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Saturday 19 July 2008

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The day started off in celebration and happiness. Today was the day that Andrew and Desma became one and entered into the marriage covenant before all their friends and family. It was a good service with a very strong focus on the Glory of God, and His majesty. During the service I was asked to preach the gospel message to all those present, so please pray for those who heard it.

That evening we headed out to our normal spot in the Queen Street Mall to evangelise. I was expecting to be down on numbers tonight due to the Wedding, but I was surprised to see a good number of the team show up. It was also encouraging to see a bunch of guys and a lecturer from my college attend for the night. Each year the college does a "week of missions" in which they expose the students to different aspects of Christian ministry. This year some of them did inner city outreach, which meant spending the night on the streets with the Operation 513 Brisbane team.

Ryan was the first preacher up for the night, and as usual within seconds our friendly agnostic heckler (Alex) began to open up on him. Ryan and him went back and forth for some time in regards to apologetics and also in regards to the gospel. This of course brought a good size crowd in to listen to the debate.

While the crowd gathered it was good to see a bunch of team members engaged in one to one conversations with those at the back of the crowd. Every where one looked all you could see were people hearing about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be it via open air preaching, or by a simple one to one or tract message.

It was during this time that we really saw God touch the life of one young lady. During the open air preaching she approached Dave on the camera and asked what was happening, so Dave took this as an opportunity to witness. He asked her the question "Would you consider yourself to be a good person?" She paused and said "No, I am not good." Then I am not sure what happened, but somehow she ended up with an in-depth tract and the next thing she is sitting on a park bench next to the preacher reading it.

I went back to my general duties of making sure the team was running smoothly and that everyone was engaged in witnessing, then Tim Neale came over to me and stated that the girl who had been reading the tract was now sobbing and crying. I looked over to see her bent over weeping. This was a great chance for a female on the team to go and witness to her, but we had no experienced females on the street that night. But then I remember that Summer was out for her first time, so I sent her and Tim over to talk to this young lady. The call to prayer quickly went around the team, and while they were standing in the crowd listening to the preaching you could see them all bow their heads in a word of silent prayer that God may save this young lady.

Ryan kept on preaching, and kept on engaging with hecklers. Then things got a little interesting. I noticed that man was coming down the mall who we had encountered before. He is a homeless man who has a reputation of being quick to punch out those whom he doesn't like. This time he took exception to Alex and decided to raise his fist to him. So I jumped in the middle to defuse the situation. The man was blind drunk so it was hard to reason with him, but by God's grace we were able to clear him out of the open air preaching area.

It was then that Tim Neale broke the news to me that the young lady who had been crying, just prayed and asked Christ to save her from all her sin. According to Tim this young lady kept stating that she felt so unworthy to receive Christ's forgiveness, but still trusted in Him alone to save. Praise God for His faithfulness to save souls! Praise Him that even though we aren't worthy of His grace and mercy He still shows it to all those who would repent!

Shortly after Ryan finished preaching, and Andre immediately jumped up and began to preach. He is really starting to grow as a preacher and did a good job in declaring the gospel of salvation. He also engaged some hecklers for a short time and then made sure they understood fully the gospel.

After Andre preached I decided that I would stand and have a bit of a preach. Things started slowly as I spoke about how we all one day will die, and how we all one day must give an account of all our sins. I was able to engage in one young man who claimed to be a Jewish Atheist, we went back and forth over the gospel and also on the existence of God. He maintained that because of their being evil in the world that proves there is no God. I used his argument to show that because there is good and evil in the world that we can know there is a God.

Then a couple of Roman Catholics decided to heckle, including one woman who is planning on becoming a nun. She kept pushing Rome as the only true church, and also that the priest were the mediators between God and man. So as I did to the priest in Sydney I took her to 1 Timothy 2:5 and asked her to explain it. She couldn't, but by now other Catholics had opened fire.

Things were going back and forth for a time, then an ear piercing scream was heard from the young woman standing right in front of me. This girl wanted attention, then she started to scream at me "Do you remember me? Do you remember me?" I honestly could not remember her, but then she started to describe what she did last time I encountered her. She was the girl from 23 February 2008 who decided that it would be funny to "baptize" me in vodka and orange juice. As soon as I realised who she was, and then saw that once again she had a cup full of liquid I decided it would be safer for me to zip up my jacket and place my bible behind my back. This young woman began to scream at me "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" To which all her friends cheered her on, they were all a bit drunk so I didn't get to deep in apologetics with them. These women seemed obsessed with the topic of sex, and when I answered the question the "vodka" girl decided it was time to "re-baptize" me. Once again I was covered in vodka and orange juice. The crowd erupted in cheers. Then for some reason a man in the crowd started to abuse her, and this young woman decided to go show him a lesson. She sprang at this man with her nails ready to scratch him to pieces. Everyone was worried that he would hit her, I was worried she would kill him! This sent people running to get the police, but by the time they arrived it was all over.

Overall it was a good night with many people hearing the Gospel!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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