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Melbourne Team (VIC)

Meets every Saturday, with alternating weekly outreach times, either 5:30pm - 8:30pm or 3pm - 6pm. Meet near Starbucks Galleria (385 Bourke St, Melbourne). Join the Melbourne Facebook group here to get the outreach time for this week.

Also we have a practical training outreach each month. Next one will be: Sunday 15th March 2020 4pm-6pm at 385 Bourke St, Melbourne.

Sunday 15 March 2020

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On Sunday, It was Operation 513 Melbourne 2nd practical outreach session. Praise God for His faithfulness who sustains us to share this glorious gospel. By God's grace we had many wonderful chats with non believers. Dave and I made a good use of mini flip charts. 

Despite of corona virus hype there were lots of people in the city in Bourke st there are lots of men waiting for their families to finish their shopping so it gives us great chance to share the gospel with them. I met a guy in front ZARA clothe shop who was waiting for their family member, he was very interested with what I was doing with the gospel tract and graciously gave me a chance to have conversation with him till his family is out of the shop from shopping (in this case, I often pray that God will give me enough time to share the gospel in its fullness).

He was surprisingly very positive and receptive to the gospel and understood the need of God's justice and wrath to be satisfied to legally forgive us as God cannot contradict his own attribute which is HIS justice but during the conversation his family members came out from the shop so he had to leave however praise GOD ! that it was enough time to share the gospel. 

From Dave :- 

Following are ones I spoke with... 

* Michael and Steve (basketballs). Did Flipchart. 

* Joshua - Filipino good talk through Flipchart. Christian who needed assurance. 

* Man who thinks he is the devil. 

* Muslim young man who needs to know that Jesus is the mediator 


Overall, it was great day. I pray that God will use this practical training session to be used to empower the saints so that those saints can empower their church and encourage the church to share their faith regularly for God's glory sake and for people's salvation

Saturday 14 March 2020

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On Saturday, the weather was great and people were excited to share the gospel. We gathered inside of Starbucks as usual and we reminded ourselves John 15:5 that we can do nothing apart from Christ Jesus so we pray that we solely rely on God as we reach out to people with the gospel. As Corona Virus is on the rise we brought hand sanitiser and packs of tissue paper to utilise it for evangelism

By God’s grace, I have had many interesting conversations. I met Nathaniel and Bianca they were bright and polite people as they were passing by ‘GOOD PERSON TEST’ flip chart I asked them if they think they are good people and they laughed and said “ yeah I think so”. I told them that if they proved themselves to be a good person, 2 packs of tissue will be given to them but if they fail to do so, still 1 pack of tissue will be given to them as Corona Virus was on the rise and we all know that tissues are becoming more scarce people responded well to this deal.

And as I was preaching another lady came and joined the chat. As I finished with gospel presentation she told me that she was Christian and that she was greatly encouraged by seeing group of Christians preaching the gospel in the city. I encouraged her to do the same and gave her website that will help her to equip her. Recently by God’s grace I have encounter a lot of faithful Christians that were encouraged by the team preaching the gospel and inspired to do the same so please pray that God will raise more labourers as harvest is plentiful but workers are few ! And pray for Nathaniel and Bianca also !! 


From Niki & Mark :-

We had some really great conversation this Saturday. The highlight was sharing the gospel with two young men (overseas students), who wanted me to contact them with more information. Please pray for Andres and Christian, as I sense they are very close to making a decision for Christ, if they haven’t already. We also spoke to two homeless men, David and Declan. They had been through difficult family times. We shared the gospel, tracts and they were happy for Mark to pray for them. It was evident David was touched by our interaction, he had tears in his eyes.

