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Online Evangelism

Here are the tentative weekly outreach times for online evangelism:

Sunday 1-3pm (Practical Training Outreach)
Monday 9am-5pm
Tuesday 1-5pm
Wednesday 1-5pm
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday 1-4pm
Saturday 1-4pm

These times are all in AEST (GMT+10), so adjust them based on your own timezone.

How to take part

To watch any of our online outreaches, you can watch live on our YouTube channel or Facebook page. Or to take part in any of these outreaches, email us for the virtual room meeting link.

Friday 8 May 2020

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It’s Battle Log time again already.  Next thing you know, we’ll be in eternity.  Can’t wait.  But till then, we have the opportunity to tell more people about Jesus.  Over the last two days we have had many opportunities to do just that.  Thursday for 6 hours, and Friday for 7 hours.  I’m re-establishing my outreach log, not perfect yet, but let’s see how I did…

Thursday was harder than normal.  I had a mild headache, and my voice was scratchy.  On top of that, I started the outreach with a string of tuff conversations.  I feel back to prayer (and thank you to those that are praying for us).

I then managed to get into a conversation with a young man who looked Philipino.  He was Catholic, and seemed to follow the logic of what I was saying flawlessly and went from thinking his good deeds would get him to heaven, to understanding that it was faith in Jesus' sacrifice that would get him there.  It was a really encouraging conversation, and I was grateful for it.

And that’s all I wrote in my notes for Thursday!  But I know I had many other conversations, and the rest of the team were busy too.  All glory to God.

Friday started with a conversation with another young Catholic.  He was resistant, but followed the logic and opened up to what I was saying.  He heard and seemed to understand the gospel, but a few checking questions later and he reverted back to thinking it was his goodness that would save him - I was so surprised.  It was this point that I learned he was Catholic.  I stopped and went back to re-explain the gospel, and it finally started to dawn on him.  He seemed to really appreciate the conversation in the end.  I challenged him to respond to the gospel.

I then had a string of three conversations where they bailed on me before I could share the gospel.  And then I had a long string of people who didn’t even want to start a conversation with me!

I decided to add the tag “Jesus” so Omegle would pair me with people who had the same tag.  I finally got into a conversation with some teens who heard the law, and then bailed.  Fifteen minutes later, they were reconnected to me! (I guess not many people use the tag “Jesus”.)  So they got to hear the gospel after all!  Praise God for that.

About three gospel conversations later, I ended up getting into an interesting text conversation (I talked, they typed) with someone who claimed they had murdered 7 people.  I ignored it and continued to attempt to share the law and the gospel but they were very resistant.  It ended like this:

Stranger: No
Stranger: I’m done
Stranger: But thanks
Stranger: No
You have disconnected.

I then had a very bizaare conversation with some young guys who were out fishing in California.  They were inoculated to the gospel and very resistant.  One of them mentioned Mormonism at one point.  It was really hard to engage, some of them were being hostile, but one of them wanted to talk - seemed to think they were already Christians.  This conversation ended up having a focus on repentance.

I had a long conversation with a lady before lunch.  After lunch, two conversations stand out.

The first was with a young teen guy who had it deeply ingrained that he was a really good person.  He was not hostile, but he was very resistant to hearing the law.  It’s like his brain couldn’t compute it.  He couldn’t see himself as someone who was guilty compared to God and deserving of Hell.  But I laboured with this young man.  I shared the gospel, and I thought he was understanding.  But then I turned to checking questions, and it soon dawned on me that he thought that it was two things that saved him: Jesus and good deeds.  He was very engaged at this stage, so I stopped, and wound back all the way to the beginning and went through it again with him.  I’m pretty sure he was starting to grasp the gospel.  At one point, he asked if I was an angel - which was pretty funny.  I clarified that I wasn’t!  Oh that he truly understands and trusts Jesus.

My day ended with chat with three Muslim girls.  It started out as a funny joke for them, but by the end of the conversation they were all sitting back and deadly serious.  I could tell I was making progress with them, as they didn’t leave the conversation when normally people would by this point.  So I just keep going over the gospel, and coming back to how, by their own religion, they wouldn’t be going to heaven, because they weren’t good.  Our only hope is Jesus.

As I’m writing this, the team is still going strong online.  Really encouraging to watch them all silently talking to people about Jesus (pictured).  We appreciate your prayer support.  Please join us!

