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Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 8 June, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday June 8th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

It was a hectic day for me but still God had sufficient grace for me to keep my commitment to be His witness at Sunnybank, week in week out. Today, Johnny was not available but God immediately moved and called a Kairos graduate Teresa Yi to join the Sunnybank team for the first time with Gary, Amy and Hung as team partners. Gary chose to went over to the Eastern side of Main Road while Teresa, Amy and Hung stayed on the Western side. Hung took a while to explain the way to present to Good Person tract as well as the underlining policy of Street outreach that Sin must be mentioned and stress but not forcing the audience to make hasty on the spot decision. Both sisters in Christ were very much spirit led that they all had very fruitful chats to first timer listeners or to those ripe for harvest making on the spot decision to accept Jesus out of their free will. Praise and Glory all to be to God. Recap below was my fewer divine encounters as a result of spending considerable time to coach Teresa in the beginning and also later on the issue of Assurance of Salvation.

1) A Proud Chinese man used demanding tone to urge for a quick finish of the Gospel sharing. Perhaps he was right as the Bus came before I can just sparely finish sharing the full gospel.

2) Then Teresa Yi told me she met a Christian and appeared to let this person go without any further sharing of the Gospel. I told her that, for all Christians, it should be good and necessary to conduct a diagnosis on their assurance of Salvation. I took Teresa herself as an target of drilling asking the two questions to her. She was basically on the right tract but still missing the crucial points that a fair dinkum Christian should have 100% assurance of salvation simply because of what Jesus had died and done for us. It is nothing to do with our good deeds, not before our conversion as well as after. If any one showed uncertainty to heaven because they feel they are not yet perfect, then they may have a mixed up on the three-fold salvation of God redemption package. The past deliverance was effective as soon as one repent and show willingness to ask Jesus to be the personal saviour, then all our sins, before and or after conversation should have been completely pardoned. Jesus sacrificial death to take over the eternal dead punishment of our sin alone is 100% effective and sufficient to set our sin count to zero as such we will be given the heavenly citizenship instantly. God will not revoke this free gift of eternal life even if our progress of sanctification is not smooth making many mistakes all along the way. He has promised to make us a new creation of masterpiece or perfect workmanship purely on basis of the work that Jesus had done. God has also further promised to make the work in progress life perfect on day before the new heaven and new earth descends on to the earth after the Millennium reigned by Jesus for 1000 years after the 7 years of tribulation.

3) Lia and Boo a Vietnamese couples listened attentively and appeared very receptive to the Gospel. Not sure if they are Buddhism by faith, but the Holy Spirit seemed to have put all check in their mind, especially the lady that they were agreeable with all the gospel said and saw the need to trust in Jesus for salvation and a sure gift of eternal life.

4) Otto, firstly approached by Teresa but handing him over to me as he is a Hong Konger who claim to be an Atheist believing in no God and no Heaven and Hell. I identified with him first that in rational mind, those things are beyond our human ability to prove for their existence. But if we find out it is true after we die, then there will be no 2nd chance for us to do anything to reverse the situations. So I guide him to put those question mark as aside as an assumption and think along the gospel and the mechanism of God's devised salvation plan. If it is sensible and logical then he should put a lot of deep though in to it. He agreed before the bus came to take him away.

5) Helen, she claimed I had chatted with her before but when I asked her to summarise the message of the track she failed to do so. I thus earn another round of sharing and revision on the reason we need Jesus and how His redemption act worked. She anyway believes in a state after death in eternity, so my revision clicked with her world view and was stressed that all decision to rely on Jesus must be made in this life. She seemed seeing this time critical elements in God's devised salvation plan for us. 己聴,信有來世.強調信耶

6) Sadia a lady from Saudi Arabia. She looks very much westernized as such she appeared very open to gospel message giving very positive response during the conversation.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 8 June, 2022

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We have moved into winter in Christchurch.  The Summer of special outreaches has finished, and we are planning for the next summer at the moment!  But in the meantime, we continue to plod in our daily job of gospel ploughing and sowing.  What a privilege it is to serve the Lord in this way.  And I’m so thankful for all you who are working alongside us in prayer!

I’m going to give an update on the last week on the street, which included five outreaches across three locations: Central, Riccarton and Upper Riccarton.

But first, I found something I wrote recently that I want to share.  It was obviously after a good chat I had, probably online:

Sometimes we get so used to what we do, that we forget the significance of what we are doing.  The gospel really is the power of God for salvation.  It's so amazing we get this privilege to tell people about him.  I'm so overjoyed after that chat.  Those kids were soaking in the gospel and asking so many wonderful questions.  But I can't save them.  God, please change their hearts for your glory alone!!!!!!

On Friday, Roger, Andy and myself were in central Christchurch.  First street outreach of the winter, and It was cold!  I was glad to be wearing thermals and all my other layers! :)

Andy told me later that he had a follow up with a guy he had previously witnessed to at the bus stops.  They went into a coffee shop where it was warm for a follow up gospel conversation. :)

Roger faithfully manned his flipchart near the bridge of remembrance.  He said he had at least 3 solid conversations.

I decided to roam.  And I spent most of the two hours of the outreach in three solid conversations.  They were awesome!

The first was on Cashel Mall, with two brothers with Catholic backgrounds.  They came to understand the gospel, and one of them even asked which church I was at - he said I might see him there on Sunday.  Sadly, he didn’t turn up.  Yet God was glorified in my obedience to share.  And the gospel is still the power of God for salvation!

