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Wednesday 3 July 2019

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On Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane there was a team of seven out, due to some people being on holidays and being able to spare the time where they'd usually be at other commitments. This allowed for many conversations to take place over the course of the afternoon.

An early conversation took place with Kaychill, a young man who near the team was busking and during a break he was approached and asked what he thought would happen to him after he dies. He said his mother is Catholic and that he therefore thinks there is a Heaven and Hell and he said he'd probably be headed to Heaven. Over the course of the afternoon over three conversations he came to understand the beauty of the simple gospel, where God remains just and yet sinners are forgiven.

He at first was trying to defend himself from being a sinner, hoping that God would still let him into Heaven but he was challenged to be honest about his life as God won't be over looking our sin, as it must be punished. Then he was quickly shown the good news but went back to busking.

In the next conversation he came to understand the good news, that trust in Christ's death on the cross is enough to make a sinner right before God. He said it was the first time he'd ever heard that and said that he would trust in Christ today! He was encouraged to start reading his Bible and to start attending a local Christian Church.

Later in the afternoon there was a sad conversation with a middle aged man. He seemed open at first and was asked what he thinks will happen to us after we die. He said, "I'm not convinced there is anything". When asked what had lead him to that conclusion he said, "Because there is no evidence to the contrary". He was then asked if there was a God and he said, "Absolutely not!" When asked how the universe got here then he said, "It all came from nothing". When challenged on that, he was asked, "What evidence do you have that it all came from nothing?" He again simply said, "There is no evidence that it was created." At this point he was asked, "What about the seat you're sitting on, how did it get here?"

He seemed to understand instantly. Of course things with a beginning have a Creator. Upon this realisation he said, "Go away stop talking to me!" He was left with a final challenge, "If your entire worldview can be dismantled to the point that you have no answers in just a few questions, maybe you should reconsider it". He said he didn't want to and just wanted to live his own way, so he was left to consider it all.

The afternoon then finished with a wonderful chat with Larko and Tamati, two Kiwi young men. They thought it was likely that God exists and said therefore that they would be in trouble before God. In the end they came to understand the good news and said that they would strongly consider it and were thankful for the chat.

Please keep these people in your prayer as they head away from this afternoon considering what God has said the way to Heaven.

Sunday 23 June 2019

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On Sunday night there was a team of thirteen who came out to proclaim the glories of our God and King! What an exciting evening it was out in the city. With some newer team members coming on out to be helped and equipped in how they can better share the gospel, it was an evening filled with conversations.

There was an early conversation with a couple who stopped to chat. They at first said they didn't think there is a God but then saw how we know He exists and acknowledged that it made sense. Then the implications of God's existence came with the law and God's need to punish evil. They saw that like other they too had disobeyed God and were deserving of Hell. But at this moment the guy grabbed his girlfriends arm and left, stopping them from hearing the good news about how sinners can be forgiven.

Later there was a conversation with Simon a man who had some religious background but over the course of the conversation came to see the predicament he was in currently. He saw that if he died as he currently stood he would end up in Hell eternally. Upon realising this Simon wanted to know the solution so the simple message of hope was shared. It was a privilege to see that he had understood it and actually said that he wanted to trust in Christ today!

On the street when people understand the good news and profess a desire to trust in Christ today the next step is to almost try and convince them not to. It is often hard find the balance between excitement and taking every little thing as a sign that someone is now a Christian and knowing the serious call of the Bible to repent, to stop living ones own way, to take up ones cross and deny themselves daily and many other things.

So Simon was strongly challenged, shown the serious cost of trusting in Christ and at the end of it all he was checked one final time that he still knew the simple message of justification by faith and he took a tract and went on his way.

The final conversation of the evening was weird. Dom and Emily were people who were trusting alone in the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice, they knew they're not good and don't deserve forgiveness. They understood that there is no works required to receive salvation and understood that good works will result from all those who have trusted in Christ's death on the cross to pay for their sin. The surprise, not that they understood Christianity but that in all of this they attended a Catholic church.

This young couple attend a local church, whose official confessions say the very opposite of everything that they believe. Simply through their study of God's word they had theologically arrived in the right place, despite attending church that teaches the opposite. What a testament to God's commitment to those who are His! After this was all established Dom and Emily were challenged in their attendance to such a church.

They were encouraged to read more of God's word regarding baptism, communion, church leadership, confession and many other things and compare it to what they were being taught and on the basis of seeing the difference in scripture with their church then seek out a church whose aim is to preach God's word, not the traditions of men.

