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Friday, 11 April, 2008

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Tooting Broadway & Leicester Square (11th -12th April)

Before I write about our weekend of ministry that has just finished let me point you to something else first. Last weekend I travelled up to Carlisle with my brother James and Carl to join with other Christians for a day of outreach. We travelled up Friday evening and stayed over in Sheffield with our good friends David and Anna Gee. Early Saturday morning we drove up to Carlisle. While I haven't had the chance to write about the day Dave Gee has done a great job in unfolding the events of the day for us. Click on this link to read his report.

Friday evening saw us head up to Leicester Square in order to preach the gospel to the great multitude of people who are out "to have a good time." Unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to first go to Tooting Broadway, as I had some errands to set about doing that afternoon. Myself and Phil arrived at Leicester Square at about 8:45pm. My brother James was due to meet us there and he arrived just after 9pm. After opening in prayer I stood up to preach. I started by talking about why we are here on planet earth. The people who are at Leicester Square on a Friday night are out to have a good time and rarely will they ask themselves the question, "Why am I here?" So I started by prompting the question to those passing by, "What is our purpose for being here?" I answered with a solid reformed response: "We are here to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." This allowed me to then talk about why we are to glorify God and why we are to enjoy Him forever. At this point a sizeable crowd had formed and I could see that some people were listening intently to what I was saying. After I finished preaching we continued to engage people in one-to-one conversations. By the end of the evening we had handed out over 100 tracts. We could not stay late as both myself and Philip needed to be up early the next morning to go to a men's breakfast at my church. We left about 10:30pm.

Saturday morning came round and I was joined by Antonio and Lyudmila at Tooting Broadway. Philip had to help at the coffee shop at our church so it was just the three of us. I arrived at 11:30am but Antonio and Lyudmila were late in arriving so I went about handing out tracts. After they arrived I stood up to preach the gospel. Not many people stopped to listen but I noticed in particular someone who seemed quite interested. His name was Zeeshan and he told me that he is Muslim. We had a good chat and he mentioned that he would like to talk some more so I gave him my details. I have noticed that it is rare that someone will get back in contact even though they say they will, which is disappointing. Still, we must trust God that they will remember what they heard. Interestingly Zeeshan gave me his mobile number and so I will be contacting him soon to see if he would like to talk some more. This is something that I am going to try to do more often.

Lyudmila and Antonio are learning a lot and it is great to see them out each week. This Saturday I will begin a course called The Way of the Master Basic Training Course and will be leading them through it for the next 8 weeks. I am really excited about this and looking forward to seeing them grow during these next coming weeks.

Soli Deo Gloria! 


Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 12 April, 2008

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Saturday, 12 April, 2008

Why is it every time I think "quiet night" things always goes nuts! I was expecting a small team tonight. But God's grace brought a fifteen person team out on the street to witness. We spent some time in prayer, and Bible reading. Then we had a time of fellowship.

     At 9pm we made our way into the Queen Street Mall, at about 9:15pm Ralph began to preach. It is good watching Ralph preach, he is doing a good job, and with some time he will turn into a good open air preacher. For someone who has only preached three times, he is sounding like one who is an old professional at the open air preaching game.

He went for about 15 minutes, and then he tagged me in to deal with a heckler who was an Australian living in Saudi Arabia. He was asking questions in regards to Christianity compared with Islam. I did my best to answer his questions, then swung into the gospel. He was very open to hearing the gospel, and he thanked me for presenting the truth to him.

This then created another wave of hecklers. It was good to see one of the hecklers we had from a few weeks back in the crowd. He is one of the friendliest evolutionary hecklers we have ever had, and it is really good to talk to him. But sadly, the hecklers we had tonight, weren't really the friendly ones.

One man screaming about atheism came up next to me with a bag of fries from a fast food place, and proceeded to put the fries in his mouth and then spit them at me. When I didn't respond to him doing this, he got the bag of fries and poured them all over the soap box and the ground. I ignored his antics, as I was dealing with a heckler who wanted to debate on "Can we know what is after death."

I was able to go through the Christian message with this young man, and he seemed convicted as I explained to him that he would have to give an account to God for all his sin. It was then that the pseudo-intellectuals opened fire, these guys had been standing in the crowd for sometime, one of them asked the question "If Christianity is true, then why does it copy older pagan religions? Christianity is just paganism repacked!" I asked him to explain what pagan religion Christianity allegedly copied. The man stopped and thought for a moment, then with a big grin he said "They copied the Egyptian religions!"

