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West Country (UK) Team

Saturday, 6 April, 2019

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On Saturday 7th April our Church hosted its monthly men's breakfast, and afterwards three of us went out into Torpoint high street to try and engage with some passers by. Torpoint is a small town in Cornwall and over the years has been very hard to reach out to people as is quite middle class and often people don't see their need for a Saviour or don't want to speak to people. There are also Jehovah's witness that go out there and so often we can be mistaken for them which makes things harder. Simon was with us but unfortunately was called into work.

Our Pastor Archie managed to engage in conversation with an older teenager and John and I managed to hand out a few tracts, but was very hard going!

I went into the City Centre and although there would now only be 2 of us. Laurie and I set up the good person flip chart that I had managed to alter slightly thanks to being able to print A3 in the school I work at. Almost immediately a man approached us that was by providence was Christian and he was a Christian! He was interested in what we were doing and had a good conversation about evangelism, church and unbelievers. By Gods grace and prayer I have been able to have lots of great conversations with students at the school I work at, with students age 14-16 asking me questions about Noah's Ark, who made God, evolution and design and why the Bible is true. I have been able to discuss some things, however told students to come and speak with me in ton where I would have more freedom to discuss things in more depth.

Two students called, Z and J came with questions they had spoken to their Dad about, and we had a lengthily chat about their questions and managed to go through some of the flip chart pictures to discuss things. I spoke to them about the complexity and design of life, like our finger prints, human cells and DNA. It was really profitable and the girls took a gospel each and some tracts and I pray we can speak more after the Easter holidays. Laurie gave them and lost of other people leaflets about her Church Easter services next week and encouraged them to attend to find out more.

7 teenagers from a local secondary school walked past and I managed to stop them and take them through the intelligence test before going though the flip chart. They stayed and listened for around 20 minutes and was brilliant to hear their questions and listen to what the Bible had to say and they all took tracts and agreed to a photo (shown).

Some people stopped to read the 180 Movie poster about links between the Holocaust and Abortion and a man was quite angry as he was pro choice and didn't see why both things would be on the sme poster. I shared that over 50 million abortions had happened since Roe v Wade and so this was much worse in numbers, but he did not want to listen and stormed off.

Another couple of ladies walked past called Shannon and Becky who were very interested in the flip chart and questions and listened intently as Laurie and I spoke with them. I prayed with them afterwards that what was shared would make sense and that they would come before God in repentance and trust in Jesus to forgive them. They took a New Testament each and some tracts. Two young boys called Isaac and Dan age 12/13 also came to listen and I shared about how a 13 year old boy had died in Plymouth last week after being knocked off his scooter by a car which made us all upset.

Carol was an older lady that stopped to go through flip chart with her daughter called Kim, and she shared she had started going to Church about a year ago but was still unsure if she was saved and her understanding of the gospel was blurred. We spoke and prayed with them both and her daughter Kim shared how she had gone through a lot of drug problems in the past but that what we shared had made sense, and they too took some tracts and a gospel each.

Laurie had a great conversation with a young lad called Jack, who at first was reluctant to speak as was with his friends about to go into McDonalds, but actually stopped and listened and spoke for quite a while, and Laurie said she felt he was understanding what was shared and was mature in not just gong off with his friends. 

I preached about Easter and how much the UK is predicted to spend on Easter presents and chocolates this year- £900 million! But what the true reason of Easter is about  and the significance of good Friday next week.

When Laurie and I packed up and were heading to the car to drop the stuff off, two women with a baby got into the lift with us and called Shelly and Emily that saw the intelligence test and asked what it was about and the flip chart. Again we managed to share inside the lift and they stopped to speak when we got out. They said they were both in recovery at the moment living in a home to support them, but were very interested in coming to the Easter services we mentioned.

