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Saturday, 28 July, 2018

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Hear John share how he was able to teach a Christian about God's work in our life and encourage her to seek His truth in the Word.

Hear, a very excited, Harry rejoicing in the conversations God provided him tonight. Especially with a Buddhist named Jules, who thought that people get to Heaven by works of the law.

Wednesday, 25 July, 2018

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This afternoon in Brisbane City, God kindly provided cloud cover. As the team arrived the sun was bearing down but within a few minutes and for the rest of the afternoon the team was graced with cooler temperatures, due to the clouds.

One team member commented at the end of the afternoon how it had been a valuable and encouraging outreach. Another shared that it had been a really tough slog of reliance upon God and pressing on despite tiredness and discouragement. Thankfully God uses each and every conversation to bring about His glory, even those which are a little more cluncky.

Two young men interacted with the team at different times, one named Bepool and the other Jack. The thing these men had in common was all they knew about Christianity was the name, "Jesus". By the end of each conversation they both had a firm understanding of the Gospel and were left with the choice.

​Bepool didn't really know what Heaven and Hell were, who God was or what sin is. He was happy to admit that he was not good, in fact that he had done a lot of wrong things in his life. Upon hearing about God's justice for sin he acknowledged that he deserves Hell. At this moment Bepool paused, the reality of what he was hearing seemed to sink in. He felt the weight of what he was learning. Thankfully, by the end of the twenty minute conversation he also understood that God, who is love, has come into this world to redeem, sinful humanity. 

He was excited to hear this news and was happy to learn more about Jesus. Sadly, finding a way to stay in contact was forgotten but one can be sure the sovereign God is in control of the outcome of this conversation.

When approached Jack was keen to chat. He was open about being a "bad" person and even shared that he was a liar and thief, even without being prompted! He had some little quarms with there being a God but they were minor. It even seemed that wasn't really on his mind by the end of the conversation.

Jack over the course of the conversation came to understand the basics of Christianity and most importantly learnt the beauty of God's plan to save the human race through, His Son, Jesus Christ. This conversation travelled all throughout the Bible and ultimately ended with Jack being grateful for the conversation. He even said, "I am so glad we've had this conversation, I now understand Christianity".

Sadly, although Jack understood the Gospel and had no real arguments, he said he most likely wasn't that interested at this stage.

With one final challenge, it was explained that God changes the desires of those who come to Him, through Christ. Christians don't have to "stop doing all the fun things because they're wrong". Instead, they no longer want to do wrong things because they have new affections and have found their satisfaction in God Himself, rather than trying to find it in the pleasures of this world.

Jack understood and went on his way, taking a tract.

Please be praying for Bepool and Jack as they remember and ponder the Gospel they heard this afternoon. Please also keep the different members of the team in prayer as they prepare to head out. 

Saturday, 21 July, 2018

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Tonight three Muslims heard of the unequalled Holiness of God, the desperate wickedness of sin and that our only hope is in God's saviour.

In another extremely sad conversation, another man was greatly offended by God's expectations of him and was offended to think that he would need a saviour.

As you hear each recount, please be praying for these men that they may surrender to Christ and find forgiveness and life.

Saturday, 7 July, 2018

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Hear two team members share how God used them to share the Gospel with people on the street. First with two Muslims and then with an atheist named Peter.

Saturday, 30 June, 2018

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As the team heads out into Brisbane city again tonight, here are the photos from last week's outreach.

The team were encouraged with the various gospel conversations that were had, with some people coming to grasp the gospel for the very first time. This included a lady named Jacinta, who attends a Catholic Church but thought her own goodness would get her to heaven.

When she heard that salvation is a free gift simply received through faith in Jesus, it was like a light bulb turned on in her head. She was then encouraged to count the cost of following Jesus, but at the same time to not delay.

To God be all the glory!





Saturday, 23 June, 2018

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Hear how on a quieter night in the city, the team was able to use the Gospel to encourage a seeking, Singaporian.

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018

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This afternoon in Brisbane city the team had seven members out and God provided many conversations for us. It was clear that he had bought people along that he had been working in previously.

One conversation was with a man named Ben, he had grown up in the Church, knew the Gospel but was struggling with obedience to God. It was a wonderful opportunity to encourage him with the Gospel and to use it to equip him to share his faith on the way home. Please be praying that Ben was empowered by the Spirit with boldness to share Jesus' offer of salvation with someone on his bus ride home.

Another conversation was with two German travelers named Jacob and Justus. These young men didn't want to acknowledge that God is who He says He is. They wanted God to be loving to the point that He didn't care about justice.

The Gospel was clearly presented, alongside God's revelation about His Holiness. These young men were left with the serious challenge to stop believing the god they had made in their own image, and instead to surrender to the one who had made them in His.

A third conversation was with a young lady, named Natasha. As we spoke, it became clear that God was doing something in her life already. For the past 12 months she had been learning about Christianity through a campus group and there were very few gaps in her understanding of the faith. She had reached a place where she acknowledged the truth of the gospel, but had not trusted in Jesus for her salvation. As we spoke about what Jesus had done for her, she began to tear up and had to repeatedly wipe away tears from her cheeks with her sleeve. I pleaded with her to trust Jesus and asked her to email me and let me know how she got on.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel this afternoon and for the team as they continue on outreaches this week.

Saturday, 9 June, 2018

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Hear how three team members were able to encourage two different Church-goers with the Gospel.

One man was feeling to guilty for Christ's salvation and another thought that forgiveness in Christ was only given after each individual sin was repented for.

Saturday, 2 June, 2018

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Hear about an encouraging conversation with an older gentleman who was pondering his eternal destination and a lengthy conversation about a young man who was convicted about a specific sin in his life.

Saturday, 19 May, 2018

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As winter slowly creeps up the foot traffic in Brisbane city on a Saturday night has been getting a little quieter, yet God still provides people with whom the Gospel can be shared.

Watch this encouraging video with a short recap of the evening.

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