I moved on to Cathedral Square where I asked two passers by what they thought happened after life.  Well, that conversation went long.  One of them was a Biochemist and leaning heavily towards Atheism.  It was one of the few times that I relied heavily on my knowledge of creation apologetics.  It was a very stimulating conversation, where the law and the gospel was shared.  By the end of the chat, there was no noticeable shift in the position of the Biochemist (you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink), but the other guy seemed impacted, and he carefully accepted a tract and slipped it into his bag.

Moving on through Cathedral Square, I handed out tracts, and was surprised at how many were accepted.

I ended up back at the bridge of remembrance where I got into my third and final chat.  It was with a couple I wasn’t expecting to stop.  The girl played devil's advocate - no problem with me, because, when you are relying on the truth, the answers always stack up.  They both left accepting tracts.

On Saturday, I was in Riccarton at lunch time and then in Upper Riccarton in the evening to test a new outreach location with Mike and John.

It was a bit slow in Riccarton and then I suddenly hit a stretch of three conversations, each rolling into the other!

The second one was a follow up chat with a guy I hadn’t seen for a long time!  It was so good to see him.  He is still articulating the gospel, but, sadly, I’m not seeing any fruit of salvation in his life.  I gave him my contact # and hope to see him again soon to be able to continue labouring with him in the gospel.

The third one was also a follow up - with a young man who is now professing faith, and he even said he has almost finished reading John in the Bible.  Sadly his work schedule stops him from being able to come to either the foundations Bible study my church runs, nor our regular Sunday gatherings.  I continue to pray for him.

One of the final encounters of the outreach was with a lady who seems to have become mixed up with some conspiracies.  She was using biblical lingo, but completely missing the gospel.  She just wanted to rage against the culture and was even thinking about what happens after life.

In Upper Riccarton, on Saturday evening, I had an opportunity to engage three young guys with the gospel.  Sadly, one of the guys claimed to be a Christian, and yet, he didn’t understand the gospel at all.  The conversation didn’t flow too well, because they guys kept getting distracted.  But, I made the most of the opportunity, and they all left with tracts.

Sunday I was back at Cashel / Colombo corner with Susan and Binu.  It’s cold enough now that Susan gets me to set up the flipchart on the eastern side of Colombo Street - in the sun! :)

I was so encouraged to see Susan running the flipchart with a group of young guys at one point.  Yet, I was so busy in my own gospel conversations.

Firstly, and had a great chat with two young Indian ladies, who followed along the gospel presentation flawlessly, and came to grasp the great significance of Jesus: our only hope for salvation from our sin and hell.

I then moved into a long chat with a young man who wasn’t interested in a tract, but decided to answer my question: ‘what do you think happens after you die?’  He didn’t seem very engaged, and yet, he stayed.  He was fairly hard soil, and so I laboured, for the glory of God alone.

Tuesday (yesterday), I was in Riccarton.  Two chats stand out in my mind.  The first was with a young man who loved history.  He knew about Viking gods, and Egyptian gods.  But he didn’t understand the gospel.  It was my privilege to share it with him.  Later, another guy stopped, he heard the gospel and seemed really impressed.  He asked about my church and accepted a contact card.  He said he needed time to process what he had heard - which is fair.  But he also understood that the message was simple enough.  I pleaded with him to trust in Christ, after counting the cost of doing so.

This only covers the work on the streets.  I’ve also been busy sharing the gospel online, and planning the next summer of outreach.  Again, I feel so privileged to be able to serve the Lord in this capacity.  Long may it last.  Thank you so much to all those that donate to enable us to continue in this ministry the Lord has put in front of us.  We ultimately trust him along for all our provision.  All glory to Him!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 7 June, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May June 7th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

Australia officially enters into Winter time on June 1st, yet the weather was still warm and not that cold. Yet today, suddenly it turned very chilling. So, the team of three Toowong Gospel team all had to put on more layers of clothing. In the colder weather, the hearts of many non-believers on the street also happened to turn harder. Nevertheless, amongst the many rejects, God grace was still sufficient to carry us through to get reasonable number of conversations. Recap below are the Battle log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) I was led to approach a young UQ student called Rita from Nigeria. I asked him if he knows the percentage of Christians in his country which he had no answer and deemed that Muslim is still the major religion. So, he possibly is a Muslim and his quick arriving bus did not allow me to even start sharing the gospel. However, I still managed to give Rita a tract and pray that it will still be used by God.

2 ) Georgia a local Aussie girl from Brisbane and said we had chatted before that I vaguely recalled. Thus, I turned to ask her the two diagnosis questions. To my comfort, she declared hundred % of assurance that she will go to heaven, but when asked why, she failed to name Jesus but rather all other religious good practice, like praying to the Lord, good bible studying. In a word, everything else apart from Christ. Thanks God I was given just enough time to clarify her concept which she was glad for what I did.

3) A South African Mixed with Namibia but migrated to NZ then came to study at UQ. He claimed to be a Christian and had chatted with me before. Yet he failed utterly the diagnosis test for assurance of salvation. It was good that he was humble and a willing learner so mis concept clarified just by the time the bus came. I could even manage to take a selfie with him in a rush.

