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South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday, 14 September, 2019

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After a summer break, the Essex team was out on the Romford High Street today.  The crowds were pretty good for a warm, late summer day.

I preached from Hebrews 1 and John 1 about the excellencies of Christ and God's call to repentance.  Jacob had some lengthy conversations with other Christians Nick, Daniel and his friend.

His young son Israel was handing out tracts to everyone, constantly running back for more from his father.  He was a great example of youthful energy and zeal.

Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Friday, 13 September, 2019

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The last three days of outreach in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) have been a bit of a blurr!  Six hours a day of outreach: three hours in the morning, an hour for lunch, and then another three hours in the afternoon.  We break into smaller teams and go to various locations in Yangon, and we pair up with local Christians for translation and mutual encouragement.

My team was at a shopping center on Wednesday.  A lot of rain that day, but there was shelter under an overpass (pictured) where we could talk to lots of people about the Gospel.  On Thursday we were at Sule park - with rain in the afternoon.  And on Friday we were at a different shopping center (pictured) in the morning, and then at the university in the afternoon - no rain till after the outreach finished that day! :)

I am learning a lot on this mission - from all my teammates, and also the local Christians we are working with.  I am grateful to God for that and for them!

For me, I’ve had many difficult Gospel conversations.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  I’ve had people seem to come under conviction of sin, and break the conversation before I can share the good news of Jesus :(  I’ve had a lot of people become argumentative and resistant to the Gospel.  But, all glory to God, there have been conversations with people who were receptive to the message of grace (2 x pictured)!

The most exciting conversation I had was with a Buddhist monk (pictured).  I was surprised he bothered to stop to talk to me, and so I launched into a Gospel presentation quite quickly (starting with the law).  He quickly started throwing up smoke screens and trying to led me down rabbit trails.  I refused to allow it to happen, and with my wonderful translators help, persisted to share the law and the Gospel (praise God that I got through it).  I then tracked back and started to address his questions.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, I just gave simple answers to each one.  E.g., he asked, “why does the Bible have an old testament and a new testament?” (I think he was suggesting that they contradict?) - I simply replied with, “because God wanted to do it that way.”  Eventually, he invited me to come with him to talk more.  No problem with me!  He said he wanted me to meet one of his higher ups.  He led my translator and I to the Pagoda and invited us in.  I was praying, not knowing what to expect - but I was confident God was with us!  We had to pay to get in, which we refused - so the monk said he would get his friend and met us outside.  I refused to let the delay stop me from sharing the Gospel, so my translator and I started to distribute tracts (from a respectful distance from the Pagoda).  The two monks soon came, and we head to the park to sit down and talk.  The original monk was keen, but the new monk wasn’t willing to engage.  I tried to goad him a little bit by saying: “I’m a simple man, are you afraid to talk with me?”.  But it didn’t work and the left.  I praise God for this opportunity.  The original monk had accepted a Gospel booklet (that goes in depth).  As always, I leave him in God’s hands.  The Gospel is the power of God to salvation!

Please continue to pray for mission, we desperately need His power!

West Country (UK) Team

Saturday, 7 September, 2019

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On Saturday 7th September Ed, Simon and myself met at the usual spot outside Debenhams at 2.15pm-4.15pm for outreach. We had all met a couple of weeks previously with Laura at my house to fellowship, pray and discuss plans for this year now the University students will be headed out for freshers week etc.

While setting up a young couple started to show some interest in the scripture signs and the intelligence test and we ended up chatting. Bill and Melinda were a couple age 18 and 21 and we ended up talking about Science that Melinda showed some good knowledge about after studying it at A level, the age of the earth, who created God and how morality came about according to their atheistic worldview. I tried to reason with them that they were not living according to their atheistic worldview in her arguments against God like why was there death in the world, why bad things happen to people and why people try to disprove Gods existence etc. This led to a great 15 minute chat about sin, judgment and the good news of the gospel. Bill was very interested in dinosaurs etc and where the Bible talked about them. They both took tracts and a Kent Hovind DVD Ed had made about the age of the earth which they said they would watch and was a great discussion.

