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Melbourne Team (VIC)

Meets every Saturday, with alternating weekly outreach times, either 5:30pm - 8:30pm or 3pm - 6pm. Meet near Starbucks Galleria (385 Bourke St, Melbourne). Join the Melbourne Facebook group here to get the outreach time for this week.

Also we have a practical training outreach each month. Next one will be: Sunday 15th March 2020 4pm-6pm at 385 Bourke St, Melbourne.

Saturday 25 January 2020

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On Saturday, by God's the weather was beautiful and we had 10 Labourers to share the gospel. And we had really interesting God glorifying chats. As usual we gathered at Starbucks and shared the word and prayed. It was our first time to have a table with the free gospel tracts and bibles on it.  As we were setting up the flip chart and tables, there was fear, trembling hearts but lots of joy. 

As Huy Do and I started open air preaching by using flip chart, God drew many people and of course, few angry hecklers which drew even more people.

There was one gentle heckler whose name was Scott (who claimed to be Christian but I think he meant that he is believes in god). He began with softer voice asking “why do you think God will send people to hell because of our sin ? How come looking at someone with lust is sin? God’s standard is not like that” and I had to explain that, that’s what we as a human likely to think, we are very good at making our own god that is comfortable with our sins but bible describe the real GOD with perfect justice and holiness.

And Scott was constantly asking questions that are filled with “I don’t think God thinks like that” and started to raise his voice so I had to constantly go back to bible and share the gospel and raise my voice to the max as there were around 20 - 30 people in the crowd. I was thankful that those people heard the gospel. Praying that Scott and other people who were angry about this glorious Gospel will repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ.

As we were open air preaching, one lady stole whole bunch of million dollar gospel tracts which was displayed on the table and by God’s grace when I was on my way to the toilet I met her as she was holding onto the tract so I asked her what she thinks about the message and she asked me to sit down with her and talk to her about it. Her name was Zippy, 19 years old. she was on drug but quite sober to have a conversation.

She told me her life story beginning from her childhood, how she was abandoned by her mom when she was 11 and how she became homeless when she was 14. And I had privilege to share the gospel with her she did not like it but she listened and praying that Holy Spirit will work in her to regenerate Zippy so that she can put her faith in Jesus Christ and be saved!. 

From Huy Do:- 

An interesting highlight was when I was sharing the Gospel with a small crowd, in which there were two ladies that were together and had decided to stay to go through the flip chart. They heard the law and the condemnation of God but before I could get to the Gospel, they left and on their way out.

When I had finished, I thought that my labor was in vain but a fellow worker, Daniel told me that he heard them as they walked out that they said "this is very offensive". This shows that their heart was pricked and the seed was shown, for those who are offended tend to think about that which offend them more. Praise God that the seed was sown and His Word was proven that it will not return in vain. 

From Daniel :- 

There was a man who was yelling at Martin while he was preaching I was chatting to someone at the time and after a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore when he said " I believe in science" I approached the tall man and asked him. Sir, do you believe in truth, absolute truth? He said no. I replied, you sure about that? Is that true? He was put up in a corner. Then he proceeded to ask me how do you know your religion is true? Allah or Christianity? I replied because Jesus rose from the dead therefore He is God.

He went on to his next argument and asked if Christianity is true why is there evil and hatred done in its name? I replied hatred according to what standard? The man noticed his worldview of atheism was bankrupt and walked away and said he needs to catch his tram. The atheism is self refuting Intellectually he has no reason to reject God but he doesn't want to be held accountable before God for his sin , pray for this man for God to save him.

Saturday 18 January 2020

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On Saturday, It was our first time that we used ‘good person test’ flip chart, by God’s grace we had a lot of people engaging with the chart. Overall, It was such a joy filled day to see many people paying attention to the glorious gospel and that glorious gospel been proclaimed loud and clear at the centre of Melbourne CBD. 

I encountered ‘Woo Hyun’ he was from South Korea and he showed interest to ‘Good person test’ flipchart so it was good chance for me to share the gospel with him. As I was going through the flip chart he constantly smiled and laughed as he was realising that he was not a GOOD PERSON and when the gospel was shared about the death on the cross and the resurrection, he said ‘wow.. I am getting goosebumps’ I urged him to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. Please pray for Woo Hyun as you read this. 