It was a fantastic day of outreach with many great conversations and tracts handed out, and to top it off I bumped into an old friend from another Church who had seen us in town earlier and said he could print the good person test in A2 for only £1 a sheet at his Church, which is a real answer to pray, as had been quoted around £200 by another place so hopefully this will be done in the next couple of weeks to use again on the streets. SDG!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 7 April, 2019

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The weekend saw two outreaches in the central city for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

Like Friday, both outreaches were conducted in cold and wet conditions.  But tracts were distributed and conversations occurred any way - to the glory of God.

Two highlight conversations from Saturday: an encouragement and a discouragement.

The encouragement was with a young man outside the bus exchange.  It turns out this young man had been in a Christian kids club I had been a leader of years ago.  Now from time to time I bump into these kids (now young adults) and feel discouraged as they don’t show the fruits of repentance and faith.  So I was expecting this young man to be the same.  But to my surprise he demonstrated an understanding of the Gospel and is involved with a local church!  Praise God.

The discouragement stemmed from a conversation with a lady.  As I was taking her through the law I asked her if she had ever murdered anyone, the conversation quickly moved to euthanasia.  She shared a sad, personal story where someone she knew was euthanized.  On the surface, the situation seemed justified.  And, in a way, she was looking for sympathy or justification from me.  I could not give it.  We have no right to take human life, even when there is suffering.  I briefly touched on biblical examples where God uses suffering for good.  The crucifixion of Jesus being the prime example.  I was able to explain the Gospel - that Jesus suffered the justice of God the Father so we could be forgiven of our sin and rose again, defeating death and giving us hope of eternal life.  But she was repelled by the exclusivity of Jesus being the only way to the Father and quickly disengaged and walked away.  It is hard, but vitally important that we are always faithful to the truth - as discouraging as the result can be.

The Sunday afternoon outreach started with prayer (as always).  And we asked that the rain would not hinder the Gospel going forth.

Straight after we finished praying, I headed out and started offering Easter tracts.  Two teen boys were biking past and they slammed on their brakes and came back to accept what I was offering.  They gave an interesting answer to the question of why we call Good Friday good.  Their answer was: so that kids would be able to enjoy the holiday - since it’s good!

Using this as my starting point, I was able to explain to them why we are not good, and the real reason why we call Good Friday good.  That Jesus exchanged our bad for His good on the cross so justice could be served and we could receive forgiveness.  They acknowledged that it was indeed good news!

In spite of the weather, other Gospel conversations occurred, and tracts were distributed.

Looking forward to a rest on Monday, before heading out again on Tuesday.  Your prayer is so appreciated.  Please pray for more labourers for the harvest field in Christchurch and beyond, and that God would be glorified in our obedience in sharing, and people hearing, His precious Gospel!

Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Friday, 5 April, 2019

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On Friday evening at the Gold Coast the team was again over ten members! Praise God for regularly raising up labourers so that those at these locations can be reached with the gospel! When will you start coming out?

An straight forward conversation took place with two ladies. They at first said that there didn't know if there was a God, they saw the reason why they know He exists. They were then taken through God's law and standards and shown why they are in trouble by God's standard. They saw the position they were in and were then shown God's offer of forgiveness, paid for by Christ. They understood the gospel, were able to repeat it back and were challenged to consider when they would trust in Christ.

Another conversation was with a named Jack who said there as no God. He didn't give a reason just didn't want there to be one. He was shown why he knows God exists and was shown his predicament via God's law. He didn't really have any arguments against these points other than to try and say that they aren't true. Sadly his girlfriend called him away. He was left with the lingering reality that if he was to face God on judgement day without the sacrifice of Christ he was going to be sent to Hell.

A really sad conversation took place with Jacob, a man who was exceedingly proud. He declared that he was very much like Jesus in many ways and was angry at being shown God's law and his sin. He didn't want a saviour and he didn't want the Gospel because all he wanted to do was to tell the team how good of a person he is. Sadly the Gospel wasn't shared as Jacob had no interest in acknowledging that he was guilty. Finally he started trying to find reasons to get angry and then stormed off in a huff.