While this had been going on, Ed had been chatting to a Homeless man who was a Christian that was sitting don outside McDonalds. He was very encouraged to see us there with Bibles etc and I later saw him that evening when helping with a Church soup run and we spoke more.

2 Mormons crossed our path (One American and one Chinese) and started to read the boards and had quite an in depth discussion with Simon about how they knew the book of Mormon was fom God compared to trusting in the Bible alone for their authority. I later came along to listen and we talked about believing in a different Jesus and therefore not being saved- another gospel, showing them Romans 8 v 9 that if they did not have the Spirit of God dwelling in them was not saved/ a Christian and the need to be born again. They also had some similar language and words to us and would call them selves Christians but we showed them their definitions of repentance and views on works in the book of James were different than what we believed. They left with some information to look at on Jeff Durbin/ Apologia radio and we encouraged them to watch and listen to the many videos on there witnessing to Mormons. They were both very amicable and will hopefully meet them again to share more.

I also had quite a lengthily conversation with a man called Max that I offered a tract to. He was a church goer with some interesting views about how someone becomes a Christian, what is was to be born again (He said it was when he was baptized) and chats about a Church he had recently stopped attending in Plymouth as there was a big split when a member of the congregation and worship leader were married in the church who were both women.  

It was an encouraging day seeing as we had not been out for a few weeks due to various commitments over the summer, but was definitely refreshing to meet with unbelievers and have dialogue and for Gods word to be proclaimed on the streets again. We will be planning an outreach on alternate Friday evenings again once freshers week starts at the University which has always been positive. 

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Thursday, 12 September, 2019

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Sunnybank 12/9/2019 Thursday

By mercy of God four of us still could manage to come to do Street Evangelism namely Andrew, Martin, Ann and Hung.
We all knows we can only do it in His strength and with His presence. We managed to pray together and encouraged each other to faithfully keep being used by God as His vessel to sow the seed of Gospel and in the meantime being nurtured by God for onward Spiritual growth of the evangelist ourselves.
For me it was also a day of grace that I have 13 divine appointment amongst which there were few stood out one including the one with a Christian young man (6), the Mormon girls who appeared totally convinced by my Gospel elaborations(7), and then to two African Muslim background girl that they show abnormal full identification with what I shared(9). Here is the recap of the 13 conversations.

1) A family of three from HKG with the Grand Father being a Pastor reluctantly stopped because of my HKGer identity, they showed impatience to the Gospel as if they knew it already but actually none of them have professed genuine Christian faith. They may have cheated themselves that they are OK because of the pastor-ship of their Grandfather. The son appeared a bit more rational but still stop short in holding back their father to finish hearing my full Gospel. Just pray for God mercy on this family. 一家三口香港祖父是牧師,,自己為是,雖因人停步,但明顯有抗拒,年輕人兒子尚好,求神憐憫

2) Another HKG couples with the husband appeared very anti-religion. The Wife behaved better to reluctantly let me share full gospel with her with a by stander from China listening together. Pray for God's work on them after hearing the Gospel. 又是香港老夫妻丈夫不願聴,妻子還是聽了,也略勉强,求神作為,旁邊也有一華語女士聼了,求神有祂的美意。

3)A Chinese old man was willing to stop to hear my sharing but turned irritated when sin was mentioned. He anyway still fished hearing full Gospel.中國大陸老爹,停聽但對罪的批判未能停受,但總算聽到福音

4) Islander Alice took the tract and willing to chat but cut short by the bus

5) Lady Tai from Shanghai, China found the gospel reasonable and responded positively promising she will read her small Bible again to get connected with God.

