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Saturday 30 May 2009

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Saturday - May 30th, 2009

Another night, another chance to preach the same old gospel that has been proclaimed for the past 2000 years. And, once again we had the privilege of seeing God work in peoples hearts and bring them to Christ. As usual we met for prayer and bible reading before actually commencing the outreach. Tonight, we were joined by many new faces and also we had Andrew Walkington from Melbourne come into Brisbane to join us for the outreach.

We had a good time of fellowship at the start of the night, but at 9pm we made our way to the preaching spot in the Queen Street mall. The first preacher for night was Joel Barnard. He was very nervous at the idea of being the first preacher up, but it is great training for him. After watching him preach over the past couple of months I think in many cases he sells himself short. He is a really decent preacher and given time he will develop into one on fire open air evangelist.

After Joel finished his open air preaching it was my turn to preach. Tonight I preached my classic open air message “The Stalker” it had been awhile since I preached it in Brisbane, so I dusted it off to use once again. Not long into the opening analogy I had a few hecklers yelling random things out and then a group of young blokes came and stood right in front of me. They looked at me then looked at the crowd, it was show time. The boys began to jump around, dance, throw balls and just put on a show. It was hard to regain control during this time, but I used much of what they did to the advantage of the gospel. Finally towards the end one of the boys named Conner asked a few questions, this was the opening I had been looking for. I answered his questions and then presented Christ to him. He like all the other young blokes rejected Christ and continued with their jeering. However, later on in the night I noticed all the young blokes were in one to one conversations with members of the team.

After finishing up my message I was a fair bit discouraged as it was a hard open air, but then I was informed that a man had a approached the Bible table and was asking more about he could become a Christian. Andre was able to minister to this man who was covered in tattoos and had his hair in a Mohawk. It served to remind me that the power is not in the preacher, nor is it in the how the atmosphere is during the open air, but rather the power is from the Holy Spirit who convicts the hearers of sin, righteousness and judgement.

Ryan was soon up on the box to preach for the night, as he preached and made known the mysteries of the Gospel, God brought a crowd in to hear about how they can have sins forgiven. Ryan did a wonderful job in preaching Christ and Him crucified. People stopped to listen as Ryan expounded on how to become a Christian. During his preaching he had a few hecklers and around the outside of the crowd there were many people locked in one to one conversations.

During his sermon I was called to an area behind the preacher. A man had come forward to speak to one of the team earlier in the night and he now wanted to put his trust in Jesus Christ to save him. I explained the gospel once again to this man and stressed the cost of following Christ. The man acknowledge it and said that he wanted to pray to receive Christ right there on the streets. So with Ryan in the background preaching, and a crowd listening to the preacher, we bowed our heads and prayed for this man. After the man prayed to receive Christ he looked up and said “A burden has been lifted from me! I have been forgiven!” We were able to give this man some follow up material and gave him the details of a local church. After seeing a person trust in Christ I was excited and pumped for the rest of the night. I later found out that the man who had trusted in Christ actually had been at the preaching a few weeks earlier and was heckling and mocking the gospel.
At the end of the night I also found out that there was another person who had broken down during the preaching and placed faith in Christ. God has been moving in Brisbane city, He is doing many wonderful works and deeds. Please continue to pray for us as we reach out to the lost in this city.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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