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Warwick Team (QLD)

Meets each Friday 11am to 2pm - we set up a free Bibles table on the main street of Warwick.

Contact Rick Barnard for more information.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

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At Warwick we are having the joy of seeing people return for further conversations. This is such a blessing to be able to hear how they are doing with the big questions of life. We also get to plant more seeds and to build a friendship and hope they know we care for them.

Please be praying for Colin. He is an aboriginal man who Beth spoke with. She also gave him a tract. Colin says he is believing and just starting to go to Church. He has just come away from a life influenced by drugs. He had to go so hopefully we will get to talk more with him another day.

A lady approached the table last week and she seemed open. She was asked if she knew the message of the Bible and she said she didn’t know. I started with God’s Holiness and spoke how sin entered the world through Adam and Eve and as a result spread to all mankind, our sin and fallen state was explained through using the law to show we all fall short of God's righteousness and how this separates us from God. I went through the comic tract and shared the Gospel with her.

She says her kids tell her things about Jesus. They know some things from RI at school. Pray this mum will share with her children, that they may become a covenant family!  She wanted a Bible. I book marked Ephesians 2 & gave her a Gospel of John booklet as I explained some verses in there too.

Please pray for Cob. Both Beth and I got to talk with him.

As the conversation begun he said he was an atheist but he changed that to agnostic during our discussion. He took the booklet, "Does God Exist?" and a "Questions for Atheists" booklet as well. He said he will read them.

We also got to talk with Aharmid  he is a Muslim. The amazing thing is he knows two Christians from our Church and they have talked to him about Jesus before (Praise God for using Christians in the proclamation of the Gospel). 

These fellow Christians have been praying for him for a long time. He took a “ Who Do You Say I Am"  booklet that explains the deity of Jesus with Scriptures from the Bible. Aharmid said he would read it. 

Pray for Evelyn who has a Gospel of John. Please be praying that she will come to know Jesus and start reading the Bible she has at home.

Pray for all the people we got to speak with and give tracts to. To God be the Glory!

Tuesday 31 July 2018

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God sent a worker to help share the Glorious Gospel today. The Lord had more prepared hearts for us, Praise His Holy Name!

Please pray for a lady named Pendara. She stopped as I held out a “Are you a Good Person Tract” and wanted to know what it was. We had a 10 minute chat using the booklet explaining to her that I used to be “Mrs Nice Gal” 19 years ago, but I didn’t know the Bible message then.

I shared that we all have sinned against God, and that we need to have a healthy fear of God, who is Perfect Holy and Just. I continued saying the, "We need to be humbled by God". In God's loving kindness we hear of His great love to redeem us through the Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to save us sinners. He calls us to respond in repentance and faith, relying on what Jesus has done. I kept explaining, "This is a gift we receive from God and not anything we can do and we should be thankful and seek to know Him through His Word". 

Pendara spoke of how God must be speaking to her as she keeps being reminded of the call to be saved. I urged her to respond and pointed out God’s call for her to receive His grace and mercy.  She said she has a Bible and will read the tract. We hugged. I told her about the website and if she needed help with anything to come see me at the Bible table. Pray for her salvation and that she won't put off being saved as we don't know if we have tomorrow.

We gave bibles to Merv & Scott from the Sunshine Coast. I got to chat with Merv briefly but Scott walked away. Merv is a believer and wanted the bible for his wife. He had to go because Scott was waiting for him. Pray they will read the Word.

Ron & Rose from Warwick each asked for a Bible. Beth talked with Ron and I talked with Rose. 

Rose was really open to the Gospel. I also gave her a Gospel of John and encouraged that this would be a good book to start with. I also pointed out the bridge illustration of the plan of salvation for her to go over again.  Pray the tracts we gave with the Gospel message will stir their hearts to receive salvation. Pray God’s Word will bless and grow them to know Him and His ways.

It was good to have a helper to speak one to one,  Praise God!

Beth also got to talk with a 92 year old man named Sid and planted the seed of the Gospel with words and a tract. Pray for Sid and June.

More people to pray for - Hebert, Alan, Tony, and Coral they also have tracts. Pray for all who received a tract today. Thank you for your faithful work of prayer! To God alone be the Glory!

Tuesday 24 July 2018

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At the Jumpers and Jazz Festival on this week, there were more people in town. Lots of Gospel tracts were handed out, praise God.

The ministry we able to give out two more Bibles to Emma & Douglas, the family from Inglewood. Their ninth child was born two weeks ago. Please pray we can continue to encourage this family as they seek to read Gods Word.