Lastly a conversation was had with Andrew and Staril. These two guys were similar, Andrew said he was good enough to get to Heaven, Staril said that he knew there was no God but if there was he was going to Hell. As with each conversation the law was used to display sin, to which these guys tried to downplay their guilt and then the building builder analogy was used, showing that they do know there is a God, they're just suppressing that truth in unrighteousness. These men went on and flip-flopped between the two, either saying they weren't that bad or that there was no God.

They came to hear and understand the Gospel and were challenged to trust in Christ and were left with the reality that to reject Christ is to choose Hell eternally. Sadly these men were more interested in going partying than trusting in Christ and therefore they left to dig a well that could satisfy their desires, all the while leaving a conversation where they were hearing about the one who has streams of living water.

Please be praying for these conversations that God would draw those who are His unto Himself, that they may come to know Him! Please be praying that God would be softening the hearts of those who the team will speak to this evening! Please also consider coming on out sometime, that God may use you, to glorify Himself and save sinners!

Sunnybank (QLD) Team

Thursday, 4 April, 2019

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On Thursday at Sunnybank again there was a team of six out. Which means there is always room for more! The afternoon was as usual filled with many shorter conversations, which is a great training ground for learning how the present the gospel quickly and clearly.

An early conversation was had with Ulwin. He has little understanding of the gospel but struggled over and over to understand grace. He talked about earning his way in at every turn. It was explained five or so times that good deeds cannot save someone. Finally it seemed that he understood it and came to grasp that it is trusting in what God has done that is the entry requirement for Heaven. All in God's perfect timing he understood this right as his bus arrived!

Later a very similar conversation took place, this time with a "Christian". When asked how someone got to Heaven he said, "Asking for forgiveness". He saw the law, his guilt, the good News and the simple response required and when asked again said, "baptism". Same process then he said, "Repenting'. By which he actually meant trying to be good. This repeated as he talked about praying, church going, communion and feeding the homeless. It seemed to take so long for him to grasp that gospel. And even at the end of it all, although he was able to answer the question correctly, "How does someone get to Heaven?" only God knows if he actually has comprehended what that means.

He was encouraged to read Romans 3-5. Please be praying that God uses the Apostle Paul's writings to show him the dire position he is in!

It wasn't too long later and a conversation was had with Bridget. She was asked what she thought happens after we die and said, "Don't worry, I'm a Catholic". This was followed by asking her, what is she trusting in to get her to Heaven? Her response, without even blinking was, "My good deeds". This time the conversation didn't get far as her bus arrived very quickly. But she was shown that by Jesus' sermon on the mount, that what Jesus has to say about the way to Heaven is that if it is by your goodness, you're in trouble because your righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, in fact you must be perfect as God in Heaven is perfect!

She was then shown God's law, her guilt and the condemnation it brings but didn't get to hear the gospel as her bus arrived.

Without going into any further conversations, the point of raising these three conversations is to show how little most Australian's know about the way to Heaven! People think they know what Christianity is all about, "It's just the same as all the other religions, be a good person and you will go to Heaven". The reality is, there are very few people who actually understand the gospel. Let this be an encouragement to you, making sure to word it correctly so it makes sense, most Australian's have rejected God but not the gospel.

Why not take the opportunity in the lead up to this Easter, to share with your fellow Australian's what God has actually done. You will be surprised at how little people actually know about what Easter is about and you will get to glorify God whilst informing those you care about!

Redcliffe (QLD) Team

Saturday, 6 April, 2019

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It was a picture perfect autumn day along the Redcliffe waterfront. The sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing, and people appeared to be in a good and relaxed mood. For our outreach today, we decided to do things differently. Over the past year we have noticed that it has progressively gotten harder, and that people are showing less interest in Christian things. Due to this, we decided to not set up our “Free Bible and Literature Table” as that would give us freedom to be more mobile in our witnessing.

As a team, there were four of us out sharing the gospel, so two decided to walk up and down the waterfront handing out tracts and witnessing; and two of us decided to stay near the busy walkway along the main road.