That argument was interesting, so I asked him "Are the Egyptian religions polytheistic or monotheistic?" His reply was "polytheistic", then the question was asked, what was Christianity, his reply was "monotheistic". I then pointed out that the central doctrine of God, is not copied from Egypt, so why does he think it was? He made the case from an account of Osiris being the same as Jesus. This argument lacks any support, for if one examines the Osiris myth, you soon see it has nothing in common with the message of Jesus. We went through the argument, and the man conceded that Christianity is not a copy of any pagan religion. 

By now a man wearing what I though to be a dress started heckling me. He started off by telling me that it is not a dress but rather a really long jacket. We debated back and forth on the issue on how we can trust the New Testament. The interesting thing was this man was presenting so many arguments that showed a distinct lack of understanding of the Christian message. But he kept on stating that he had a solid knowledge of Christianity.

For an hour and half, we debated back and for on apologetics and the gospel. The man did not realise the his arguments were being smacked all around the field. It was rather amusing when the atheists in the crowd started to turn on him, and explaining to him that he had no idea on what Christianity teaches. Then Mr. Dawkins Man entered into a debate. We had him a few weeks ago, he would ask a question then run away before you could answer. Again this was his ploy, and once again the atheists turned on him.

By now it was nearing midnight, and I had been up for 150 minutes, so once again we entered into the Gospel, and explained to many people listening the truth of the message of Jesus Christ.  A lot of those in the crowd took tracts, and many one to ones took place after the open air.

Praise God, for the Gospel and His faithfulness!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Sunday, 13 April, 2008

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Gold Coast Report this week is in two segments:

Keith Rochford's (2IC) Perspective & then Josh Mitchell's Perspective (1IC)

Firstly, Mr Rochfords Report:

"Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you" Matt 5:11-12.

Sunday 13th April 2008:

Team: Josh Mitchell, Chris Robson and Keith Rochford

Well Sunday was one of those amazing days when a Sovereign God allows you to stand firm in the Gospel, we started with a small team this week due to team members being away and Josh and I were back to back preaching while Chris worked the Bible table, Josh was first up preaching and started out with an interesting sermon on the reasons people don't wash which was quite amusing and he related it to reasons people reject God.

I followed up by preaching on humanistic world views vs. the Christian world view. I covered morality, ethics and human responsibility focussing on the illogical evolutionary position marketed at schools and universities today.

Then I went into the Law and Gospel and engaged a group on English tourists in the Law presentation. These guys were convicted of sin, and completely taken in by the Gospel presentation. They took Bibles from us, and were visibly impacted by the message of grace. These guys were very repentant, and we need to pray that God grants them Saving Faith.

Josh stepped up to preach again and people were buying us drinks and thanking us for sharing the Gospel which was really encouraging, but things took a drastic nose dive. Josh had started preaching to a group of Goth's, when a Police officer gave us a nice shiny set of handcuffs each to put on and then arrested us, we were taken to the local Police station, searched and all of our belongings confiscated and charged with 2 separate offenses. (This was quite interesting as I have been preaching in Surfers for over 2 years and have verbal permission from the local GC law enforcement)

After our arrest we were driven to Southport watch house and placed in a holding cell, I was then taken out of the cell. Josh meanwhile remained, and I began to be heckled by the Police Sgt on prayer. Then he asked if I would like to be placed in a cell with a child rapist, and see where my God is then.

I replied, "I would like that, if it can be arranged" and continued, "It's funny how we are all guilty of breaking God's law, and have no issues with that, but we are quick to judge others if the offense is deemed bad enough in mans eyes."

I was lead off to be fingerprinted and photographed, and shared Law and grace with the officer responsible for this task. He told me he was a back-slidden Christian (even though that's an oxymoron) and became very convicted. He really opened up to me and said his mum always spoke him about the things of God. I reminded him that if he does not repent of his sins and believe the Gospel he will spend eternity in hell. He said he understands and thanked me for being so upfront (he even said he could not believe that I was in here). 

I was returned to a different cell than before and prayed for the Police officers and people that heard the Gospel today, until Josh joined me. When my brother Josh arrived we went straight into prayer and the Lord was quick to answer.