I met another Christian from Inglewood. His name is Ron. He is connected to a church there and has a sound understanding of the Gospel. 

He wanted to know about the ministry. Please pray these Christians will support each other in their faith in Jesus.

Alan, the man who I talked with a couple of weeks ago, stopped for a bit. He says he is born again but he does not want to hold Scripture as the final authority. He says everyone interprets it differently. He is also adding works to salvation. So, I just focused on what the Bible teaches. I shared that we are brought to repentance and faith by God's Grace alone. After that, obedience follows because He first loved us and works are evidence of our faith but cannot save us. He did not agree. 

Sadly Alan, goes to a range of churches and not under any authority. He said he sees visions and bases a lot of his beliefs on his experiences. It is scary that his testimony but does not align with Scripture. Please pray that God by grace will lead Alan to the correct understanding of the Gospel and the Scriptures.

Please pray for Mandy. She is a Liaison officer, who knows the Gospel and is eager to share with others. We talked about the need to be discerning and know true from false. I have given her a name of a ministry to check out that deals with false teachers in a truthful yet loving manner. His name is Justin Peters the ministry is "". You can check this out for yourselves, it is a good resource. 

Please pray for all the tracts handed out today.

Please pray for these seeds to stir the hearts of each person who has been given the Gospel message.

May God be and Glorified!

Tuesday 10 July 2018

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Praise God for a lady named Wendy who walked past then on her way back stopped and asked for a Bible for her son who has just become a believer.

Wendy is a Christian. Please pray for her son Matthew. She was so happy as she was on her way to meet up with Matthew to be able to give him his own Bible. I gave a few resources and Gospel tracts that may help Mathew in his growth.

Anne from Inglewood wanted a Bible. She says her old one is falling apart. She was not able to chat for long so I gave her tracts with the Gospel message. She knows the family I have been able to give some Bibles to previously who are also from Inglewood - Douglas & Emma and their nine children. Pray for them all.

Pray for Alan who says he is born again but he also said a few things that I don't agree with in salvation. He says we have a choice. I believe we have the responsibility to respond in trust and obedience but God is Sovereign in it all - by drawing us by His Spirit convicting us of sin and our need for Jesus to save us. God opens our heart and saves us.  He gives us a new heart that loves Jesus and the glorious Gospel! 

We will want to follow His ways even though we still sin, we are Righteous in His sight only by the grace from our heavenly Father through His one and only Son Jesus. It sounds like he has Jesus plus our works. When I was saying works is fruit but does not save, he said that we have a part in Salvation (which is adding works to be saved).

He says he will come back next week with some Bible verses. This is a difficult truth for many but God's ways are not our ways. The Bible teaches that we are chosen by God for good works, but it is all by His grace we are saved not works. So pray I have wisdom and use scripture to point to God's Sovereignty in Salvation & encourage him in the Gospel. 

Thanks for praying and for the people of God who donate to the Ministry.

All Glory be to God.
God bless.

Tuesday 3 July 2018

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Praise God that 2 Bibles were given out today!

Here are some interactions that God ordained:

It’s so easy to leave tracts in public places and hand out to shop workers or to attendants at the petrol station etc. It’s getting the Gospel message to the people, God does the saving work and will lead His people to seek Him out.

If you could pray for workers for Warwick in the work of evangelism here on the streets, as I'm on my own and it is good to have other Christians to work together for many reasons.

All Praise and Glory to our wonderful loving Father full of perfect love kindness patience mercy and grace. 

Tuesday 12 June 2018

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Praise God for every person that He brought to either stop and chat, or receive a bible and gospel tracts.

Some names to pray for:

This is a small town so I'm hoping to build repore and friendships with people and see them again, to be encouraging them in the Gospel and also to share with others.

It was a great day. Praise God for His work and protection as the Gospel goes forth! All glory to Jesus.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

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Over the past 2 weeks 4 more Bibles have been handed out and lots of Gospel tracts.

God is stirring hearts in the  people to be wanting to read God’s Word. Having free Bibles is a beautiful opportunity to share the message of the free gift of Salvation through Jesus. 

Also, the tracts and resources provided by the ministry have a good clear message, as Gods Spirit convicts the heart of sin righteousness and judgment, His Spirit leads whom He wills to turn from sin and unbelief to a saving faith in Jesus. Becoming followers of Jesus we are filled with thankfulness and have a trust and desire to know Him through the Scriptures and obey His ways, we then want to share the good news of Jesus with others. There is no greater Love than the Love of God! His love is perfect love. the Bible says in Romans 5:8 but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. To know and have His love is the most beautiful treasure.