Thursday 7 May 2020

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Today in the double outreach, the team of around ten rejoiced the have the opportunity to speak with many more people about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

The afternoon started with a strong conversation with Patonia. She initally professed faith and then it came out that she believed her goodness was a part of her justification. She was a part of the movement called, "The Last Reformation" who believe that baptism is required for salvation. She then went through a range of emotions from anger to sadness as she came to terms with the lies of this movement and came to grasp the simple message of the gospel. She was looking for the truth but wasn't sure if she would start reading the Bible for herself.

Please be praying that she would respond to the gospel in faith and start seeing what God has said in His word!

A following conversation was with Huan, a man who came to grasp the gospel very quickly and said this day he would trust in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins! He was so thankful for the chat and rejoiced that we'd had it.

Lastly worth noting was Ben a Jewish man who noted at the end that he was really glad we'd had the chat. He started professing atheism and saw the foolishness of it and came to acknowledge God. Then he was taken through the law and shown how desperately he falls short and then when asked for the solution he had no idea and said, "You tell me".

He was thankful for the chat as he came to see and acknowledge that his Tanakh pointed to Jesus as the only savior for the world and was thankful for the conversation. He said he would read Isaiah 53 and would consider opening up the New Testament for himself afterwards!

Praise God for these three stand out conversations and please pray that God would be drawing these sinners to Himself through the gospel they heard this day!

And since you're probably stuck at home, why not come and join us sometime?

Wednesday 6 May 2020

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Routine.  That’s a big key for me.  Sharing the gospel with people, as a full time job, can be tiring, and difficult, it can even be boring, sometimes, when you're repeating the same information over and over to people who often don’t seem interested.

And, other than dependence on the strength of God, a regular routine really helps me to keep going.  In fact, my online evangelism routine is so solid now, that I find that I enjoy the work more now.  I pray, and start a conversation, the conversation ends, I pray, and repeat.

And I feel my routine is in balance.  I take regular breaks through the day, and take walks.  And I take a whole day away from it all, to focus on rest and family (because we homeschool, my family makes Monday our day off).

I think back to the years when I was new to street evangelism, and the learning process.  I remember being terrified when “evangelism day” would arrive.  And relieved when it was over.  But, my passion for God and telling others about Him overrode my fears.  And the routine helped.

So this is an encouragement to you, to try using routine as an aid in evangelism.  Pick a (regular) time and place and stick to it.  At the moment, there are online outreaches happening daily, with a team of people to work with and learn from.  So feel free to come and join us - you will be welcome, no matter your current experience or ability. :)

(With online evangelism, it’s so much easier to get a conversation started, and you can just get into the “flow” of conversation after conversation.  It’s good, because you can just power through many gospel conversations (and if you are new, learn fast).  But you have to be careful you don’t become too automatic.  These are real people we are communicating with, and we need to take what we do seriously.)

And routine helps me to keep writing these reports three times a week.  But they often feel like I’m just saying the same old thing each time.  I’m at a point now where I feel the time would be better spent just sharing the gospel instead - and I’d probably find that more enjoyable.  I dunno, I guess it’s good for me to do so much writing (and it’s a nice change of routine).  Has my writing improved?  I hope so.  But is it worth it?

Well, I guess I should write about the last two days of outreach ;)  Tuesday (6 hours on Omegle) and Wednesday (4 hours).  So many conversations, I just can’t remember them all.  I normally take notes, a routine I need to re-establish! ;)

But something that has encouraged me is seeing others growing in confidence in online evangelism, e.g.:

“It's really thrilling to read your accounts of the gospel going out. I have been praying for you guys. Keep up the great work.  I've been doing some Omegle text chats. Can't quite get myself to plunge into a video chat yet!”

And then on Tuesday morning: “I had my first VIDEO chat yaay!” and then “Just spoke to two 11 year old girls can you believe.  It was like talking to my Bible Club kids!  God paired me up with the right demographic haha.”

And from another team member, this: 

Stranger: Jesus is right
Stranger: U r right
Stranger: From now on
Stranger: Cause after this chat u have made me believe

I finished my outreach today with a very long conversation with a guy who was very intelligent, but so easily distracted, and just all over the place.  I had to stop him multiple times and just give him wake up calls to try to get through.  I would warn him that he was suppressing the truth out of love for his sin.  It was a video conversation, but at one point he dropped the following comment via text chat:  “these r the words i needed to hear”.  He took a look at, and was impacted by the opening line: “What happens after we die?”.  In the end, I needed to end the conversation, as I don’t think I was making much progress.  I was able to share the gospel.  I hope something I said sticks.  He is in God’s hands.