Others joined us in the cell and we were able to witness to them extensively (thank you lord) I can really say I felt only joy and peace in this situation, and I am so thankful to God for placing a man like Josh at my side to share in chains for Christ. Our ordeal was well worth it.

Christian's WAKE UP, stop living your life for yourself, and start sharing the Gospel Biblically. If you have the absolute honour of being persecuted for what you believe, REJOICE, our sufferings are nothing, sin is a terrible thing. Look at what it cost God, look to the cross of Christ, how can we sit here as Christians and do nothing?

How can we preach softened FALSE GOSPELS? How can we read our Bibles and not want to plead with people to be reconciled to God? If you have never suffered for sharing the Gospel, are you actually sharing the Biblical Gospel? How will they hear without a preacher? How will they know of the hope that resides in us? The Gospel is the power of God for salvation! Are we going to grow fat feeding on His promises while sinners are sinking into hell? I don't believe any true Christians will excuse themselves from there duty, if you are unsure read 1 John and examine yourselves.

Luke 9:23  And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself,
and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Luke 9:24  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it:
but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

Luke 9:25  For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world,
and lose himself, or be cast away?

Luke 9:26  For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words,
of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory,
and in his Father's, and of the holy angels.

Josh Mitchell and I were then released on bail and met by Josh Williamson, Chris and Kyosti (hope I spelt his name properly).

Keith Rochford


Secondly Mr Mitchell's Report:

Sunday 13th April 2008

By the unmerited favour of God, through His vessels of mercy, His name was made known: Jesus the Saviour

Talk about open hearts! :)

We started out today with a small team of Keith Rochford and Chris Robson. I stepped up to preach, and launched into a short and sweet sermon, which got a few chuckles from those sitting nearby. Thanks to on the open air preachers from around the globe; I had an article on "Reasons I Don't Wash".

I preached the law of God (Ten Commandments), and then finished with the precious and powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

Keith Rochford stepped up and began to preach, and as usual, a few drew closer to hear his British accent, and he began to show why evolution doesn't offer credible evidence, to undo the claims of the bible. He preached the law and the gospel, and stepped down to swap with me.

During our time preaching we had young and middle-aged people coming up thanking us, giving us water drinks and offering money.

I began to preach, and after a short time preaching, God gave me about thirteen darkly (gothic) dressed young ladies and a few fella's. They stopped and listen to me. I engaged them and we had quite a fun chat back and forth, during which I challenged them with a question.

Do you think you're a good person? Some thought they were good, some weren't sure, so I gave them a scale.. Hitler at one end, and a good guy at the other end.

One young lady said she was bad and loved Hitler. I responded: "You have affections for a man who killed millions of little children, men and women who were Jewish and then some?" She went quiet. But nodded and said she was a bad person. 

So I gave them the ten commandment test, and they were open and honest. Towards the end, I asked them, if you died tonight.. and I hope you life a long life, but if you die, the bible says there is judgement afterwards. Would you be innocent or guilty? They all sang out in unison: "GUILTY!!!" Their voices still ring in my ears.

Just as they did so, a police officer crossed the road and shut down the preaching. A short time later we found ourselves in handcuffs and being marched to the local Police Beat across the road, which we have been preaching in open view of, for almost two years.

Our shoes and socks and belts were removed and all our personal items, and with cold feet we had to wait for a body search.

After that we were driven to lockup, its weird watching your car slowly get locked in by security gates, and then personally escorted into a solid security cell. I began to realise what prisoners feel like.

We were then held in a cell together, while we waited for more police. Keith Rochford was called out of the cell, and I was left locked in. He held a plate up, and was photographed then quizzed.

I had to wait quite a while in this cell, where everyone could watch me from the outside, so I just sang hymns and waited patiently. Being barefoot I was conscious of the stains on the floor, and couldn't help wonder what disgusting material had permeated the floor surface.

After a long while I was released from that cell, given a plate to hold up under my chin. I was told to stand in front of a red line and then a lady officer photographed me. Then I was quizzed on many things, including had I been taking drugs, had I been suicidal lately, etc etc. This was followed by being taken (still barefoot), to a big cold holding cell, and a heavy door slammed shut behind me.

I knelt and prayed, committing the police officers into God's hands for conversion, and then sang hymns waiting for my brother Keith to join me.

After waiting a long time, Keith Rochford was brought to finally join me. An older policeman came and marched me to the fingerprinting room. My fingerprints were taken, and the officer pointed out the tiny little sweat glands on my palms.

