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Saturday 8 June 2019

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On Saturday the rain came as the day went on and by the time for outreach came Brisbane had been thoroughly soaked. This meant there were fewer people around than usual. There were also showers coming on by which meant most people were dashing off somewhere between showers, whilst it was dry. So the evening was a little harder going than usual but this didn't stop the conversations. There were still plenty to go around, it was just more work to start them.

An early conversation took place with Ray. He walked up near the table and was asked what he thought happens after we die. He shared that he though he'd go to Heaven because he is a good guy. He was taken through a simple gospel presentation and came to understand that his goodness is not enough and in fact that his life means he deserves Hell. Ray was quite surprised and yet was not trying to deny this reality he took it seriously.

Then he came to understand how a sinner can be made right before God. He took a couple of different explanations to fully comprehend the simplicity but when he understood it was exciting to see the joy on his face! He asked if there is a local Church he could head along to and was encouraged to read the gospel of John. He took one and said that he would! Please be keeping Ray in your prayer so that he may trust in Christ, turning to live for Him and start attending a local Church!

Due to the rain coming the team were mostly limited to under cover areas which had a decent amount of foot traffic but a young couple stopped and started chatting. Ben and Sophie were their names. Ben wasn't sure what happens after death and came to agree that he likes sin. He was shown the judgement sin deserves and therefore his current eternal destiny if he does not trust in Christ and then was able to understand the comprehend the simple gospel. He sadly was taken away before some serious cost counting and challenges could be raised but Ben was reminded that his eternal destiny is based upon his response to what Christ has done.

Sophie his friend said she had a great hatred for God because of her family who had treated her very poorly when she came out as homosexual. She was shown that we cannot blame God for the actions of other people but should hear what God himself has said. She saw the kindness of the team that we weren't out to get her, to single her out and to proclaim how much worse she is. But she also wasn't just ignored and it wasn't pretended that her sin isn't sin. Like everyone else she saw through the law that she was a sinner deserving of Hell and came to understand that even if she wasn't a homosexual she was still heading to Hell.

It wasn't her specific expression of sin that caused her to deserve Hell but the reality that she is a sinner. She settled down and seemed to be understanding and was being shown the gospel until she got a phone call and had to leave. At the end they both had received some news. Ben heard the good news of forgiveness in light of the bad news of judgement and Sophie saw the actual news of God's judgement but didn't get a chance to understand the good news.

But in their final parting comments she shared that she wasn't really interested in "changing" anything about her life because she wants to keep living her way. Please raise Ben up before God that he would humble himself and come to God on his terms, trusting in Christ for his forgiveness. Please be praying for Sophie that she would stop trying to justify her sin but that she would comprehend the desperate wickedness of rebellion against God and turn to Him alone for forgiveness!

There were a few other scattered conversations over the course of the evening. One exciting one was with Jason who had spoken to the team before and was able to simply explain the way to Heaven! It was exciting to see that he still remembered the simplicity of justification by faith alone and that this will always be evidenced by a changed life. But when asked when he will trust in Jesus to pay for his sin he wasn't sure. He was then encouraged strongly to count the cost and consider it tonight because he may never receive another opportunity to think about it!

Jason said that he would. Please be praying that God would have worked in Jason's heart and brought him to believe, not just know about the gospel!

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