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Thursday, 14 March, 2019

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At Sunnybank the cloud cover provided some respite from the last few days of scorching heat but as always despite the weather, the Gospel goes forth!

The first conversation was with a gentleman who said he knows God exists and was willing to talk briefly but was trusting in his own goodness to get himself to Heaven. Just as he was being shown the law, his bus arrived and the conversation came to a close. He took a tract and was encouraged to read it.

A young lady named Abby was approached and after a few early questions where she didn't give very clear answers it turns out that she had been speaking with the JW's. She then went on to say that she has lots of questions to ask them but they don't seem to be able to answer them. As she started to raise some of the questions related to the Gospel her bus arrived and she too, took a tract and left.

Soon two similar conversations took place with George then Matt. They were both unsure about what comes after death, where shown how we know God exists, why we often don't want God to exist and the desperate position our sin has placed us in, on the path to Hell. Both were stressed with the seriousness of judgement, the unpredictability of when it will occur and were given a tract sharing the solution as they hopped on their respective buses.

An interesting double conversation took place with a construction worker on his way home, which was then taken over by a man who often engages with the team. This builder was shown how we know God exists and his only argument was, "I don't believe that". When shown again that disbelieving in something so clear was unwise, especially when it wasn't done out of a desire for truth but out of a desire to obscure to truth in order to numb ones conscience and an attempt to avoid judgement, the only person it was hurting was himself.

He was shown God's law which revealed his sin and the conversation here got tough as he just more vehemently tried to avoid his guilt by attempting to suppress the truth of God's existence. It was at this time with a man who often comes past, who had been listening in and trying to join in the conversation with some snarky comments pushed in with his argument, "Well if you say that everything that is created needs a Creator, who created God?" to which the response was given, "God doesn't have a beginning, He wasn't created, therefore He doesn't need a creator".

This began a conversation that showed incredible irony and the willful and continual attempts of this man to suppress the truth at all costs. Every time an attempt to share God's law and the Gospel was made he would try and derail it with an unrelated objection. Sometimes the objection was addressed other times it was ignored. The issue though wasn't that this man had a lot of legitimate questions, rather he had a sin fueled desire to avoid the truth about God.

At one stage when this was pointed out in conversation he said, "Well what is it that I have done so wrong that I deserve Hell?" To which he was asked, "Have you ever told a lie?" with the response, "Yes many times". At first he tried to contain the guilt by responding, "But lying isn't that bad". "It is according to the God vehemently loves truth" was the response. Followed by, "Have you ever stolen anything?" "No."

"You've never taken something that wasn't yours, never pirated movies or tv shows," He was asked. "Well yes, but it wasn't much," He responded. But at this point seeing his guilt, it was conversation over and he almost perfectly did what was pointed out that he was doing. He did everything he could to try and suppress the truth. He declared that the team had simply been batting off the things he said as untrue without any reason. When in reality the polar opposite had taken place.

He then said, "Because all you've been doing is dissmissing me, I am going to dismiss you". He then marched off to the other end of the bus stop and threw a couple of profanities back on his way.

As you have read this, it is our hope and prayer that you do not view this man as the enemy. He is rather a desperately lost soul that is believing any lie that enables him to suppress the knowledge of God's existence and his own guilt. It is our prayer that you too will begin to pray for this man, every Thursday morning, that God would use the teams witness to him to shake him out of his sinful rebellion and that he will come to be a child of the living God, where he once was so opposed to God that he would turn around and become an ambassador for Christ!

The afternoon actually had many more conversations but one worth noting was with a young man named Tony. He at first said he wasn't interested in thinking about God. Was shown how we know God exists and why it matters. And was taken through God's law and shown to be desperately guilty like the rest of us. But he still was unmoved. It turns out that he has his own human court date in a few weeks where he is in quite serious trouble and said that is all he could think about.

