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Toowong Team (QLD)

Meets 1:30-3pm every Tuesday afternoon at the Toowong train station on the 2nd floor and splits into two teams, one at the main entrance of Toowong Tower on Sherwood Road, another at the foot of the pedestrian bridge across Benson Street.

Contact Johnny Hsieh for more information.

Tuesday 31 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowwong Village : Dec 31, 2019 1300 - 1500

Today, we had four team members of OPN 513 to serve. They are Col, Gary, Winnie and Hung. Despite it is already holiday period. God still gave each of us many divine appointment to preach the gospel to those hard reach people such as student from Mainland China and Hindu background people. I had just five as recap below, they were all unexpected targets that stopped and listened the full gospel. I could even had time to show them the First Ancient Novel revealed by God through the names of the ten patriarchs. They were all amazed at the all knowing almighty power of God ahead of time. By the way, they are all UQ students that still hanging around despite school term is over.

1) Indian girl stopped under the scorching noon sun and willingly engaged in conversation by moving to a shaded spot. She listened with full interest and agreed the salvation package of God is infallible. She is surrounded by Christian in her living circle. So I am sure it is only about time that she will submit herself to Christ.

2) A girl from Nanjing China, struggled with her shopping trolley that had lost balance because of bad stowage while crossing the road. I helped her to tow it to the bus station and share the gospel along the way. The Bus also just arrived as soon as we walked to the Bus stop. She had heard the nutshell of the gospel but possibly she was more impressed by my care and help.

3) Salina an UQ postgraduate from Zhuhai, China珠海. She was riding pass on a bike but was stopped by Col to accept a tract and prepared to ride on to her way. But the spirit urged me to stop her to hear the full gospel as well as the explanation of the first Ancient Noel. She was very friendly to me not like other Mainlander who keep a distance. She even encourage me that my Mandarin is perfect. After knowing she is from Zhuhai, then I know she identify with me being people of the southern part of China客氣. The sharing was good and she was all impressed. So pray for God's further nurturing action to harvest this first fruit.

4) Two girls got off the bus and appeared looking for the way to their destination. Again I volunteer to help and walked them to the student hostel they seemingly are moving in on their fresh arrival to Brisbane.兩女,One girl is from Yunnan雲南,and one from Beijing北京. Both appeared very friendly to me and listen to the full gospel as well as the First Ancient Noel. The girl from Yunnan actually asked for referral to near by church (CCCB St Lucia) and Christian group ( Power to Change)

5) Finch from Beijing also lives at the same hostel of the two girls. 北京 I stopped him for a chat right after my conversation with the two girls. He willingly listen up every thing I share and politely thanks for the gospel message. This was definitely yet another divine appointment that may bear fruit in His time.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Dec 24 , 2019 Tuesday 1330-1500

Praise and thanks God, the chance to have a chat , especially with UQ students were still plentiful despite of school holiday had started. Winnie in particular had 8 conversations as recap below in Chinese. All the other team member for today, Col, Johnny and Hung had all got their share of Gospel opportunities. For my eight conversation, they are recap as follows: -

1) Indian Christian family with the Mum walking ahead to be approached by me, did a brief chat and the other family members caught up. They seemed to be of Catholic Christian background that typically are lacking assurance of salvation. But they were pleased to be greeted with Merry Christmas with an explanation before they went on with the family happy hours.

2) Susan an English lady was polite to hear explanation of Merry Christmas.She also had clear 100% Assurance of salvation.

3) Amin, was an Indian man. I walked him to the bus stop across the shopping mall. He was torrent enough to hear the nutshell of the Gospel.

4) Liza, a middle age English lady who was so kind to take the tract and showed me the way to toilet.

5) Paul, Joy with three children from PNG. They are a Christian Family but was not clear about salvation. Yet they are Very happy to stay for a short while to chat and let me correct all mis-concept by the secular culture about Christmas.

6) A girl from from Xiamen who were willing to take my tract and let me explain. But Winnie asked to swap audience with Mandarin speaking Mr Ku.

7) Mr Ku from Hebei must have heard the gospel before.. It appeared that he is more than willing to receive Christ as his Savior and Lord.

8) Mother and daughter both with Tattoo appeared as non religious. Still happy to learn about the old meaning of Merry.

