I explained that we are non-denominational Reformed Christians, that have a passion to spread the Gospel through Street Ministry. He named some teachers he has seen on TV. He asked me what I thought. Jimmy Swaggart & Benny Hinn are the names he mentioned. "Both are false teachers," I replied and I asked him what he thought of them. Edward was saying he agreed with me on this. As I shared from the bible he said I was preaching to the converted. He had to leave but pray for him as I'm not sure where he is with the Lord and hope to chat again with him.

We seem to be getting people return for further discussions so praise our wonderful God for the work of the Holy Spirit in all He is doing and by giving us opportunities to get to know people more and share truth in love.

Herbert is one of those who at first was telling me he “doesn’t know” to nearly every question about the Bible. He is open to discussion and I shared the need to be saved with him. I explained that we need to know Jesus and believe He is the only way to heaven we need to know from His Word.

Also Evelyn is a lady who I've spoken to twice now. This time she had a question about Adam and Eve and different races and saying it was incest. I gave her a short explanation saying that it wasn't sin then as God allowed for that to happen to populate the earth. It wasn't until the effects of sin increased and recessive genetic disorders made this dangerous because of birth defects. God later made laws to obey concerning incest and now it is a sin. I gave her a booklet to read that Ken Ham has written. Pray this stumbling block be pulled away from Evelyn. I urged her once more to put her trust in Jesus because her greatest need is to be saved. She is always thankful and God has her open to hearing more.

Pray for Trish at Maryvale she has issues with her neighbours and cares for the children there. At this stage she doesn't want to engage in eternal matters.

Beth talked with and gave a tract to older lady named Rita. She asked us to pray for her and her granddaughter Angela.

David from the Baptist Church had a chat just when we were packing up. He was encouraged to see us. He has some info and tracts about the ministry. David has a son living on the Gold Coast who may be interested in the team that meets there every Friday night. His son's name is Nathaniel.

Thank you for your precious prayers. God is doing the work in and through us all.

Warwick Team

Tuesday, 7 August, 2018

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At Warwick we are having the joy of seeing people return for further conversations. This is such a blessing to be able to hear how they are doing with the big questions of life. We also get to plant more seeds and to build a friendship and hope they know we care for them.

Please be praying for Colin. He is an aboriginal man who Beth spoke with. She also gave him a tract. Colin says he is believing and just starting to go to Church. He has just come away from a life influenced by drugs. He had to go so hopefully we will get to talk more with him another day.

A lady approached the table last week and she seemed open. She was asked if she knew the message of the Bible and she said she didn’t know. I started with God’s Holiness and spoke how sin entered the world through Adam and Eve and as a result spread to all mankind, our sin and fallen state was explained through using the law to show we all fall short of God's righteousness and how this separates us from God. I went through the comic tract and shared the Gospel with her.

She says her kids tell her things about Jesus. They know some things from RI at school. Pray this mum will share with her children, that they may become a covenant family!  She wanted a Bible. I book marked Ephesians 2 & gave her a Gospel of John booklet as I explained some verses in there too.

Please pray for Cob. Both Beth and I got to talk with him.

As the conversation begun he said he was an atheist but he changed that to agnostic during our discussion. He took the booklet, "Does God Exist?" and a "Questions for Atheists" booklet as well. He said he will read them.

We also got to talk with Aharmid  he is a Muslim. The amazing thing is he knows two Christians from our Church and they have talked to him about Jesus before (Praise God for using Christians in the proclamation of the Gospel). 

These fellow Christians have been praying for him for a long time. He took a “ Who Do You Say I Am"  booklet that explains the deity of Jesus with Scriptures from the Bible. Aharmid said he would read it. 

Pray for Evelyn who has a Gospel of John. Please be praying that she will come to know Jesus and start reading the Bible she has at home.

Pray for all the people we got to speak with and give tracts to. To God be the Glory!

Wellington Point Team

Sunday, 19 August, 2018

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The 2 flip charts were in good demand again today. There was a Christian couple who wanted their child to do the 'good person test. They were appreciative and hopefully will be a further strength in their home church. But many who took the test were those with some ides of the good news but needed more understanding. There was a persecuted Iranian auntie plus 2 young ones who all knew that they could not return as they would be killed. They appreciated the presentation and challenge; the hugs and the parting prayer. 