Another conversation was with three young Muslim men. Their view was that as Muslims, Jews and Christians we had much in common. I agreed but pointed out that a fundamental difference was that whilst they believed Jesus was a prophet, we believe He is God. One guy asked me to prove it. I talked about the Old Testament prophesies pointing to Jesus, His birth and death. Also Jesus’ disciples went into hiding following his crucifixion. After they saw him resurrected (and received the Holy Spirit), they went out with great boldness, they were prepared to die as Martyrs to tell people about Him. We also talked about salvation through faith in Christ, versus works and how the Bible says no one is righteous, not even one. We gave them tracts. Please pray for these young men to open their hearts to Christ. Mark spoke to a Hindu man Suresh, who told him he was a Brahman. He could see the faults in his religion and was very open to the gospel. Please pray for Suresh

From Huy Do:- 

Due to the hysteria of the Coronavirus, despite the fact that we were out early today, not as many people were out as we supposed, yet regardless, we still proceeded to preach the Gospel of salvation. The highlight came when a young man named “Raz” came and listened, I went with him over the law and the condemnation of God for those who broke them and asked him if he was concerned about where he was going, to my surprise, he said “yes”, he was concerned over his soul. During this time, a man who was blind came and objected to the preaching, he was very hostile and very much attempted, in every way, to disturb my sharing with Raz the way that his condemnation is to be dealt with, he objected to the cross of Christ in every way possible, he was very bitter. To wit, at the end, I still managed to share with Raz the Gospel, that Jesus Christ paid the penalty of sin and satisfied the justice of God on his behalf to give him everlasting life.

I explained to him that during this season of hysteria, the fate of man grows evermore uncertain and his fear of death is evermore stoked within him, therefore, that it should be right that he runs to the cross of Jesus Christ and be cleansed. By the end, after the Gospel was preached, I asked the bitter blind man why he was so bitter towards the preaching, he stated that it was because he was promised that if he sought after God, he would be delivered from his sin of bisexuality, yet he sought for 6 or 8 years and nothing happened, therefore he now hates God. My soul aches for him, and I asked if it is in any way possible for me to give him any resource considering his blindness, he said that there is none, nor does he want any resources. The man bitterly walked off and all that I said was “there is hope in Christ” as he went away.

This provoked me greatly to think upon his condition, to which I concluded that he was not ever regenerated. If he had been regenerated, then he would have stayed, for men with far greater infirmities have struggled far longer than he, yet by the grace of God, they prevailed and came to savingly know Christ and be regenerated. Since he was not regenerated, which is evidenced through his leaving, thus his previous seeking was all a work of the flesh, he never truly sought after God, for no man seeks after God, but rather the things God offered apart from God, in other words, the benefit of God apart from He who provides such benefit, hence a work of the flesh. Please pray fervently for both of them, that God would savingly grant them repentance.

From Dave Knight :- 

One of my conversations was with a man in his late 50’s who did the flip chart right through said at the end...

“I admit I am a sinner”.

“I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rise again”.

“I want to call on the Lord to save me”. 

When I challenged him to do so he said he had to go. Pray this man sees the urgency of trusting in Christ asap. 



Saturday 7 March 2020

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On Saturday, I bought few tissue paper packs to utilise it in the evangelism. We basically said to people "if you prove yourself to be a GOOD PERSON after you are done with GOOD PERSON TEST then we will give you 2 tissue packs but if you can't we will still give you 1 pack". It was not as effective as we thought but people did engaged fairly well. 

By God's grace all the team members had interesting conversations. I met 2 teenagers who were hanging out in the city they generously allowed me to do GOOD PERSON TEST on them. As I went through the law of God and asked them whether they think they will be guilty on judgment day, one of the teenager said "No, Jesus died for me" and she told me that she was Christian but her friend was not. The teenager who was not a Christian seemed clearly convicted and challenged. I do not remember their name but please pray that they will repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ. 

From Dave Knight :- 

It was a joy to go out on Saturday evening with the team and do outreach. We had 2 flip charts going and many people stopped to participate in answering questions about the various pages on the chart. After Martin finished doing a presentation to a group I spoke to one of the bystanders and asked him what did he think about it. He said he had doubts so I asked him his name and he said “Thomas” So I asked hi. If he’d heard of “Doubting Thomas” in the Bible and he said he had. So I asked him to tell me the story and he explained what he knew about it but said he didn’t know a lot else about the Bible. I asked him what Jesus said to Thomas after He showed him his hands and feet and pierced side but he didn’t remember. So I told him that Jesus said “You saw and believed but blessed are those who haven’t seen and yet have believe”.  So I asked him would he believe in Jesus’ resurrection?  He said he would think about it. So please pray for “doubting Thomas” to stop doubting and believe. 