The ground was still hard, but the freedom to move made conversations a little easier to come by. The first encounter I had was with a young man who could only be described as being completely indifferent to Christian things. He took a tract while asking, “What is this about?” I answered his question by saying, “It asks if you are good enough to go to Heaven. Have you ever thought about that?” The young man simply said, “I don’t know, and I don’t care. I have never thought about it, and don’t want to think about it.” I asked him why he had such a lack of care for spiritual things, to which he replied he didn’t even care about his existence now.

I quoted Ecclesiastes 12:1, “So remember your Creator in the days of your youth…” to this young man, and urged him to consider his Creator, as one day, he will stand before Him and give an account of everything done in this lie. The young man simply shrugged his shoulders then slouched away.

Not long after this we were approached by an Indian-Australian, who was very keen to talk. The reason he wanted to chat was because he was the local candidate for the One Nation political party. He shook hands and warmly introduced himself. He said he loved what we were doing, took a tract, then walked off. Several minutes later he went to walk past us again, so I called out to him to come over and chat for a few minutes. He readily agreed.

I asked him, “As a politician, what do you think our big need as a nation is?” He replied by saying that as a people we need to get back to traditional values. I followed up on that statement by asking, “How do you define traditional values, and where do they come from?” At first he said these values came from family life, but then he said, “Of course religion, all religions, gave us the values in the West.” I countered that by pointing out that our values and culture stem from a biblical worldview, and that Christianity is the source of the greatness of the West. He agreed with me, but said he was a Hindu. He went on to speak about how we should love and respect everyone, and how Australia would be better if we all did that. I agreed with him, and brought the conversation back to the commands of the Lord Jesus to love our neighbours and our enemies. I then spoke about how Jesus was the ultimate example of love, as He came to serve, to love and to give His life on the cross for all those who believe. I then spoke of the resurrection, repentance and faith.

The political candidate replied by saying, “I don’t really focus too much on religion.” I pointed out that Christ is the only hope our nation has if we ever want to return to ‘traditional values.,’ it was at this point the politician shook my hand, thanked me for talking and then continued on his way. Politics will never solve the issue of the human heart, only Jesus can do that!

During this time, Hanna was engaged in a conversation with a 98 year-old Roman Catholic man, who believed that everyone will get to Heaven not matter what they do or believe. It was sad to see a man at the end of his life still holding onto the lie of universalism. Hanna explained the gospel to him, and stressed that Christ is the only way, but the man didn’t believe it. He did, however, take two tracts. Please pray for him.

The rest of the day was spent handing out tracts, with only one more conversation of note taking place. A man who watched us for awhile came up and asked, “What denomination are you guys?” We answered by saying we are from a variety of evangelical churches, but we are here to share the gospel. The man said, “I was wondering, since I am a Freemason.” Hanna asked him if Freemasons and the Bible were compatible, to which the man said they were. He then went on to talk about the “Grand Architect” who is God.

At this point I joined the conversation. I asked him, “Who can know the Grand Architect?” The Freemason replied by saying, “All those who believe in one god.” I followed this up by asking, “So, if a Muslim joined your lodge, would he be welcome in to serve the Grand Architect even though he would say it was Allah?” The man tried to change subjects at this point, and move on by saying that Freemasonry and Christianity teach the same thing. This claim is completely false, so I pushed a bit harder, I put the question to him, “In your belief, how does someone come to know the Grand Architect, God?” To which he replied, “Through the rites and teachings of the Freemasons, we are the truth and we give light.” At this I pushed back, “Now it is clear that you are the opposite to Christianity, as the Lord Jesus said that He is the truth, and the light. He is the only way to know God, not the Freemasons.” The man was quick to walk away at this point saying we couldn’t know the truth without them. It is clear that that Freemasons are a demonic cult that seek to remove the Lord Jesus from His position.

Please pray for all those we encountered today. May the Lord Jesus save many.


Christchurch (NZ) Team

Friday, 5 April, 2019

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Thursday saw the team back in Cathedral Square and at the Eastgate bus stops.