4) After being rejected by two or more, I was led to approach a Chinese young couple who however behaved a bit skeptical to have a chat. Nevertheless, I still managed to get connected through the events in 2008 being the Beijing Olympic and Sichuan earthquake, then I was able to pass on the nutshell of the Gospel just in time before the bus came.

5) A standard Chinese face but claimed himself a Norwegian and English-speaking person. Just shared the nutshell of the Gospel and passed him a tract.

6 ) Eric a typical young man with no religious attachment. He does not believe that heaven and hell ever exist. But he was still a reasonable guy to let the conversation goes on as such the gospel was still shared.

7 ) James an architect student who does not believe in creation and a creation God. I used the building analogy to challenged him how come he does not deny any building has a builder behind to make it happen, why the universe of much higher degree of sophistication and complication is deemed existing by itself without a creator. He also criticized on the OT God that was cruel to get many people killed. I pointed to him the fact that before God really to execute His righteousness to punish sin and the sinners, he without failed gave more than enough time of chance for people to repent. Anyhow, James’s heart was too hard so he reacted irrationally to deny all the scientific based biblical phenomenon. May God's grace still follows him.

Battle log of Winnie Choi



在 神的帶領下,讓我遇上很多青年男女傳講福音的機會。

1. 中國青年,Ben。他不想聽,他説曾经有人傳過福音给他。我問他信了主嗎?他説未有。所以我講了幾句説話,便離開。我説,每人都有一死,死後會有審判,不信者已经定罪。我們不知道明天會發生什麽事?請認真想清楚。

2. 澳洲少女,Aireo。當我講完福音,巴士到達。

3. 香港來的黄小姐,曾经跟朋友到過教會。我詳细的講述福音及見證給她。

4. 香港來的黄小姐,這位是基督徒。她不明白救恩,我解释给她。

5. 澳門來的中國青年,Shelton。當我講完福音及見證後,巴士來到。

6. 日本少女,Larie。英語不是太好。所以我很慢,簡單的英語向她傳福音。

7. 印度來的 UQ 學生,Gou。當我傳講福音给他後,他願意到教會尋求認識更多真理。

8. 澳洲青年男女,Jim & May。他們很留心聽我講的福音。他們願意到教會尋求更多真理。相片是從玻璃後面影的,所以看得不是太清楚。

9. 澳洲青年,講了一半福音,巴士來到。

10. 兩位中國青年,Billy & Kwon Ming 。Billy 是澳洲出生,Kwon Ming 來到澳洲只有六個月。Billy 很留心聽我講的福音,而 Ming 没有耐性,想拉 Billy 離開。當我講完福音後,巴士來到。

11. 澳洲青年,Neo。他曾經跟朋友到過教會。我從頭講述福音给他。

感謝 神的带领,願今天聽到福音人仕,認罪悔改,信靠主耶稣基督為救世主,以及找到適合他們的教會。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 1 June, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 25th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today, Gary was caught up with family's matter. So, only Johnny, Amy and Hung were available. The wind had eased down a bit but still there obviously was less people flow and we had to sit and wait for significant part of the time we were on ministry. Nevertheless, God's grace was sufficient for us to have our respective meaningful divine encounter occasion to share Gospel or to clarify faith with Christian who have no assurance of salvation. Recap below is the battle log of Hung.

1 ) Sio, is a Fijian and was a Mormon, but I was almost misled if not cheated that she was a genuine Christian with 100% assurance of faith. She answered all two diagnosis questions perfectly correct, admitting and accepting it is all the credit of Jesus' sacrificial death with full atoning effect. However when I ask with admiration which denomination of Christianity she is affiliated, then she disclosed she is a Mormon. That means the Mormon has evolved to a certain degree more creepy and deceitful  to look like Christianity. Sio even said Mormon now believe in Trinity, but Jesus remain only a latter day of Saint or a lessor god commissioned by the one God head.

I have to pay more attention to detect this new era Mormon in future.

2 ) Bobo, a young man with a Chinese look but actually is from Thailand. He was opened for gospel but my sharing was unfinished thought the nutshell of the gospel and the conclusion was drawn that no one can go to heaven unless one is perfect.

3 ) Jack, a Local Aussie who appeared friendly to stop listening to music but to spend time to chat with me. Thanks God his bus came very late so I almost finished sharing the full gospel.

4 ) A Chinese tall girl but was reluctant to chat possibly because she considered herself a Buddhist followers. I nevertheless still manged to share the nutshell of the gospel and pointing out that all Religion only guide people to be a good person but no religion apart from Christianity address the issue of sins.

5 )Finally I met Lina from Africa who has 100% assurance of faith.

6 ) Then I met Vanessa a Malaysian Christian yet she has no assurance of salvation. Gladly I clarified this misunderstanding with her.

7 ) 潘媂 Pandi is from 彰化 of Taiwan who appeared very opened for the gospel despite she is a Taoist follower 道教. She actually said she has heard the gospel many time in Taiwan and admitted that it is sensible and logical. I asked what held her back from making the last step of faith then she mentioned family tie with Taoist tradtion明白.還未接受. So pray for God's special grace to move her towards this last step of faith.