With this information, it was pointed out to him that in this human court he may be found guilty and will be in quite serious trouble but the penalty in comparison to God's sentence will be infinitely less. He has a more important court date, when he will stand before the Creator of this world and he will be found guilty and sentenced to eternal Hell unless someone else has paid his Hell punishment. It was even pointed out that he may stand before God before the court date on this earth comes. He seemed to take this seriously and took a tract.

Please be praying for those who heard the law or the Gospel today that God will, by His spirit, change hearts and cause people to trust in Him. Please be praying that others that were spoken to who brushed the matter off as unimportant would come to see how serious eternity is and will be prepared and willing to talk next time they are offered a chance to hear what God has done to save sinners.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

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This afternoon in Brisbane city was almost unbelievable. It is usual to have a day with a single or maybe two really encouraging conversations where people respond positively but today it seemed that God was at work in softening hearts.

The first conversation of the afternoon took place with a lady named Dell. She at first said she didn't know if there was a God, maybe just an energy. She was shown how this couldn't be the case because energy cannot create anything, only a being wielding energy can. Then she saw God's law and the universal guilt and understood that there is a day of judgement because a good God cannot ignore evil. She acknowledged that she was mostly just ignoring thinking about it because it was uncomfortable and she didn't have a solution.

She was shown what God had done to save sinners, was given and tract and encouraged to read the Gospel of John. She didn't say she would but she said she was very thankful for the conversation and was glad she had heard and said she would consider what was said.

Next was a short conversation with Juke. Throughout the conversation on a number of occasions he reiterated, "I really needed to hear this today!" He knew God exists, and knew of the afterlife but wasn't sure where he would end up. He was shown God's law and realised his guilt and that he deserved Hell.

Then for the first time in his life he saw the Gospel of grace. He came to understand that it is a gift for the guilty not a reward for the righteous. At first he didn't understand how to receive the Gospel and thought it was by doing good works and being worthy but then came to understand that no one could be worthy and that it was a gift! He was asked a checking question to which at first he said the wrong answer but then corrected himself and got it right. It was exciting to see.

He responded by saying that has goes to church with his grandmother sometimes and said that he wants to have a read of his Bible now! He was encouraged to start in John, then have a read of Romans.

Maybe the most exciting part of this, is that the discussion took place in an area the team normally doesn't visit but "it just so happened" that today, due to the immense heat and some of the seats being off limits that the area where Juke was sitting was approached. God is utterly sovereign even using the heat to bring about individuals to hear the Gospel and respond positively!

A quick sad conversation was with a man named Peter. He was so worried about eternity. He had a Catholic background and knew that he was utterly hopeless at getting himself to Heaven but due to the works based salvation being taught in Catholicism he was left utter hopeless. He heard the Gospel briefly and was offered hope but for some reason he didn't want to hear more. He did take a tract though.

A final conversation was with Josh. He has spoken to the team before and has some sort of Christian background but has damaged his mind with drugs. The majority of the conversation was Josh being dismissive and trying to avoid the reality of God, the authenticity of the Bible, the Creator, judgement, Heaven and Hell simply by saying, "I don't believe that" without really giving a reason as to why. Even when asked why he didn't believe he couldn't give a reason. It was over and over pointed out that it was a sinful bias that leads people to believe anything that can momentarily numb their conscience.

But then in an almost last ditch attempt to get the Gospel out, he heard a relatively short monologue about what God has done so that sinners can be forgiven and at this moment his whole demeanor changed. Instead of being frustrated and dismissive he started asking questions, he admitted that he had been considering heading back to Church because the life he was living was shallow and unsatisfying and he even said when he is on drugs he often hears voices telling him that he is doing the wrong thing.

He was encouraged to have a read of the Gospel of John and was encouraged to head to a local church in his area!

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel today and were challenged. Praise God that he uses the means of feeble men and women preaching to bring people to salvation! Please pray specifically for Peter that his hopelessness would find a solution in Christ's worthiness and that he would begin to attend a Church that seeks to accurately represent what God has said.

Please also pray for the others who heard the good news today, that God would draw them unto Himself as they began to read a Bible!

