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Capalaba Team (QLD)

Meets 2-5pm every Monday afternoon (except public holidays) at the bus station between the two shopping centres (next to Noeleen Street).

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Monday 9 November 2015

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On Monday afternoon at Capalaba, it was fairly usual, nothing out of place, normal levels of people and completely full of people (the team included) who need the saving grace of God, most of the people just didn't know it yet. It was the team's privilege to take this amazing news of the Gospel, that Christ would die for us, despite our sin, to those who would listen and those who desperately need it.

 As usual at Capalaba there is a number of people hostile to the Gospel, there are regulars who come to the bus stop at the same time every week who just despise God. Please be praying for these regulars, mostly elderly ladies who just laugh at God, they hate Him and if you even mention anything to do with God they will laugh at you or call you names.

Please commit these lost souls to the Lord, for we know God is the author of salvation and is sovereign over all who come to Him, please commit these regulars bus stop users to Christ as they desperately need the saving work of Christ, just as we all did!

During the afternoon the team talked with a range of different people, one of the more interesting ones was Frank, he was a man who claimed no 'subscription' to any major religion but was also very quick to point out that he reads the watchtower (Jehovah's witnesses buletin). Due to this, our conversation was very end times based, as the JW's take a very apocalyptic approach to eternal things.

Sadly Frank, was very scared about dying, all of the talk about end times made him very jumpy, in fact he actually had to check the conversation wasn't being recorded because he said, the government would surely kill him, if they knew how much he knew. 

When the conversation became Gospel based, Frank professed His righteousness, he made claims about his own goodness, that he was surely getting into Heaven. But at the same time Frank was very scared of death, it was evident that he didn't really know for certain because his 'ticket' to Heaven was relying on himself.

As discussion was had about sin, but he was adamant that he wasn't that bad, he was talking continuously  about deeds, about good works and was heavily misunderstanding God's wrath and mercy. By God's grace we were able to briefly cover the topic of Jesus Christ and Frank left with a tract in hand but he, like us all desperately needs Jesus Christ saving work!

Please pray for Frank, that he comes to a knowledge of His sin and therefore trusts in Christ alone for salvation!

Another discussion was with a guy named Jason, when asked about his goodness, Jason very quickly claimed to be ninety-eight out of one hundred. That is the highest, sincere claim of goodness that the team had encountered. A brief chat was had about what had convinced Jason that he was so good.

And Jason like us all, started listing off his works of righteousness. So we used the mirror that reveals the sinfulness of us all to show Jason that like the rest of the world, in the sight of God he was actually not good at all. The mirror of the Ten Commandments and sure enough, just like the team members, Jason had fallen short, in fact of all of the commandments he was tested against he fell short.

But there is a reason the law is important, not to prove our righteousness but rather our non-existent righteousness reveals our dire need for a saviour. That was the case with Jason, he very quickly was asking what could he do to get to Heaven and it opened a great discussion further into the fact that humans cannot do anything on their own strength to get to Heaven, in fact the only way is Jesus Christ, we were able to share.

Please pray for Jason, for Frank and for each other person that was talked to or came into contact with the team, pray that God uses these simple things to bring about knowledge of sin and therefore an understanding of the need for a saviour. Please pray that God leads these people to a desire to know about eternal things and allow them to come into contact with the Gospel!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Monday 12 October 2015

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On Monday afternoon the team headed out to Capalaba, with the normal business of the school term there was a decent amount of people around. Praise be to God for providing people to be able to hear the Gospel.

As always Capalaba is the most interesting place we share the Gospel as all conversations must be walk up. You see someone sitting down and you ask them a question, similar to, "Where do you think you are spending eternity?" Or "Do you know the way to Heaven". And with a high chance of rejection, you curiously wait for their response.

We talked to a young man Lachlan, we have talked to him many times and he says that he denies Christianity based on a lack of evidence.

We discussed with him a range of different things, from Historical evidence to observed scientific phenomena and many other things, he said he stilled denied based on a lack of evidence.

We challenged him on how we interpret facts based on our worldview and how there are things that point to a young earth. He also said some things about the Bible and attacked its validity, the problem is he had never read it.

We have talked with Lachlan over and over, please pray for him, may God convict his heart, bring about knowledge of sin and bring him to repentance and trust in Christ.

Over the course of the afternoon we talked with three different women, Sky, Jess and Jenny who all professed to be Christians, the problem was none of them knew the Gospel, in fact they were still very interested in earning their way to Heaven.

We talked with then each individually and shared the one way to Heaven with them, we encouraged them to consider it as Jesus said the only way of salvation was through Him.

They had different levels of rely on works and were from relatively isolated communities.

Please be pray for these women, that God may use the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change their lives, to bring them to salvation and therefore allow them to preach the truth to those in their communities.

We talked with a lady named Hayley as well, she had a few different reasons to reject Christianity, she said she knows God exists but she decided to choose paganism because the Baptist Church she went to shunned her, rejected her and an deacon/elder abused her.