8 ) Bessy an Indian young lady who was very talkative from an academics thinking point of view. She kept arguing that doing good is not a motive to be able to be qualified for heaven. Anyway, I led her back to the main issue of sin that can only be dealt with the Christian way by the redemptive grace of Jesus dying to take our place to receive punishment of our sins.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 31 May, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 31st, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

It was a very windy day. I actually had a very full day. Bible study in the morning for CFC members, then I rushed to meet a Pastor from Sydney who was the guest speaker in a forum organized by BST. We clicked on the phone chatting over an hour so I just made use of the gap of one hour to meet him at BST before re-joining our regular outreach. As usual, the team of three were all there serving the Lord under His guidance and predestined election of people for us to meet and share. Today theme for me actually is people from Christian family all have an illusion that they are readily a Christian by family line relations. All of them failed my diagnostic test that they simply are no different from non-believer not knowing at all our salvation is completely the redemptive work of Jesus. Another similarity was many of them are with Hong Kong connection. It is also a sign that more and more people are fleeing from Honk Kong for the free world. To me, there is no real free world in any earthly kingdom unless you are in Christ that through His love and strength , we can really overcome any fear and anxiety to have true eternal and inner peace in Christ. Recap below are the battle log of Hung and Winnie: -

Battle Log of Hung:

1 ) The first person I could get a successful approach after 3 previous rejections was a lady from Taiwan. She found the gospel sensible and logical and appeared receptive. Pray for God's follow up work.

2 ) John a local Aussie with a friend but he went off for a phone so only John listened to the full gospel before the bus came.

3 ) Then God kicked off a series of Hongkong connection. Sirius is a Chinese from HKG and claimed himself a Christian, upon my first diagnosis question if he has full assurance of salvation, he said he should be having 100% certainty but admitted that he is not yet perfect, so the actual feeling is still not sure how God will accept him a not yet perfect person. It proves that he has a certain level of biblical teaching but still falling short of understanding God's threefold full salvation package deal. He knew accepting Jesus as savior readily grant him the free gift of eternally life. But he did not know this is the first step or the past deliverance to save us from eternal death punishment by the grace and blood of Jesus covering our sins so in God's eyes we are justified and was right to be reconciled with God regaining the lost heaven citizenship. What he did not know that it is only a change of our eternal identify in Christ. Our life is yet to be transformed back to perfection both physically and emotionally. Yet on basis of Christ's redemptive work, God will guarantee to make us back to perfection through the work of the Holy Spirit, as it is the ultimate requirement of God to ask all His people to be perfect for the eternal home. So, all Christians after conversion till we died, we are bound to be not yet perfect but just on the way toward this target. So basing on Christ ‘work and God promise, we should have 100% assurance of eventual deliverance from the bondage of sin. Sirius indicated he is attending a Christian n Group but not Power to Change, I guess very likely he is a member of the Living Spring Chinese Church based in Westend but also active in UQ. May God bless their ministry.

4 ) Then came Charles a Pseudo ABC from HKG at age of 7 and also from Christian family background. Through the diagnosis test, quickly knew he have no idea of Jesus salvation work. So I tried my best to go through the whole gospel message with him in the limited time before the bus arrived, which he was very thankful for it.

5 ) The Maggie a rare lady from Myanmar and also from a Christian family. She has all the same problem of illusion, thinking she is automatically a Christian by birth in Christian family. I ended up fighting against time of the bus arrival to go through the gospel with her.

6 ) Then , I caught up with a girl with haired dyed to golden yellow color. Exhale, is from China and claimed she has listened to the gospel once but cannot explain what she learned from the tract. So as well I wasted no time to share the full gospel to here again. 中國聽過再聴

7 ) Last, Winnie asked me to answer Justin’s request for Church in St Lucia. I did and followed up on chatting with him. He is from a catholic Christian family but again he knows very little about salvation. I should praise God for his heart to look for church but I still spent all my remaining time to share him the full gospel and hopefully let him realize he is not yet a real Christian but with the heart to search for the Biblical truth, he should be right on the way get saved by making his last step of faith to trust in Jesus and Jesus alone by grace through faith. Amen

Battle log of Winnie:

31/5/22 Toowong

感謝 神賜與今天陽光普照,雖然很大風,但是讓我們團隊在温暖的陽光下傳福音。


1. 澳洲男士,David。當我講完福音,巴士來到。他説會想想基督信仰。

2. 中國少女,Jannell。當我講完福音,巴士到達。

3. 中國少女,Shin 仙。也是當我講完福音,巴士來到。

4. 澳洲少女,Josephine。又是當我講完福音,巴士到達。

5. 澳洲青年,Joshua。他聽過很多不同的基督教議。但他不明白真正的基督信仰。他問及穆斯林,天主教,摩門教等等。我解释给他,我與他談及一段很長的時間,關於這些不同的教議,直到巴士來到。我解释基督信仰是三一神,聖父,聖子及聖靈。聖父創造天地萬物,聖子(耶穌基督)祂為救贖我們,死在十字架上,三天後復活。聖靈:當我們施洗後,祂就住在我們心裏,引導我們應走的路,及提醒我們對與錯。所以願意歸信主後,一定要施洗,除去罪,聖靈才可以進入我們心裏。

6. 印度女士,Lisa。當她聽完福音後,她説會想清楚基督的信仰。

7. 中國蒙古來的青年,Henry。初時不願意聽,後來我講及無論你有甚麽信仰,每人必有一死,死後必有審判。不信者已经被定罪,我给他單張看看,什麽是罪。看他有感動,于是傳福音给他,講完,巴士到達。

