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Wednesday 27 April 2016

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Wednesday afternoon, we headed into the mall, there was only four of us on the team but God provided many opportunities! We started the afternoon with some preaching and despite a relatively controversial preaching on sin, there was a decent sized crowd of twenty five who listened for the vast majority of the presentation.

What was most surprising was as the sins were listed and discussed, including abortion, not a single person flinched, in fact more people came to stop and listen. (The video starts in the few moments after the sin of abortion was revealed on the board).

There were many conversations had including a discussion with a lady named Rhoia, she was adamant that all religions were true, that there was no real right and wrong and certain that there was no Heaven or Hell. When asked about why, she simply stated because she didn't want to believe in such things. The conversation went from there and went down a few interesting routes but in the end came to a place, after hearing about sin and hearing the way of salvation Rhoia said, it sounded nice but she just didn't want to believe that because it would mean admitting she was wrong.

Please pray for Rhoia who has heard the saving message of Jesus Christ, pray that her heart will be softened and that she will trust in Christ alone as Lord and Saviour!

There was also a lengthy conversation had with two ladies named, Sharon and Collette were Hindu's and believed that they were trusting in the same message as Christianity, yet denying the essential truths of Christ. They were hard of heart and strongly professed that there was no such thing as truth and that morality was subjective meaning they weren't wrong to live how they wanted.

Please consider Sharon and Collette in prayer, they have heard the Gospel, they have tracts and just like us all they need Jesus Christ's salvation!

Thank you for your support and prayers, may you take the opportunity to join us!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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