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Saturday, 6 October, 2018

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This past Saturday the city was hit with scattered showers over the outreach but as usual the rain doesn't stop the Gospel from going forth.

Hear Trinity, a new team member, share about one of the exciting conversations she had, with a man who knew very little about God.

Hear Andrew share about a conversation he had with a young lady who goes to Church but was unsure of the Gospel.

And hear Ryan praising God for the work He did in the heart of a young man who heard the Gospel at the Riverfire outreach and came back for more!

Warwick Team

Tuesday, 2 October, 2018

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Just to be present in the streets is a blessing as we know God has kept open the doors for the Gospel to be received, either in tract form or heard by his servants and as we as a body pray together, He will call all those who will come to Faith in Jesus our Lord our saviour. The power He gives brings repentance and thankfulness, Praise God for saving grace He freely gives to sinful souls. None of us deserve His kindness but how much patience He has in bringing us to Himself. 

Thank Him for the work He is doing here in Warwick. This week I had so much encouragement from fellow believers, it spurs me on and i know the Lord is blessing every opportunity to share the truth of Eternal matters. It is of great importance to tell others of their fate of the punishment of eternal hell. Life here is short it is just a mist and His offer is there today so if you have not received His payment of sin I urge you, don’t put it off.

Jesus is the only way to the Father His sacrifice sets us free. The flip chart is impacting as in the visual where it shows Jesus on the cross as God poured out His wrath upon His Son Jesus instead of us. This wrath will be upon all who reject the kind offer to be saved. 

Nothing we do can save us, Jesus is the only way to have Eternal Life and be in God’s Kingdom forever. He rose again and proved His power over sin and death. Jesus said, "it is finished".

It is a love motive to share the way to flee from destruction. If we did not warn people, what sort of person are we? It is hard though as we are rejected and told that we are judgmental or we have lost our minds but we know it is true as we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good and the Bible is living and active in our lives. There is no greater love than the Fathers love.

Pray for R who just lost his wife and moved to Warwick to be with his son. He wanted a Bible as he has not been able to find his since the move. I shared the Gospel and he was in agreement but not sure if he has saving faith. He chatted for quite a time and I was a listening ear to him. Pray the tracts will stir his heart to a saving trust in Jesus.

T, R, H all Christians that stopped to ask about the ministry. Pray they will be active in sharing the Gospel in their area.

Pray for a family I was able to share with that has two small children. I was able to direct them to a Church that may be where the Lord will do the work needed and help their little boy who is struggling.

Thank you all for your commitment in prayers.

South Island (NZ) Team

Saturday, 13 October, 2018

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Tell Me Christchurch conference Outreach & Leeston A&P Show Outreach 

On 6 October I was able to join the Tell Me Evangelism group in Christchurch for an hour. Two of the Tell Me members started with open air preaching and as I was getting to ready to open air as well, the local atheist heckler arrived & started his barrage of questions, never settling for an answer before asking his next question. Since I’ve never encountered him before I opted to observe the situation first, to see how the local Evangelism team dealt with him. 

I continued to hand out tracts & got into a long frustratingly sad conversation with ‘Lilly’, who professed being a ‘Christian’, kept insisting that a loving ‘god’ wouldn’t send anyone to an everlasting hell... her friend (an elderly lady) agreed with me it seems. In the end she thanked me for the chat, even though she still had the same thoughts as before.  

Today, 13 October, I again teamed up with the Tell Me Evangelism team at the Leeston A&P Show. I arrived at 10:00 and left just before 16:00. During this time I got to use the Flipchart donated by Operation 513, for the first time! It proved a wonderful, practical tool to engage people. 

I had quite a few conversations with mostly groups of young people. One such group ended up almost being a mini crowd. One of the youths in this particular group, tried to make fun of almost every aspect of the Flipchart and message. This ended up being part of the reason for the little group growing in numbers. They also asked provocative red herring questions, but by God’s Grace, was able to stress the point that His Law applies to all people, and stay on track. In the end the Law & Gospel was used to convey the message of salvation. It seemed that despite the distractions, that some in the group were seriously listening; a few of them even got talking to other Evangelism Outreach members.