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

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Tuesday saw a focus on the Riccarton area of Christchurch (NZ) with letterbox dropping and flip charting.  The foot traffic was light for flip charting, and just as I began to wonder if I was going to look like a fool, a conversation started.  And the whole outreach ended up being very eventful.

I had some challenging gospel conversations with some high school students.  After one of those conversations had completed, a few minutes later one of the students walked past again - this time with his father.  And then a few minutes after that, the father walked past alone.  I invited him to try the flip chart - and he was keen.  So father and son both heard the gospel that day!

I also had a wonderful gospel conversation with an LGBT couple who wanted to know what the flip chart was all about.  They could see the logic of the world view I was presenting, and I could see that they were challenged by it.  They both gladly took copies of "God and Sexuality" by Ray Comfort as well as other gospel literature.

Wednesday was intensive with 8 hours of outreach including letterbox dropping, outreach in the city, and outreach outside the hospital.

I was encouraged to see some other Christians outside the hospital with pro-life signs protesting abortion.  I talked to them briefly before setting up my flip chart outside an entrance.

It was a hot afternoon, and the best spot for outreach here doesn't have any shade.  I stayed there for an hour handing out tracts before retreating to a shady spot.

I ended up having some wonderful gospel conversations at this new shady spot.  A highlight was a discussion with four high school students.

At the end of the day, while I was letterbox dropping, I encountered three guys door knocking doing an insurance survey.  I gave them tracts and a wonderful conversation ensued.  It was challenging with, at times, all three of them talking at the same time asking me questions.  But I was able to get through the law with all three of them, and briefly discuss the gospel with two of them (one went back to work).  The conversation came to an end when one of the home owners came out asking us to be quiet so they could watch the news on TV in peace!  We parted ways on good terms, and they all took literature from me and instructions on how to contact me if they wanted to continue the conversation.

May God use the feeble efforts of His children to bring people to faith in Christ.  All glory to Him.

Woodridge (QLD) Team

Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

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In Woodridge on Tuesday it was a scorcher at almost 40 degrees but God's word continued to go out!

The first conversation of the afternoon was with a young lady named Hannah. She was asked what she thought happened after she died and said there was nothing. When asked why she believed that she had no reason. She was shown the building builder analogy saw where it was going and realised that it made sense. It was pointed out that the reason people don't want to believe in God is because are trying to avoid the guilt of their sin by saying there is no judge. As the conversation just began her bus arrived to "save" her from having to think too hard about eternity.

Soon a young man named Andrew tried to justify his sin by saying that if he was god he would have designed a world in which everyone could do what they liked. It was pointed out how utterly foolish that idea is because even with the limited freedom people have in this world, it is an absolute mess. He was shown that our selfishness that drives our actions is very much the problem and that more freedom will not remove that. He too then had to hop on the bus.

Next two guys were walking past reading a tract and one said, "I only like Satan". They were asked if they really meant that and jokingly said yes and then were asked why they would back the losing team. Jesus has already risen, Satan is defeated. Then getting a bit more serious when asked if they would go to Heaven or Hell after they died they both said Heaven.

When asked what they were trusting in their said their own goodness. They were asked if they had ever told a lie and said, "Of course, who hasn't". But it was pointed out that God's standard is perfection and even their lying will disallow them from getting into Heaven. At this their bus arrived as well and they headed off with their tracts in hand. Please be praying for these men that they would be serious about considering eternity because their current paths are heading toward and eternity of Hell.

There were two other ladies, Lee-Anne and Stacey who heard the Gospel and both were able to respond back with the correct message after hearing the Gospel. Lee-Anne didn't seem very moved but did seem to have understood. Stacey on the other hand said she would have to search it out herself as she didn't often listen to what people had said and believe it straight away. Thankfully though they were both good conversations where the Gospel was shared, the seriousness was made known and both were left with a decision to make.