People, I was completely amazed at the tiny designed machinery that is even found in our hands! Praise be unto God! We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.

After witnessing for a short period of time to this gentleman, I was taken back to the big cold holding cell, to be reunited with my brother Keith.

Shortly afterwards, the Lord brought us two more men to share with, and by His grace we were able to do it. One had been involved as a young man in the worldwide church of God, and since had been living a life of sin, and was feeling the earthly consequences of his actions.

God graciously allowed me to share with him, and show him that his greatest problem right now in the lockup, was that he was God's enemy.

He was surprised, and he inquired what I meant by that. This was my opening to share him the Ten Commandments, and how he was an enemy of God, because of his wicked works. He understood, and I pray, that if it pleases God, this young man might be converted and used for the glory of God, in the not too distant future.

Shortly after, Keith Rochford and I were released from the holding cell, and we were ushered out of the building having collected our belongings.

Please pray that God will use our time in lockup, for His glory, and that God's glory might be known well, through the witness he gave by through his unworthy servants.


For Jesus name,

Josh Mitchell 



Sunday, 13 April, 2008

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There was a delay in getting the team into the Skypecast tonight, this was not due to technological problems, but rather due to the fact that I had to drive down the Gold Coast to pick Josh Mitchell, and Keith Rochford up from the Southport Watch house, where they were being detained after being arrested for preaching the Gospel.

At just after 10pm, I was able to get into the Skypecast, and Josh Mitchell took the floor and presented the gospel to those who were in the room listening. While he was talking I was sent a message by a Muslim man named Talal who wanted to debate Islam versus Christianity.

So I brought him up and began to talk to him about Islam. He presented the case on why the Bible cannot be trusted, so I answered him from an apologetic position on why we can trust the Bible. He then launched in on the central doctrine of Christianity, and that was attacking if Jesus Christ was even crucified. He maintained as the Koran teaches, that Jesus was not crucified, but rather Allah preformed a ‘miracle' and made someone else look like Jesus, and thus deceived all those who were at the cross. From here we looked at why Allah would deceive and lie to his creation. That was a good jumping off point to look at the God of the Bible "who cannot lie".

From there we went into the Law of Moses, and as we walked through the law Talal didn't want to talk anymore. It is rather amazing that as soon as sin is revealed people aren't interested in dialogue. Since there were people in the room listening, I decided to keep on preaching the gospel even though Talal had left.

After this Josh Mitchell and Andrew Hsu had a discussion in regards to evolution, and the night finished off with Andrew Hsu preaching the gospel.

It was a shorter Skypecast, but the Gospel still went out!



Special Outreaches

Saturday, 5 April, 2008

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Driving up to Carlisle on Saturday morning with a team of evangelists was both exciting and daunting. The weather was predicted to be bleak indeed and I was worried we would be ministering to an empty city, as all the Brits seem to keep indoors when the weather is bad.

Joining Anna and I today were John and Jim from Sheffield, with Rob, James, and Carl from London. We were meeting Dale, Kevin, Allan, Keith and Marion at Carlisle and aiming to minister in the centre of town where Dale, Keith and Marion normally witness.

We gathered in the square of the town and together prayed to the Lord that He would bless our efforts and go with us as we witnessed. The team spread out and started to tract the area as Rob and I sought out a good vantage to preach from, quickly there were many one-to-one conversations happening. As seemed to be the pattern for the day from this point onwards, there was at any point I looked around at least one or two witnessing conversations going. What an encouragement to see the people hearing the gospel and God drawing those who needed to hear!

Dale was the first preacher of the day to preach from in front of Costa coffee shop, he has become increasingly bold for the Lord and it was a pleasure to hear him preach again. Dale confessed that he was fearful before starting, this is normal for any preacher who knows before whom they preach and appropriately Dale went to his heavenly father in prayer about it. The gospel sounded out and some gathered to hear, from these some stopped to talk with members of the team afterwards. We pray they would turn and be saved.

Rob was next up to preach and as he proclaimed the gospel many went past scoffing but few stopped and those seated around us heard loud and clear. Rob works very hard to ensure that he does not obscure Christ when he speaks and the fruit of this is that his preaching is very clear and easily followed.

