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Wednesday 2 October 2019

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On Wednesday in Brisbane city the team of six had many conversations and were able to enable a range of people to come to comprehend the simple and beautiful offer of forgiveness for sinners.

A conversation early in the afternoon was started with Bryce and Brian. Bryce had a partially catholic background but had ended up leaving early on. He came to understand the gospel, had some simple objections answered and was challenged with what he would do with the important message of hope.

Brian on the other had had grown up in an evangelical Church but in his teen years had rejected the gospel. Surprisingly he still mostly grasped it but wasn't trusting in Christ because the pleasures of this world had too much hold on him. He too had questions answered and was strongly challenged about his rejection of the way to Heaven. He was living as a practical atheist whilst knowing that God will hold him accountable for his every action. At the end he said he was very thankful for the chat and he would have to think about it.

An exciting conversation came from Monday night. Arthur and Yehaw had heard the gospel on Monday night and had understood it and said that they would trust in Christ this day. They are from Finland and are only in Australia for a week so it was encouraging that they had the opportunity to comprehend such an important message whilst they were here. Today on the accidental check in, Yehaw said that he was still firmly trusting in Christ but Arthur said that he was doubting.

When asked why, it was revealed that he had been living in sin these past days and quite obviously was suppressing the truth in His unrighteousness. He acknowledged this and at the end of the reminder of the way to Heaven, they both were thankful for the chat and then Arthur said, "The way this was explained is so different to those I have spoken to before. Most people I have spoken to just tell me I am going to Hell and offer nothing more but this conversation was logical, it made sense and it is the simplest explanation of Christianity I have ever heard."

What a joy it is to be able to check in and remind people of the gospel and to get encouraging feed back as well!

Please be praying for Bryce that he would heed the call of the gospel to change his mind about sin and God and to trust in Christ to pay for his sin! Please be praying for Brian that God would give him a hatred for sin and a love for Christ! Please be praying that Yehaw would grow in his professed faith and that as he lands back in Finland on the weekend would be keen to find a local Church and start getting into his Bible! Please be praying that Arthur would see the folly of his sin and that he too would trust in Christ alone for his salvation!

Why not find some time in the next week to join the team? You will be glad you did!

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