By the way, the picture shows the stats for  Since we have started online evangelism, there has been a big increase in traffic.  May people read the content on and come to understand the gospel.  May people be saved from our feeble efforts, to the glory of God alone.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

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The last few days of online witnessing has been of great encouragement in many ways but also confirming other worries about the state of the church in the west.

If there has been any learning experience from this it is that the church needs to be clearer in explaining the gospel and more explicit in what is a result of the gospel. Church attendee's who the team has spoken to in large part have never understood why the cross is good news. They often have heard of Jesus dying on the cross and even know the phrase, "Jesus died for your sins" but they have never heard why that is good news.

The predominant issue isn't that people think they can live however they want. Rather it has exposed itself to be that people have never grasped the gospel. Most of the people are "hearing" that it is asking for forgiveness, confessing sin, trying to obey the laws that is the reason that God will save them and then often in the next sentence mentioning that we are saved by grace.

This has been making evangelism easy in many senses because the people already think that God exists and are interested in what He says. (It also sometimes makes it harder because they are more resistant in their pride to acknowledge that they have been wrong). But usually this results in a really encouraging conversation where the person goes on to say, "No one has ever explained this to me before like this".

One stand out like this was with Amy a young Asian girl who attends a Christian school adn church her whole life and after a twenty five minute conversation she came to grasp the gospel and said that she was very thankful that it was explained to her this way. She said she wanted to start reading the gospel of John today.

Another was with Tye a Church attending American who said that it was his goodness that would be the basis for Heaven and after a good conversation, (all the while taking notes) he came to be really clear on the gospel and was so grateful for the chat! Once he understood it he mentioned that it would be wise to move to a different church (who prize the Bible) and he would start reading the Bible for himself.

Please be praying for Amy and Tye that they (and the many others who are like them) would upon grasping the gospel would come to believe it for themselves.

Sunday 3 May 2020

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On Saturday I (in NZ) was doing online outreach in the morning, and the team in Aussie were on in the Afternoon.

I had a lot of great conversations, but three stand out.  One brought me to tears.

The first was with a young man who didn’t want to talk, just type.  I could see him and talk to him though.  So in this way, I was able to share the law and the gospel with him.

I had made sure the guy understood the cost of following Jesus, and to finish up, I asked him a final checking question and he said:

Stranger: I need to trust that Jesus died on the cross for us and paid for our sins

He seemed to be understanding, which is great - praise God.  I then asked if he had any questions:

Stranger: No it's just that I would never expect this you just changed my life thank you

It touched me deeply.  I know it’s nothing I do that will change someone's life.  All glory to God alone.  But, the deepest desire of my heart is for people to be saved.  So I had a good cry, and I’m not ashamed to say it - I’m passionate about this.  It’s so serious, and so real.  He is in God’s hands, may he really be changed by God.  May you be encouraged to see what is important in life, and get out to share the amazing news of Jesus with people.

The second conversation I want to mention was with a lady who was a scientist who worked in nanotechnology!  I don’t come across many people like that on Omegle!  She also didn’t want to talk, only type.  But she was deeply atheist and resistant to any logic of the reality of God.  She was even mocking.  I knew I wasn’t going to make progress and sure enough, she bailed from the conversation.  The reason why this conversation is so significant is because of the third conversation…

About fifteen minutes afterwards, after a string of rejections, I get into another conversation with someone that only wanted to type!  I turned on their video and I was shocked.  It was the same lady from the second conversation!  There were 50,000 people on Omegle at the time, and I’ve never ever been paired with the same person twice.  I said, “I think God wants me to talk to you!”  It felt like an amazing piece of providence.  And I instantly thought to take the conversation on a different tack.  I went with my testimony, to try to find ground she would identify with, so that I would be able to gain the trust to be able to get to the law and the gospel.

Praise God, I was able to at least get to the law, before she bailed again.  But before she bailed, I was able to drop a link to

I sat back in wonder.  May something I said stick, may she look at the website.  May God use it as He wills - for His glory.