As I was handing out gospel tract, a man showed interest and starting to show genuine interest to the message but he gently asked me to share it bit quickly as he is waiting for the tram to come however, as the gospel was shared he decided to stay bit longer and after the gospel was shared he commented “It is too easy, just believe and be saved??!” So I told him that’s why it is ‘grace’ and ‘free gift’ from God but I had to emphasise as well that If someone truly believes their ways will change out of thankfulness and love for Christ and shared Jeremiah 31:33 and Ezekiel 36:26

From Huy Do:- 

This day’s evangelism was quite productive, thanks to the grace of God, thanks to His mercy and grace and faithfulness, the glorious Gospel of salvation was preached to many. During the entirety of the evangelism, I had shared the Gospel using the new flip chart that brother Martin graciously acquired, but only to groups of 2, 3 or 5 people at a time, yet the highlight came at the end. It was 21:00, nearing the end, and a Muslim couple with their child had come to take the good person test, it was late, and I had thought about not getting up on the soap box, but proceeded anyways, I thought that I was just going to share the Gospel to the couple and that would be it, but it was not so. As I got up and started to go over the commandments, the couple became a group of 4, the group of 4 became the group of 6, and then a little while after, a heckler came and started to object to the preaching, to which I graciously engaged, yet with his presence, more people came and a crowd gathered, by this time, the flip chart had already been fully finished, so then I proceeded to continue to preach about the Gospel to the crowd. I then ended with a plea for them to flee from the wrath that is to come and flee to Jesus Christ, and that whosoever believes in Him shall not be put to shame. By the end, several people came forward to take the Gospel tracts that I offered at the end of the preaching. PRAISE GOD for His faithfulness, only He can miraculously draw a crowd and cause them to listen, please pray for those who heard, that God would by that Gospel save them.

From Mai :- 

I met a Hindu man who had never heard of the gospel or the Christian faith before. After presenting the gospel to him, he saw the beauty of God and His love and said that it will make him think more about eternal life. 

From Daniel :- 

There was a woman from French Polynesia, who I approached and said she didn't know much English but she knew enough for us to have a conversation. She thought herself to be a good person, so I went through the 10 commandments with her, showing her she is not a good person, she is a sinner like the rest of us. She said she doesn't believe in heaven or hell but she believes in God, I challenged her theory by asking her since God is Holy and Just how can sinners get justice? Sinners would get away with their sin. She noticed her problem, since God exists there must be heaven and hell. I told her what Christ did for us on the cross, that He died for her, absorbed the wrath of God for her and that Christ loved her that He died for her. I told her she must repent of her sin and trust in Christ alone.

Saturday 11 January 2020

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On Saturday, by God’s grace we had total 11 labourers praise God!. The weather was great and accommodating for evangelism. As we all gathered, the word was shared on 1 Cor 15:1-4 and we prayed for outreach. 

We had quite a few interesting conversations, I met a lady called Nina she was waiting for her friend. When I approach her to give gospel tract and asked her if I could ask a question she said “yes” although she was little bit shy. So, I asked what was her idea on after life she laughed and said “um.. I don’t know” also she made the point that she was more of atheist. Simple apologetics and Romans 1:20 were shared to show that why creation is not only true but also scientific. It seemed like she was uncomfortable but wanted to keep the conversation going. Law was displayed by asking ten commandment questions and gospel was shared, she responded well and promised to think about it. please pray for Nina  

Carl was a interesting teenager, he was very honest with his answers, bit aggressive but engaged really well throughout the conversation. When the ten commandment was being shared, on the second question “have you ever stolen anything?’ he said “yeah” so what will you call me if I stole your stuff?” Carl answered “I will knock you out” but he got the point at the end that he is really not a GOOD person in the sight of God. We urged him to turn away from his sin and put his trust in Jesus Christ as we really do not know when we are going to die. Overall, Carl took the message quite seriously and understood the justification by faith. Please pray for Carl as you read this. 

From Huy Do:- 

This day’s evangelism was very productive, a conversation was wrought with two teenagers who was very attentive to the message of the Gospel. They understood the implication of the law, they understood that they are under the condemnation of God for their sins and that their only way out was that of Christ crucified at Calvary. Yet the thing that stood out was that they had encountered Operation 513 when they were at Gold Coast, Queensland, they had been preached to in regards to the Gospel already. This very much shows that God indeed is sovereign, that He is calling and commanding men to repent. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work on their hearts and regenerate them unto salvation.