8. 澳洲青年,Dustin。他説上週已经有人傳福音给他。所以我不再講福音,于是我問他,決定信靠耶稣基督嗎?他正在想着這問题。我説我們不知道明天將會有什麽事情發生,但如果信了主,就可以完全交托给主。我提議他去教會聽聽主的話語,當你完全明白後,才決定是否需要受洗歸入主的名下。我們一定要聖潔,聖靈才會進入我們心裏。他問我附近有教會嗎?我知道附近有一 Toowong Baptist Church ,但我不知道地址。Johnny 剛同一青年倾談,關牧師來到,我就將這青年人交给關牧師。

9. 澳洲少女,Donna。當她聽完福音後,她説會認真的想清楚。

10. 中國少女,Olivia。當她聽完福音後,她説會到教會尋求更多真理。

感謝 神的帶領。願今天聽到福音的人仕,找到適合他們的教會,一步一步的跟随主。阿們!感謝讚美主!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 25 May, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 25th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today we have a full team of four at Sunnybank including Johnny, Gary, Amy and Hung. It was for a long long time we needed to split up the team with Johnny serving on the East side of the foot bridge near the Sunnypark side. This explained why we had less picture for Johnny. Praise be to the Lord, the Holy Spirit continued to orchestrate the team work, with one of our team members making the first approach without success or just a short chat but then with a 2nd team member following up with a long and fruitful conversation. In particular, I have at least 3 to four very fruitful chat that the gospel target made explicit promise to make their step of faith either as a new Christian or as a revived Christian to return to God. Amy my new co-worker pastor continued to experience the good work of God allowing her to have many more fruitful gospel conversations that helped to boost her faith and trust in God. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung.

1) I first caught up with a man carrying a bag with two big signs in side. I joked with him that he should be a good mate with Gary who also like to make big gospel sign for Christ. It wa a pity this ice breaking chat could not lead on to the gospel message, but the man happily took a tract from me as the bus arrived.

2) Sam is a near ABC from the North-Eastern region of China but he came at very young age. 東北大朋友 Yet he was the rare species that can still speaks fluent Mandarin because he has very good communication with his mum at home. He was very impressed by the gospel and eagerly said he will tell his mum to receive Christ. That was the beginning of my fruitful gospel sharing this afternoon.

3) Then a chatted with a Maori lady from Kiwi but also called Australian home like me. She was a very good listener and show good receptiveness to Gospel. It was a pity the bus cam a bit prematurely earlier before I can get her response. But it was obvious that the Spirit was at work in her heart, 

4) Leno a young man from Tonga. After a quick gospel sharing, the Spirit moved me to ask if he is a Christian and he said he was. Then it began a long conversation of discipleship to bring Leno back on the right track to have first a full understanding of Gospel and the correct Christian walk to glorify God. He was completely fired up and was so excited to give me a both thump up even after getting on to the bus. It was good that we took a selfie to let me remember and pray for him whether we will meet again or not.

5) Then I approached an Indian girl who also showed receptiveness to the Gospel.

6) Madonna is an extensively mixed breed person that you cannot tell from her appearance. Her father is with cross breed of Chinese and Indigenous blood while her mother is also with multiple blood of the European countries. She looks anyway a white Australian. God gave me a nice ice breaker that she was carrying at least 10 shopping bags as such I teased her saying she definitely needs not only someone to give her a hand but many hands. We started our chat box and found she does not have any clear faith but was also impressed by the Gospel. She promised to ponder on making her needed step of faith.

7) Then the Spirit led me to approach Sammy a QUT student from Taiwan Taipei. She said someone already chatted with her and given her a tract, but it was only a very brief caht by Amy as Sammy was busy in doing her shopping first. After that, I caught up with her and God had given me another long chat that impressed Sammy to really envy the simple but full life of a Christian. She joyfully promised to consider receiving Christ and happily took a picture with me to leave a memory of our divine encounter for follow up prayer.

8 ) An Aussie middle age man showed no interest to chat but still took a tract.

9) A young lady form Hong Kong initially gave me a cold shoulder when I spoke to her in Mandarin.港女,不喜歡普通話. Once I identify myself as Hong Konger, then she turned soft and have a good chat of the Gospel.

10) Finally a local Aussie old man welcome me for a chat but then the bus came too quick to cut short our conversation. And I also called for the day after that.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 24th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

The weather has been volatile and unstable lately, with intermittent drifting to light rain and sunny period. But the ground has not been fully dried out especially on the church ground of our 3 acres premises. It created concerns if it will be dry enough for our 25th Anniversary on June 5th that our guests would have a safe parking environment apart from the concrete car park. Despite of all these anxieties, God still moves me to team up with Johnny and Winnie to do our regular Street outreach at Toowong on Tuesday. Winnie has been such a committed maid of God that despite she got tested positive last week, she re-joined us as soon as she was tested negative yesterday. Everything went well as normal with all of us having enough chances for a chat but meantime still many rejections that God might possibly use it to increase our ability to withstand adverse situation with our faith and trust in God undeterred. Today, God led me to chat with many people who had prior experience of chatting with one of us, at least once and possibly more times. Yet their understanding of the gospel is never complete and perfect. Thus, it is necessary for God to lead us to do revision chatting with some of those people who have a willing heart to listen time and again. Recap below is the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie: -

1) A Girl from China by the name of Zhu 朱, claimed that she had heard 已聽 the gospel but when asked what did she learn from the tract as well as the last conversation,she could not recall a thing. So she cannot but let me shared again the gospel 再聽. Pray that God will make use of all the past and today gospel preaching occasions to draw Miss Zhu a step closer to her eternal salvation.