After This I was able to do a presentation to 3 young people named Michele, Summer and Chris.  They were quite interested and asked lots of questions, especially about son and judgement. Please pray they will continue to be convicted of the Holy Spirit who has come into the world to convict of sin and of righteousness and of judgement. (John 16:8).

From Troy :- 

If we could include these people to pray for from Saturday;

I spoke to two young Muslim ladies from United Arab Emirates. They are in Australia to study. We discussed that, though they might not have committed each one of the sins referred to in the Good Person Test, they are guilty before a holy God; and that Jesus came as both man and God to die on behalf of sinners. They recounted their understanding of the role of Jesus from the perspective of the Koran. Pray that the seed that was sown will be used by the Lord to call these two to repentance and faith.

An Indian guy and his girlfriend came to talk. We went through the Good Person Test. It appears that this guy, though he calls himself a Christian, and has a mother in India who is a Christian, is unclear about what it means to be one. Pray that the Lord will move him -- and his girlfriend though she seemed bored -- to put his trust in Christ and not in good works. 

I spoke to an intelligent, homeless guy for some time. Quite a gentle guy. He does not seem to be alcohol or drug dependent. His claim is that no one can prove that one's spirit leaves and goes elsewhere when we die. I agreed, but explained that his conclusion, apparently providing him with confidence that no one knows, does not provide certainty, that Jesus was seen by over 500 after he rose, and that if we are just just molecules, without any moral standard, he should be about the business of enjoying life, if immediate experience is paramount and we simply turn to nothing at the end of life.

Daniel and I spoke to a Fijian, Christian guy and his friend. The first guy is in the Australian Defence Force, based in Brisbane. He attends a Pentecostal church there. His friend is a pastor and they are in the process of planting a church from their denomination in Melbourne. Pray that the Lord will prosper their effort in extending His Kingdom, via their church plant, that they would reach many with the Gospel, and that it would be a church that nurtures and grows the saints in the faith.

From Daniel Supek :-

The LORD used it to show ever more of my own in dweling sins and utter hopelessness apart from Him. He showed me my utter frailty and susceptibility to the subtlety of pride, the at times, careless and ungracious words to the brethren and overall my own unsanctification. Yet also the glory of Christ and what He did for my sins at Calvary, that it is finished already, that although my sins are thus remaining, and my falls are present, yet the work of Christ is finished at Calvary. He has ransomed me. Thus is what God taught me.

Saturday 29 February 2020

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On Saturday, It was our first 3pm - 6pm outreach on this Saturday, there were lots of people in the street than usual. We met at the Starbucks and discussed why we do not use sinner’s prayer and danger that can come with it. 

By God’s grace, we had lots of interesting conversations. I met two travellers from Netherlands  (Mom and daughter). They were excited as they saw the big flip chart and engaged really well with questions and answers but when I started to share about God’s righteous judgement on sinners, they said “you know what it was really good in the beginning but this part I don’t like it” and they were about to leave so I had to quickly share the gospel with that saying “that is not the end of the story but despite all our sins Christ came and died in our place and rose again., if you repent and truly put your trust in Him Christ Jesus will forgive you” however they shook their head and went away. Please pray for them as you read this battle log. 

I met these two boys who were really polite and kind in nature, they generously allowed me to do GOOD PERSON TEST with them. After the gospel was shared I urge them to believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again for their sins.  The kid with long hair (as you can see in the photo) responded saying “Yeah I want to believe” but the boy with shorter hair did not give definite answer. Please.. Please earnestly pray for their salvation.

