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Monday 6 May 2019

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On Labor Day, a public holiday in Queensland, a team of ten used the day off to head into Brisbane City to share God's glorious gospel with anyone willing to listen.

It was a privilege to be able to use a fourth public holiday, in as many weeks, on the streets.

In this video you can hear Heidi rejoicing in God's grace that even despite her best efforts to share the gospel with Sue didn't come to pass, another team member was able to share the gospel with two men sitting next to her and she was able to listen.

You can also hear Hanno and Zelda share about encouraging conversations they each had as they as a team, took turns looking after their children as the other went to share the gospel.

Lastly be encouraged that like Fynn, who would have been otherwise occupied if it wasn't a public holiday, was instead able to come out and preach Christ and Him crucified.

Why don't you schedule in an outreach on your next day off?

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