2) Then I approach another person by the name of Huang 黃 actually from Quandong 廣東. He also had got our tract and heard the gospel once. With the previous experience, I simply shared the gospel once again but of course with many life analogy examples which Mr Huang found it interesting to learn. 有趣. Pray also for the seed of Gospel will one day grow bud and bear fruit in His time.

3) Then God led me to approach an UQ student in the dark green uniform of the Operational Therapist department. She is a delightful girl and open to gospel. It was a pity that her bus came a bit too early before I finished the gospel sharing.

4) The Spirit then led me to approach another UQ fresh year student from Indonesia. Despite of her Muslim background, the Spirit moved her to listen attentively to the Gospel message which she also acknowledged that they are all logical and sensible. Pray for the following up work of the Holy Spirit in His time.

5) A young man playing game as such rejected my approach.

6) Andorra yet another UQ lady student, yet time was not enough for me to complete the full Gospel yet a tract was taken.

7) A young guy by the name of Huang黃, from Tianjin 天津 who came at young age as such he could not speak Chinese fluently as if he is a half ABC. Thus he was brought up in western culture as such he is more open to religious chat. I barely finished the full Gospel and a tract was given to him. Pray that it all will become useful for his ultimate conversion to Christ.

8 ) Finally God led me to an Indian by the name of Douhua. He of course is a Hinduism follower. But God let me to have unrestricted time to share the full Gospel. He knew about William Carrey and has many Christian friends, so I added myself into his friend list that I will be another Christian friend of Douhua. He gladly acknowledged this spiritual relationship I intentionally tried to build up with people who are pursuing for God.

Battle Log of Winnie:

我在上週六禱告 神!告知 神,不幸感染病毒,祈求 神憐憫醫治及指示我前面的路,今天是否可以上 Toowong 傳福音,如果可以,就讓我 negative。昨晚我測示到陰性,表示 神悦纳我今天可以上 Brisbane了。我只是有些喉痛,可能近日吃 Toast 太多,經過昨天,飲花萁參與甘草水後,今天已经痊愈了。感謝 神的憐悯醫治。


1. 澳洲青年,Ben。當我講完福音以及提示,如果我們每天犯一次罪,一年便犯了365 個罪。但是悔改信靠主耶穌,十年架的救赎。我們的罪便得赦免,有永生的盼望。他聽後,説,會認真的想想。

2. 印尼少女,Betty。佛教徒。我講及什麽宗教都是道人向善,但是它的佛象是人手做的。基督信仰是三一神,聖父,聖子及聖靈。天地萬物都是 神所創造的。這是恩典,免费禮物。願意悔改,信靠主耶稣基督者,罪得赦免,得永生的盼望。

3. 印度少女,Meg。當我講完福音,巴士到達。

4. 中國少女,Anne。當我講完福音及見證後,巴士到達。

5. 印度青年,Matt。穆斯林。我講及基督信仰,三一神。神的大能及見證,耶稣基督也是神。我看到他在坐下等巴士時,閲讀單張。感谢主!

6. 澳洲青年,Darren。基督徒。他不肯定是否可以上天家,他恐怕在生命旅程中犯錯。我解释给他。

7. 南美女士,Khloe,穆斯林。與她的孩子,她坐着手推車上。我講述三一神,耶穌基督也是 神。祂為我們的罪死在十字架上,只要我們信靠祂,罪得赦免。得永生的盼望。

8. 澳洲少女,不願意聽。我给她單張,只講了幾句重要福音便離開。我勸她如果有時間,在巴士裏看看單張。

9. 中國青年,Lucas。當他聽完福音及見證後,他説會認真的想清楚基督信仰。



Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 18 May, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 18th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

Today Johnny was not available but Gary turned up with two of his newly made gospel sign. So together with Amy the three of us teamed up to serve the Lord and support each other. The weather had turned fine. The People flow at the bus stop was quite busy. As usual there were normal rate of rejection. And more or less equal chance for a chat. For me lately, God let me encounter many Christians, today especially, but all of them have problem with assurance of salvation, not sure if they are can be allowed into the heaven. So I spent quite long time for all those Christians to clarify the black spot of their faith. Recap below is my Battle Log.

1) John is from China at young age as such we still switched to communicate in English. He was open and a willing listener except our conversation had to be cut short with the arrival of his bus. I still managed to tell him the facts that no one can go to heaven unless you are perfect. And Jesus alone is that person a perfect man and a perfect God who had died for us to pay for our sin. Pray that the tract will help him to grasp the full message of the Gospel.

2) Next, I chatted with an ABC whose parents were from Hong Kong. He seemed to also have affinity with Hongkongers like his parents as such he was a very willing listener of the gospel with good positive response. He promised to read the tract and ponder about the promise of free gift of eternal life readily on offer by Jesus for anyone who is repentant to accept him as Saviour of their fallen life.

3) Then I approached Elena who had just declined the approach of Gary. Because she is a Christian so she considered she does not need to hear the Gospel. But I still was moved to approach her and amazingly, she found it OK to chat with me. She allowed me to share the full gospel first and revealed she is readily a Christian. Perhaps she just wanted to assure what I preached is the genuine gospel. So, it was my turn to test for here assurance of salvation and not surprisingly she does not have full100% assurance of Salvation. thinking she is not yet good enough as such she only has 60% certainty. I clarified the whole issue to her and she felt appreciated.