Please keep those who heard the good news in your prayers. Specifically for Simon that his profession of faith would be possession of faith and for Dom and Emily that they would end up at a Church where the Pastor seeks to preach the truth.

Saturday 22 June 2019

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On Saturday the first conversation was with Banjo. At first he started talking about reincarnation but this was just brushed over and he was shown God's existence, his guilt, his current destiny in Hell and the only hope for sinners. Banjo said, "This is the first time I've ever heard this message". He also noted that it had opened his mind and he was challenged to consider it. He was able to tell the way to Heaven to the team and said he was interested in reading his Bible and was going to start attending a local Church! What an exciting beginning to the evening!

Soon there was a conversation with a Muslim man, Matham. He was doing the usual spiel of trying to tell us everything about Islam and in doing so was stopping himself from hearing the good news. A new direction was taken as he was asked, "Do you know what Jesus says is the way to Heaven?" He didn't. So the opportunity was taken to show him through the flip chart, letting it do the talking and also to keep the conversation on track.

Matham got to the end of the conversation and was able to articulate back, according to Jesus, how someone gets to Heaven. He was challenged to consider it strongly and he headed off.

Soon three young adults, Chad, Karlie and David, approached and they were asked where they'd go after they die but they didn't have much idea. Over the course of the conversation Chad remained defiant against God's offer of forgiveness and Karlie didn't say much but David seemed moved. He said he wanted to consider it, he was going to have to think about this more and gladly took some resources.

There was then an interesting conversation with Declan and Reece. Declan declared that he was sure he'd be good enough for Heaven and was strongly defending himself. Then the law was revealed and he was absolutely silenced. Reece on the other hand who was less self-assured to begin with, was also condemned by the law but then came to hear the good news of the gospel. He came to comprehend it simply and understand it very quickly.

In the end the pair were challenged to count the cost, to not just take this in as information but to trust in Christ alone for their salvation and to start living in obedience to God.

There were a scattering of other conversations. A very arrogant man approached the table and had no intention to listen just to berate and disrespect. There was an American lady who'd had quite a lot to drink therefore struggled to pay attention and follow the conversation but was given a gospel tract. There was also Daniel and Arki a couple who heard the gospel but didn't seem to understand despite best efforts and ended up leaving with tracts.

Please keep all those who heard the good news in your prayer and why not consider this weekend coming on out to share the good news of what Christ has done to save sinners?

Wednesday 19 June 2019

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On Wednesday in Brisbane City there was a range of encouraging conversations. Many people stopped by and wanted a go on the flip chart.

The first conversation of the afternoon took a very long time. It started with two ladies one of whom had spoken to the team before. But it ended up with a guy named Daniel and a girl named Ally. They had very little understanding of Christianity even though they had attended Catholic schools.

The conversation started with establishing comprehension of the gospel and why it is the only option of salvation and Daniel and Ally came to understand it. It was exciting to see them able to explain it back and answer questions that challenged them in what they had just been taught.

At the end of the chat they said they were thankful for the conversation and were keen to look into it and they both took a gospel of John and said they would read it.

It was an exciting conversation because they realised the seriousness of the discussion. They didn't just leave thinking it was a nice message or foolishly rejecting Jesus because they love sin. They left knowing that their response to this Jesus would determine their eternal destiny and were going to way up their choices. Please be praying that God graciously shows them the desperate wickedness of their hearts and causes them to trust in Christ!

A conversation late in the afternoon took place with Evie a lady who struggled to understand. She was really hungry and had to head off to eat some food but before that point she was able to see her current eternal destiny, that she was headed to Hell.

Sadly she was struggling to concentrate and therefore was unable to understand the gospel but she took a tract and said she'd read it.

Over the course of the afternoon the six team members had the opportunity to speak to around twenty people who heard of the good news about Christ, many of whom also were able to understand the simple response of faith that saves and therefore the good works that will follow out of gratefulness.

Please raise up these people and conversations in your prayer that God may use this to draw those who are His unto Himself.

Sunday 16 June 2019

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On Sunday evening, God had sent rain to this earth, to sustain and help with the growth of the plants. This meant though that the seats were wet and people weren't too keen to sit down on the seats so the team spread around a little further to converse with people a little further apart. This was useful though as there were nine team members out sharing the good news of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

An early conversation took place with Gilliami a Portuguese speaking, professing Christian but as usual he thought it would be his obedience that would be gaining him a place in Heaven. He was show God's standard of perfect and God's law and it didn't take him long to see that he wouldn't be receiving a place in Heaven if he was being judged on his own life. But then when talking about the sacrifice of Christ he kept trying to use this good works as leverage to gain for himself Jesus' sacrifice. He really struggled to understand that it is faith alone in Jesus' sacrifice that causes one to be right before God. He was encouraged to spend time this very night, reading Romans 3-5.