As Rob stepped down the team swung into action and for the next 45 minutes one-to-one conversations were continuously happening. During this time I noticed two things that made me smile. Paddy (our dog) would effectively be starting one-to-ones when Anna would witness to those that came to say hello to him (she told me later that he also hijacked a few conversations!). Also John seemed to be in constant conversations, he carries a large banner with scripture verses on it, it was great to see people coming to talk attracted to the word of God.

Kevin preached next and he began by pointing to the stupidity of women in accepting the perversions that so many men see as normal now, pornographic magazines and tv shows and even strip clubs. This is truth is an affront to the pride of man, and while true it of course offended a few people and a complaint was made. Part way through the preaching some community officers stopped Kevin and took him to one side. At this I stood up and addressed the gathering crowd, intending to preach the gospel to them while Kevin spoke to the officers. An irate officer also stopped me and after a short discussion we agreed to the reasonable request that the preachers moderate their language. Kevin got up and preached to those who remained and during this time answered heckles from a local drunk and a couple of ladies. Praise God that we were able to continue in preaching the gospel; pray that it would be the righteous demands of God that would be an offence to people and not us as preachers of those demands.

Jim preached next and began by comparing the world and its perishing demands to a luxury car going off a cliff with a humble mini (the Christian life of humility under God) that safely gets you where you want to go. As Jim preached the Lord opened the clouds and down came the hail and rain, unfazed Jim preached on and urged the people of Carlisle to repent and humble themselves before Christ.

When Jim stepped down we headed for the shelter of the nearby mall and spent some time in the warmth in fellowship until the showers passed and we'd warmed up.

I was next up to preach as we went out to witness again, I was interrupted as I was setting up though. A "Christian" lady was with her friends at the coffee shop and came to ask me if we could preach further away, so that people in the coffee shop would not be disturbed by the sound of the preaching. I was saddened and offended by this, a professing Christian coming to stop the preaching of the gospel! I promised her I would take her request into consideration, considering it fired me to preach with passion. With this passion to see the lost saved I poured out my heart to all who could hear and spoke to the people of Carlisle of the disease of sin in their hearts and the eternal death and punishment that would be its deserved end. I pleaded and called them to come and consider Christ and to repent of their evil ways and turn to him in faith.

During this a lady came to speak with me who claimed that through transcendental meditation she could become God! I pointed her to the author of this lie, Satan himself claimed that he could ascend on high and become as God and has been teaching others they can do likewise since the fall. Satan's end will be in the lake of fire as this lady's will be if she would not repent. The discussion ended with her leaving quoting the post-modernist credo "what's true for you is not true for me".  Unfortunately for those who trust in the relative truth propaganda it doesn't work in practice. In the same way that it is absurd to jump from a rooftop saying "gravity is true for you but not true for me", it is equally absurd to claim that two contradictory points of view are both true.

As Christians we claim that the only way anyone can be saved from the just and eternal punishment of sin in hell is through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. This is either wrong and or right and Jesus when He said "I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me" left us with only two choices.

With only a little time left in the day James stood and preached the glorious news of salvation through Christ. This was his first time and he preached well and strongly and I don't doubt that he will make an excellent preacher.

After this when the one-to-ones had finished we joined together to praise God for His goodness and mercy in allowing us the opportunity to witness. We offered up our requests that the people of Carlisle would be saved and prayed that more labourers in the harvest would be raised up. We shared in some dinner together and after our goodbyes drove home, and it was at that point that the heavens opened and down came the sleet and rain. Praise God for such a good day and for His infinite grace and mercy to wretched sinners in desperate need of a saviour.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Sunday, 6 April, 2008

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- [Preachers made to be quiet] - [Money is now the root of all eeevil..] -

- [Young lady says she needs to repent] -

Date: 06.04.08 Sunday
Time: 1:00 - 4:00PM
Blog Report: Operation 513 Gold Coast City Team
Location: Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Cavill Ave

Team Members: Keith Rochford, Nathan Hermann, Ryan Hemelaar, Josh Mitchell (writer)


Memory Verse: Matthew 3:8 Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:


Rain, rain come again.. today the heaven's opened! The ocean swell was a magnificent sight to see. I was soaked wet, by the time I got to the meeting sight, Praise God for the umbrella I had in my hands. We could not preach today. It was a God ordained thing.

Instead we took to the streets with pockets stuffed with tracts, and put them into the hands of those who would accept them. Lots of wonderful conversations were had, with many who might now, at the time of this writing be dead, and in hell...

