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Sunday, 13 May, 2018

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Our gracious Lord brought Harry here from England to hear His truth. He claimed an atheistic/I believe in science position. He was taken through a reason for taking the Bible as God's revelation = great basis for believing the message of salvation by grace and then showing one's love for the Saviour by obeying His commands, Eph. 2:8-10 + Jn. 15.

     Someone has said that the Bible is able to defend itself. It is our pleasure to feed people enough evidence to convince them that one needs to check out the authority of Scripture alone for oneself. Think of the scoffers among archeologists who said things like, "The Bible talks about the Hivites but ther is no evidence they ever existed." Time has proved the Bible true. Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ book/movie, etc. ) is one of a troupe of individuals over time who have set out to disprove the Bible and God has convinced them otherwise. Think of (Frank?) Morrison who, after careful investigation from the stance of an unbeliever  wrote, "Who Moved the Stone". This book shows the reasonableness of the gospel accounts of the resurrection and subsequent appearances of the Lord Jesus Christ.

     Harry was privileged to hear the law/gospel/count the cost presentation and was last seen staring out to the ocean seemingly thinking about these things. God knows his thoughts. May God have mercy on Harry and to God alone be the glory and praise. 

Sunday, 15 April, 2018

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There was no particular interest in eternal things evidenced in most of the people contacted today.  But we know God is always working, Jn. 5:17, and we often do not realize it at that time, Jn. 3:8. 

There was this timely reminder of the dire consequences of preaching that states "God loves everybody" but does not even attempt to define what this love is. A young man named Christian had the firm view that God loved him. He grew up in a Christian family but he was the only non-believer in that household. He claimed to have repented and trusted in Jesus twice before but he was unchanged.

He was reminded that God knows when repentance is true or not. He was shown Ps. 5:5 which states that God hates doers of iniquity. Christian appeared to be truly shocked that this was in the Bible. Pray that he has his ears opened to God's truth about himself and truly repents. As we know, anyone who dies in his sins must pay the penalty = finite creatures are consigned to everlasting punishment and can never be released nor escape: they cannot meet God's standard of absolute 'repayment'. God's justice is absolute. If anyone refuses Jesus Christ as his Saviour and Lord now, he can never be reconciled in hell.  

Praise the Lord that His love endures forever and everyone who is 'in Christ' is firmly in God's household, Rom. 8:38,39, for ever.

We give God all the glory for His ways are far higher than ours and He does not change. 

Sunday, 1 April, 2018

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God gave us 7 workers today, including an 81 year old who had spent 2 years evangelizing in Hong Kong. The first contact he and his teammate made was with a Chinese lady who spoke no English. So he spoke to her in a language she was familiar with. We had some 'good' conversations, including these for follow-up prayer:

 - Raj or Ruj, a Persian man  whose sister has already been converted. He heard it all, received a tract and John's gospel. He appreciated the web contact details so he can pursue his inquiries without attracting undue attention to himself. Please pray that he does email us.

- Connor, a life-guard who had attended a Christian school. Since then, he has looked at other religions and concluded that some sort of divine force was in charge. We covered some preliminary points of contention before we got to the law and Substitutionary atonement and what he needs to do. Conner readily received a gospel of John which we asked him to prayerfully read asking God to reveal Himself to him.

There were 3 young marrieds couples plus toddlers - all university students (except the toddlers) from Vietnam and with no belief in God. They asked me if I was a J.W. to which I replied, "No! I am a Christian."   I did some apologetics with them, gave them tracts and warned them  that when they return to Vietnam that their government does not like Christians. Interestingly, they knew this already.

There was more going on but we leave the ongoing work to our sovereign God. What a privilege to tell forth God's good news of how sinners may be reconciled to Him. To Him alone our praises arise. Heb. 7:24b,25.