4) Sifter is a Malaysia English speaking person. He is also a good audience of the Gospel but a great pity the bus also cut short our conversation.

5) After that, I faced several rejections both by refusing to chat or simply absolute negligence.

6) The Spirit led me to get pass a few people to approach a black old man 0f 85 years old from South Sudan by the name of Allison Dille. He was not there for the bus but simply resting there to watch people walked pass him. We engaged in very long conversation starting from knowing history of his country of origin, his family of protestant Christian origins, and his Christian faith as well as his visions to build up his own country compatriot community and their cultural contextualized Christian Church to preserve their Christian heritage in their own contextual format. After having touched on all these vast topic and life issues, I returned to the basic testing for his assurance of salvation, but unfortunately, the good person mentality still crept in despite he claimed his protestant faith tradition. I nevertheless challenged him to think when did he receive this assurance that he is God's people again and how sure it is. So, he could not but admitted it should be the moment he received Christ. So, I further challenged him if he thought the redemptive work of Jesus is perfectly effective and sufficient to redeem us from bondage of sin. So again, he admitted the work of Jesus was perfect for saving us. So, I just lead him to know the complete salvation plan by God is in three-fold. Being justified by accepting Jesus as Saviour is just the first fold of past deliverance. On this basic, God will build on it to make us perfect by the life transforming power of the Holy Spirit which is the 2nd fold of Current salvation. Then when Jesus comes back for the 2nd time, our body will be renewed back to perfect which is the 3r fold of salvation. Therefore, doubt not that God has given us the free gift of eternal life or the heavenly citizenship before we are yet to be perfected. He thanks me for this exchange of information and was happy to let me take a photo to leave a mark in our life about this divine encounter.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Toowong on Tuesday May 17th, 2022 from 1330 – 1500

As usual, Johnny, Winnie and Hung teamed up to served at Tooowng. The weather was fine and the general response was normal meaning rejection and willingness to listen to Gospel is half half. For me, I met several Christians. To my surprised, majority have full assurance of salvation but still happy to get on with sharing for reinforcing their full understanding of God's three fold salvation. It was also the first time I forgot to bring my own iphone, as such I had to rely on Johnny and Winnie to take pictures for the team. Recap below are the Battle Log of Hung and Winnie:

1) Samuel , a Christian from an Indian Christian Family. His answer to the two diagnosis questions was OK but not perfect. He admitted he should have 100% of assurance of salvation because of simply the redemptive work of Jesus not counting any of our own merit of good deeds, But his seemingly perfect answer was marred by his supplementary remarks that he will endeavor to become a better if not perfect Christian so as to add weight or extra assurance of his salvation. Then clearly his original claim of 100% assurance of salvation is not exactly 100%. What he lacked is the full picture of God's three fold deliverance as per 2 Cor 1:10. Anyway he thanked and appreciated my explanation on this important Christian issue.

2) Then I chatted with Johnny a Christian from Malaysia. His Chinese was limited as such we resorted to chat in English. And to my surprise, he has the best perfect understanding of the gospel and full assurance of salvation. I queried him to have the self awareness that he is still not perfect even becoming a born again Christian, will this diminish his assurance down a few point from 100%. His answer was spot on, his assurance of salvation will not wavier but remain the same at the time he received Christ. So I gave thanks to God for Johnny who has perfect insight on the three fold deliverance as per 2 Cor 1:10.

3) Then I approached an Indian middle age man. He showed me a cold shoulder then I recognized he was the one half a year ago used violence to rob the Good Person Flip Chart and made an ugly scene. Thanks God he did not erupt to day only coldly stopped me to share further the gospel to him. I thanked him anyway for the patience to be bothered by me.

4) Then I was completely neglected by another Asian look young lady with tattoo on her arm. She did not reject and stopped me or asked me to leave. Yet just treated me as transparent air. I of course thanked her to let me bother her for that short while and leave her alone.

5) Then God led me to Chat with a young lady from Singapore who is a non-believer, yet she was opened and happy to listen to the gospel attentively with good and positive response. The bus arrived when I was about to finish and she grasped a tract to make sure she has the full message.

6) Then I met a third Christian from Thailand. He again surprised me with the same perfect articulations of his 100% assurance of salvation. I must give credit to the Missionary who brought the Gospel to him in Thailand. I asked if he is attending church here and he said no. Then I advised him better find a spiritual home , may it be a local church or at least a Christian fellowship group like Power to Change.

7) Finally I had a long chat with Logland , a local Aussie. He is a non-believer but was open to listen to the full Gospel. He was interested to the message and promised to read the tract and ponder further on this good news.

17/5/22 Toowong

感謝主的保守和带領,雖然週日,粤語堂和華語堂 都有一姊妹患有Covid-19,經過我測試後,是陰性。所以我放心今天上 Toowong 傳福音。懇求主繼續保守我,免受病毒感染。還有教會兩位姊妹,希望她們早日康复。阿們!感謝讚美主!