From Dave Knight :- 

On Saturday I worked with Liz and went to talk with people sitting on seats along Burke Street Mall outside David Jones, etc. we had a few people state they were not at all interested. However we continued to seek out folk to talk to. The first positive conversation was with a Korean couple. The man’s name was Long and his female partner was named Tu. Long did most of the talking as we asked questions and went through the flip chart with them. We were pleased they showed a lot of interest and by the end of the presentation they happily received more literature. Pray that through the words we shared and their reading of the literature we gave them that God’s Holy Spirit will convince them of their need to accept him into their lives. 

We also had a good conversation with a middle aged man named Grant. He was not interested at first but was happy to answer some questions. As we proceeded to ask questions related to the flip chat he became more interested and asked several of his own back to us. Overall the conversations were worthwhile and we were pleased and encouraged to be able to witness for the Lord and share the gospel with those who hadn’t heard it before. 

Note: I was with Liz during these times

From Huy Do :- 

During this Saturday’s evangelism, something quite amazing happened. A young man about 8-9 years of age by the name of Thomas came and wanted to take the good person test, he was with his parents and was very fervent to take the test, to which I was willing to take him through the test. During the test, as he was going through the commandments, many more people also decided to stop and watch the entire event unfold, it actually drew a crowd. This is a particularly amazing highlight because it magnifies the strength of God in using even the smallest of people to bring about a crowd.


Overall it was a great day !! Soli Deo Gloria who uses unworthy servants like us !! 

Saturday 22 February 2020

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On Saturday the weather was beautiful and many people were out in the city compare to last week. As usual we met at the Starbucks shared the word and prayed for the evangelism, we also had few exciting news on new alternating time for Saturday evangelism and monthly practical session training night Praise God for His amazing work and faithfulness towards Melbourne team. 

By God's grace we had lots of interesting conversations. Sharindia was the lady that I encounter as I was doing the big flip chart in the city she was from India background, when I asked her if she wanted to take a A GOOD PERSON TEST she generously said 'yes' as I went through the flip chart I realised she had very post modernistic view on morality so basically 'what you feel is right then it is right or if you feel that is bad then it is bad' so in a way it was quite challenging for me to let her admit that she has sinned because GOD is the law giver and He is the ultimate stand of our morality although she stopped me here and there and showed that she does not totally agree with what I was saying she allow me to kept going with the flip chart as she was offended and convicted at the same time.

After I shared the gospel with her she told me that she was hindu and shared her polytheistic view so I had to share the exclusivity of Christ Jesus, Sharindia seems quite uncomfortable and even offended but I could clearly see that she was challenged. Please pray for Sharindia so that she may truly repent and put her trust in Jesus Christ. 

Second group of guys that I met were James and Sam. They were funny and honest with there stand point. I think it was James (I can remember the face but.. I am not sure if it was James or Sam but I think it is likely James !) that really show genuine fear as he was realising that he has sinned against King of kings and Lord of lords who showed him so much kindness and goodness. James expression often interchanged between smile and serious face in other hands Sam was quite against the message , opposing it and questioning it but they were genuine question that was driven from genuine curiosity. James and Sam both did not respond in a positive way to the gospel but I earnestly pray that they will repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ. 

From Huy Do :-

This Saturday’s evangelism proved to be blessed, as I was preaching, a crowd had gathered and afterwards, a lady stayed to talk with me afterwards. She was asking if it is possible to follow other religions and still go to heaven. I had to graciously and lovingly explain to her the exclusivity of Christ, that if there is any other way to be saved, then God would not have to come down Himself to pay for the sins of those who would believe.

She asked then again if there was any other way if she could just do good deeds to go to heaven, I stated that the scriptures testify of every man’s wickedness, that all of our righteous deeds are like filthy rags because our hearts are filthy and sinful. I explained to her how, similar to a leper corrupting every article of clothing placed upon him, all of her good deeds, because of her sinful deeds will be affected by her sinful heart as well. By the end, she was convicted, she understood her sinfulness and the message preached, I pleaded that she thinks about this.