6) While I was talking to Lady Tai, a young man called Ryan Chien 簡 was listening by the side. He asked for a tract from me when I finished with Lady Tai. He claimed himself a Christian attending the Brisbane Taiwanese Uniting Presbyterian Church which I know well. I checked his assurance of salvation and unfortunately he failed the test. So I spent time to clarify where the misconception may have crept in. And he delightfully acknowledged full understanding of the three fold salvation of God (2Cor1:10) that even after we were saved by grace through faith of the atoning death of Christ to have regained our heavenly citizenship, we are yet to be a perfect masterpiece developed by God thru the power of the Holy Spirit. So we bound to appear still imperfect but it won't change God grace to have granted us 100% of the heavenly citizenship. I have introduced him to attend the Kairos course by CCCB St Lucia in Sept. May God used him to clarify the false concept of being a Christian but with no certainty of the salvation.

7) Mcloudy & Neeley 麥 & 倪姊妹,Both the Mormon Street Evangelists who dared to ask me for a tract. Since they are new here, so I took the opportunity to share the pure full gospel to them and to my surprise, both especially Mcloudy totally convinced of my explanation of gospel just falling short to recognized Jesus only as one of the lesser god head of three God with Father as the biggest God above of Jesus and the Sprint. With a relatively new mind of Mormon teaching, I hope the pure gospel will arouse the lost mind of Mcloudy to come to Christ in a miraculous circumstance. I invited both of them to come back to have more discussion next Thursday.

8) Russel a big fellow from Holland who behaved very positively. Despise of his non religious background, he appeared very friendly to chat and found the gospel trustworthy and logical to accept. Just pray for his time of salvation to come as soon as God's willing.

9) Jelliphine and Jasmine are students from Burundi Africa of clear Muslim background as the latter wore a head scarf. But surprisingly Jelliphine reacted very positively to the gospel accepting all what I said with amen chanting all along. Pray for another miraculous fruit bearing result of the Gospel.

10) An old lady knew where I am from and recognize me as a Christian but still willingly chat with me and took the tract. It on one hand was a great encouragement to me but on the other hand, it was a big pity I could not even started the sharing because the bus just came that she could not even left her name. Just pray for God's work on this unfinished divine encounter.

11) Evelyn a student from Taiwan who has no religion background. She was very nice and open minded with positive response to my Gospel sharing. And she knows SIC so I pray for God's continuous work to lead her to Christ as well as to SIC.

12) Emily and Penny are two girls from Taiwan coming here on working holiday visa. They were very polite and they still stopped despite in a rush to let me finish gospel sharing with positive respond. They are also aware of SIC that they may seek to attend.

13) May from Philippine who is non- religion but again also stopped to listen and she was encouraged to make her decision of a life time to accept Jesus ad her personal Savior.

Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Tuesday, 10 September, 2019

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The Christchurch (NZ) team made it safely to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)!  We travelled via Guangzhou in southern China, and because we had a long layover there we had a tour guide take us into the city to see some of the sights.  Of course, this was also an opportunity to share the Gospel with the tour guide!

We arrived in Yangon on Monday, late in the afternoon, to heavy rain and made our way to the hotel where we met up with the team from Australia (and a Kiwi now from Malaysia!).  They had arrived in the morning and had conducted a training event with the local Christians we will be working with.

So Tuesday was the first official day of outreach.  The whole team headed to Sule park and then we split into smaller teams to spread out and share the Gospel!

My team didn’t have translators in the morning, so we loaded up with tracts and headed to a nearby intersection where we all took corners and started to engage with people.  Many tracts were politely distributed.  And, as some of the locals speak English, many Gospel conversations were also had.  In fact, one on the team simply asked everyone he was handing tracts to if they spoke English and ended up having a constant run of Gospel conversations!