Winnie's battle Log : --

感謝讚美主 !回家後才傾盆大雨。在 Toowong 傳福音後,多謝 關牧師載我們到醫院探望大哥。我為他傳福音,禱告。希望神憐憫他,醫治他。亦希望大哥能早日回轉,信靠主耶穌基督。


第一對是中國少女,學生。Lillian & May. 第二位 是印度人,他説他信印度教。我解释他 耶稣基督與他的神是不同的。第三對,是中國來的大学生及女友來澳洲遊玩的。他們得到福音,正準備問及教會地址。我記得上次 Kenneth 给我咭片,我從手袋找给他們,可惜巴士到達,他們馬上上車。之后有一中國男學生叫 Bie 及女留學生叫 Grace,他們都接受了福音。最后一位是澳洲老年人,他説,他和太太曾经去過教會,但他們被教會欺骗,因此便永遠不再去了。我説 信耶稣基督 是你與神的關係,與教會無關,得益是你。你可以找另一教會。談了一輪,看他開始軟化,求神憐憫他們,讓他們重回主的懷裏!

感謝神 今天讓我有更多的考验,練習。這都是神的恩典。感謝讚美主!


Tuesday 17 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Tuesday December 17, 2019 1330-1500.

God vindicated our decision to continue serving at this chosen mission spot inspired by God despite the UQ school terms is over. Today three faithful members namely Col, Johnny who just came back from overseas trip and Hung turned up to serve. God was gracious enough to assign us ample divine encounter Kairos moments to share the Gospel. Johnny had at least four to five long chats with four groups of Chinese UQ students and one with a local Aussie boy. As for me, I got 9 chats of varying length with five Chinese, 3 Aussie and 1 Singaporean as recap below: -

1) My first gospel targets is a family of three from SGP by the name of Tsai, the parents came to visit their daughter and walking back to the daughter's apartment after finishing shopping. I Walked with the father for a distance long enough to share the gospel in a nutshell.

2) Franky is an UQ student from mainland China. He was in a hurry but I still managed to share him the gospel in a nutshell.

3) An English lady was greeted by me with the Merry Christmas card. She was given the explanation of the real meaning of "Merry" being the almighty power of God bestowed on us the sinners to be pardoned through the atoning grace of Jesus.

4) Kay is an UQ postgraduate from Xian, China. She stayed to do her summer study work and was on her way to meet a friend at a nearby mansion. She let me walked her all the way and listened to my sharing of full Gospel. She acknowledge Christianity has already become a thriving religion in China irrespective of persecution. Pray that God will get her over the line to receive salvation here in Brisbane.

5) Peter an UQ student from Beijing China, He got a Merry Christmas card from Col and I supplemented him with a full Good Person Tract. I walked him to the restaurant and gained enough time to share him the full Gospel which he appreciated and promised to ponder.

6) Joe , the Atheist I meet every Tuesday. I sang him the carol "God rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" to attract him with the question why Christmas alone is described as merry while all else are described as HAPPY. Successfully, he was given to know that Merry was an old English word denoting divine power given by God to us through the birth of Jesus giving us the Free Gift of Eternal Life up for us to grab by repentance and accepting Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord of our Life. Surprisingly, Joe found this factual and accepted this old meaning of "Merry' has given Christianity the right perspective amongst all other religions.

7) An UQ student admitting she is a Communist party member as such she could not accept my tract. But it shows that there is strategic prospective to one day used by God to reach out to these "Least Reached People Group"

8) Jenny was an English lady who was elegant and polite
enough to take my merry Christmas card and found interest to learn from me the real biblical meaning of the word Merry.

9) A old Chinese man claimed to be christian but was too arrogant to let me clarify his faith.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : December 10, 2019 , 1330 -

Today we had four team members to join. Although it appeared a quieter week as it is UQ graduation week and last week of school term so there might be still plenty of opportunities but not anymore next weeks onward. Someone suggested we can break from next week onward and resume sometime in mid January ready for the new school term. But Col and Gary opined we should give it a go at least for one more week.

Even there will be less UQ students but God's work is unfathomable. Actually, one of my divine encounter to day tells that God always has special work in people hearts beyond our comprehension that however need our obedience commitment to catch those divine kairos moment.
Today, all of us still have opportunity for reaching out. As for me, I had eight divine encounters on record as follows with 3 Chinese, 3 Aussie, 1 European, 1 Nepalese: -

1 & 2) One of the work here is to reconnect with people you had conversation before. So I reconnected with 王健明 of whom was talked up to by Winnie a month ago. I also reconnected with Joe the atheist. I believed these are part of the work of God to get them exposed to His work of grace through our ongoing contact with words of warm concern and encouragement.