Please pray for those who yet live, and know the gospel!


An Indian man confronted me, as he accepted a big money gospel tract. That didn't go down so well..

"Is this what people are presenting the word of God on, these days.. on money?", he shook his head, and expressed disgust with his face. "sharing the word of God on this evil stuff..".

He stared at me, and said: "don't you know what people do with money.. money is evil!".

His child was licking an icecream, thankfully God gave me the right words to respond with:

"Sir, there is nothing intrinsically evil in money itself.. after all, do you use money to buy gifts for your children?", smiling I continued, "sir, do you use money to buy a bed for your children, and food, and clothing?".

His response was one of shame.. "Don't put that on me".

I replied: "But you can see what I am saying.."

He nodded, and smiled.

Unfortunately, so many people have confused the teaching of Jesus on money, and claim that money itself is evil. This is a wonderful opportunity, for Christian's to do what Jesus commanded us to, and that is to teach all nations what he commanded.

Mat 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Mat 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

This man had forgotten, that it is the love of money, that is the root of all evil. It is the hearts attachment to gain, advantage, benefit that is attached to means, that is the root of all evil. And you cannot serve God and mammon.

Our friend kept the gospel tract, and so did his child.

YOUNG LADY SAYS SHE NEEDS TO REPENT.. with displeasure on her face

Five young ladies, stood watching the magnificence of the waves crashing upon each other, and the sand being turned up into the water. Five minutes later, they were starting to get really uncomfortable as the power of God's Ten Commandments, began to work upon their conscience. One girl, walked away and came back. Three girls looked away, for something to distract themselves. I asked them, now what does it take to be forgiven by God? I hadn't told them yet.. they couldn't answer, and then out of the blue..! One girl said.. "Repent".

"Turning from sin, and trusting in Jesus good works, and person, instead of your own", thats right I continued. These young ladies were not Christians, but at least one had had a christian influence in her life, so that she knew she had to turn from her sin.

It is nice, when you find the Lord of the harvest, has already sent labourer's to work with a person, and your along the way with them. Please pray for the conversion of these young ladies and those we work with.. you never know who you will see in glory, and who you may see depart from God's judgment seat to that terrible place of punishment.

A final word:

Perhaps the language, in this report, confused you? Perhaps it didn't make sense..

Maybe a cartoon can explain it to you more easily, click on the picture below:

I hope that helps :) Let me know what you think,

Until the next report, have a wonderful week,

For Christ and His Covenant,

For the glory of God,

josh mitchell

PS. Big thankyou to the boys who faithfully come out and work with us each weekend, to those brothers and sisters around the world, who faithfully share the gospel as oft as they can. God bless you!

Credit: Raw images (excepting comic) used on this webpage were taken from Wikipedia Commons.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 5 April, 2008

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

  As I was preparing to leave for the streets, I happened to glance at the news that was on the television, the sports presenter was talking about a big football match that would be occurring that night. Normally I am not interested in the sport, but when the reporter said “Game starts in just under thirty minutes in Brisbane”, I knew that it was going to be an interesting night.

Where we witness in Brisbane is between two major sporting stadiums, and many of the people who attend the sports events walk past us on the way to catching a train. So we are strategically located to witness to many of the fans.

By 9pm we were in position in the Queen Street Mall setting up for the night. It was then that I noticed that two Brisbane City Council officers were present also. In the past the officials have given us a little bit of hassle as we witness but tonight they were friendly, and gave us a wave as they walked by. Praise God for Him opening doors for the Gospel to keep going in our city.

Ryan was the first preacher up for the night, and as we listened to him preach one could tell that he has been spending a bit of time studying apologetics. His arguments for the existence of God were brilliant, and as he spoke he proved how logically one can know that there is a God. He then looked at the atheistic position and how it is a logical false.

It was while Ryan was explaining the flaws of atheistic thought that a British accent was heard to call out from the crowd. Two young British tourists decided that they would have some fun and heckle the preacher. This boyfriend and girlfriend team went into bat on the side of atheism and evolution. While Ryan stood and represented Biblical Christianity.

The debate soon took off with both sides making their cases, and as they debated the crowd began to grow.   Ryan did a splendid job in presenting an apologetic case, and the British couple did a good job presenting their view. From listening into the debate it seemed that they just wanted to believe that God did not exist so that they could continue to live in a lifestyle of sin.