The highlight conversation for me was with a man who was deeply indoctrinated in the idea that his good works would get him to heaven.  After I had explained the serious nature of sin via the law of God, and the amazing Gospel of Jesus, I used a checking question to see if he understood the way to heaven. His answer: good works.  So I backed up and re-explained, and I could see understanding starting to dawn in his eyes.  So I used a checking question again.  This time he was slower to answer, being very thoughtful, and said: “I need to trust in Jesus to save me from my sin… but I also need to do good works…”.  So for a third time, I explained that we are saved by faith alone.  He was really understanding now, and the thoughts seemed to be very foreign to him - but he was very interested!  He said he had an appointment, but he wanted to talk more.  Thankfully all the tracts are printed with local contact details, so I encouraged him to get in touch that way.

In another conversation, I found it fascinating that, even though I hadn’t talked about repentance, the guy seemed to be understanding the impact that faith in Christ would have on his life.  He said something like: “But I would have to change my mind about everything I believe; but I can’t change my mind!”.  So I told him to cry out to God and ask Him to change his mind for him.  Repentance and faith in Christ are a gift from God!

During our lunch break, the heavy rain started, and continued all afternoon.  The teams split up and found shelter as best they could.  Tracts continued to be distributed and Gospel conversations were had.

The team debrief in the evening was very encouraging: hearing all the testimony of the wonderful Gospel opportunities God provided.

Please keep the team in Myanmar in your prayers over the next two weeks!  Thank you. :)

Hobart (TAS) Team

Tuesday, 10 September, 2019

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It was good to be in the mall this afternoon in Hobart and even better to have other Christians join me in prayer for the city before we began the outreach. We prayed as we have so often that God would give us the right words to reach out to the people and that the Holy Spirit would act to prepare the hearts of the people for the word.

The afternoon went well with a number of regular visitors coming to talk. It was good to see Mr B again who stayed to listen for the whole time we were in the mall. He has been struggling for some time and while some things have improved in his difficult life, recent loss of his job is making things difficult for him. We prayed together for him at the end of the afternoon. Please pray that God will heal his wounds and give him a job to work in and most of all that God will grant him salvation.

Mr O. also dropped by with an interesting question; what does God think of street art? It seems that there is a new set of artworks (as distinct from graffiti) that have gone up in Hobart CBD. I responded that God obviously would be offended by blasphemous art of any kind, but otherwise the Bible does not give us any clear guidance regarding art. Art that draws us upward to consider the great things God has done and show the beauty of creation are obviously of greater worth than the doodles that are sometimes call “art” today. We chatted a little more and then Mr O. left with a wave and a smile.

During the preaching today Mr J. came and interacted with me for a long period. He disagrees with Christianity and the Bible’s teaching, but praise God he believes that we should be civil in disagreement and everyone is entitled to their own perspective. I was grateful that this young man understood one of the underpinning values of healthy society; the need to disagree without angst. If only some of his “elders and betters” could only learn this lesson!

I was discussing evolution when Mr J. came up and when I asked him what he thought of what I was saying he asked a question about God and suffering. How can a good God coexist with suffering? In particular he was thinking of the tragic loss of his Grandfather and the trauma of being threatened at gun point as a child. I discussed the paradox of God and suffering in two ways with Mr J. Firstly, I said that the question under the philosophical one is one of care: Does God care about our suffering? Does God just leave us to suffer or does he do something about it? To this I pointed to Jesus, the Son of God, God in flesh, who came to live, suffer, and die for the sake of sinful people. God cares about us, He cares about our suffering. So much so that he came to share in it and redeem us from it and from death. Secondly, I said that the philosophical question is one of evidence. Baldly put, is God even there? To this I pointed to the amazing world we live in and the mountains of evidence that points us to God being our maker and the sustainer of all life. No reasonable person could deny God has given us more than enough evidence.