From Daniel Supek :- There was a Maori guy who I had a chat to that wasn't going to any church who believed he was going to heaven by works so I asked him the question what was the reason Jesus died on the cross? He said to die for my sins. I said correct, for the forgiveness of sins, so I asked him how can you go to heaven by works if Jesus died to forgive you of your sins? I think he noticed the problem. I tried to make it clear to him that you cannot go to heaven by your own good works if Jesus died on the cross for you. You cannot enter heaven by works when you're good works aren't good enough, the standard for heaven is perfection since God is perfect. Romans 3:23 all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. We fail to keep the 10 commandments perfectly showing us we are incapable of keeping it and thus fail to make it to heaven by works, but Christ's finished work gets us to heaven. Then he thanked us for the chat. Then I told him how it was important for someone who is a believer to go to church, that God designed the church so believers can meet together to encourage, correct, worship together, he agreed.


Saturday 4 January 2020

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On Saturday, by God’s grace five of us gathered at the city. The weather was great and very pleasant. We shared on Isaiah 64:6 and had some time to learn from book ‘Soul winner’ by Charles Spurgeon which said ‘The preacher’s work is to throw sinners down in utter helplessness, that they may be compelled to look up to Him who alone can help them’. and we all pray for the evangelism. 

By God’s grace this Saturday, we had many interesting chats. We met people who thought that they are Spartans (but they considered themselves as Greek Orthodox Christians). Angelo was one of the person who thought so, he was really funny in character and brutally honest and quick to speak which I mean disruptive. He was very interested in the gospel tract ‘eternity’ and the question that I have asked “what do you think about after life?” and Angelo quickly asked me to sit down beside of him and engaged in the conversation. He considered himself as greek orthodox and boasted on orthodox’s long service time and uniqueness. So, I asked him "what is the good news that save us" he could not give appropriate answer and when I began to ask him the LAW question, he got distracted and started to talk about his good works he has been doing so far and at this very moment his best friend (who considered himself greek orthodox Christian and descendant of Spartan) came and interfered the conversation so the LAW questions were asked to him as well, Angelo’s friend seemed to be quite offended and shared his life testimony how he was really really bad person but now he is almost morally flawless and he was extremely very disruptive so I had to pleaded with him to give me a chance to speak which he did (Praise God!) and Gospel was shared and shared with them why I believe in the authority of the bible as they questioned the authenticity of the bible. Please pray for Angelo and his friend so that they may humble themselves and repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ.

I also met a person from India who was travelling Melbourne. He was gentle and engaged really well with conversation. He really got the whole point of the gospel about God’s justice, love, our wretchedness, death on the cross and resurrection. He kept on saying that really makes sense throughout the conversation. As he wanted to believe in this gospel, I urged him to repent and truly trust in Jesus Christ alone as he was from Hindu background. Praise God!. Please pray for him as you read this

From Huy Do:-  

As we walked towards the state library for evangelism, we encountered some Mormon missionaries and their peers, to which we decided to preach the Gospel to them. I talked to a missionary and a girl by the name of Joanne, they both advocated that although  Christ paid it, they still have to do the rest, meaning that it is partially Christ and partially them. I took the time to take them through the Word and labored in regards to the law, to break them until they could find no righteousness and no hope in it of themselves, so that they might find their worth in Christ. It was noticed that while this process took place, the girl with the missionary was very convicted, and the missionary wanted simply to leave early, so as to not be further exposed to the Gospel, but the kin in whom he went with insisted that they stay. As such, when they were taken through the Word, although Joanne had read the scriptures 4 times, she had not really considered what the scriptures said in regards to man’s depravity and the sole atonement of Christ that saves. At one point, I simply opened the scriptures to Romans 3 and told her to read from verse 10-24. By the expression of her face, she was very convicted, and shocked. Please pray for them that God will illuminate their minds in regards to the scriptures, convict them of their sins and regenerate their hearts

Soli Deo Gloria 

Tuesday 31 December 2019

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On Tuesday we gathered at Federation square cafe which is next to Flinders station as people were gathering to see fireworks and to enjoy the music. God has faithfully sent us total 8 labourers ! We mainly focused on handing out the gospel tracts this week but we also had many good conversations. In my case, I had good chat with tourists. 

I met two Japanese tourists who were very friendly and open to chat. They could not speak english well but they used google translation app very effectively. So it was my first time sharing the whole gospel through Google translation app. Praise God for the technology!. After I shared the gospel and the lady told me “I will believe in Japan” as it was her last day in Australia. So I told her that death can come anytime and urged her to believe as soon as possible, she did not say “ok” but she smiled and nodded her. please pray for these 2 tourists so that they will really repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ. 