Ryan turned and tagged Hsusy in, who went from the atheism debate into the evolution debate. The crowd seemed to be loving the discussion. People stopped to listen, and as they left many of them took gospel tracts. The British couple tried to make the case that there is no moral absolutes in the world. So Andrew gave them a few scenarios to think about. Then he swung into the conscience and began to see if the British couple had a sense of right and wrong. This of course led to the Gospel being presented, which sadly I didn’t get to listen to.

Just as Andrew started in on the Gospel I was approached by two young men who had been listening behind the preacher. They asked me what was going on, and why were they debating. I explained to the two men that the debate was over the existence of God, and also evolution. They both laughed when they heard this and said “We went to Catholic school, we know God doesn’t exist!” These two men hated the Bible due to what the Roman Catholic School had taught them. So I went through some basic arguments showing the existence of God. As they thought about the arguments they admitted that there probably is a God. So from there I decided to swing into the   Gospel.

The question I posed to them was “Why should God let you into Heaven?” They seemed stunned at this question and thought about it for a few seconds, and then one said “He shouldn’t!” But the other said “Because I am a good person!” So I reached into my pocket and found a pressed penny with the ten commandments on it, gave both of them one, and asked “Are you good by God’s standard?” From there we went into discussing the Ten Commandments, and how they all leave us as guilty and show us the need of the Saviour.

After they saw their sin they listened carefully as the gospel was presented. They both left understanding the full gospel, and also with gospel tracts. Please keep those two men in your prayers.

My attention turned back to the preaching, and I saw that Andrew was stilling dealing with the same hecklers. He went on for about another twenty minutes then wrapped it up.

As soon as he stood down the team swung into action and began to witness one to one to the people who had been listening. This time of one to one went on for at least forty minutes, and then Kevin got up and preached the night home.

I must say it is an honour to serve with the men and women who make up Operation 513 - Brisbane, they do such a wonderful job, and many souls are being touched by their ministry. It is a blessing to serve alongside them!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Sunday, 6 April, 2008

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A number of hours before the Skypecast's commencement, I advertised the Skypecast at a number of Atheist forums. I asked them to join in and have their say about why they believe there is no god.

At our regular time of 9pm the Skypecast started, and without a hitch thankfully! Praise God for that! And continued working pretty well the entire night.

Our first heckler was a man who said he was an Atheist. So what I did was give him some logical reasons to believe in the existence of God. I did this by showing him that the universe needs an outside cause (using the Cosmological argument), then I explained that the cause must also be personal. Through this logic, the fellow admitted there must be a personal God and thanked us for our time. But I wasn't going to let him go just yet without hearing about the law, then the gospel. So our discussion continued and he had several questions regarding morality. I addressed them and showed him God's standard of morality in the Bible, the Ten Commandments. He knew he had failed at that standard, but he tried using the fallacious objection that because God created us, that when we sin it is God's fault. I reasoned with him regarding that and also showed him that his good works do not merit himself to God. He was then concerned about where he would spend eternity, so I gave him the good news of the gospel.

After the conversation was finished with the first heckler, Josh let me know that there was a person who objected to what I was saying because he thought it was illogical. He was an Australian man from the Richard Dwakins Atheistic forum. His objection was that what I was saying is based on the premise that God exists. This fellow wasn't in the Skypecast when I was showing the first gentlemen the proofs for God's existence, so I briefly explained them to him. After some initial objections to my arguments, he finally agreed that there must be a personal Creator to the universe. His next objection was that my argument did not prove the God of the Bible. And that's true, so I then presented some reasons as to why only the God of Christianity exists. I did this by showing that every other religion's god is logically inconsistent because they believe that their god will weigh out your good deeds with your bad deeds. I showed him that is not justice at all. But at this point, everyone was dropped from the room because of a Skype problem. But we managed to get back into the room okay.

Josh Williamson then had a conversation with a man who held some very illogical beliefs. He regarded animals as having the same value as human beings. So Josh asked him, "Do you eat meat?" He said, "Yes." Josh replied, "Do you eat humans?" He said, "No." So Josh then pointed out that he truly doesn't regard humans and animals as having the same value if he only eats animals.

I then had a discussion with a person from Armenia. He believed he was a good person, so I showed him God's laws and that he realised he didn't meet the standard. But he tried using the objection that because everyone fails at that standard, it makes hiim good. I proceeded to show him why that view is illogical. I then told him what Hell is like, so that I could tell him of the wonderful news of Christ's death on the cross for our sins. I explained to him what he must do to be saved and to really think about these important issues.