Another conversation was with what appeared to be a lesbian couple, they were very cordial and attentive to the message of the Gospel. By the end they stated “we know that we are going to hell because we are lesbians”. This very much seems to be my experience in talking to homosexuals, many have come to me and have come to me to say that they know they are going to hell because of their sins, in other words, they know they are condemned already. Regardless, I addressed these 2 ladies, that liars will also have their part in the lake of fire, all have sinned and are under the condemnation of God, that they need to turn to Christ to have life and avoid the judgement that they know full well is coming.

Sunday 16 February 2020

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On Sunday, by God's amazing faithfulness we have started Practical Training Outreach. God has sent total 10 Labourers on this day to learn and be equipped better for preaching this glorious gospel. We had 2 sessions, the first session was with Niki & Mark who were very passionate about preaching the gospel and they were already familiar with Law & the Gospel method so after short introduction and sharing briefly about how outreach is done we went out to the Bourke st to preach the gospel !. Please refer to Niki & Mark's report for the conversation that we had. 

From Niki & Mark :- 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin for his commitment to evangelism and giving us “on site” training. One of our most interesting conversations was with Naphtali and Nathan - a couple Jamaican Rastafarians. Due to their religion having Judeo-Christian foundations, they were quite knowledgeable about some parts of the Old Testament. They were engaged and asked thoughtful questions, although seemed to have no view on the afterlife. We used the Coronavirus, as a way to explain that our sin contaminates us, so we cannot be in God’s presence and that is why we need Jesus to de-contaminate us with the washing of his blood. We gave them tracts and pray they receive Jesus. Niki & Mark

For this Practical Training Outreach sessions we shared some facts from the bible and from the book called 'Soul winner.

Here are the things that were shared:-

Why we used the law? we shared from Romans 3:19 -20,

'The preacher's work is to throw sinners down in utter helplessness, that they may be compelled to look up to Him who alone can help them.' - Charles Spurgeon
















2 TIMOTHY 4:5 - As for you, always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfil your ministry. 

I pray that through once a month PRACTICAL TRAINING SESSIONS we will be better equipped and trained for His glory and for lost souls

Saturday 15 February 2020

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On Saturday, it was rainy and quite windy at times but by God has faithfully sent us around 8 labourers to share the gospel to the lost souls. As it was cloudy and there was high chance of possible rain we decided to skip open air preaching. By God's grace, we had many interesting chats with non-believers. 

Our first chat for the night was with a couple who were surprisingly humble and receptive we started with casual chat and when we question them about their thoughts on eternity they seemed bit surprised by the question. Their names were Josh and Steph.

They gave answers that were quite common such as 'becoming a dust and hoping to get to somewhere good'. They were not atheist but more agnostic so we share simple analogy about why creation is true and they seemed enlightened with the analogies that builder has to exist as we see the buildings and painter has to exist for beautiful painting to be painted. As we moved to conversation to the law of God, they were laughing and smiling as they were realising that according to the law of God they were not only bad person but worse than that but as gospel was shared in the light of the law of God they started to see the need of Jesus Christ and they took it seriously. We urged them to turn away from their sins and believe in Jesus Christ.  please pray for Steph and Josh as you read this report. 

From Daniel Supek :-

There was a Muslim who I had a chat too that claimed he was going to heaven by his good works and he can never know when the good works would be enough. I asked him whether he believes Allah is perfect, he replied yes. Then I asked him does he believe he is a sinner, he replied, yes. So I asked him, how can Allah who is perfect allow a sinner into heaven by his sinful good works? He couldn't answer the question. I proceeded to tell him, in Christianity we don't go to heaven by good works, but by faith.