One of other memorable conversation I had was, with a person called Mautias from Germany. He showed interest in ‘New years’ gospel tracts and willing to engage in conversation. after the Law & the Gospel was shared, it seemed like he was thinking about it and said “yeah, it was really good point to think about” but I had to mention that salvation is not about ‘thinking’ that it is good news rather we have to repent and 'believe' in this death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to be saved. I gently advised to reflect on the conversation that we had as he travels in Australia because his eternity is at stake. He agreed to do so. Please pray for Mautias.

From Daniel:- 

Me and other people all together 8 or so handed out Gospel tracts tonight. I had a chat with a Muslim who admitted he is not perfect and believes the standard for heaven is perfection but he still is trying to work his way to heaven which he ultimately can never do. I told him Jesus who is perfect died for me, so I go to heaven based what He has done for me, He paid for my sins, I am now free and forgiven. Without Jesus' death on the cross you have works based salvation which is hopeless. Pray for the Muslim man and others who recieved the Gospel tracts.

Soli Deo Gloria !! Praise God who sustained us to preach the good news for His glory and for the lost souls ! 



Saturday 28 December 2019

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On Saturday, as usual we gathered at Starbucks and started with word and prayer. It was great weather and the sun did not go down till 8pm so there were many people to share the gospel and hand out the gospel tracts. Also, God has graciously sent eight labourers this week, Praise God!. 

We had privilege to talk to Indian couple who were traveling in Melbourne and it was their last week in Melbourne. They were very gentle, kind and willing to examine the message we shared. They heard our message with patience and answered the questions honestly but they kept on saying “yeah, I believe Jesus also” it was typical Hindu response, Polytheism. So, we shared John 14:6 and explained that Jesus did not say he is ‘one of the way or one of the truth or one of the life’ but The Way, The Truth and The Life when the couple heard the exclusive claim by Jesus Christ they seemed to be quite uncomfortable and said “I respect your religion so I would like my religion to be respected also” but we shared that his eternity is at stake and we really do love them to share the truth although it might be uncomfortable. Please pray for the Indian couple with us. 

We also had chat with a person who said he knew the gospel and that he is practicing Catholic and seemed very confident in his religion. but when we asked Him if he could explain to us what the gospel or good news is, He could not give proper answer so we shared the summary of the gospel once again just to remind him that our salvation is by faith and faith alone in Jesus Christ that He died and rose again for our sins. This person had to leave shortly after conversation but we thank God that we could have shared the gospel. please pray for him.

From Huy Do:

Praise God for His faithfulness in this Saturday’s evangelism, I talked with a man called Daniel, he spoke of how his mother was spiritual and he used to go to church but has since left. He denied the existence of the God of the Bible, which provoked me to challenge his presuppositions. This greatly displayed the folly of his world view, the absurdity of claiming that there is no God. The Gospel was preached and he was greatly intrigued by that Gospel. He had to leave soon but told me to meet up with him the following day at the same location, praise God for His mercy. I also met up with a person that I had talked to a while ago by the name of Morris, he had talked to nearly all the evangelists in the city, yet he still had not found faith. I never knew much about his personal life until today when he revealed that more, that he was in a prosperity gospel church and was bitter at God at how others were succeeding at how he was not and left bitter at God for that. I told Him that despite how he feels about God not loving him, God still manifested His love towards him in Jesus Christ, and how his demands for the temporal blessings of God is absurd when He has already offered His eternal blessing of everlasting life in Christ. I had told him that although he seeks after worldly riches and earthly pleasures, the only true place where he can find actual riches and pleasure is Christ. After what I had said in encouraging him to run back to Christ, my fellow worker, Riff, told him about a local church in his local suburb where he will hopefully hear the biblical Gospel preached. All in all, thank the Lord for His faithfulness in shutting our lips, that He might speak in our place.


Tuesday 24 December 2019

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On Tuesday, It was Christmas Eve there were lots of people, especially families out in the city. It was such an great opportunity for us to share the gospel and overall people were more openly engaging into conversation than usual as it was Christmas Eve. 