Another short conversation was with a lady named Aaliyah on her way home from Tafe. She said she didn't know if there was a God but was happy to be challenged, saw that buildings have builders and in the same way, even if we don't know who built this world, someone must have because it has a beginning. As it was being pointed out why this matters her bus arrived and she took a tract, mentioning that it would be good to chat more next time.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel today, those who even heard a little bit about how we know God exists and keep those who will hear in the coming days in your prayers. Also please pray for those who rejected an opportunity to hear the Gospel, there were three men today who were uninterested in talking about God, some to the point of walking away as they were first asked.

May God glorify Himself by bringing many to salvation!

Warwick (QLD) Team

Saturday, 9 March, 2019

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Still no rain for most of us here, but trust in God’s perfect time it will come. A man in his 90’s stopped to receive a tract and he told us he has a bible on display at home. When he was asked if he reads it he answered not very often. He was very chatty and we eventually got to ask him some important questions about what he believes.

He went off track a lot and in his chatting had told us he believes in UFO’s. When we took him through the good person test he would not admit to breaking any of the commandments even when asked about the first Commandment, to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, he didn’t think it was wrong because he said he doesn’t know God.

He wasn’t saying he didn’t believe in God, he was demanding God to fix everything and that he wasn’t doing a good job. We tried to explain to him that God is good in all He does. We need to know who God is, and the bible and the words of Jesus teaches us how we can know God that He is Holy and perfectly good and that we all are sinners in need of His forgiveness of sin.

We also said to the man to say you have no sin you are saying God is a liar and you are putting yourself in the place of God and breaking the second commandment. He was hard to talk with, as he really was not listening. He became upset and started saying God should give us rain now.  He was very proud and told us he is not a sinner but instead he said Jesus was a sinner. 

As we were trying reason with him he became upset and left. It was very sad to see his attitude toward God and we didn’t have a chance to share the Gospel in words but he did take a tract and we know God’s Spirit is what is needed to change his heart. Pray for T for the work that is needed to be saved.

Only minutes after he left a lady come towards us with her wheelie walker and a carer not far behind her, the lady had a sweet smile and happily received “ Everything happens for a reason tract” she said that is so true. Then I said to her that it is the message about eternity and asked her if she thinks she is going to heaven.

She shared how she had become a believer 2 years ago. I asked her what happened and if she could tell me. The lady shared that she was watching a movie about the Bible and she told me the part where Jesus was talking with the women at the well, it was when Jesus told the Samaritan women, that He is what she has been looking for. This is what God used to touch her heart to believe in Jesus for eternal life.

This dear lady told me she could never go back to where she was. I asked her some questions using our tracts about how the bad news is needed to appreciate the good news, and W was visually and verbally grateful. She reads her bible twice a day and goes to a local church. After she left I was amazed at the contrast of the hearts of the elderly man and this frail women’s heart. It was so beautiful to see God’s work in this lady and sad to see the man’s rejection of God.

And it made me think how we would all be like that man if it wasn’t for the grace of God that changed our hearts to believe in Jesus, the way the truth and the life the only way to the Father by His Spirits work in us. 

At the end of the day a young man stopped after receiving a tract, and asked what it was about, after a short conversation he was then taken through the law using the flip chart, he was admitting sin and after the courtroom analogy about judgment day he was agreeing that he would be guilty and be going to hell.

He said he wasn’t concerned, as we talked more he told me briefly about something that had happened in his life and it seemed to me he was holding a heavy load of guilt. After doing my best to explain the mercy and justice of God and His kind offer of forgiveness, the Gospel was explained and his need to trust in Jesus alone to saved from eternal judgment. Only by God’s grace through faith in Jesus will anyone want to get know Jesus and desire to live for Him and His glory.

Please pray for T and all the people who received tracts and those who we had conversations with that God will use it all to do the good work to bring repentance and faith to be saved. Pray also those who may need to talk or any help from us will come back to see us.

West Country (UK) Team

Saturday, 9 March, 2019

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On Saturday 9th March, Simon and I went to Exeter for outreach which is the next biggest city to Plymouth, a population of around 150,000 and always seems to have a good response when we go there to preach and witness.