Sunday saw the usual practical training outreach online.  Ryan asked me to do the initial demo to the group, and I was nervous - mainly because I didn’t want to get into a long conversation that would hold everyone up from getting to their own harvest opportunities.

I ended up getting into a conversation with two French guys.  Their English wasn’t the best, and it was hard to establish a clear line of reason with them.  I managed to get through the law and the gospel, yet I’m not confident they understood - sadly.

The team then broke into smaller Jitsi groups and we took turns sharing the gospel on Omegle, while sharing our screen for the rest to observe.  It was wonderful getting to know some of the other team members better in between, and we were able to discuss afterwards to learn from each other.  Praise God.

My eldest daughter is still keen to be involved, and so she sat next to me while she had a few goes.  I was really proud of her!  She was so nervous, but it was great watching her confidence grow as she got into it.  She managed to get two people through the law before they bailed on her.  But praise God, he uses our efforts.  We will continue to practice sharing the gospel in our family devotion times.

Glory to God for the weekend of opportunity to share His gospel.  Glory to God, alone, for any fruit.

Saturday 2 May 2020

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Online evangelism is like nothing you've ever experienced. Any rejection is minor and the reception glorious!

The team has found that the vast majority of the people on Omegle (from America) a professing Christians who know little of the gospel or a people who are pretty sure they're done with Christianity when they haven't even started. Neither group seems to have a good understanding of the gospel and almost all seem to be believing that it is their own goodness and what they have to offer God that is the reason for their entry into Heaven or their rejection of God.

But over the past weeks each day around ten people from Australia and New Zealand have been gathering digitally, praying together and then heading out into the harvest field to proclaim to good news of the Kingdom!

There have been so many beautiful conversations. Ranging from gang members who professed faith knowing that they could die for it, to ardent atheists turning 180 and saying that today they want to trust that Jesus has taken the punishment for their sin!

A highlight from today was with a man named B, he at first was being silly and then with a bit of warning about the seriousness of eternity and the reality that it could begin for him at any moment he tuned in to listen. Early on in hearing the gospel he noted that he had heard it all before but it was just moments later the he remarked, "Oh that makes sense now". He came to profess a desire to trust in Christ, as the propitiation for his sin and said that he would read the gospel of John.

It was a beautiful day, of outreach and among other conversations a Muslim came to hear of the gospel but rejected it and atheist said, "This is the first time I've ever heard of this and now I will have to consider it" and a third man originally proclaiming his own righteousness was so cut to the heart by the law, seeing his guilt said, "I have to go now".

Please be praying for the many who heard the good news today, that this hearing would result in faith and that they too would desire to see others come to a saving knowledge of the truth!

Friday 1 May 2020

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Since my last report, we have added Facebook live streaming (as well as You Tube).  It’s never been easier to watch real life, live, gospel conversations.  We hope you will be encouraged by this, and encouraged to get involved as well!

Today we had a random Christian join our outreach (via Jitsi meeting room).  We have been able to interact with him and he has been able to watch and get a feel for how it works.  This guy is from Canada, and we have never met him before - so encouraged to be able to make new connections like this.

Live streaming has taken some getting used to.  It just feels weird knowing anyone could be watching / listening to the conversation you are having!  But it’s a good thing.  I’ve got nothing to hide, except my mistakes.  And this only gives me an opportunity to apologise and make it right as best as I can.  If you watch, and see any blind spots that I could learn about - please do let me know.  But be nice about it! :)  Proverbs 12:1 (ESV) Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

I normally take notes of my gospel conversations, so I can write about them in this report, but for some reason, I haven’t done this over the last two days?  Thursday afternoon is a bit of a blank for me, so I’ll go see some of the things others in the team have been saying…

Ryan: “Just had an amazing chat with two ladies. They initially said we are just a bunch of atoms, nothing happens to us after we die.

Showed them God’s existence, they said “Wow that makes so much sense!”

Explained the gospel, one said “This is amazing! If you had not told me this, I would never have known this, I never would have thought that someone could take my punishment. This is the best chat I have had on Omegle.””

Andy: “Just had the hands down best chat ever on Omegle.
Guy was like...... I've never heard this before..... Gob smacked.... listened intensely, humble like a child. 
He was asking me for web sites to know more.... 
Be encouraged everyone.... the harvest is plentiful....”