We were very careful in our addressing of the situation, taking with her that those things are horrible, they are wrong and the Church should not be doing such things but we also explained that we can't accurately represent God based on sinful man professing to represent Him.

We talked a little answering questions but in the end she had to leave, she heard the Gospel, the way of salvation, please pray that she will trust in Christ for salvation and be able to return to church.

We also talked with the usual apathetic people, who couldn't be bothered about Eternity, they were content living for now and whatever may come will come. Please pray that these men who don't care will be struck down with the fear of God in their hearts that their sin will be exposed as a disease and that they shall trust Christ.

Please pray for the team, that they will be able to continue to seek God and His Kingdom, being given the strength to deny themselves, take up their crosses for Him.

Pray that we have more labourers and that many are able to join the team preaching the Gospel, and that others who can't make it out will be preaching and the salt and light in their workplaces, their homes, neighbourhoods and at their sporting events.

Please pray that God may use the Gospel we preached to change lives for His glory and that many may be saved and therefore go out and also share the Glorious Gospel!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Monday 28 September 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday, it was a relatively quiet afternoon, there weren't to many around but by God's grace there were quite a range that engaged in conversations.

It is a very interesting location for evangelism as you have to approach people and ask them and talk to them on their terms, which makes for many people turning you down and also quite a few being pretty angry that you'd even ask them about what they believe.

I talked to a range of people, The first guy and listened and discussed the Gospel, he did admit to being a sinner but also said he didn't really worry about it all. I asked him about what he thought Hell was and he really didn't know, I explained to him what it is and he said it didn't really bother him because this world is pretty bad and so he said Hell couldn't be much worse.

We talked about the common Graces of God, things like rain, wind and sun, food, showers and beds and many more things that we take for granted and he still said it didn't bother him.

I asked him why and he said because of the things he gets to do now, it will be worth it. He wants to sin.

I then talked to a lady who pulled up lots of little problems, things like evil, and morality, like 'science' and other things. I answered her questions and she said she wasn't going to believe in God because she didn't want to.

I also talked to a young man (Jake), who I have spoken to a few times, he says he rarely goes to church, he was able to tell me the Gospel but he said he has plenty of time.

I challenged him by asking when he was going to die, and he admitted that he didn't know, so I asked him if he would consider eternity, there is no time like the present.

This week there was a previously angry older lady sitting next to a younger lady, I entered into a conversation with the younger lady and the older one actually joined in.

By God's grace they both engaged and were able to go through the he law, to hear the truth of the Gospel and said they would consider it.

I also talked to two young men, Jeru and Josh, they both admitted to being sinners but when asked about going to Heaven they both said they didn't want to go to Heaven on the blood of Jesus, they were either going to earn it or go to Hell they said.

It was quite sad but our pride is a big reason we don't want to go to Heaven. 

Please be praying for the hearts of those who heard the Gospel, may they hearts be softened and made good soil so that they will desire to trust in Christ alone for salvation and serve God.

Please pray for the team that they are able to surrender to Christ, denying themselves and taking up their cross to follow Him.

Please pray for more labourers at this outreaches, may there be many people desiring to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the way of salvation with the lost.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Monday 21 September 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday there were not many around as the normal school traffic was gone, this meant there were less people to choose from but still, by God's grace we were not short of people to talk to, there were still many freely wanting to converse.

I first talked to a man named Brett, he had grown up in the Catholic church and told me that he was too sinful to get to Heaven, he said this had worried him and definitely made him sad.

I looked at him, smiled and asked if there was a way to heaven if he would be interested no matter the cost?

And he said definitely, I asked what he thought it might be and he said always being good and we discussed how Justice works that someone needs to pay for his sin and he got that I was meaning that there was someone but he didn't know who it was.

When I said the name of Jesus Christ he was a little surprised but I explained who Jesus was, God come as a man, perfect in every way without sin and who died the death we deserve.

He said he definitely wanted a saviour but just at this point his bus arrived, I offered him a Gospel of John and a tract and he headed off.

I then talked to a young lady, Dallas on her way to work, she said she never really believed in God, when I asked why she said 'science', we discussed briefly what science is and she said maybe God does exist.

I challenged her with God's law and whether or not He'd let her into Heaven and she admitted that she probably couldn't get in, but she also was still a bit skeptical of God.

I shared with her the Gospel and she said she would consider it but wasn't overly confident in it.

I then talked with a young man who pulled every single reason to not believe in God that he had, many of which contradicted each other.

He said, science has disproved God and we discussed that. Then he claimed that God couldn't exist because there is so much evil in the world, we discussed the problem with that claim.

Then he said God is immoral and hates people, and we discussed that. We continued in loops, me answering his questions and queries and problems until the point where he said, I can't believe in a God that won't let me do what I want.

And that was very sad he had the Gospel, the way of salvation explained to him numerous times throughout the conversation but he wanted his own way and to not be subject to God.

I also talked to two young men, Ryan and Kyle who both go to a Catholic school and I asked them what would get them to Heaven, they said their good works.