It is a joy to share the glorious Gospel. 

Please pray for these people:

Thank you for your prayers. Praise His Glorious Holy Name for the work He is doing!

Tuesday 22 May 2018

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Praise God for Jeanette who says she believes in Jesus being the only way to heaven and loves Him. She asked for a Bible and it was gladly was given to her.  We chatted for a good length of time about Eternity and Salvation in Jesus.

She has had some bad experiences with Church, so I encouraged her to search for a good bible teaching church to fellowship with. I also emphasized the importance of reading God’s Word for her growth. Pray that God’s Spirit will lead Jeanette, her husband and daughter to a love filled church where the Scriptures are taught and lived out following Jesus.

Pray for Willum who is not seeing his need to be saved from sin. As I was sharing the good news of the cross some youth walked past and yelled out “He’s our Saviour!”. God’s Sovereign grace is calling out to the lost. Before we are saved we suppress the truth in unrighteousness and don’t know who God is, His Holiness Justice and Mercy and great love to save us through His Son Jesus. We are sinners and blind to the seriousness of sin until God’s grace brings conviction to lead to repentance and faith in Jesus. We are responsible and need to humble ourselves under the Mighty Hand of God to be saved. The 'Are you a good person tract' was given to Willum and a seed was planted.

Three teenagers stopped for a little chat, one asked for the booklet of John, please pray for them.

Another young man walking past that had a t shirt with the word 'Everlast'. I quickly grabbed an Eternity tract and said this has words to Everlasting Life, he took it and kept walking, pray for his salvation.

It is a great privilege to have handed out tracts to them and others and for the seeds planted today. Its great to know that the people of God are praying with us. Thanks be to God, all glory to Jesus!

Tuesday 15 May 2018

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In the first month, Warwick Street Ministry Operation 513 has given out five Bibles.  Also a few booklets of John, a number of AIG booklets, resources and tracts that have the Gospel clearly presented on them. 

One of the Bibles was given to a young family who asked if they could have one.

Harrison and Jessica are wanting to get into God’s Word and to find fellowship. It was exciting that God has prepared their hearts to seek Him. Harrison was brought up in a Christian Family, he also attended Boys brigade and kids clubs. Whenever I mentioned a Biblical truth Harrison was agreeing and saying, "wow this is amazing these are things i now remember from back then". We talked about sin and our need for the payment of sin by Jesus, which then led onto who Jesus is. We discussed how our works is not ever enough, and that we can’t make sin go away with any of our good works. That would be like painting fresh paint over rotten wood. We need our sins taken away to receive Gods righteousness. The good news is that Jesus came to save sinners.

Jesus saves us!! Jesus has power to save because He is God and has proved to us that He is God by rising from the grave, defeating death. Death has lost its sting. Pray for this family to be soundly saved and to grow in Gods truth and to be ones that will pass on the Gospel to others especially their little girl and generations to come. I suggested two Churches to check out near them, pray for God’s guidance there as well.

Pray for Barbara to be touched by the Gospel tract she received and to return for the Bible she requested, as she wants one small enough to carry, I have arranged to give her a small one next week.

Thank God for Kathryn who took a Bible and some booklets of John for an outreach she is planning with her neighbours at her Caravan Park.

To God be the Glory for all the work He is doing in this little town.

Tuesday 1 May 2018

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It is a big witness to have a table set up in the main Street of Warwick with signage offering Free Bibles & Resources. Thank our wonderful God for the blessing of this Ministry!

There have been a good number of people stopping to ask who I'm associated with. Some of them are Christians and it is exciting to tell them of the work and blessings that God brings through Street witnessing and events.

Today I met Tony who told me he has been praying for the people of Warwick for years. Tony has looked into the Ministry and is very supportive and was greatly encouraged that we have started here in Warwick.

Some names to pray for are - Warren who used to be a Sunday School teacher, now he says there is no God. Pray the words I spoke to him will challenge him and Gods Spirit stir his heart. He did take a 'Are You a Good Person' comic tract.

One Bible was taken today! A man named John asked for a Bible. We had a little chat but he was needing to go. I gave him a Gospel tract too. 

Pray for Barry who took a number of Creation tracts and a booklet that explains the ministry as well as some Gospel tracts. He is from Lismore. We had a good chat about the Ministry and the Gospel.

Its early days here at Warwick but our wonderful Lord is doing work in hearts of people and His Grace is new every morning Great is His Faithfulness!

All Glory to our Lord and our King Jesus

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