Nearing the end of the day, I spotted a man with a Jesus cap, and offered him a tract. He was a fellow South African, and we had good conversation in Afrikaans :) He listens to Ray Comfort, and told me he is now a full time missionary. Upon some deeper follow up questions, he stated that he is not part of a specific church and prefers to spend time alone with God. I tried to stress the importance of the fellowship of believers. Again, by God’s Grace, was able to use Law & Gospel in the conversation. We shook hands and he left with a few tracts. 

It was a very long and productive day, with all the members of the Outreach giving 110%; one girl in particular was a real trooper, tirelessly handing out tracts and directing people to the space set up for the Flipcharts. It was Blessed & edifying time of fellowship. God graciously provided safe travels from Timaru, where I live, to Leeston and back.

Attached are a few photos of today ‘s Outreach :)

West Country (UK) Team

Saturday, 29 September, 2018

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Hello, its great to be back with Operation513 ministry again and to upload our first battlelog of 2018. A few of us have been going out together over the past few years when we can, as well as the University on Friday nights now that Freshers week has come. Plymouth has a joint University population of around 30,000 students so there are always many fresh faces to talk to when the evenings are dry before they hit the clubs and bars.

We have also been very fortunate to meet up with two twins from Derby that are based in Gunnislake, Cornwall for a year (and hopefully more) with Faith Mission and whose leaders I have found out were best friends with my Grandparents

(it's a small world.)

Plymouth city Centre on Saturday 29th September 2018

A couple of weeks ago a group of us met in Plymouth City Centre from 11-2.30pm to preach and hand out tracts to passers by and talk with people who would stop to see what was going on. Our team in Plymouth consists of four people, but we were able to join up with the Sons of Thunder, George and Harry from Faith Mission, as well as an Indian family they had met that have a small house fellowship that I had met previously when working for Dominoes (a few of them are delivery drivers.)

The weather was good to us, and we prayed that God would be gracious to us to cause people to stop and listen to what was being said as so many people are seemingly apathetic and pass by (unlike Exeter where we also preach) and as always, God is so much kinder to us that we can conceive with many people stopping to hear the preaching and take tracts.

The brothers from Faith Mission have a great preaching board they transport with visual scriptures and messages and tracts that catch peoples attention, and the Doctor that preached first was very loud and got many peoples attention for a small man. He told us of coming to the UK from India to preach the gospel to the UK and how through his work in medicine he had seen God do many miracles in healing people from diseases and sickness through medicine and prayer,a s well as the incomparability of evolution with Science and how his work testified to Gods glory in him seeing DNA and cells and everything made for a purpose, therefore man was without excuse in denying Gods existence.

Many people stopped to listen as again they were so shocked that such a seemingly small and quiet man could have such a loud preaching voice!

Indian Doctor preaching that is part of small house church in Plymouth

George and Harry both preached and used their scripture board to chat to a group of teenagers that actually attend the school I work at, and asked them many questions about what they learn in school and is this compatible to what they see around them in regards to evolution and design, as well as other religions that are taught and why Christianity is the only one that can save.

George preaching, one of two twins who are evangelists with Faith Mission that we often go out with

Simon then preached who also attends Grace Community Church in Torpoint with me, and has been stopped by Police before a few months ago when we preached, as a passer by had thought he was a Muslim hate preacher (probably because of his beard!) but when the Police actually spoke to us they were very sincere and nice and apologized as realized we were not doing anything wrong and the passer by was mistaken.

Simon preached on John 3 v 36 and the urgent message that Gods patience is short and that those without Christ are storing up wrath for the day of judgment unless they flee to the Son for shelter and forgiveness, which caused many of those sitting nearby to think.

Simon preaching, one of our team in Plymouth.

Della (with back to camera) who is also part of our team had some great conversations with two women who walked by and managed to share her testimony with them.


I Preached on John 9 and how Jesus said if you said you were blind, you would see, but those that say they see are still spiritually blind and people's need to humble themselves and turn to Jesus by 100 faith alone and not by any works as other false religions do to save us.

Between us we were able to hand out many tracts and had many conversations as were about 10 of us out altogether that day and hope to plan more outreaches in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro in the next few weeks.

If you are interested in joining our group please contact us through Operation513 or Facebook group

South-East England (UK) Team

Saturday, 15 September, 2018

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I only had a few days notice that a mini-gay pride parade was to take place on the 15th of September through the town centre in Basildon. 