Josh Mitchell completed the Skypecast with an in-depth gospel message, calling everyone to repent and trust Christ as their Saviour.

All up there was 511 people who listened in to the Skypecast during the course of the night. Please pray God will draw them to Himself.

We will have another Skypecast at the same time next week - Sunday 9pm - 12am GMT+10.

To God be the glory!

Redcliffe (QLD) Team

Sunday, 30 March, 2008

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After having the last week off, enjoying the sun and the fishing up at Noosa. It was great to get back into the swing of things and boy it was a fine day for preaching the powerful words of God. The sun was shining and the water was like glass. Got there early and was able to send some time in prayer which really helped me to focus on the job at hand.

Warren and Chris turned up and we were able to pray and get straight out on to the field, as there were lots of people out and about today enjoying the great wether. We could spread out more and move around.

Most people took tracks, with alsorts of responses even two ladies took the Carpark track and started to preach it to the 3 kids that were jumping off the pier, they didn't agree and said stuff that and jumped again.

It was about 3:30 and the Dolphin watching Boat came in, Warren and Chris were able to track all the people that came off the boat. I sat back and watched the reactions. most of them had a good laugh at the Carpark track.

Just after the Boat left we had our own excitement of dolphins without paying for it, 3 of the most gorgeous amimals that God made came and started to feed right next to the pier. Quite a big crowd formed to watch them playing so close. Just as the people were coming we started to head back to the base of the pier and as all the people started to move off we were there to get them all with tracks.

Over all the day was great and was able to have a short chat with a few people, which was good.

We are back in full swing at Redcliffe Pier every Sunday 2-4pm so come join us there. Be great to have you along.


Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Sunday, 30 March, 2008

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Date: 30.03.08 Sunday
Time: 1:30 - 4:00PM
Blog Report: Operation 513 Gold Coast City Team
Location: Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Cavill Ave

This report will be more of a photo report, thanks to Peter Webber.


Team today consisted of:
Keith Rochford, Ryan Hemelaar, Victor "Frosty" Barwick, Nato Herman, Chris Robson, Peter Webber.

In case your wondering what this report is all about.. click here first!

Roman Catholic agrees with preaching, but struggles with repent from sin and religion, to trusting Christ.

One of the wonderful things about street preaching, is that it creates a wonderful environment, for talking to people who are just wondering around, about the things of God.

Please pray for our Roman Catholic friend, who was encouraged by the young men preaching morality, and Christ. I spent a good bit of time with her, and can only trust in God to convert, if he pleases, on his timing.

Young lad, "Ash" returns

Ash keeps coming back. One of the lads had a good chat with him. Please continue to pray for his church, that they will understand the law, and the gospel, and stop inoculating him against the truth.

Kiwi, argues with Kiwi

Well I am the New Zealander by birth, and this fellow was a Kiwi as well. He offered some very good persuasions against the law of God, but he humbly took correction from the words of God itself. Please pray for his conversion. It is a beautiful thing, to see people come out of their shell, and actually express thier opinions, for the purpose of discovering truth, without resorting to the crazy violence that some people seem to resort to at night time. I hope we see more of this.

General Encouragement to the Team

The whole team did a wonderful job, of preaching the gospel as best they could, and the people responded really well. It was a hot day, but the public mostly seemed to enjoy resting on the chairs and listening to the words being preached. Obviously when the law enters, every gets uncomfortable, but people must by taught by God's law of thier sin, and lack of righteousness. It is by this that they see their dire need of Jesus Christ, the greatest substitute in law, that ever died in our unholy world.

Frosty videotapes the open air preaching, and Chris handed gospel messages to the lost.

Ryan Hemelaar, our hardworking webmaster, engages a crowd of young ladies, and dialogues with them about evolution, morality, and the personal need of the Saviour Jesus.

Nathan witnesses to a nice lady, while offering free AV New Testaments, bibles and tracts.
Keith shares the gospel with some men, about the gospel.

Josh (me) strikes another strange preaching pose, and Ryan is "caught" giving gospel tracts to people.

That's our report for the week,

Seek God's face, and beseech him for mercy and grace in time of need,

A little servant of the Most High King Jesus,

josh mitchell

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