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Sunday 9 June 2019

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Operation 513 joined up with Sports Fan Outreach to hand out tracts, have conversations and preach to the crowds going to the International Cricket match between India and Australia this morning at The Oval in London. A young man from Portugal named Ruben was a bit inebriated, but he kept asking us questions for quite a while. I took a picture with Ruben talking with Bill Shank. Bill was with me  for SFOI and he began by singing "The Old Rugged Cross" and preaching to the crowds going to the game. One fellow pointed to the Oval and said, "That is my church". I took over the preaching chores as the crowds peaked leading to game time. I used Mark 10:45 again to summarize the Gospel. I asked "How do you define greatness?" Jesus defines greatness as being the servant of all.  Not only that, he came in to this world to give his life as a ransom for many.  Since Karma means debt, I said that Jesus came to pay the debt, your Karma, so that you don't have to pay it. (That turned a few heads, Bill told me.) I saw very few Australia fans, but many Indian fans. I was handing out a tract by Voddie Baucham about "Life's Ultimate Questions", since so many Indians are practicing atheists.  Kuldeep took such a tract and promised to read it at home.  I handed out two NT's.  I gave one to Ian, but the first fellow's name escapes me.  

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