At this we went to discuss evolution and the counter claims of that theory regarding fossils and change in animals and people. But the discussion didn’t last for long, there was something bigger that Mr J. wanted to discuss: What did I think of abortion? My initial response was that everything we know from ultrasound and intrauterine surgery indicates that the occupier of the womb is a living person with independent responses and desires. As such any living human person needs to be protected where-ever they are found. No argument can justify the premeditated taking of a human life because of the “right to choose” of another. Mr J. brought forward a number of normal objections that support the pro-choice perspective, for example; impact on the mother’s outlook on life, the mother not being ready, severely disabled children and threat to the life of the mother. Interestingly when pressed on these issues none of them stood up to the consideration of if it was ok then to take a human life.

We discussed for a long while and one particular point that appeared to move him was the consideration of if he as a man had a say in what happened to a baby carried by another. It was the consideration of impact on him as a family member. He would be mourning if he lost a sibling, niece or nephew, a child, or grandchild, because they were part of his family. In the same way any baby he sired would be his family when it was in the womb. Men should be intimately involved in the love, nurture, protection and support of their families. This is no different before they are born.

Ultimately Mr J. left saying that we were unlikely to make him a Christian. I asked him to simple think on these things. I am happy to leave the rest to God, we cannot change people, but He is more than able to change human hearts and minds.

Praise God for all the wonderful opportunities He gives.

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 10 September, 2019

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On 10/9/2019, this is the 6th Street Evangelism at Toowong. 
Today, we only had three team members i.e Pastor Lily Tam, Pastor Kiateck Tan and Rev Hung Kwan doing the street evangelism. All others are either engaged in other overseas mission or sick. As the deputy team leader, I again had to run around to have an eyes on team members and take photo of their work. Lily thru fellowship, shared that she is still comfortable only to hand out tracts and prepared to engage in gospel sharing only in an indoor environment. Nevertheless, she comes to serve without ever skipping a week. As for Kiateck, he originally was occupied in other ministry but still managed to come even half an hour later. He got a breakthrough today successful stopping some one to chat on Gospel. With above thing to care about, the available time within this one and a half hour session was limited. God still granted me 5 or 6 meaningful divine appointments with three stood out ones as recap below.

1) Near the main entrance of Toowong Village, Two Chinese young ladies from mainland China took English tracts from Lily , so I stepped up to approach them giving them my Chinese tracts and asked for permission to share. They anyway kept walking while letting me to share. It was just enough time for me to finish the core gospel message before the two ladies had to part. I anyway asked them to ponder on what I said when they read the tract at home. Pray for their comparatively hardened hearts be soften by the work of the Holy Spirit why they read the tract at home.

2) I went back to my usual spot at the foot of the pedestrian bridge, and met several girls who are student of UQ and was registering to hire a bicycle. All of them were in a rush, so I could just ask them to read the tracts back home.

3) Becky from Chongxian重慶, China一she was so nice to let me share despite she really was in a rush for the bus. Yet she still listen attentively and seriously and appeared very receptive to the gospel. She has shown interest to look fro church near by which I recommenced her to the CCCB - St Luica Ryan Street congregation. I also encouraged to connect with Power to Change once she decided to accept Christ for her ongoing spiritual growth.

4) Drew is an UQ students from an Indian family but he was born here. Despite he admitted his family religious background is Hindu, but he appeared to be a very open minded person to gospel and looked very receptive to the issue of sin must be punished. So again I introduced him to get connected with PRC.

5) Bobby is a working young man from Caboolture. He has no religious faith but his brother is a Christian. He was also in a rush to catch the train and skipped very fast on a scooter board. Yet he stopped abruptly to ask if I was handing out tract as he could see my desire when we cross eyes sight. To not delay his catching train, I walked or jogged along his roller scooter to finish the gospel sharing just on our arrival at the train station. He checked and found he still had a few minutes so we kept on chatting and even took a selfie. It was surprised how God has started changing him as a non-religious mind to find interest again in the Gospel. He promised to read the tract and talked to his Christian brother about today divine encounter as a spring board to his final acceptance of Jesus as his Savior and Lord of life.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 8 September, 2019

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Saturday saw a break from the wet weather (but it alternated between hot and cold depending on the movement of the clouds!) and there were many people out and about in Cathedral Square.  Three conversations from the outreach stand out.