Oh, this one is from me, I kinda remember talking to this Muslim: “Epic convo with a Muslim.  But hard of heart, yet he heard the gospel.  Convict him Lord, Save him by your grace.  But ultimately - may You be glorified! ??”

Oh yeah, this one is really interesting, from Ryan: “Just chatted to a guy from Christchurch on Omegle named Tyler who has seen Glen Richards witness in Cashell Mall!  He hasn’t spoken to Glen before, but one of his friends has. Encouraged him to say hi to Glen after the Coronavirus season. He thought his good deeds would save him, but grasped the gospel and professed to start believing it today”

Kane: “Fynn Johnson that chat with the Jewish girl Michelle was gold. The look on her face when she read Isaiah 53 then the look on your face when you asked her where she was up to and she said "Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted". #priceless”

Matt: “"Hey man seriously, you've just totally just changed my mind"” & “"audible gasp in" as he grasped the gospel”

Martin: “By God's grace I met a guy from New Zealand and He understood the gospel clearly and we got connected through facebook, continuing our chat through FB. What a joy!@!!!!!!! Praise God !” & “"I prayed for a relationship with Jesus literally today and you gave me the key or the answer to have that relationship.  I think God sent you to fix me" - He just sent me this message through FB .. what can we say? God is so faithful and He is always working Soli Deo Gloria !!!”

Wow, that was super encouraging.  It’s funny, I think you get used to it and desensitised when you are constantly sharing the gospel.  You see a LOT of rejection and resistance.  But when you stand back and look at a highlights reel like that, it’s really, very encouraging.  Glory to God.  God, you are amazing.  That you use feeble messengers like us, and allow us to be involved.  You are wonderful!  May there be fruit, for your glory Lord.  May you receive the reward of your suffering.

Friday is my biggest day of outreach.  Seven hours of evangelism and then an hour writing this report.  I did capture some of my text conversations, I’ll go see if there is anything interesting…

Oh yeah, I started the day with a video chat with a guy from India, it was a poor video connection, so we used text chat a bit as well.  We connected on Facebook, and he said he would follow up with me tomorrow…

I then had a long conversation with a Catholic from Lebanon.  He was resistant, but I relied on questions to get him engaged.  He came to see that I wasn’t trying to pick a fight with him, that I cared.  And also that he was trusting in his works to save him - and why that wouldn’t work.  He came to understand the gospel:

Stranger: Is there any people here on omegle who listen to u?
Stranger: Or a few?
You: Good question. Most skip me. But I have many good conversations with people. Because this is such an important thing to talk about.
You: Heaven is real, Hell is real.
Stranger: Yes

Many video chats, with all sorts of people.  Many faces cross my mind, too many conversations to write about.  Can I encourage you, come join us in the harvest.

Wednesday 29 April 2020

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Time flies.  Next thing you know we will be in eternity.  I can’t wait.  But till that time, I want to use the gifts and talents God has given me to bring honour to God by making disciples.

Time flies, I can’t believe I’ve been doing online evangelism for nearly six weeks now.  A few months ago, I would never have dreamed I would be doing this.  And yet here I am.  One door closes and another opens.  And oh, what an opportunity it is!  It’s never been easier to get a gospel conversation started.

And yet, it has its downsides.  Anyone thinking of getting involved with online evangelism needs to consider these factors first, and apply wisdom.

As one of my co-elders put it, Omegle is a cesspit.  It’s a place where the depravity of man can so easily rise to the surface.  You can so easily be confronted with dangerous images, links & unwholesome language.  Much more so than on a regular street outreach.  Therefore, this kind of evangelism will not be for everyone!  If this might be a temptation for you - stay away.  If you are a teenager - discuss this with your parents first.  If you are an adult - discuss it with your Elders / Pastors.  And listen to their advice, they care for your soul.

That said, we are having wonderful opportunities to share the hope of Jesus in this dark place.  And we are learning more ways of putting appropriate protections in place.  I’ve already touched on many of those precautions in previous reports, but I’m going to mention them all again here, and cover some new ones as well.

Firstly, on Omegle, to get out of a conversation: hit the escape key on your keyboard twice.  The first time will prompt if you are sure.  The second time will disconnect you from the person you are talking to.  The other option is to just close the browser tab.

If you are doing video conversations, being able to initially (or constantly) hide the video feed of the other person is a must.  We now have three ways of doing this:

  1. Physically hide the video feed.  You can do this in many ways.  But one way is to take a piece of paper, like a gospel tract, fold it in half, and then put it over the top of your screen (as per the picture).