Andy’s first conversation in Cathedral Square was with a young man from China (pictured).  This man was extremely engaged with the information he was learning about Jesus Christ, so much so that he accepted an invitation to join the Barlow family for dinner on Saturday night and to continue the conversation!  Praise God.

Later, I preached in the open air.  I used the coming of Easter as a springboard for my law & Gospel presentation.  I had one heckler who bizarrely accused me of hatred towards Muslims while he was walking past.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Out of love do Christians confront people with their sin, and share of the amazing forgiveness found only in Christ - and we are to do this with gentleness and respect.

The Eastgate bus stops outreach was, again, a time of non stop Gospel conversations!

I crossed the road and approached a young lady waiting for her bus, when she said, “Oh, you’re Glen right”.  I was surprised!  I had obviously talked to this person before and didn’t remember it.  It turns out she was the friend of a young man I had spoken to at the Sparks in the Park Outreach a few months back.  And in hindsight I remembered talking to them both briefly about 3 weeks ago.

This young lady remembered the building / builder; creation / creator analogy and starting from there, we discussed the Gospel in depth.  She accepted literature, including a Bible, and received a contact card for a local church before she had to rush off to catch her bus home.

The Eastgate bus stop outreach is providing many opportunities for follow up conversations - and I thank God for that.

Friday saw rain.  Heavy rain.  But we weren’t going to let it hinder us.  (I thanked God for the rain.)

We spent four hours in the central city.  And our go to spot in heavy rain is the bus exchange.  We prayed, as usual, before starting: asking God to provide opportunities to witness for Him in spite of the rain.

And God certainly answered that prayer!  Andy had 2 back to back Gospel conversations with people that were some of the best conversations he has had in months.

And I had a wonderful opportunity to briefly share the Gospel with a lady who was an “Atheist / Buddhist” that had cancer and was keen to know about Christianity.

After lunch the rain had eased, so we ventured down to the corner of Colombo and Cashel (a favourite fishing hole) where Roger joined us.  But soon the heavens opened up again, even including a hail shower at one point.  In spite of this, many wonderful opportunities to share Christ occurred.

At the end of the outreach, we headed to a coffee shop for some fellowship.  And then the sun decided to come out!

Nothing can stop the Gospel going forth, if God so desires.  Rain, hail or shine.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 3 April, 2019

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Wednesday afternoon in the city came with surprising rain showers that would clear the square in a matter of moments. But this meant that the team could find conversations under cover quite easily. Again there were seven team members out, three of whom came down from their local offices during their lunch breaks because, to quote one of them, "There are things more important than burgers in this world".

An early conversation before the rain came was with Michael. He said he had a Catholic background but through the conversation came to understand why he needs Jesus and what the Gospel is. At the end he didn't seem overly moved but he was challenged to open a Bible and come to understand who Jesus is from the eye-witness testimony recorded in it. It was encouraging as he responded that at his work it is a requirement for there to be one in each desk. Please be praying that God will move in his heart and cause him to open it one day and to come face to face with Christ.

Another conversation was with Jackson, who was only on a short break from work but was shown that buildings need a builder and creations need a Creator. He responded by saying, "Twelve years of Catholic schooling and I'd never heard that but it makes sense". He was then shown the law and the problem it left him in but he had to run. He said he would try to be a better person but was told that wouldn't work and was given a tract and encouraged to read it to find what God has done to save sinners.

A short conversation was with Ella. She saw that God exists, then why it matter. She saw her guilt through the law and that she was headed for Hell. As the cross was being explained her bus arrived and she had to leave. But she took a tract and said she'd read it.

An final conversation that took place was with Connor. He engaged as his girlfriend sat next to him not paying much attention. Same as always at first he thought he was good and that there was no God and came to understand that in both cases the opposite was true. He actually seemed challenged by what was said. He wasn't just responding because he had to but was responding because he wanted to know more. It was exciting to see his engagement and he comprehended the Gospel and said he would have to consider what Jesus had said.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel today, that God would use it to bring them to trust in Him! Please be praying that God would raise up more labourers in the local city area that many Christians would come to share the Gospel during the lunch breaks and that God would be glorified through many people hearing His message of salvation!