The first was very special in that it was a follow up with two guys that I’ve been talking to since the summer (pictured walking away after the chat).  It was a short conversation where I was able to: 1) show my care and concern, 2) explain how they know God exists, 3) touch on the serious nature of their sin, 4) explain that there is hope only in Jesus, and 5) plead with them to repent and trust: to accept the gift.  It was weird, because one of them kept alluding to scenarios and questions that were covered in the 180 DVD - and so I offered him one and asked him to watch it - which he said he would.  Interestingly, he reminds me of the guy in the DVD with the blue mohawke!

The second was a wonderful follow up with a guy who knows the two guys from the first conversation.  He had his little brother with him.  He said he was still thinking about coming to my church, which I said would be great, but that, more important than coming to my church is that he needed to be saved.  I asked him if he could remember the way to heaven.  His answer: I’ve got to be a good person.  Inwardly I cringed, but I’m not surprised.  There is a blindness to the simple message of the Gospel!  So I took him (and his brother) back through and explained the law and the Gospel again.  I also gave him a 180 DVD.  I’m praying that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes!

The final conversation actually happened after the outreach had ended.  I was walking back to my car, and I handed a tract to a young guy walking past.  He stopped and so I had an opportunity to talk with him: he was very open to a Gospel conversation.  At the end, I asked him, “are you trusting in Jesus?”  To my surprise he said, “yes, I am now”.  I wasn’t expecting that at all!  He was very open to the logic of the conversation, but there didn’t seem to be much emotional response to it.  I encouraged him to get in touch with me (if he is genuine, I want to see him discipled).  I haven’t heard from him yet (a day later).  But he accepted a Bible and a booklet that covered the Gospel in more detail.

Sunday was wet again, but the rain had stopped by the time the outreach started after lunch.  There were three Christians out sharing at the corner of Cashel and Colombo.

Greg had a wonderful conversation (pictured).  And Mike had a great chat with a guy I had talked to the week prior (also pictured).

But I also had a wonderful conversation with three young people with Christian backgrounds.  One claimed to be a Christian, one didn’t, the other didn’t answer.  I was able to take them all through the law and the Gospel.  They all seemed impacted in different ways - as always I leave them in God’s hands.

Like the previous day, I again was able to have a Gospel conversation while on my way back to my car.  The guy heard the law and the Gospel and looked genuinely challenged.  He said he had to go as he had a job interview!  I apologised, and said I hoped I didn’t make him late.  His response was that he really appreciated that I had stopped him - I was encouraged.  May he repent and trust in Christ!

Right, off to the airport in 30 minutes (at the time of writing).  Five of the Christchurch (NZ) team will be joining the Myanmar team for the next two weeks.  So reports will be coming from there (God willing).  Please keep us in your prayers!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 6 September, 2019

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Thursday and Friday saw more rain, wind and cold in a Winter fight back in Christchurch (NZ).

All the outreach time on Thursday was spent at the Northlands bus stops.  A team of two.

At one point, a bus stopped and a whole lot of high school students disgorged.  Andy was offering tracts to them but they were all being refused.  He turned to me and said, “I’m not having a good run!”, he then turned back and the next tract he offered was accepted, and the guy turned to ask about it!  Twenty minutes or so later they were shaking hands after the guy had accepted a Bible - it was a really good Gospel conversation!

For me, the conversation that stands out was one that started suddenly.  I was walking towards someone to offer them a tract when a guy came out of a property right in front of me.  So I offered him the tract instead and asked him if he ever thought about what happens after life.  Initially the guy was resistant and then said that he used to be passionate about Jesus like me and that he had done what I was doing: talking to people about Jesus at bus stops.  But not any more.  He wanted to know my motivation.  But he started walking down the street, so I decided to walk with him!  I told him my motivation was my love for Jesus who had saved me from my sin and hell, and that I wanted to obey Him and tell others about Him.  After some discussion, I ended up switching to my testimony of how I became a Christian.  After a few blocks, the conversation came to a natural end.  He gave me his card and said I should email him.  He’d like a game of chess!  I’m not sure about the game of chess, but I have emailed him with a link to some Gospel material.