Simon preached first which was for around 40 minutes while I handed out tracts to people that walked past, while a few other people stopped to listen. 

Something unusual happened whn Simon was preached- a lady gave him a hand written note, and we read it together afterwards which is attached. It seemed to show she had been brought up in a legalistic Church and had obviously affected her in a negative way and led to her renouncing the Church which is most unfortunate, but she left quickly without us having a chance to talk to her about it.

I spoke to three lads in their early twenties who were in the Navy who had taken an interest in the million pound note tracts. When speaking about life and death and if anything had ever happened to them- one said that he had a heart condition and had collapsed in the street with the other friend having to help him and call the ambulance. This made the other two think more about eternity, and one of the lads smiled when I was talking and when I asked why he said he had looked at a woman walk past in the street after I had talked about the seventh commandment. This made us all share about why men can find it difficult not to do that and why we need a Saviour! 

A woman with quite bright new age clothing and her hair in braids stopped to read the intelligence test questions and asked what we were doing and was very happy to ask some questions and take tracts.

I preached again about the carving of a woman in the high street that showed us all we knew that God existed as it needed a designer, and why we all knew God existed but just loved being in charge of our own lives rather than acknowledge Gods existence. I shared again about CSI and how DNA meant we were all fearfully and wonderfully made, but that also we could not commit a crime with evidence being left, and that God who made the eye and the ear could see and hear and why we needed saving because we had all done wrong, with a conscience and knowledge of it.

A lady listened as I preached and afterwards said her name was Bernice. She said she was formerly an atheist but had become a Christian 16 years ago after hearing an open air preacher here in Exeter and was born again. She was really encouraging and spoke at length to Simon.

Two university students stopped to read the intelligence test and led to a great conversation afterwards, and Simon spoke to a  man who was next to us with others with dragon boats- he was a Jew and said he was still waiting for the Messiah, and Simon managed to speak to him about Isaiah 53 and the many reasons why we know Jesus is the Messiah!

A lady that came up at the end as we were packing up was asking questions about homosexuality, how we know the Bible is true, how we discipline our children- she had spoken to us when we went and they had the gay pride march a few months ago, and although was quite argumentative did listen to our answers and took some tracts.

When we finished and were walking back to the car we stopped in McDonald's that had loads of teenagers in on a Saturday afternoon. They were reading the intelligence test board and led to lots of chats and tracts being handed out, and a McDonald's staff member read the board and said he was a Christian and went to Brethren Church here in Exeter.

It was a fantastic day with lots of great encouragement from some Christians that walked past and many tracts handed out and fruitful conversations. God really blessed us with good weather and an open square with not much going on which allowed room for people to stop and think about the message we were preaching and we were praising and thanking God on the way home for such a good day! SDG

Capalaba (QLD) Team

Monday, 11 March, 2019

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Monday at Capalaba was an exciting day filled with a range of catch up conversations and some new people hearing the Gospel. It started with a short conversation with a lady named Amy.

She said she believed in reincarnation and was challenged on that. She was shown that there must be a God, with the building builder analogy and saw that because there is a God there is accountability for our actions. She began to hear God's law but her bus arrived so she took a tract.

An exciting beginning to a conversation was with Glenis and her daughter Kiana. They had once been apart of the JW religion but around ten years earlier they had been disfellowshipped for something that Glenis did wrong. This meant that her family didn't want to talk with her or have anything to do with her and therefore was left alone separated from her family. This began a conversation showing them what Jesus had really said about eternity and they came to understand and were being shown through God's law as their bus arrived.

They were encouraged to read John's Gospel and were given tracts each. They were interested in talking more in the future and said they will come back to talk!

Next to hear was Amber who had spoken to the team before and spoke to two team members today. She was challenged strongly in the Gospel. Most notably was the challenge to not just acknowledge it is true but to actually trust Jesus. As she seemed to know the Gospel but just wasn't trusting in Jesus.