It's because of Christ's sacrifice upon the cross. I told him it's what's called double transfer (or double imputation) that on the cross Christ who is true man and true God, took your sin and was punished for it, God's wrath was poured out on Him, it pleased the Lord to crush Him (Isaiah 53). We also, see the love of God at the cross that Christ took your place. So Christ took your sin and if you truly repent of sin and trust in Christ alone you are given Christ's perfect robe by faith and go to heaven by what He has done, your sins are forgiven, your sin debt has been paid for, one that you cannot pay, since you are in debt I told him. I asked him do you understand? Does this make sense? He replied yes, I understand a little bit better what Christianity is about. Please pray for him

From Huy Do :- 

In the morning, I had watched one of the episodes of “way of the Master”, during which the guest spoke about her evangelistic encounter with a man and a woman with a dog named “Zoey” and asked about the name of the dog, which is translated as “life” from the Greek. In the same day, on the evening, I encountered a young lady with the small flipchart, I asked if I could ask a few questions, she agreed. I asked about her name, she said that it was Zoey, I asked if she knew what it meant, she said she is Greek Orthodox so she knew that it meant “life”, to which I showed her the cover of the flipchart “what happens after life?”, and the conversation started. She was very attentive and listened, she understood the Gospel, please pray the Lord would change her heart. 


Soli Deo Gloria for the great things that God has done !!!

Saturday 8 February 2020

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On Saturday, by God’s grace it was beautiful weather, we were quite excited , as we had 2 flip charts this week which means we can reach more non- believers effectively.  

I met a person called ‘Chatts’, he was respectful and engaged well with ‘good person test’ Flip charts really well. As I was going through the law of God he started to smile as he realise that he was not a good person and when gospel was shared and displayed through the pictures, he grasped the gospel clearly and when I urge him to believe in this message, to my surprise Chatts say 'yeah.. I believe’ and I asked him again and he said again ‘Yeah, I believe’. It seemed genuine how Chatts told me he would believe that Jesus died and rose again for his sins. I strongly encourage him to go to bible believing church and grow in Christ. Please join us in prayer as you read this.. I pray that Chatts confession was genuine and he will go to biblical church and grow in Christ. 

From Huy Do:-

The Lord has greatly blessed this night’s evangelism, this highlight came at the end. I went over the flipchart with a crowd and afterwards, a fellow in the crowd, a young man called Will, was very intellectual in challenging the biblical worldview, to which I responded. This gathered a larger group into the mix, this provided ample opportunity, as I was preaching and responding to his objections, to also lead his objections and my response to the Gospel. The crowd was very hostile during the entire alteration, at the end, I finished with the Gospel that all have sinned but Christ died and paid for the fines of sinners on the cross. At the end, after some short conversations, we had to leave and as Will and his friends were walking away, I called out his name and asked him if he understood what I said, the message that was proclaimed, he was very much hostile to it and answered with “I don’t believe it”, which provoked me to ask again “that was not the question, did you understand it?”, to which he replied “yes”. This was greatly edifying in that though he was extremely aggressive to the message, confirming 1 Cor 1:18, he understood the cross. Please pray for Will and his friends that God may change their hearts and save them.

From Daniel :- 

I had a chat with these two couples about whether they were interested in taking the good person test on the chart, they seemed hesitant. I asked them if they were interested in taking a Gospel tract and they took it. So I asked them if they thought they were good enough to heaven, they both replied yes. I went through the Law with them asking them if they have stolen, lied and lusted before, they both replied yes to all three. I told them that means they are guilty before God and they fail to meet the required standard for heaven which is perfection, all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory (Rom 3:23).  I told them that's the bad news, the good news is the Gospel that Christ died on the cross for them, God crushed His Son in their place (Isaiah 53) and Christ took their place because He loves them. Both God's love and wrath was seen at the cross. So I told them their sin was put on to Christ and if they truly believe Christ's perfect cloak will be given to them by faith so that they go to heaven by what Christ has done not them. I  commanded them to repent of sin and put their trust in Christ alone, they left after that, please pray for the couple for God to save them.

From Troy :- 

I spoke to a Zwinglian Calvinist for awhile, and at one point had to ask why he considers himself a Christian; he gave a good answer and is a mature Christian. I spoke to a Roman Catholic lady and had to compel her to focus her attention for salvation on the work of Jesus alone and not pay heed to Mary. I spoke with a new student from Saudi Arabia, who was listening to Hui's presentation. He is here to study English and logistics. He appeared to a be secular Muslim. I tried to explain as best I could the cross of Christ, and left him with a pamphlet. He is open, but probably needs to hear the Gospel again and in more detail. I supported Hui by speaking with some of the listeners to the flipchart presentation. Pray for those that heard the Gospel, in different ways, that the Lord will grant them repentance and saving faith.