I have encounter a person called ‘Simon’ who was agnostic. As I started the conversation he was laughing and smiling and said “you are talking to a wrong person” but strangely, he did not tell me to go away or to walk off. Simon shared that he believes in multi-verse where there should be another form of life like human exist and furthermore humans are limited being and that we are really good at creating our own God which includes the God of the bible and BIBLE itself so when I tried to reason him from the scripture he was asking me not to use the bible but rather philosophy or other reasoning. It was great opportunity for me to tell Simon why I believe BIBLE is God preserved words and shared the Gospel with him. Through out the whole conversation Simon seemed very uncomfortable and defensive but at the same time I could see his underlying interest and willingness to hear what I have to say about God and the cross. Please pray for Simon with us. 

There was young tourists from France, as I was handing out gospel tracts they showed interest so I had privilege to share the gospel with them. One of them were Muslim but not a practicing Muslim, he had quite limited knowledge about Quran itself but he asked me a question with genuine curiosity “how can God become a man?” I explained to him how it was necessary for God (Jesus) to come to the earth as a human making reference to Hebrews 2 and shared the gospel in detail. He really did engaged into conversation. please pray for these young tourists from France with me ! 

Overall, by God's grace all the team members had really good conversations and we were able to hand out all the Christmas gospel tracts ! Soli Deo Gloria ! 

Saturday 21 December 2019

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On Saturday, as usual we gathered at the Starbucks to pray and share the words to get ready with evangelism. This week we focused on handing out Christmas gospel tracts as we had many of them left. 

But by God’s grace we had quite a few conversations that were interesting and God glorifying. I met four teenagers who were quite rough in their speech and did not concentrate well to the message but they found the gospel tract interesting. However, as conversation started, one teenager was very much engaged in conversation when other three were not. It seems she listened to every words that was shared very carefully and answer the questions honestly and appropriately, she even helped me to calm the other guy as he was disturbing the conversation and getting angry at me, she could see the need of our saviour Jesus Christ after the law of God was displayed. Please pray for all the teenagers so that they may repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ.  

One middle aged Muslim man showed interest in MERRY CHRISTMAS gospel tract so I had privilege to share the gospel with him. He was accusing Christianity’s legitimacy with very common objection including ‘bible being changed overtime’ & ‘Jesus not being God’. He was willing to listen to my answer for his objections and finally the conversation led to the main point of the gospel. He took the whole conversation seriously and it seemed like he was quite convinced on the point that if God is truly God of love and justice how can GOD reconcile those two character in pardoning the sinners without someone like 'Jesus Christ’. Please pray for him as you read the report. 

From Canaan:- 

I spoke to a Seik (I think that's how it's spelled) man who didn't know the Gospel or much of Christ at all. He didn't know of the virgin birth or much at all of Jesus dying on the cross. He believed in being good to go to heaven and that God would judge everybody when we die. As we spoke about sin and our own guilt before God he seemed to be thinking quite a bit on it and expressed that he didn't think he could ever stop certain sins and seemed concerned because he knows he will face God one day.

I shared the Gospel of grace and he was grateful to hear of grace instead of works salvation. We ended our conversation as his lunch break was over. Please keep him in prayer. SOLI DEO GLORIA ! 


Tuesday 17 December 2019

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On Tuesday in Melbourne city, three of us gathered to preach the gospel in this Christmas season. The weather was lovely and pleasant. It was joy to have my friend Joshua as a team who goes to reformed theological college with me.  

By God’s grace we had many good conversations. We met a person called Terun who was from hindu religion background but interestingly he told me “my family is hindu but follow Christianity but not me” so he was quite open to the chat about the gospel. Overall, he was polite and engaged in conversation really well. Please pray for him so that he may repent and put his trust in Jesus Christ. 

Kevin was a interesting person who was muslim but he was so open about the gospel although he shared that according to Quran good deeds will save him. When gospel was shared he saw the need for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and he said “yeah that really makes sense”. We also share that believing in Jesus Christ is not a ‘shirk’ (which is sin of idolatry or polytheism, unforgivable sin in Islam. We recently learned from Dr James White it is good to mention about this when evangelising to muslims) as Jesus is GOD himself, truly God and truly man and shared some bible verses to support that. He did not give definite answer about believing in Jesus Christ but he seemed very challenged with whole conversation. Please pray for Kevin.