Another conversation was had with Aidan who has spoken to the team quite a number of times now. He acknowledges that that Bible is true that God exists and that Jesus alone can save but he just seems to be finding different excuses or things so that he "can't" trust Jesus. This week it was about God being Jealous and he said, "Isn't it a sin for God to be jealous?" A discussion was started explaining this and he was once again challenged to consider what God has said, not just to acknowledge it as true but to ponder how seriously it will affect his eternity.

A young couple were approached. Will and Tabitha were their names. They at first said they didn't know if God exists and were shown the building builder analogy and said it made sense. They were then shown why God will hold those in His world accountable and as they heard God's law they realised very quickly their guilt. In God's timing their bus arrived and they had to leave but they said they would stop to chat if we saw them again!

There was a quickly re-engaged conversation with Rachel who was talking about "god" being unconditional love. That it is love itself that is the god. This was touched on and she was shown why God must be personal and it was pointed out what problems arose if God was impersonal and just a force. She seemed to struggle to understand but was happy to be challenged.

She was unsure about how justice in this world worked as she was talking about karma and the law of cause and effect but saw that it wasn't sufficient to deal with sin. Her bus arrived as well and she was encouraged to read a tract and she too said she would be interested in talking with the team again.

The last conversation of the afternoon was with Damien. He overheard another conversation and when asked he mentioned that he had spoken to another team member. He said that he didn't think he could believe in God because of all the evil in this world. He was shown the two fold problem with such a statement. Firstly, that we only know what evil is because God created the world to be good and secondly, that it is humanity who is guilty for the evil. It is our fault that this world is a mess.

This made sense to him and he was challenged to strongly re-consider the Gospel in light of this, that he too was apart of the problem of evil in this world and that one day he would have to stand before his creator. He was reminded that his only hope is if Jesus has paid his debt on the cross.

Please be praying for those who spoke to the team and were happy to engage. Praise God that so many conversations were had. Please also be praying that God would seek to enable continued conversations with those who were willing to hear more, so that they may come to a fuller understanding of who God is and what He has done to save sinners.

Christchurch (NZ) Team

Sunday, 10 March, 2019

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Saturday saw an eventful outreach in Cathedral Square for the Christchurch (NZ) team.

A group, whom I have encountered before, that sadly believe water baptism and speaking in tongues is required for salvation, were also out sharing.  Discussions were had with a few of them refuting this, and explaining justification by faith alone.  Considering all my interaction with people from this group, their passion for what they believe is overbearing and forceful and a reminder to me of how not to talk to people when I'm sharing about Jesus.

But tracts were distributed and some good conversations were had.  A highlight conversation was with a young Christian man who was keen to go through the flip chart, and was very impressed with the way the law was used before presenting the good news of Christ.  He left with a Paul Washer booklet: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and encouragement to watch The Shocking Youth Message on You Tube.

After this, a huge crowd protesting water bottling companies came and presented a wonderful opportunity for tract distribution - I ended up giving away all my tracts.  :)

Later on Saturday, I did some more letterbox dropping.  Doing a few hours a day, I've nearly covered a whole suburb in a week.

Sunday brought rain again - but not enough to stop the afternoon outreach!  With the markets not running due to the weather, the only entertainment in Cathedral Square was the wonderful busking of Kelvin, and some Christians (us) out sharing about Christ.

People from South Africa, Israel and German were open to gospel conversations.

The 2 German tourists (with excellent English) stopped at the flip chart keen for a conversation.  They easily followed the logic of the gospel presentation I gave them, and then hung around to discuss it further.  It turns out that another Christian had been sharing the same message with them when they were down in Wanaka.  I pleaded with them that today was the day of salvation: to repent and trust in Christ - they may not get a third opportunity to hear the message of the hope of eternal life found in Jesus.

As 2 of the team were leaving for a coffee after the outreach, we were distributing tracts as we walked.  One young man asked what it was, and I responded with "a gospel tract".  This caused an English lady, who was walking past, to stop which led to a full gospel conversation with her.

I praise God for the many wonderful opportunities to fulfill the great commission: to go and spread the good news to everyone in the whole world.