Another fascinating encounter was when I approached a guy and he instantly said, "go and get a real job, stop annoying people with your rubbish".  I didn't let this deter me, and I responded with, "OK, well - I don't think it's rubbish.  Tell me, where did the universe come from?"  To my amazement, this caused him to engage in the conversation, and I had an opportunity to explain to him how he knows God exists.  Sadly, his bus came.  But he did take a piece of my "rubbish" (a silent missionary: a Gospel tract)!

On Friday, there were heavy showers in the morning.  We decided to cancel the Gospel + abortion outreach.  Walking in the rain letter boxing tracts is okay (the walking keeps you warm), but standing exposed in cold rain is not wise.  Our new banner, designed to provoke people into discussion, will have to wait!

But the rain had eased to a stop in the afternoon, so a team of four gather for outreach in Cathedral Square and Cashel Mall.  And in spite of the wind and cold, it was a wonderful time of ministry!

Even though there was hardly anyone in Cathedral Square, I decided to open air preach to the few people that were passing.  I know it looks foolish seemingly preaching to no one - but I don’t care.  I’m desperate for the few people that could hear me to hear the good news of Jesus!  At the very least, it’s good practice.  Sure enough, I had a guy approach me.  He was a Christian and wanted to know if anyone was listening.  So I said, well, you are! :)

The afternoon’s conversation that stood out to me was one I watched Roger have with four Muslim girls (pictured).  At one point he used an illusion tract to get them smiling and laughing, but later I noticed the girls all had serious looks on their faces as Roger was discussing the important questions of life with them.  Today they heard the Gospel!

Toowong (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 3 September, 2019

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Sept 3, 2019 Toowong Village
We had Kenneth Chan from Power to Change joining us this afternoon for the first time. So altogether we had 5 street Evangelists today including Johnny Hsieh, Lily Tam, Chi Ming Lim and Hung Kwan. Kiateck was taking sick leave again.

I teamed up with Kenneth, he chose to stay with me. It proved to be an ideal kind of team work. All those who stopped by the Spirit to chat with me were mostly UQ students, After listening to my sharing, I referred them to connect with Power To Change through Kenneth. It paved the way for effective follow up.

Because of taking some time to run between the two street evangelism spots for photo taking of the other teams, I only have four complete conversation as recap below: -

1) Jacky Wu from Beijing, who has some previous contact with Christians and heard the Gospel before, but found my sharing very convincing that urged him to take a serious thought to accept Christ. I gave him additional EE3 gospel booklet with a more full scale gospel sharing. Pray that he will make this step of faith soon and get connected with Kenneth to join Power to Change.

2) Stephania and her family have already migrated to Australia from Vietnam. She stopped willingly to listen to my gospel sharing initially with skepticism possibly because of her Buddhist background. But eventually she felt convinced that the way Christ died for us to take punishment of sin on our behalf is sensible and logical. Again I connected her right away with Kenneth for future followup.

3) Ali from Afghanistan is of Muslim family background, but he appeared very open minded to the gospel sharing and were convinced of the redemptive method of Jesus dying on the cross to pay for the punishment of our sin. He was willing to read the tract at home and was encouraged to make his own decision to accept Jesus or not. Again I referred him to connect with Power to Change through Kenneth. Pray that all above divine appointments will bear fruits in His time.

4) Finally, I caught up with an Aussie lady Cheryl. She was nice and kind to stop for a chat despite she was in a hurry to get back to work. She appeared to have no professing faith but again was very receptive to what I shared.

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