Sunday, 25 March, 2018

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The Lord stopped the rain/showers long enough for us to do what He has commanded: Take His good news and proclaim it as He has revealed it. The variety of people conversed with included: 

- an Irish man who thought he would go to heaven because he was a R.C. and a good person who sometimes went to church. After being tested against part of God's  standard of righteousness, the 10 commandments, he confessed that he was guilty of sinning against God. May he seriously consider his need to trust Christ his righteousness, Jer. 23:5,6; Rom. 4:23-25; Heb. 4:15. and in the finished work of Christ on behalf of God's people.

- a couple of ladies who announced that they were to marry. They thanked our ladies for doing a kindness to them but did not want to be prayed for. 

- a couple of Muslims who did not believe that Jesus died so the resurrection is a non-event to them.

It was our pleasure to work with a couple from the ACT who are gathering information and ideas on witnessing in their own church area.

As always, we thank God for tracts handed out, conversations had and that He does His sovereign work just as He planned. How glorious is our covenant-keeping God? Beyond our ability to adequately describe. 

Sunday, 18 March, 2018

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It was an unusual day for the 5 of us. As Railee and I were walking down to our team meeting place for prayer, we got engaged in a most unorthodox half hour dialogue with Mr. R & A. Mr. A was seeking inner peace and Mr. R also and he said he was inclining towards Buddhism. Mr. R thought the God of the Bible was too strict. Furthermore he said that the God of the O.T. showed no love and was quite different from the God of the N.T. (He could not think of a specific example right then.)

Overall we managed to present most of God's good news. By God's grace, they both gladly received copies of John's gospel with the "Does God exist?" tract inside and said that they would consider what we had presented to them.. Pray the Lord deals with them in mercy.

We then found the other team members who had prayed and were busy engaging others in conversations. However, there was a half hour spent countering a couple who were drop-outs from church life and had some strange teachings like 'generational curses' and worse still some heresies from the word of faith movement. {They had approached the 3 saying that they wanted to encourage them in this work!}

After that, there were some productive conversations. We thank God for enabling us to handle the various challenges. We give Him all the glory for His work which always reflects His beautiful nature.  

Sunday, 4 March, 2018

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Our great Lord of His harvest granted us 9 on His team here today; 3 were first-timers at Wello Pt. There was some incidences that occur occasionally. e.g. In the midst of one gospel presentation, a person purporting to be a Christian broke into the conversation and made enough ridiculous comments to end that opportunity. Moving right along...

Meanwhile a chat with teenagers Reece and Phoenix gave Reece much to think about on submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Later this couple met another on our team who reinforced the gospel. Then Phoenix appeared 'softer' towards God's good news.

Another team of 2 went into an area we have never covered before due to insufficient workers.

The Hindus, Rudge and Punita, listened and then claimed that their holy book contained truth as well as the Bible. {Even false religions 'holy books'v have some truth in them but only the Bible has nothing but the truth} Concentrating on Jesus as the only Way to be reconciled to God, brought Rudge to state that if he went to hell, that was what he deserved (his karma). Then one team member gave her testimony on how God had revealed Himself to her savingly through prayerful searching the Scriptures to see if the gospel was true. Then Punita said she would start reading her Bible. May God convict her of His truth and cause Rudge to abandon the fatalism of karma and close with Christ alone to save him.

 We thank God for His glorious work of saving His people and enabling us and using us to present the claims of Christ to a very needy people. We give Him all the glory. Amen.  

Sunday, 18 February, 2018

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A day when the teenagers were relatively receptive compared to their parents. e.g. Tom and Presley heard it all and when they met up with their Dad, they said look at te tracts that we got, sounding well-pleased. Dad, in the meantime also had received a tract but he said that he believes in Jesus and ignores the Bible. He said that since man was made in the image of God, he looks within himself to find some aspect of divine nature . Ryan was able to bring some Scriptures into the chat but only God knows if that Dad heard. He said he was willing to risk being wrong. So much for subjective conjecture when the objective Truth is laid out in th Holy Bible.

A young R.C. couple, Dan and Danielle were eager to hear.