Jay was the last person that I have talked to, He told me that he is suffering from Schizophrenia and many other mental issues. He was quite aggressive, loud and unsettled in behaviour I was little bit scared and afraid but God has given me a beautiful chance to share the gospel with him. He said he believe that we are energy and when we die we will become energy and meet each other he was very very firm with his idea of being energy but when I did shared the gospel with him, Jay said “I am surprised bro that you are still standing here and talking to me like this but I like how you stand firm in what you believe bro” and he showed me his ‘anti-cross’ Tatto on his face to show me that I am talking to a wrong person. As chat went on it seems like he was getting more agitated and made some threatening comment so I summarised the gospel and left. Please Please pray for Jay so that he may repent and put his trust in Jesus Christ 

From Huy Do : 

On the 17th of December, one eccounter was wrought with a person by the name of Sam, he is a Muslim, although not very devout, he has an idea of God which makes it easier for the conversation to be brought about. The law was gone over with him and he was convicted, he admitted to lying and stealing and lusting and premarital relationships and got quite angry. This reminded me of a quote from Paul Washer, that “no one has been able to bare the preaching of the Gospel. They will either turn against it with a fierceness of an animal or they will be converted.” Which brings up the next point, that while I explained the purpose of the law, was to expose his own sinfulness and the wrath of God due upon Him, he became a little more understanding, although angrily at that. But when I shared with him the Gospel, the cross that satisfied the wrath of God, he was very resistant to the message, although he had been angry at his sinfulness and overwhelmed at the wrath of God, yet the good news that should comfort him, he denied, this proves John 3:19-20. Either way, the Gospel was preached, please pray that God will change Sam’s heart and that the Cross will be preached in an uncompromising way as Luther put “preach the cross so that either they end up  hating sin or hating you”.

Soli Deo Gloria !!‚Äč


Saturday 14 December 2019

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On Saturday, we gathered at the Starbucks as always. We shared on 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 and 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 with Charles Spurgeon’s book The Soul Winner. As a team, we took time to savour the gospel first and thank God for His death and resurrection by reading the scripture and praying and we were all ready to share the gospel with right motives. 

We had many great conversations but here are few highlight conversations. 

The very first conversation we had was with Muslim couple (Nowadays, it seems like we meet Muslims quite often, praise God !). They were very polite, listened well and answered the questions with honesty, we actually did not know they were Muslims in the beginning as they did not openly told us. The lady respectfully answered us that she still thinks that the righteous acts will still cover her wrong doings that she has done and God is merciful to forgive. But we answered her that God cannot contradict Himself (It seemed like she agreed with this truth as a Muslim too), if God is just God could not just forgive and violate one of his main attribute ‘justice’ that is why the cross of Jesus Christ is so crucial for God to stay Just and Loving at the same time. Furthermore, we mentioned that if we truly believe in the death and resurrection the forgiveness, eternal life and reconciliation with God is guaranteed so we don’t have to live in this ‘uncertainty’ of ‘will i make it to heaven?’. Please pray for this Muslim couple whom we had conversation. 

We encountered Chinese student, she spoke limited english so we were worried about the language barrier but she understood the questions and engaged into conversation really well. ‘Are you a good person?’ questions were perfect for her as she found it really interesting. When we asked her “Have you ever hated someone?” she said “yes” and we told her bible says “hatred towards someone in heart is same as committing murder in the bible” and to our surprise she said “Yes I agree, I wanted to kill my ex-boyfriend” and she laughed but the ten commandment questions really opened up the conversation. We shared the gospel and ask her to repent and believe in Jesus Christ, she kind of said “yes” but without certainty so we asked her to think about this good news during this Christmas season as Christmas is about this news and she promised to do so. Please pray for her so that she can truly believe in Jesus Christ be saved. 

From Huy Do:

two important discussions were wrought that took a very long time. The first one was with a lady named “Gem”, who had grown up Italian Roman Catholic, but had since left the faith, she is now a “new age” person. During the conversation she was kindly confronted with the reality of man’s sins and the ineffectiveness of most religions to deal with this, on this she agreed on the unimaginable legalistic burdens that the world religion impose upon its followers. But she was surprised at the exclusivity of the Gospel, how it contradicts what she had learned in Roman Catholicism. That she does not have to, nor is she able to obey the perfect laws of God in order to attain for herself the necessary legal merits to inherit eternal life, but that God had already provided the perfect legal merit for her to do so, Jesus Christ. By the end, she was quite angry and convicted, may the Lord change her heart. The second conversation was with a man named Wayland, he states that he is an agnostic, afterwards, a lengthy intellectual discussion took place, by the end, the Gospel was preached, he was not convicted but still do pray that God would do so with his heart.

And Finally, this week we had 3 new people who joined us ! Please pray for them as you can see in the photos !


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