Saturday 1 February 2020

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On Saturday, It was cold and raining but by God's grace God has sent around 10 labourers !. As it was raining we could not use the big flip charts but we had 3 small flip charts.  Surprisingly, despite of the weather God has been so gracious to allow us to have wonderful conversations with non-believers about the glorious gospel. After prayer and sharing of word, we paired up and went out to the street with exciting heart. 

Our first conversation was with two guys who were part of 'anonymous for the voiceless' who promotes veganism and advocates for protection of animals etc. As we started conversation with them, one of the guy had fair bit knowledge about the bible but they were against God who allows human to kill and eat the animals as it is cruel thing to do and they were taking us far from the sharing main point of the gospel so we shared that as they want to let people know that animals are being abused, mass produced and killed so that animals won't have to die like that we told them we care about 'HUMAN BEINGS' who are dying and going to hell and we do not want them to die like that and animals do not have eternity but man do and urge them to repent and believe that Jesus died and rose again in our place, Jesus Christ our ultimate advocator. 

I also met Japanese lady who wanted to become dolphin in her after life, Michael was her name. She was very honest and engaged well in conversation and she found 'where do you think you are going after you die' question interesting. But when the law of God was displayed and asked, we could clearly see that she was getting really uncomfortable and when we reached the last question about committing adultery in her heart she got up and left, Michael took the gospel tract so please pray that she will read the tract and be saved. 

Costa was gentleman who claimed to be greek orthodox but when we ask about the gospel he responded saying "I believe in Karma". So we had to share why Karma isn't biblical and contradicts the gospel and shared the gospel with him by using the flip chart. Please pray for Costa who heard the Gospel. 

From Huy Do:-

I had prayed that God would not make it rain on this day, so that we could street preach, but it was not so, yet during all of this, although the Lord had not stopped the weather from raining, He had carried out other means by which His name could also be glorified in the proclamation of His glorious Gospel. This happened as I was sharing the Gospel to a lady and her boyfriend, I went over the law, during which, I perceived that her heart was cut but the commandments of God. That she was, as I saw, convicted of the commandments and saw the righteous condemnation of God for her. I asked her and her boyfriend “what did God do so as to not compromise His justice and punish sins but at the same time forgive sins?”. To which she answered with a mild “Jesus died for my sins”, I stated that she was right but what she might not know is that Jesus paid for her sins on the cross by Himself becoming sins and suffering the righteous punishment that she rightly deserved, that if they repented and believed in the Gospel, they shall be saved. I praise God that He used this broken, afflicted yet redeemed vessel to proclaim that which redeemed this vessel, the blood of Jesus, for His glory. Please pray for the couple that was spoken to.

Soli Deo Gloria !!! 

Sunday 26 January 2020

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On Australia day, God has faithfully sent 3 laborers to share the ‘Are you a good Aussie’ gospel tracts. The weather was lovely and pleasant. We started from 12pm which was just after Parade so there were still many people in the city

As I was handing out gospel tracts in front ZARA shop in Bourke st. one guy with wireless mic passed by so I handed out gospel tract and he took it and he started to interview me. Later on I found out that his name was Avi Yemni , conservative Jewish who is part of Australian Liberty Alliance. Avi is not a Christian. Please pray for Avi to trust in Jesus Christ that Jesus died and rose again.

The second interesting conversation I had was with lady called Mary. She was from France, she responded with respect and honesty however she seemed like she was struggling to believe in this gospel although she said “yes” to my urgent calling to repent and believe.  Gospel tracts were given to her after the conversation. Please pray for Mary as you read this report.

I also had a chance to talk with two teenagers but as I was going through the law they seemed offended and said “we have to leave sorry” and they left but they took the gospel. I pray that they will read the gospel tract so that they may know that bad news is no longer bad news when we put our trust in the good news that Jesus Christ died and rose again for our sins !


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