God does His saving work through His servants who are so grateful for the privilege of serving the all-glorious One true and living God.
To Him be the glory! 

Sunday, 7 January, 2018

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Some of the more in-depths conversations from today's outreach:

     - Raman, a Muslim man who was trying to work his way to heaven was challenged with the Biblical injunction to not add to it but the Quran is a blatant attempt to be added as the latest word from God. He was shown the way of salvation by grace. He was urged to read the Bible asking God to reveal Himself to him.

     - Robin has a background of various non-Biblical sources. He had reached the conclusion that we sin because of the environment. This would make a drastic revised interpretation of Gen. 1-3 necessary if it were true. He does have a Bible and now he has heard the truth - in the course of about one hour! 

Most others willingly received tracts and some 'seed-planting' conversations were had with attentive teenagers.

The crew went home rejoicing and we give all the glory to God for the pleasure of serving Him and what He does with those we engaged with.

Sunday, 24 December, 2017

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As we approached Wellington Point, we saw multiple police and ambulance vehicles. Accidents happen quite often; some much more serious than others, cf. Lk. 13. There were relatively fewer people than usual but many took Christmas tracts. We noted these conversations for prayer and praise:

 - Tom had some Bible knowledge but had a distorted understanding of e.g. "if your eye offends you, pluck it out" = there must have been many blind people in Jesus time on earth. But self-blinding will not heal the sin-diseased heart. he accepted this correction.    A more grievous misunderstanding he had was that Jesus death was not sufficient for all sins.

Furthermore, he said that trusting in Jesus was too simple. Also he thought that we might have lost some books of the Bible. Answering according to his needs, about the manuscripts to verify we have all God revealed in the Bible, and explaining the law with God's standard of perfection, Jesus perfect life and death as the Righteous One, and the need to trust Him alone as the only way (Substitute) God has stipulated that one can be granted forgiveness of all his sins and receive the gift of everlasting life today, Jn. 3:36, then Tom was challenged to give serious consideration to the gospel claim: he could live in his make-believe world and enjoy his 'cup of pleasure' or repent today and know that there is a never-ending ocean of treasure awaiting him in glory (as he looked out over the bay to the horizon).

 - Mark, a South Korean S.D.A. who inspired us with some missionary techniques and we trust that we encouraged him in his walk with the Lord. He has a sound grasp of salvation. He also has a niece who goes to Handong (Christian) University where we have some missionary friends.

It was the day before Christmas and like every other day, we say "Thank you Lord for using us and we ascribe all glory, honour and praise to You alone". 

Sunday, 10 December, 2017

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Christmas tracts were generally well received. Here are a few people to pray for:

 - Chase had thought he would die and 'return to the land'. He has now heard God's good news.

 - Ashley, a Maltese lass who believed in many gods. She heard the Bible statement that there are indeed many gods, but none of them could save her. She has now heard of Jesus only and how delightful God is to those speaking with her. She was challenged to prayerfully seek God as she reads through John's gospel (in her Mum's Bible) and asks God to show her who Jesus is and what He has done.

 - Shaun, a J. W. who heard some Scriptures that he was not familiar with, e.g. He posed a philosophic question, "Wouldn't you expect some Scripture to tell of an afterlife if one is conscious after (physical) death?" 2 Cor. 12:2-4 tells us that someone who could have told much was not permitted to. Ecclesiastes is wisdom literature whereas we read a plain narrative when Jesus spoke to the thief who had turned to Him in faith. The Paradise that Jesus spoke of is a present reality cf. the parallelism in 2 Cor. 12:2,3 where the 'third heaven', = 'paradise'.     Challenged on Jn. 5:23, he threw up a few obscure points before we parted amiably.  May he indeed realize he has only heard a part of God's Word and follow this up. Pray the Lord stirs his spirit to seek the Truth.

We thank God for enabling us to serve Him and we ascribe all glory to Him, our great and glorious triune God. 

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