Woodridge (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 2 April, 2019

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On Tuesday afternoon at Woodridge, the afternoon was mostly under cloud cover, which kept the temperatures down and made for a good atmosphere. It also seemed though that there were fewer people around than usual but God still provided conversations for the seven team members that made it out.

There were a few conversations of note but a main one was a display of God's providence. As you may have read, last week during the outreach there was a major disruption to the outreach, around around 3pm a young man, on the run from the police climbed onto the roof the the train station and stopped all trains North and Southbound for two hours. The reason this was a problem for the team was that conversations were hard to have as every time something unfolded on the roof the crowds of people, waiting for their train and watching would make noises distracting from the conversation.

Worse yet, when he first climbed up there four team members were in conversations which were bought to a halt by the distraction. This is where the story attaches to this week. One team member was speaking to Zelena. But the conversation was looking to be a slow one, at first she wasn't that keen to talk and she had brought the conversation to point where it was going to be a long process to get to the Gospel. But God in His perfect timing knew what was best. He stopped the conversation before it really began and instead said, "wait".

This week around halfway through the outreach, this young lady was walking through with her boyfriend, Rifkey and saw the flip chart and his attention was drawn. Zelena wanted to head off but his interest kept her. Over the next fifteen minutes a simple and clear Gospel presentation was given. Zelena actually enabled the conversation to flow by understanding the pictures straight away. And that caused Rifkey to follow along. During this time two other guys came to listen. As the law was shown, the guilt was revealed and the penalty explained Zelena had to run off quickly. But Rifkey stayed.

In God's timing this was just what was required. Rifkey then heard the Gospel, what God has done to save sinners. But upon the first checking question he'd still misunderstood it. Then Zelena returned with another guy named Harry. Now there were five listening and for the group the Gospel was shown again. "The only way we can pay for our sin is to go to Hell. The only hope we have is if someone else takes the penalty we deserve, which is what Christ has done for those who believe in Him," it was explained.

The parachute example was given, to explain what it means to trust and believe and then the check question was asked, "If today you acknowledged that you're sinful, that you deserve Hell but trusted that Jesus paid for your sin but you sinned once more on your way home and then died a few minutes later, would God send you to Heaven or Hell?"

Zelena instantly said Hell but before giving the right answer Harry and Rifkey were asked and they both said Heaven. When asked to explain why they basically said in unison, "Because we weren't trusting in our goodness were had trusted in Jesus to pay for our sin". Praise God! It was a moment of rejoicing. Suddenly all three understood the Gospel.

This is where it took a direct turn, the question was posed, "So when will you trust in Jesus". They each gave different answers, which were challenged or encouraged and they were left with tracts and with the encouragement, "It would be wonderful to hear next time we see you that you have trusted in Jesus alone for your salvation!"

The whole scenario was a work of God's providence. The cutting off of the previous weeks conversation, so that the Gospel would be clear in a short and simple way. The desire from Rifkey to do the flip chart. The timing during this conversation enabling Rifkey to hear the Gospel twice so that he could understand it. That all three came to grasp the Gospel and understand how someone can be made right before God.

It was a conversation of rejoicing. Please be praying for these three that God would use this conversation to bring them into His Kingdom, that they would come to want more of Christ than anything else! Praise God for the working of His sovereign will!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 3 April, 2019

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There was a hint of winter on Tuesday: wet and cold.  I awoke listening to heavy rain and the first thought that came to mind was that I deserved the justice of God in Hell (but am not going there because of the Grace of Jesus).  I lingered on the thought for a while, imagining an eternity under the righteous wrath of God and felt afresh the desperate need to get out and share the wonderful news of forgiveness with any willing to listen.  God is sovereign in salvation, but we are the means He uses (by sharing the Gospel) to bring people to that salvation.

The days outreach was to Riccarton with Letterbox dropping and flip charting on Riccarton Road.