I got the meeting point early and hardly anyone was there.  I was going to start preaching from one corner at the meeting point when the organiser, Mr. Burton-Sampson, showed up with flag and banners in hand.  I went up to him and he kindly  let me ask him some questions. 

I first asked him whether the intention of the gay community was to silence Christians. I quoted a gay publication" LGBTQ+ Goldsmith" that said that those who disagreed with the homosexual agenda deserved the gulag.  He was not aware of the article.  Mr. Burton-Sampson was aware that the Bible defined the rainbow as God's covenant with Noah and pride was viewed as detestable by God. I was hoping he could define what was hateful in these Biblical symbols.

I then offered to define a gay philosophy based on Michel Foucault.  He picked up on that and listened to Foucault's definition of the post-modern mindset.  "If you love what I love, I will love you.  If you hate what I love, I will hate you".  Then I added, "But Jesus said, love those who hate you". Mr. Sampson replied, "Oh, I'm a Christian!".  But he didn't go to any local church because they wouldn't accept him. 

By that time we were surrounded by six police officers and I felt that it was time to leave.  I walked past the police van and started preaching further down the town centtre.  I expected the parade to start shortly, but it still hadn't started an hour later.  I had some good conversations with a number of people.  I was handing out tracts and preaching, which is a bit unusual.  Many were happy to see someone out there.  I only caught the names of Tom, the window washer, and his daughter and Paul, the heroin addict, who was out of the "slammer".

I was worn out after 50 minutes of preaching, so I left.  The parade still hadn't started, but maybe 30 people were standing around at the gathering point.

Brisbane Team

Wednesday, 10 October, 2018

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This afternoon the team took three flip charts onto the streets of Brisbane city. Even whilst stationed in the same location, at one moment, a fourth was required! Thankfully there was a mini flipchart that was able to be used. If there was any better display of how effective the flipcharts are, have a look at the photo. Four conversations taking place, within five metres, each using a flip chart to share the Gospel! (If you want to use a flipchart for your Gospel witness they can be purchased here).

The first conversation of the afternoon was had with Bastion and Damian, two tourists. Damian professed to be a Christian but knew nothing of the Gospel and Bastion thought that there was no God. After the simply "buildings need a builder" analogy and a run through of the flip chart, both men were left to ponder the question, "When will you turn from sin, to Jesus, for your salvation?"

Throughout the scattering of conversations across the afternoon there were a few other stand outs. A surprising one was with a man named Cameron, from Scotland. He said he had never thought about God or eternity (which was a surprise, considering he is from Scotland, the home of Presbyterianism).

He wasn't against the idea of God and after a simple ten minute Gospel presentation he said he would have to consider Jesus' command to repent and believe. He did have to leave but he noted that he was thankful that the Gospel had been shared and that he was offered salvation.

Please be praying that the offer is not just acknowledged but also accepted.

Another conversation was with Alex and Olivia. This was a fairly standard, "I don't believe in God" conversation. It started with many arguments, many attempts to use different smoke-screens to avoid God's Holiness and judgement but as the conversation went on, Alex, who was originally the one raising the most objections was silenced.

This occurred as it was pointed out consistently throughout the conversation that the real reason we reject God, isn't intellectual or theological. Instead, we reject God because God's existence means that there is a day of judgement coming, a day on which all of humanity, if judged by their actions will stand eternally condemned.

Alex, didn't have an argument against this, he simply would pause as the criticism was let hang. Olivia on the other hand had many more direct questions about Christianity. As the conversation drew to a close and the Gospel was re-emphasised they could hardly believe the dramatic change that Christianity has in someone's life.

It was a real eye opener for them to hear that as Christian's we will love and forgive others even despite the wrongs they do to us because we have been loved and forgiven infinitely more than we will ever be asked love or forgive.

Please be praying that this discussion would leave them not just in "awe" of Christians rather, in awe of the God and Saviour of said Christians.

Another beautiful conversation was had with two men who were openly homosexual. The best part about this conversation with Peter and PJ was that it was not even raised in the conversation as a reason to disbelieve in God. Rather throughout the entire conversation there was a solemn and serious consideration of what God had said to His creation.