3) Then I caught up with a first year UQ female student. She got a Christmas Message card from Col but did not stop to chat. Instead she kept walking to the Bus stop. I approached her with the Chinese tract which she willingly received and we started chatting.

I was amazed to find out that this was the first time she received a tract on the street. She told me she actually saw me and other OPN 513 people both in Toowong and in Sunnybank. However, she had all along been determined enough to keep rejecting to accept any tract as she was afraid to talk about religion and and heavy issues about life. Yet, miraculously, God opened her heart this time to not only taking our tract for the first time, but entered into a conversation withe me at ease. I was able to share full gospel to her.

But her initial question to me was that if we have got paid for doing this. I told here on the opposite, we have to pay buying tracts and volunteer our time to reach out to strangers on the street. I used it to demonstrate how a true faith will change our world view and value system to focus on eternal rather than temporal matters. I continued to share my own testimony how God changed my life objective guiding me to shift my priority from achievement of this world to accomplishment of God's work that would last in eternity. Our 15 -20 minutes chat was ended when her bus came.

4) Old Aussie man took my tract and was open to talk. Just only have time for a quick sharing of the nutshell of the gospel but our conversation was cut short by the arrival of the bus.

5) An European looked UQ student appeared humble to let me walk him to the bus stop and listen to the gospel but it was cut short by the bus.

6) I have another long chat with Joy from Main Land China. She first received a tract from Col and walked on to cross the road for bus to the city. I handed her Chinese Tract and successfully started a conversation. She listened to my gospel sharing with interest. Then she told me she became a half Christian through a Taiwanese Pastor in the campus just falling short of a Baptism.

So this was obviously an incorrect understanding that needs more clarification but than the bus came and I had to spent time to help her to clarify with the bus driver the way to connect her to Sunnybank as such our conversation had to end. I pray that her faith in Christ will be straightened soon by the grace of God.

7) Lisa an UQ student from Nepal. She was very polite to accept my tract and was cooperative to let me share with her the gospel. Again the bus came just too quick that I could only manage to share the nutshell of the gospel.

8) An Aussie girl took the tract and read it right away before the bus came.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village : Dec 3rd , 2019 1330-1500

Without Johnny, God called Col and Gary to rejoin me and Winnie. It was a windy and scorching hot afternoon but God grace was still sufficient for us to find chances to share His words to elected individuals, many of them were their repeated 2nd or 3rd encounter proving that God has their lives for salvation on His divine radar.

Winnie initially found it hard to share with anyone at her old position under the footpath bridge. She changed to mid way between the bridge and the traffic light crossing still without much result. Eventually, I suggested her to station at the Bus stop then she could get two full gospel sharing opportunities with first Lily an local Aussie lady office worker and later Yurie an UQ student from China. She made many approach with mixed results but her faithfulness and determination to serve the Lord was evidenced.

Col was fairing very well, with many successful approaches. I had team work with him making follow up chat with some ones from China. It was really a very fruitful afternoon full of grace.

As for myself, I earned many of my conversation by walking with the gospel targets to their destination whether to the Bus stop, their apartment, work place near by or even to the Shopping mall. Recap here below are my divine appointments:

1) Jack a local Aussie and student of Qut. He was in a hurry so I walked him to the shopping centre. He was wise to know that unless people are faultless, no one can go to heaven. So my gospel message was spot on to verify with his personal view on human eternal destination. Pray that it would lead him a big step closer to ultimate salvation.

2) I then wen to look for chance at the bus stop and chatted with two Indonesian ladies. They were receptive to the gospel especially about sin and punishment. The timing was just too good to finish my sharing when the bus arrived.

3) Jude got off the bus heading for an appointment. I walked him to the address and again just finished in time upon locating the location of the office that he was to have an appointment.

4) An UQ student by the name of Mou牟 first was stopped by Col. HE told Col, he don't even know what will happen to him tomorrow so it is fertile to talk about eternity. He anyway declined to talk more but want to leave. He actually wanted to do shopping at Toowong Village. Col signaled me to have follow up chat with Mou. To my surprised, he said he recognized me at Sunnybank whom I had a brief chat. More importantly, he had a long chat over an hour with Ryan at Sunnybank. So, it proves that he is a deep thinker but perhaps still a bit too rational. He told me he has favoritism over Christianity because his nanny was a Christians. Pray that God's life long pursue after him will bring him closer to his ultimate salvation.