Brisbane (QLD) Team

Saturday, 9 March, 2019

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As usual the team headed into the heart of Brisbane city, on another Saturday night that God had given them, with the intention of sharing the message of the Gospel to those who were willing to listen.

It was exciting to see another night where many conversations were had, again over fifty took place! Praise God for such a wonderful location with so many conversations to be had!

From tonight you can hear Matt raise a couple to pray for, who originally professed Buddhism but as they saw the existence of God, the judgement that sin deserves and that no amount of good deeds or "karma" could ever pay the penalty for bad deeds that there needs to be a better solution!

Praise God that their eyes seemed to be opened and they desired to know about what God had done to save sinners!

Next hear and encouragement from George about two conversations he had with people who were close to Christianity but had misunderstood the person of Jesus and the way to Heaven.

Please be praying for those that heard the message that God would bring them unto salvation!

Gold Coast (QLD) Team

Friday, 8 March, 2019

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The evening at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast started as normal, team prayer and then splitting up to seek out people who were willing to hear the Gospel. For some of the team the night went smoothly with conversation after conversation getting to tell many people about who the Christ is and what He has done! But for others it was hard going with many moments of rejection.

This was the case for eight conversations in a row last night. There was a man, Chris, who was taking drugs as the conversation progressed and after a few minutes he couldn't even really respond or comprehend to continue the discussion. Next two guys were approached and they first said that they didn't care what would happen after they died. They were then joined by two friends who actually seemed interested in talking. Sadly the original two "levered" them away from the conversation and the group were left to consider the absolute seriousness of eternity.

Next was an older gentleman who said his body would be taken by the worms and when challenged about his soul said he would probably go to Hell and said that would be okay because it wasn't going to happen for a while.

Then two couples in a row brushed off the questions saying they were in too much of a hurry to talk. They were both challenged with the seriousness that eternity is the most important topic to consider. When one leaves this world, they don't take their family, friends, house, care, job, savings or pets with them, they leave alone. So the most important question to answer is, "Where will God be sending you, Heaven or Hell?"

The next three all answered the question, "Will God send you to Heaven or Hell after you die?" with the answer, "I don't believe in that" and kept walking.

But then after a long time of short conversations Catlan was asked the same question and began by saying, "Heaven because I look out for other people". Catlan was actually ditched by his girlfriend who walked on but remained for a while to chat. On the basis of his profession of "worthiness" and "goodness" he was shown God's law and was absolutely gobsmacked but he was honest. He said, "I never realised that was God's standard" and honestly answered each different part of the law acknowledging his guilt.

This hit home he said I have misunderstood God all this time, "I just thought it was about trying to live a good life". He saw the desperate position his was in and seemed moved. Sadly as the Gospel was about to be presented his girlfriend called him and he said he would have to head off now. He was grateful for the conversation, took a tract and said he was keen to know more. Please be praying that Catlan's girlfriend will not be able to stop him from hearing the Gospel and that God may do whatever it takes to lead him to a saving knowledge of the truth.

Another conversation was with Michael. He and two others were stopped and the others were Christians. Michael did most of the talking and originally was relatively hostile. Then as he heard the law and the Gospel something just clicked. A drastic change occurred where he wasn't against the message but actively was interested to the point that he requested a Bible! Praise God for his gracious work in the hearts of men!

The final conversation of the evening was with Theo and Natalie. Theo did most of the talking and he was filled with questions. Over the course of a thirty minute discussion he came to understand a large portion of Christianity and how it was the polar opposite to the rest of the religions in this world when it comes to how one gets right before God and the goal of our lives. Theo said he had never heard anything like this before and came to understand the Gospel.

He was actually quite surprised at the beauty of Christianity and was encouraged to study more and actually start reading a Bible for himself!

Praise God that despite some hard hearts he draws people unto Himself in His timing! Please be praying for those spoken to, those who responded positively or negatively that God would use these conversations, questions or tracts to draw His sheep unto Himself!

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