The conversation lasted almost forty five minutes and at the end, PJ said he wasn't sure if he wanted to trust in God because it wasn't "that appealing". The beauty and glory of the Gospel was explained, the cost and choice was set before Him and PJ was challenged to not just understand the Gospel but to turn from His life of rebellion to the Saviour.

Peter on the other hand had stressed that he wasn't sure if God really cared because of the life of suffering he had. It was explained that although we suffer in this life, whether it be in small amounts or large, there is a very real sense in which we deserve it. (It was explained that we don't suffer in this life based on how much we've sinned, rather that the suffering we deserve is the eternal wrath of God in Hell). But that God most certainly wasn't absent in suffering because He had taken His own "medicine", He had come, as the only innocent one and suffered the full fury and wrath we deserve.

God isn't just a passive observer rather and active participant in the salvation of sinners, going so far as to become apart of His creation, suffering His own eternal wrath for the very ones who had rebelled against Him. He is the actively involved, loving and merciful God.

The final conversation of the afternoon came with just fifteen minutes left. It was prayed that God would use this conversation specifically so that one whom He had chosen would hear the Gospel.

With around one hundred people in King George square at any moment and no prompting from God was given, a man who was wearing a Richmond hat was approached (on that basis) and was asked what he thought would happen after he died.

This man, Gary, went on to explain his beliefs and ideas and throughout the conversation and all the while hearing God's standards, God's authority and God's offer of salvation.

During the conversation Gary went on to mention that over the past few days he had been considering ending his own life and had prayed to God that he would send someone to share hope with him. This was a moment of real excitement.

The problem of sin was presented, that Gospel was explained. Gary's questions were answered and Gary was left with the commands of Jesus, to repent and believe and that doing so will result in, "life in His name".

Please be praying for Gary, that he will turn from his attempts to find satisfaction in this the fleeting things of this life. Please be praying that Gary would come to no longer trust in himself but to rely entirely upon Jesus for saving!

Thank you for your continued prayer support. Please also prayerfully consider joining the team at any spare moment, that you too may be able to proclaim the Glories of God to the sinners of your local area!

Capalaba Team

Monday, 8 October, 2018

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This afternoon in Capalaba again God was gracious in keeping the rain away during the outreach. At the beginning of the outreach the team prayed that God would delay or fast track buses as He desired to bring about, lengthen or even shorten conversations as required.

Usually conversations at Capalaba last for less than fifteen minutes due to the bus schedule but the first conversation of the afternoon was with a man named Niel. This conversation lasted almost fifty minutes! It was a valuable conversation.

One of the crucial things that has been used recently in evangelism is explaining sin through the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. This is because most people know of the garden but very few know what the sin was or how they were tempted. When it is explained that Satan's temptation is simply that Adam and Eve can determine right and wrong for themselves, most people are shocked.

But with this basis and grounding, it can be referred to over and over as the root of all sin and every time someone says, "I would do it differently to God", it can be pointed out, that foolishness is in the very same vein as the sin that started this whole problem.

In the conversation with Niel, this was relied upon strongly and referred to often. Niel had many different objections, although none were the usual intellectual ones. Most were emotional, experiential or simply rebellious. 

Over the course of this lengthy conversation Niel slowly went from being quite sure of his rejection of God to being quite open to considering what God has done to save sinners. With the Gospel emphasised a number of times and many theological topics covered, Niel finally said that he would consider reading the Bible and attending a local Church.

He didn't seem completely committed but at the same time his words weren't entirely empty either. Please be praying that this man who has said he is, "Waiting for God". Will be greatly moved by God and shall not be able to sleep another night until he is right with Him.

Another conversation was had with a lady named Jordan. At first she said she was an atheist but more meant that she thought most (if not all) Christians were simply hypocrites. It was interesting that she raised that and for the first time a new method of evangelism was used, firstly asking what she thought the main point of Christianity is.

To which she boldly declared, "Love your neighbour as yourself". Then it was explained through three statement of Jesus, with discussion on each, what the Gospel really is. Jesus said, "You must be Holy as your Heavenly Father is Holy". He said, "The righteous will be resurrected unto eternal life and the unrighteous to eternal punishment" and He said, "I come not to be served but to serve and give my life as a ransom for many".

With these three points discussed each in some level of depth, Jordan not only declared that we are all in trouble and no one deserves Heaven but upon understanding the penal substitutionary atonement of the cross said that she had her mind opened to what Christians really believed and said she was not as against it anymore.

