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Saturday 26 November 2011

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Brentwood High St had a special event this Saturday.  The council had partitioned off the road for the "switching on" of the Christmas Lights.  Naturally this means more people to share the Gospel with!  As well as regular stalls with food and drink, the churches in Brentwood worked together to give away warm mince pies and put on some live carol singing for the public. 

The OP513 team consisted of Rob, Roman, and Myself and were later joined by Elyske and Ingrid.  We began handing out tracts and soon enough I came across a gentleman who said "heaven was a myth".  I gently began by asking him how he 'knows' heaven is a myth.  This started destroying his naturalistic worldview and as you would expect, he didn't appreciate it.  When it came time for him to explain how non material things such as "laws of logic" can exist in his purely material worldview he became frustrated and decided to end our conversation.  He did take a tract as he walked off and I pray he would think about our conversation and how his worldview comes up short.

My next most interesting conversation was with a young Catholic man.  We began conversing on the street and eventually decided to go have a coffee and talk.  I asked various questions about the Roman Catholic understanding of salvation, works and mariology.  Since I didn't have a working knowledge of Catholic theology I decided to keep asking questions and let him talk.  Eventually I challenged him about a few issues and he quoted some scriptures that were quite out of context.  We agreed to continue the discussion and I took his email.

This is Me talking with Sean the Catholic

Later we decided to get some lunch and went to a cafe.  Rob began handing out tracts to the staff and engaged them in conversation.

Rob and I also met a Christian from a different Brentwood Church who is very interested in sharing the Gospel with people.  I'm praying this will be the beginnings of Christians from different churches uniting together in Brentwood towards consistent evangelism! SDG

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South-East England

South-East England (UK) Team

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