5) Enoch is from HKG. He quickly declared to me he is a Christian attending hope Church. He is from a Christian family in HKG but only got baptized at Hope Church after he came over for Uni study. His faith is firm but still a bit vague in assurance of salvation. I walked him to his work place to clarify the right concept of 100% assurance only by means of trusting in Jesus alone to regain him with the heavenly citizenship. But it is only the beginning of his life long journey of sanctification back to perfection to be responsible and guaranteed by God through the work of the Holy Spirit. I urged him to set this assurance of salvation right with his peer Christian friends.

6) William a Catholic background Christian from China. He holds radical view again Protestant Christian initially. But after a long chat, he realized and admitted that Protestant Christian has a more holistic understanding on Bible teaching and promised to study the bible harder to lift up his spiritual life.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

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Battle Log for Toowong Village on Nov 26th, 2019 from 1330 to 1500

Great to have Kiateck rejoining us after he finished his heavy Church ministerial projects as well as his own assignment for Theological postgraduate Study. In the mean time, we received apology from Col for illness sake and from Winnie for family engagement. So we ended up serving today with a team of three, i.e. leader Johnny Hsieh, Kiateck Tan and Hung.

The afternoon started with seemingly very slack opportunities close to zero. But in no time, all three of us got as many divine appointments as we use to have at this spot of harvest field every Tuesday. Despite the UQ Academic Semester was over, both Johnny and Kiateck might have around 6 to 8 conversations while I got 10 divine appointments as recap below: -

1) Collin an elderly Christian who have 120 % assurance of salvation faith. But he has not been attending any church for a long long time because of bad church administrative experience. He is a building inspector and he anyway has never stopped sharing the gospel in his trade to bring clients to Christ and making disciple of all nations. I anyway still appealed to him never stop meeting for sake of continuous growth in grace and knowledge in Christ.

2) An English couples took the tracts and was found OK on the two questions though their complete understanding may still subject to deep scrutiny.

3) Blair an Aussie young lady claimed also to be a Christian who originally said she had 100% assurance of salvation but later changed to 80% after being challenged. So I managed to give her the needed clarification to get her back to have 100% assurance.

4) Francisco a Columbia Catholic who has no assurance of salvation that supposedly need my clarification which however was cut short by the arrival of the bus.

5) Jenny an Aussie elderly lady seemed to know all about Christianity but actually not. I anyway chose to walk her to the Toowong Village and did my best to feed her with the right concept of redemptive faith.

6) Karen a catholic background old lady with her niece stopped to chat with me. I soon found out that she has given up her Christian faith because of bad witnesses by other Christians. She rather believes in conducting her life as a good person and to respect others to make their own choice. Therefore, she is also a pro choice people. Despite of such great differences she still was polite enough to chat with me. Just pray for God regenerating work on her.

7) Joe the atheist I met last week greeted me again at the bike station while getting his bike to leave. I was given a second chance to witness with him how I became a Christian after wasting half of my life to believe in good work. He was surprised to learn that I received Christ at Manchester UK in 1990 and had visited his home city of Leicester. Pray that I can have many more chances to testify my journey of faith.

8) A woman with Tattoo took only the anti absorption tract despite I gave her also the Good Person tract. God must have a purpose in it.

9) Emma an UQ student from China was with a group of four of friends. Some of them took my tract, but only Anna was willing to let me walk with her back to home while listening to my sharing of the Gospel. She appeared receptive and promised to ponder on the truth of the gospel in the tract.

10) Sonia an office lady from Serbia. She listened up while I walked her back to office and she appeared very receptive to the gospel.



Tuesday 19 November 2019

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Battle Log of Toowong Village on 2019 Nov 19 1330 to 1500

The Schoolie Outreach has impact in many other regular Outreach in Brisbane, but not Toowong. Today we even had a new member Gary together with other 4 regular members, Johnny, Col, Winnie and Hung.

In fact our outreach here has been adversely affected by the finishing of academic term of UQ so we readily could meet much less UQ students.

Anyhow, individual member still had enough grace to get significant divine appointments to do His work. Winnie came back after two weeks break from family travelling. She only got one opportunity to share with the "Good Person" flip chart. But I encouraged her to submit to God's sovereign task assignment and took this as a lesson to have patience and to submit to God's plan. Gary had got a number of chances that were good enough to serve as encouragement for first timers. Like-wise both Col and Johnny had got good number of divine appointments especially Col.

As for me, I still got 5 chats despite I kept walking around to take pictures for other team mates for the sake of compilation of Battle Log.
This was a great team Work for the Glory of God sake.