This was encouraging, it was a small step and as she finished saying this her bus arrived (a few minutes late). Praise God for another moment of providence for the advancement of the Gospel.

Please also be praying that Jordan isn't satisfied with the new and small understanding of God and His Gospel but will desire to know God personally and intimately.

Finally a conversation was had with Bruce and Asian man who said he had received a tract last week at Sunnybank. Through the conversation the Gospel was explained a number of times until he understood it and upon understanding it he said, "I think I want to trust in Jesus now!" This was an exciting moment and when offered a local Church he said he would be keen to head along!

Praise God for using tracts and simple Gospel conversations to bring about regenerated hearts and saved souls.

Please be praying for those who were spoken to today, even for brief conversations. Please be praying that God would save many for His glory as a result of today's simple display of obedience.

Myanmar (Burma) Short Term Missions

Friday, 21 September, 2018

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This video was a little slow in making it to the net but rest assured it is one well worth watching. 

Hear Glen share about a conversation he had with a Monk which was enabled because of a previous interaction had with another team member.

Hear Natalie share about an exciting conversation she had with an Burmese Australian who had run into and spoken with the team, two times prior before speaking with her.

Please keep the last outcomes of the conversations had and the tracts handed out, in your prayers, to the Sovereign Saviour!

Gold Coast Team

Friday, 5 October, 2018

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Hear two team members, sharing about conversation they had this past Friday.

Matt had a serious chat with a man who was hoping that he would be okay before God on judgement day because his father is a priest. It was stressed and explained that only those in Christ, purchased by His blood are right before God.

George had a really encouraging conversation with a couple, who at first were "offended" even by the thought of talking about the Bible but through gentle words, the common desire for truth and the softening of the heart by the Spirit, George was able to have a lengthy and impactful conversation!

Please be praying for these conversations and also keep all those who receieved tracts, were spoken to or were asked a question to ponder, that God would use these events to bring about His glory, however He desires!

Sunnybank Team

Thursday, 4 October, 2018

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Today Sunnybank was a hive of conversations. With the usual school traffic not around, the team thought there may not be as many people but much to their delight, more people than usual were using the bus stations and as a result many heard the Gospel.

An early conversation was had with Jacob. This was an unusual conversation because he was European and yet still believed in God. The vast majority of European's that the team speaks to are atheistic. It was interesting to find that Jacob was not against the idea of God but was just happily living in sin.

The law of God was bought to bear on his life and conscience and Jacob said that it worried him that, if he died tonight, he would end up in Hell. When asked how that could be solved, Jacob sadly had no idea. As the very beginnings of the Gospel were explained his bus arrived and he had to leave.

He took a tract and said he would read it. Please be praying that he would come to a saving knowledge of the truth!

Another conversation was had with two SDA girls. They sadly had been taught that God had no wrath, that Jesus wasn't suffering God's judgement on the cross and that sin is dealt with simply by death.

When asked about specifics regarding how people are saved, the girls knew very little. It was sad to hear that they had so little understanding of the Gospel. Over the course of a short discussion and explanation and with many questions asked, they seemed to begin to understand but it was hard to help them see a life to of mis-truths they had been sewn.

Thankfully they took tracts and were happy to have spoken with the team.

A young man who was on a quick break from work spoke to the team. He had heard of Jesus and knew a little about Him but didn't understand the significance of what Christ did at the cross. This was explained, the response we are to have was explained and Nick headed back inside to work, with new information about Christ.

Nick didn't seem overly excited or phased but please be praying that this glorious truth would leave more than an intellectual mark but would be the very thing that leads Nick to trust in Jesus alone as His Lord and Saviour.

One other exciting conversation was with Chloe. She is at the bus stop at the same time every week but sadly over previous weeks had not been interested to talk. This week she did engage and was happy to interact as the introduction to the Gospel was given.

God's existence was explained, His purpose for humanity and this world was explained and the dire problem of sin and its consequence of Hell was articulated. Chloe acknowledged that it made sense but that she wasn't really phased because she had decided (on the basis of her upbringing) that God didn't really exist.

Please be praying that Chloe not only reads the tract that she was given but that her life will be forever changed as she doesn't just acknowledge that God exists but that she too would turn to Him as her only hope before a Holy God.

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