We discussed the law, and our guilt before God, then I asked them what could pay for that and they said works, which I then used the court room analogy, do good things pay for speeding fines?

And of course not, good works don't remove guilt. So then we discussed someone having to pay the fine and yeah they agreed, so I ask them who is paying your fine of sin before God?

They weren't sure, I said that the Bible says, the wages of sin is death, in the eternal lake that burns with fire and sulfur.

I said only two people can pay that, either ourselves or Jesus Christ and His work on the cross.

They said they want Jesus to pay for their sin! So I offered them the Gospel and we discussed the urgency of it and the importance of the surrendering to Christ as we don't know when we will have tomorrow.

Please pray for those whom we talked to, may God use the conversations we had about Him to His glory bringing many to salvation.

Please pray that the angry and closed off people who threaten violence or aggression will be convicted of their sin and turn and trust in Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the team as we continue to head out!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Monday 7 September 2015

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At Capalaba on Monday afternoon we had a team of four members for the first time and it was a blessing, not only were they many more people around catching busses but there were more of us to talk to them as well!

I talked to a young man called kyano and he thought he wasn't too bad. He even professed that God should let him into Heaven. After a run through the law he admitted and realised his sinfulness and that he couldn't get to Heaven.

But the Gospel, the Good news of Jesus Christ took much longer to sink in, he wanted to trust in works, or asking forgiveness or stopping sinning and things like that, he didn't want to have to trust in Jesus Christ.

But I explained why Jesus was thinking only way and after a few runs through of the repentance on belief and the life change that should bring about he was able to repeat back the way of salvation.

He has heard the Gospel and said he would consider it, please be praying that God uses this encounter to change His life that be may come to repentance!

I talked to Linda then, who said she wasn't sinful, deserved Heaven but decided she wanted to go to Hell. She professed Catholicism and was very muddled in what she was saying.

I talked to Ethan a young man who heard the law, heard the conviction of the fact that not one of us live up to God's perfect standard.

When then spent much time discussing why we believe the Bible, some apologetics, what reasons do we have to believe in God and the like and by the end he said he would have to consider it all. He admitted he sort of wanted to live for himself but we had put some thought in His mind.

We shared with Him the way of salvation and he left seemingly pondering the message he had heard.

Please keep these men and women on prayer and the others that we talked to, commuting them to God, for we know He is sovereign, we know all things work according to His will.

Please pray for the team as we continue to go out that we will be good ambassadors for Christ, doing well in defending the Gospel and preaching the truth.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Monday 31 August 2015

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At Capalaba yesterday afternoon, it started off very tough, the first six attempts made toward a conversation were quite angrily rejected. It started off as what looked like a long afternoon. So we stopped, sat down and committed it to the Lord in prayer.

Then came many conversations, whether or not the people accepted the Gospel many engaged and had a conversation, leading to some discussions which seemed very fruitful but we shall leave the results up to the Lord!

A young man (David) I talked to very quickly admitted to his sinfulness, he admitted that he was worried about eternity but didn't really know what to do. The conversation though it was brief ended in him asking for details of a local church and asking for a bible!

Lloyd another man also very quickly submitted to the judgement of God and said that he knew he deserved punishment for his actions and had resigned to spending eternity in Hell. For sadly he had never heard of Jesus Christ before! When he heard the message of Love and salvation he was very happy to consider Jesus and said he would definitely read his bible that night.

Emily whom a few of us talked to was raised as a mormon but at a relatively young age had left the church. After a decent length conversation explaining God, His attributes and other things she started to agree. She seemed to understand Christianity in a new light and we strongly encouraged her to consider eternity and that salvation was through the work of Jesus Christ alone, not our deeds.

A young guy and girl Sharna and Jamal have heard the Gospel many weeks, probably 4/5 times but they don't really care, they know the Gospel, they know their sinfulness but they are convinced they have so much time they don't need to consider it now.

I also talked to Katelin, a young girl who professed Christianity but believed that she deserved Heaven. After challenging her and explaining to her the Gospel she quickly decided that she didn't like what I was saying as much, if she had to consider that before God she wasn't good, that might have been a game changer. I encouraged her to read her bible that night before she went to sleep that she may know God and His Holiness and her own sinfulness before Him!

I talked to a young man Trent, who seemed genuinely excited about the Gospel, after being disappointed in his own sinfulness, he was very glad to hear that Jesus had offered forgiveness! After a relatively brief conversation he said he would have to read his bible tonight!

I also talked to Amber, who at face value I completely expected to brush me off as I had just talked to a man next to her but she had intently listened to our conversation and started asking questions of her own. She too was very aware of her sinfulness and its consequences but also quickly decided that she wanted the forgiveness of sins offered in Christ Jesus!

Please be praying for all of these men and women, may God continue to work in those whom he has started to work in and may he use the conversations yesterday as a starting point for all those who had never heard the Gospel.

For we know salvation is by the Grace of Christ alone!

Please keep us in prayer as we continue to share the Good News to those we encounter!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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