  2. Next is to have another window sitting over top of the video feed.  In my pictured example, I am using Notepad2 to do this.  Notepad2 is a free download from here.  The added benefit of using Notepad2 is that you can turn on the highlighted “Always On Top” feature (accessed from the Settings menu), so that even when you have another window selected (like Omegle in your web browser), Notepad2 will always stay on top of it.

  3. Finally, you can install a Chrome browser extension so that you can completely hide the video feeds HTML element.  Here are the instructions for how to do that:

    1. In Chrome, go to:

    2. Click the “Add to Chrome” Bufton.

    3. To use it, press the new HTML icon that is now near your address bar and then click on the part of the website you want to hide.

    4. Press Ctrl+Z to undo what you have hidden once you know the person can be trusted.

    5. To turn off the extension, simply press the HTML button again.

    6. There is also a way to toggle the Remove HTML elements extension (that you’ve installed) via your keyboard in Chrome (without having to click the HTML button with your mouse).

    7. Go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in your address bar and on that page set a key combination to activate/deactivate it

    8. I have set mine as Ctrl+Space

You can also use the Chrome browser extension to hide inappropriate lines of text chat (esp. appropriate if you are live streaming, as per below)

Another thing to do is have accountability in place.  Have others in the room with you when you are doing online evangelism.  Or join an online outreach team (see this link to be part of ours) where you are all together in a virtual meeting room with your screen shared into it.

Our online outreach team now live streams via YouTube - which provides another layer of accountability.  Everything we say and do can be seen by anyone.

So, in summary, online evangelism is a wonderful opportunity - and we want to encourage it!  But it’s not for everyone.  If you are going to get involved, put precautions in place to protect yourself.

As to the last two days of outreach (which this report covers), I can only summarise it as many wonderful conversations, with many who were up to no good, but encountered the gospel instead.  At least twice over these last two days, I heard people thank me for being on Omegle and sharing what I am.  And I’ve had many opportunities to tell people to get off Omegle - it's a place they shouldn’t be.  After hearing the gospel, they understand what I mean!

Sunday 26 April 2020

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Another wonderful weekend of online outreach, that culminated in the practical training outreach on Sunday afternoon (NZ & AU time).  It was a bit chaotic - but we managed to split up into pairings and get out there to encourage each other in sharing the gospel.

One of my daughters was keen to join the outreach, and so we paired up on my computer (as per the picture).  I gave Haley opportunities to get involved in the gospel conversations - and she did really well! :)

I think it might have something to do with it being the weekend, because I had more people being inappropriate than usual, but that’s okay: a) precautions were in place, and b) those people need the gospel.

Had a lot of conversations, they are a bit of a blur.  No real standouts - the last one was with a Muslim from Egypt.  He heard the gospel - praise God for that - but he was quite resistant. At the end, he said he would check out

Reflecting on Saturday, I worked the morning shift (NZ time), and then the Aussie team took the afternoon / evening shift.

It was great having various people joining me on Jitsi throughout the morning.  Emma (from NZ) was there, and some from Aussie came and went.

One of the text based Omegle conversations involved a guy who thought he was good, but the law deeply impacted him taking away that self-righteousness.  He heard the gospel, but seemed a bit stunned.  He ended up bailing on me before I could make sure he really understood.  I felt a bit grieved by that, but there is nothing more I can do.  They are in God’s hands.  Here is how it ended:

Stranger: are you priest btw
You: He does what he pleases, but he can't deny his nature.
You: no, i'm not a priest.
You: Just a Christian that wants to share hope.
Stranger: love you man!
You: I am a rebel, that deserves hell, and I'm not going there
Stranger: ur good
You: no, I'm bad
You: But Jesus is good
Stranger: u will be in heaven
Stranger: believe me
You: why?
You: What do we have to do to go to heaven?
Stranger: because look at what ur doing now
Stranger: ur giving me hope
You: I'm doing good deeds, but that does not get me to heaven
Stranger has disconnected.

A highlight video conversation was with a young Pacific Islander who heard the law and the gospel, and then I started working through a suite of checking questions.  Because of this, I could tell he wasn’t grasping the gospel and was able to track back to re-explain.  I then moved to another checking question, and then he suddenly bailed.  Sometimes that happens, you think it’s going well, and the person is engaging, and then they go.  Were they understanding and uncomfortable with this new information?  We’ll never know, we just move on and keep sharing the gospel.