感謝 神!讓我今天遇上很多青年人,分享福音的機會。

1. 澳洲青年人,Trusdy。當我講了一半福音,巴士到達。他説會閲讀單張。

2. 兩位中國青年,Justin & Ryan。當我講完福音,他們説會想想基督信仰。

3. 兩位中國少女,Kim & Rebecca。Kim 是基督徒,她不太明白救恩及真理。所以我從新講述福音及見證给她們聽。她們説會認真的想清楚基督信仰。

4. 澳洲少女,Trish。聽過耶穌名字。但不明白聖經真理。我講述福音及見證给她聽。她説需要時間想清楚基督的信仰。

5. 香港少女,May。她説曾经收過我們的單張。我從新講述福音及見證给她聽。我又説我們不知道明天将會發生什麽事?但是信了主,不用懼怕,可以完全交托给主來安排。看她有感動,我再講及 神的大能。最后她説會認真的想清楚基督信仰。

6. 澳洲少女,Jessica。曾经聽過很多不同的宗教。我對她説,很多宗教都是教人向善,而他們的佛象都是人手造的。基督信仰是三一神,聖父,聖子及聖靈。天地萬物都是神所創造的。跟着我講及亞當和夏娃因不聽上帝的説話,被趕出樂園。罪就開始,一代代傳留至今 。之后我講述福音及見證 神的大能。她聽後,説,會想清楚基督的信仰。

7. 澳洲青年,Alex。他父母是基督徒,但他没有去教會。我從新講述福音及見證给他聽。我也説及你父母是基督徒,將來他們可以上天家。而你一定要悔改信主,受洗。將來你才可以上天家。信仰,救恩是單獨的,不能倚赖父母的信仰。他聽後,他説會跟父母反教會。

8. 非洲青年,Frank。在日本出生。我講完福音後,看他似乎不願信主,但當我再講 神的大能見證後,他説,會認真的想清楚基督信仰。

9. 澳洲青年及澳洲出生的中國少女,Jerry & Betty。當我講完福音及見證後,巴士到達。

10. 印尼來的穆斯林青年,Jeff。我講及基督信仰是三一神,耶稣基督也是 神。以及我最近的見證,神的大能。

11. 看似香港少女與 Johnny 談話。我以为 Johnny 不懂廣東话,所以她離開。後來我和她倾談,知道她是從韓國來的。她不願意聽福音,所以我講了幾句重要的福音给她聽,我便離開。

12. 中國青年,Peter。當我講完福音及見證後,巴士到達。

願 神帶领今天所有聽到福音人仕,悔改,信靠耶稣基督為救世主。阿們!感謝讚美主!


Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 11 May, 2022

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Battle Log of Operation 513 for Sunnybank on Wednesday May 11th, 2022 from 1300 – 1500

It was a rainy and cold day but it could not stop the Sunnybank team to keep our commitment to preach the gospel to people of all nations either in good time or in adverse condition like today. Gary could not join us, not because of the weather but his kids got sick that he could not leave home too long, so instead he did his own outreach nearest to his home. So only Johnny, Amy and Hung came to team up for God. There were less people flow , but because of the incessant rain, people were forced to assemble under the cover of the bus stop as such, all of us still got amble opportunities to get into conversation with some and in the meantime, as usual also rejected by many. But God is sovereign making no mistakes to destine some to be touched and softened to listen to the gospel and letting some remained stone heart with the seed sown for sprouting into life in His time. We just serve faithfully to grasp hold of all the divine appointment God open for us. Recap is the Battle Log of Hung:

1. John a near-ABC who came her at the age of 5-year-old appeared open and willing to engage in conversation though in English. It was the first time he heard about the gospel and showed willingness to pursue God and salvation.

2. Then I approached a fat guy who kept using excuses to avoid a chat with me though not an outright rejection. I anyway still managed to give him a tract and left a message that everyone needs Jesus unless you are perfect.

3. Approached Janet, a Christian lady and tested 100% assurance of salvation.

4. Ken from Taiwan, not really interested in the religious stuff, but I still managed to share with him the nutshell of Gospel.

5. Amy was one of the four students from a private high school. She is of African origin and appeared quite receptive to the Gospel message listening attentively and show appreciation afterwards. Johnny was doing the same thing with the other three girls which I overheard with some ridiculing voice. So I was glad God used me to single out Amy from her other more playful friends.

6. Then approached a Vietnamese Christian man but it was a pity I did not have time to test for his assurance of salvation.

7. I met Mr Chan 陳from Malaysia yet a Cantonese speaking person. 馬來華人廣東話. He once attended church but going no more. I could only manage to keep up with him a friendly relationship to wait for next opportunity as his bus came very soon.

8. Then God led me to meet with a Korean Christian but weirdly he avoided questions for diagnosis about his assurance of salvation. It was a very rare reaction from a born-again Christian that don’t want to share about his faith.

9. Then God led me to chat with Brook yet another professed Christian. She passed the test to show she has 100 % assurance of salvation. Though she works in a bakery, but she involves in many forms of church ministry. I am glad that her perfect understanding of salvation will be an asset of her church for bringing up younger kids to receive Christ finally through the correct teaching of the gospel.

10. Approached Jenny a Vietnamese lady. She was also a willing listener of the Gospel

11. Finally, Johnny referred Mrs Wong to me as she is from Hong Kong黃女士,she claimed she used to attend Hill Song but no more after pandemic,Surprisingly senior people seldom has mature Biblical teaching yet Mrs Wong showed she has 100% of assurance of salvation simply because of the redemptive work of Jesus through dying for our sins. Later, I found out that she is the wife of a senior man that I used to have greeting when we met at Sunnybank. It was good that I finally could confirm that the faith of that couples are pure and correct.

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