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Saturday 14 February 2015

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What a night! There were constant crowds listening to the preaching for over an hour and a half during our Brisbane outreach last night. 

We used the sketchboard to present the gospel and after explaining the message of the cross, a very loud vocal heckler in a large black trench coat started asking lots of questions, like "Why is a blood sacrifice needed?" and "What about the laws in Leviticus?"

This man said he had studied 6 years to be a Roman Catholic priest, but had now rejected Catholicism because he didn't know how to answer the problem of suffering in the world. He said he now believes in a different god who doesn't judge and has rejected the Bible.

Preaching in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane  Sharing the Christian faith  One to one conversation

His arguments were not very good, as many times he had to resort to looking up things on his phone. Yet God used this man to draw in large crowds to hear the gospel.

During this time, many one to one conversations were had. At the end of the preaching, a lesbian lady expressed her disgust at the heckler, but thanked us for the message we shared. She was happy to take a Bible and wants to return to find out more.

Please pray for all who heard the gospel, including Rafael & Daniel - from Brazil, they thought they were Christians, but thought their own goodness saved them. They came to understand the gospel and said they would repent and trust in Christ from today onwards. I recommended a local church for them to start attending.

Here is a video from the night:

To God be all the glory!

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