Another video conversation I was having with a Muslim was going really well, and then suddenly the video and audio died.  It’s just out of your hands, but you keep going :)

A text conversation I had with a Hindu guy ended interestingly.  They were initially resistant to the reality of the law and I was gently trying to reason with them on it, in the hope they would open up to hear the gospel.  As soon as I shifted the conversation to lust, they became very sleepy:

You: Lust is adultery in the heart.
Stranger: ok bye ..I am sleepy
Stranger: its 4am
You: see ya
Stranger: sorry bro
You: God Bless
Stranger: gn
Stranger: same to you bro
Stranger has disconnected.

I’m still hanging out in IRC, but it’s not my focus.  Even in my own time, from time to time, I will follow the conversation and interject.  I’m starting to get to know these people, who are happy to talk about the deep things in life.  I don’t let myself get baited into apologetical rabbit trails, but will continue to be a witness for Christ and share the gospel as I can.

Christians, be encouraged to continue to share Jesus wherever you are, and if you don’t have other opportunity, join us online - we would love to labour for our Lord with you!

Friday 24 April 2020

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Online evangelism just keeps getting better.  Our latest tweaks involve giving people more access: Christians to be encouraged in evangelism, Unbelievers to hear the good news of the gospel.

Firstly, the team is now staying together in our Jitsi meeting found here: throughout the outreach.  It’s an open meeting room, anyone can join or leave as they like.  But we will stay hanging out here for mutual encouragement.  Also, as much as possible, one of the team will always be sharing their screen and audio into this meeting room, so those that join can come and listen to a gospel conversation: Christians to be encouraged through observation and by asking questions, unbelievers to hear the gospel and be able to ask questions.

For Christians, the objective is ultimately to encourage you into more evangelism: online or otherwise.  For unbelievers, the objective is to allow them to hear the gospel, that God would save them, and then ultimately to encourage them into discipleship & evangelism: online or otherwise.

There should be something happening there at these times:

Sun 1-3pm (Practical Training Outreach)
Mon 1-5pm, 7-10pm
Tue 11am-5pm
Wed 11am-5pm
Thu 11am-5pm, 7-10pm
Fri 6:30-10:30am, 11am-5pm
Sat 6:30-10:30am, 1-5pm

These times are all in AEST (GMT+10), so adjust them based on your own timezone (e.g., add 2 hours if you are in NZ).

The other addition is that we are going to start live streaming these gospel chats on YouTube. This means anyone can go to this URL to just watch what we do: - subscribe to get notified of when the live stream starts.

We pray that God would use these feeble efforts for His glory alone.

We will continue to make changes to the way we do things, as appropriate.

So this report is covering the online evangelism for Thursday and Friday.  And there has just been so much happening, just for me, let alone everyone else in the team, I can’t talk about it all, or barely remember it all.  Praise God for that!

The highlight from Thursday was a conversation I had with a young atheist - he was wearing a cool hat with horns.  He had been a Christian up to 5 years prior, but a Christian camp (which he said was cultish) had put him off.  But it was clear he had never understood the gospel, and although he initially wanted to leave the conversation, he became engaged, and then genuinely impacted as I explained the gospel to him.  In particular, the fireman analogy (explaining the fruit of repentance) brought the balance he sensed was missing - yet he now understood that the sacrifice of Jesus, and his faith alone in that, was the only thing that would save him.

Friday was a long day of outreach.  Here is what stands out:

Conversations with four young men who were all open, and all came to grasp the gospel.  For example, one of those kids, who said he was a Christian, said that before our conversation he thought he had to trust in Jesus AND do good deeds to go to heaven.  But he came to grasp the gospel and said, “I'm going to talk to my Dad about this, you've made my week!”

I had a conversation with an intelligent young girl who was very resistant.  She said that someone from my team had already talked to her!  But she said it was an American, so maybe it was another team?  I wasn’t able to share the gospel with her, sadly she didn’t want to hear it.

I finished my day with a great conversation with an open Muslim guy from Morocco.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of the Operation 513 team, we are in awe of God at the opportunities he is giving us online.  All glory to Him for any fruit.  Come, join us! :)

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