1) Peter an Aussie Christian who rode bike to work but was willing to stop to chat with me. Once he declared he is a Christian, I ask him the two diagnosis questions. He was unsure initially. But once I gave him some hint and three options , 50%, 90% and 100%, than he picked the right answer of 100% assurance of salvation. In this connection, I felt the need to give him some apologetic clarification on the three folds salvation package of God.

2) Stephanie an UQ student from Wales was in her folk costume. She does not have any faith, but was very responsive to listen to my Gospel sharing and ended up fully convinced of the need to receive Christ as her Savior to take her place for the eternal death punishment. I encouraged her to take time to quiet before God seeking for His guidance to be saved through Christ. I referred her to seek support from Power to Change.

3) Joe an atheist who sternly rejected my tract. But he did not reject me to share. So I had a good debate with him in a very healthy and assertive manner. Despite he was still hard in his heart but at least he heard my version about faith and salvation and I believe God grace is sufficient to convert him eventually in His time.

4) Star and Tea are UQ students from Thailand. So they possibly are Buddhists. They showed initial impatience but God still moved them to stop for a short while long enough for me to share the nutshell of the gospel and they left with tracts taken home.

5) Jabe a Qut student from Hong Kong coming to do part time work at Toowong Village. He walked with a non -believer friend but his friend left when Jabe chose to stop to chat with me. It was found out he is a Christian baptized as a baby. His knowledge about the Bible and the doctrine of salvation is completely weak. I gave him a briefing and helped him to re-establish the correct understanding of salvation with full assurance. I also encouraged him to go back to church or at least to get connected with Power to Change at QUT first.

Tuesday 12 November 2019

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Battle Log : Toowong Village Tuesday Nov 12, 2019 1330 -1500

With few core members overseas who will be due back next week, we continued to have 3 die-heart members , namely Johnny, Col and Hung only this week attending this Evangelist mission spot. Despite of scarcity in hands, all of us had near non-stop divine appointments especially Col who had 7. Most of them led to willingness to consider to receive Christ and eagerness to receive Bible to know more about God.

As for me, I had five quality conversations as recap below: -

1) Harry, a QUT local student who passed by to go for a part time job. He was very pure in heart and stopped voluntarily to listen. At the end he was very convinced of the need to trust in Jesus for cleansing our sin. I referred him to look for Power To Change once he decided on his own accord to receive Jesus as his personal Savior.

2) Beverly and her disabled husband were waiting by the road side for pick up car. Beverly has weak eye sight as such she can only read with a magnifying glass. Thus she was happy to listen to my sharing patiently. And at the end, she also appeared very impressed and convinced that every one including herself need Christ.

3) Angela and Scythania are both UQ students from Cairns . They are friends who were both born here as an Australian Born Chinese. Unlike most of the other Chinese from the Mainland, they both showed genuine interest and politeness to let me share with them. Despite they are both non-believers without any religious faith, they both showed deep receptive to the gospel message and were fully convinced that both of them need Christ. Again, they were referred to contact Power to Change as soon as they make the step of faith to receive Christ.

4) Raul a QUT student from Spanish speaking Republic of Paraguay. He was about to leave and politely declined my invitation to talk by claiming he is a Christian already. I of course will not easily let go any self claimed Christian by checking their assurance of salvation faith. He right away told me he has 100% assurance simply counting on the redemptive grace of Jesus. So I applauded him for being the minority group of Christians I contacted on the street who have clear understanding of salvation. He explained it was all because of his mother who brought them up with all the crucial biblical Knowledge. It causes him a problem to get adapted to many of the Australian churches that care only about emotional feeling but not biblical truth teaching. He however is not feeling over disappointed as there is no perfect church. I encouraged him to not stopping Sunday worship even he has readily a strong biblical knowledge foundation. It was a most mutually edifying conversation in Christ I ever have on the street with a stranger. We ended up chatting for a long while despite he initially wanted to ride away with his bike.

5) Finally I talked to Hu 胡 from China. He, unlike most Mainland Chinese, cheerfully accepted my tract and prepared to listen. But our conversation was cut short by the arrival of the bus.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

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Today we only had 3 Street Evangelists, namely Johnny, Col and Hung. Both Winnie and Lily got other engagements. It was an extraordinarily windy day. It affected a bit the willingness for people to stop and chat under gusty wind. But God's Work still prevailed despite of unfavorable condition.

Both Johnny and Col had got almost non-stop conversation opportunities many of which were fruit bearing ones. As for me, I continued to apply my Walk with You tactics if our targets claim they cannot stop to chat. In total , I had got 6 conversation opportunities.