     A teenager, Ben, had been going to a church and reading God's word until his 16th year. He said that he did not like the thought that God had 'rules for living'. He agreed that if he entered some commercial building, he would have to obey their rules or get kicked out. He saw the point: This is God's world. We can listen to Him or rebel and suffer the consequences. Going through the law he could see that he deserved hell. He thought he was the worst person living! About then a flip chart got blown over and he helped get it set up again. It was open to 'Christ suffering God's wrath for His sheep' so Ryan continued from there. Ben reached the point where he knew today was his day for salvation. He stated that he would attend church tonight. He was urged to read and pray each day and seek grace to serve God out of love for Him.

     Jessica, an English student from Colombia, had thought that she was a Christian. Going through she admitted her sin and that she deserved hell. Now she seems to understand grace and the need to close with Christ today. Also she is aware of her role as a child of God to serve God as a thankful child showing her love for God.

And there is more unsaid plus whatever God sovereignly does with our efforts. We give Him all the glory and praise and are thankful for allowing us the privilege and pleasure of serving Him in this manner.

Brisbane Team

Saturday, 18 August, 2018

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Tonight, over 50 Gospel conversations were had! And in the three hours between 7pm and 10pm over 75 people heard God's glorious offer of salvation! 

In this short clip you can hear Kane share about a conversation he had, where he was able to explain the Gospel to a man who had grown up in the Methodist Church.

You can also hear Yasmin, share about a conversation she had with two tourists, a Jew and an agnostic.

Praise God that His Gospel went out and that many were able to hear it!

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 17 August, 2018

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This evening hear Natalie share how she is encouraged that so many people are willing to talk about eternity.

Hear Ryan share about a conversation he had with two Indian men, and how he encouraged them to count the cost, to trust in Jesus Christ as more important than family.

Hear Ryan share about a conversation he had with a young lady, who wanted to remain in darkness.

Please be praying for those spoken to, over the course of the outreach that they may come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 16 August, 2018

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This afternoon there were a team of ten out at Sunnybank. At this location, it is easy to split up to either side of the road and so the team were able to cover more ground and have many Gospel conversations over the course of the afternoon.

One exciting conversation was with a young man named Richard. He had some memory of the Gospel from a prior conversation and wasn't opposed to it but his family didn't go to Church and he didn't have a Bible. A short conversation was had with him and he was given a Bible. In the few minutes before his bus arrived he began reading in the Gospel of John.

Another conversation was had with a man named Mitchell. He had been spoken to on a previous week and shared that he had been going back to Church again. This is great news.

Sadly Mitchell can't read very well, so he was encouraged again to download an audio Bible on his phone. He said he will when he gets his internet connected at home.

A final conversation was with a young woman named Cecily. She had gone to Church in the past but had stopped going because it wasn't that interesting. When asked if she was going to Heaven after she died, she said she wasn't sure. This lead into a conversation about what God expects from us.

Cecily found out that God expects humanity to be sinless and that the penalty for our rebellion against Him is Hell. She said this worried her. Then she said, "Isn't God forgiving? Can't He just forgive my sin, if I ask?"

This is a very common line that people use. Many people think that God can simply ignore sin if asked. This is not to say that God isn't forgiving, but rather that God's forgiveness comes on the basis of His wrath being satisfied. The question was posed to Cecily, "How has God satisfied His justice for your sin?"

Cecily said she didn't know. It was explained that God will either satisfy His justice by eternally punishing her in Hell or that it has already been satisfied by Jesus Christ on the cross. It was also explained that all who trust in Jesus are forgiven on the basis of Jesus Christ and His work.

Finally the question was posed to Cecily, "Are you trusting in Jesus Christ? Or are you trusting in yourself?". Cecily responded, "I don't know if I was before, but I think I am now."

Cecily was encouraged to go along to a local Church and to become part of a local body in which she can grow in Christ-likeness.

Please be praying for Richard that he will fall in love with God as he reads His Word. Please be praying for Mitchell that he will start to find life in God's Word rather than just living from Sunday to Sunday. Please be praying for Cecily that she will have a transformed life in which she wants nothing more than to see God glorified through her actions!

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018

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This afternoon on the public holiday, the team headed into Brisbane city and had a wonderful afternoon!

Hear Matt, very excited, share about one glorious conversation he had about the Gospel with a man named Julian.

Hear Allan share about a conversation in which he was able to encourage a man who struggled with alcoholism, that the solution to his addiction and God's judgement for his sin could be found in Christ.

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