The conversations were good.  People listened to the Gospel presentations politely.  But it struck me that there was no outward evidence of alarm of the seriousness of sin in light of a holy (perfect) God.  Those that I can remember talking to seemed to be intellectually analysing what I was saying, appreciating it, and moving on.  Pondering this at the end of the outreach I felt sad.  But then, outward responses are no guarantee of what is going on in the heart.  I have to leave people in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

Wednesday saw the usual two outreaches in Cathedral Square and the Hospital.

The foot traffic in Cathedral Square was lighter than usual, and just as I was wondering if the day would be lacking in solid conversations, the Lord led a young tourist to me to share with and the outreach ended up being eventful from then on.

This young tourist, didn’t deny a creator but clearly didn’t like the true God; wanting to live his life his own way.  I could tell this because when I talked about anger being murder of the heart and lust being adultery of the heart, he became quite riled!  But he wasn’t unreasonable and stayed to hear the good news of Jesus - the only hope for eternal life - and then a call to surrender all and follow Christ.  After the previous day, this conversation encouraged me.

The foot traffic at the Hospital was the lightest I’d ever seen it.  And I was seriously considering finding a new spot to move to when the Lord brought a Catholic man, who knew his Bible well, to have a conversation with.  This conversation went for a very long time (an hour and a half?) with, as usual, the focus on salvation by works verse by grace.  It was great to be able to pull my Bible out and work through verses with this man.  The conversation went right to the end of the outreach, and then he ended up walking with me back through the city as I was going back to my car.  He wanted to know what church I went to, and how to get there.  I gave him a contact card with all the details.  It would be wonderful to see him again.

I thank the Lord for enabling me to be a fool for Him on the streets of Christchurch.  And I’m thankful to all those who donate their hard earned money to support me.  Thank you so much.  Soli Deo Gloria!

Warwick (QLD) Team

Friday, 29 March, 2019

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Today we were thankful to God for bringing back some people we have previously witnessed to.

One was from two months ago and the other 2 weeks ago. Firstly a man from 2 months ago who spoke with us about becoming a full-time carer for his niece. He told us she is a Christian and she would like a bible. The bibles we had were not suitable because of small print so we offered to get a bible with larger print for her. P told us he would come pick it up next time he was in town. He has since found he can not continue his caring role. We were able to give the bible to him to pass on to his niece. We have shared the gospel with him and are hopeful that God will use this to draw him to salvation as we shared that Jesus is our greatest need. We hope to see him again. Pray for both this man and his niece, for God to provide all her needs as she moves back to Brisbane and their salvation. 

Then from 2 weeks ago a husband searching for help for his wife for fellowship. He approached us with a question to where is a good Church for his wife.  I had referred him to our church as it was the closest for them to travel. Today we got to meet his wife. She told me a few things that are going on in her life. I was able to encourage her in the Lord. She said they had driven past our church and will attend this week. Both attended our church on Sunday.  

Rick had a good conversation with a man who was pretty open to questions about Eternity and has planted seeds of truth for him to consider. 

One conversation I had was with a man who had been Seventh Day Adventist, I was able to share about the lady from the other week who had been excommunicated from that religion and through being treated so badly it lead her to look more deeply into God’s Word. She had found out the truth of salvation and knows that it is not by keeping the law. Rather, we are saved but by grace we are saved through faith in Jesus. which is a gift from God. Then we follow in obedience because of thankfulness to God, empowered by God’s Spirit given to all believers to serve and obey because Jesus first loved us!

S was similar in his experience and could see that the religion of SDA is all about rule keeping.The Gospel was shared and tracts given to him just before his mate pulled him away. So we pray for grace to be poured into his life.

Many tracts were handed out. It is a good spot we have and God always has plenty of opportunities for us to have little words spoken as we hand them out. Such as “This is such an important message” or sometimes just saying “Hi, this is for you” makes them reach out to take a tract. Praise God that even through reading the Gospel on these little tracts, He can do such a big work in hearts. Thank you for praying.

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