1) Helen an Aussie old lady from England. She said she is a Christian and almost got the two diagnosis questions correct. But her expression still gave her away that deep down in her heart , she still thinks she is not good enough for the salvation. So reinforcement is needed as such I Walked her back home.

2) An Asian looking face, English speaking lady, possibly a Vietnamese or Korean mother with two children. She accepted the tract.

3) John a Kiwi who was in a hurry to catch a flight back to NZ. But he still let me walk him to the train station to let me share the nutshell of gospel with gratitude.

4) Prive. an UQ student from India talked a short time with Johnny. So I tried my luck to check if I can chat more with him. He thus let me walk with him to the train station kept chatting to share the nutshell of the Gospel anyway .

5) Matt is a strongly built UQ student who was also in a hurry to the UQ Library. He let me share while we walked to the train station. His attitude is polite and humble to listen. So pray for an open heart to receive Christ..

6) Chris is an IT personnel at the UQ. He is extraordinarily humble and keen to discuss with me the struggle as a Christian. I any way helped him to re-establish his faith assurance.

Tuesday 29 October 2019

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Battle Log : Toowong Village Tuesday Oct 29 1330 - 1500

It is one of the most enjoyable mission field I have ever engaged, not only because God gives us great variety of gospel outreach opportunities every time. More so, I can witness God's own life transformation work on me and my gospel compatriot in particular Winnie Choi. God called her and has given her the passion for gospel and empowered her to preach the gospel indiscriminately to people of all races in English and Mandarin most of the time that she originally was not very good at these two languages apart from her mother tongue Cantonese. It fits with the theory that Gospel proclamation is the work of God that we sinful human originally are not worthy to play any part but by mercy of God, He elected us as His vessel to do His work while in the mean time , we the unworthy vessel will be transformed as a tool used by God that can virtually do any great thing for His glory sake. So Street evangelism is virtually the work of God but He will elect us, train us, use us and empower us to do great thing for Him. Thus, once Winnie has mastered the basic skill and method, God and God only is her personal trainer in all these street outreach occasions. Today again she was given three complete gospel sharing chances with good result as recap below : -
a) Ryan Aussie UQ student who was moved to reconnect with Christ and to look for church.
b) Susie, an Aussie old lady was also moved to receive Christ and asked for tracts that she could bring home for her sons and daughters.
c) Tina an UQ students from India, was also convinced by the way of salvation by Christ.

Johnny and Collins both had numerous gospel sharing opportunities. Johnny in the end referred to me a person form China with a sure name same as me.

As for me, I had seven Gospel sharing opportunity as recap below with two stood out ones. One was with a Russian UQ lecturer and a UQ student from China of my same sure name.

1) Ben an UQ student from Malaysia who knows a little about Christ but not yet a Christian. I walked to the shopping centre with him so as to share the full gospel.

2) Melissa, a lady I shared gospel before passed by and greeted me to thank for what I shared with her.

3) May an UQ Master Degree student from China but did her undergraduate in USA uni. She later disclosed she actually is a Christian and was baptised in USA. But she knows very little about God and appeared having not read Bible a lot. Thus, she failed the Christian Salvation Assurance test. I greatly recommended her to get back to God and to connect with Christian community likes Power to Change which she acknowledges such need.

4) Jack an UQ Aussie student. He has no religious belief but showed strong body language inviting me to chat with him and finally appeared very receptive to the gospel.

5) Vladimir Kruglov is an Russian UQ professor of Department of Physic. He claimed to be a Christian but in the mean time, he explores other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism as a means for transcendent peace. So in fact he is just a nominal Christian by birth but has no real redemptive faith. Obviously, he has gone astray for a wrong way for salvation. He has a false confidence that through training of heart and mind by practicing Karate , he can venture spiritual adventure sighting spirits in spiritual realm. I just pray for him and hope we can have another chance to chat. But I gave him the name card of Kenneth Chan who is the worker of Power to Change for Faculty member of UQ.

6) A nameless Chinese UQ student who was reluctant to chat but still I walked her to the bus stop and finished the gospel sharing. Eventually I also refereed her to Power to Change.

7) 關浩翔 Ho Cheng Kwan from 開平, China. He initially was approached by Johnny but was referred to me when noticed he shares the same Sure Name of mine and is Cantonese speaking. He appeared very sincere and became very receptive to the gospel. He admitted while managing to be a good person, he so far could not resist the sin of lust like most of the young people. He showed great urge to receive Christ in getting his sin be pardoned so that he can be a free person again in Christ.

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