There were a scattering of conversations throughout the rest of the night but the even finished with three very encouraging conversations in a row. The first was with Dani who had some Christian background but basically just lived her own way. She was shown the problem, of sin and the punishment it deserves and was lead through the beauty and simple message of salvation. Getting to the end she said she half trusts in Jesus and it was explained that sort of belief will not save. You need to be relying upon what Jesus did to pay for your sin, otherwise you will not be saved. She came to understand this and said she would have to think about it tonight. She had a Bible at home and therefore was encouraged to read the gospel of John tonight!

Next was a conversation with Eric. He'd been speaking to another team member but wanted some extra clarification. Eric was a Taiwanese "Christian" who was worried about his salvation because he was trusting in his own actions to help him get to Heaven. No wonder he was extremely worried. He was taken through the gospel another time and was challenged with some questions to clarify and after a few goes through the gospel, checking each time if he had understood he finally seemed to get it on the third attempt. This was good news and he was then encouraged to start reading John's gospel, the letter to the Romans and to attend a local Church so that he may be built up and strengthened in the gospel.

The final conversation of the night was with Grant. Who similarly had been talking to another team member and professing to be a Christian. He was a little grey on the gospel thinking it was received on the basis of asking but came to understand that it was on the basis of trusting in Christ. The beauty of this conversation was that just two days earlier he had been discussing with his friend this very topic but they had decided to conclude that there is nothing after death.

This conversation, just two nights later came at the right time. God prepared it beforehand, so that it was still fresh and not really settled. Grant professed that today he would trust in Christ and he too was encouraged to start reading his Bible and to attend a local Church.

Please be praying for those tonight who heard. For the four professing Christians that they each came to understand the gospel properly and will all subsequently trust in Christ this very night! Please keep them in your prayer as they hopefully start their Christian journey of a life lived in obedience to God out of gratefulness to Him for what He has done.

Saturday 15 June 2019

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On Saturday night in Brisbane City it was exciting to see so many team members out with the intention of telling people what Jesus has done to save sinners.

An early conversation took place with Mark and Claudia. They said they weren't really worried about the afterlife but they said they also didn't know what was coming. They were shown that they should very seriously consider it. Firstly because it could happen at any time. Secondly they were shown God's law and realised that if they were to be judged based on how they live because God is good, they'd be heading for Hell. They were shown the seriousness but their friends arrived and they decided to head off instead of continuing to chat.

This was followed by a conversation with Christian and Jordi. They saw God's existence and were shown the bad news that because God is good they, as lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderous, adulterers at heart are heading for eternal punishment in Hell. They saw this and then said, "We're in a hurry, can you quickly explain to us the solution". They were shown the gospel and with some clarification questions and checking questions they showed that they'd understood justification by faith alone and that true faith will always be followed by obedience to God. They both took tracts, were thankful for the chat and headed off.

There was a precious moment during the night when a young lady and her son were walking past and the son wanted to know what the flip chart was about. In God's providence, as a result the boys mother was taken through the flip chart and she came to understand the simple message of the gospel. She was encouraged this very day to trust in Christ and to rely on His perfect life and sacrificial death as the only reason she'd be going to Heaven. She was thankful for the conversation, took a gospel of John and was encouraged to start reading.

Two late conversations in the evening took place. The first with Sophie who walked up to the flip chart and had a few spare minutes before work and so she was taken through the simple gospel presentation. She saw that goodness isn't judged based on comparison to others, that by God's law everyone stands condemned and therefore are headed to Hell. She then was asked what could be done and she said she wasn't sure but she came to hear the good news, seeing the imagery of the flip chart showing how Christ has stepped in and taken the punishment for sin of those who believe.

She heard clarification on the simple message that sinners are made right before God, simply by trusting that Jesus has paid for their sin on the cross and then came to understand that in response to this gift of forgiveness they will turn from their sin and instead live in obedience to God. She too was challenged with her comprehension of the message she'd just heard with some simple questions which by God's providence, due to the time limit she got right straight away! Praise God for such an exciting yet short conversation.

This was then followed by a conversation with two Muslims. This wasn't the only conversation during the night of this nature but it was hard work. The reason it is so hard is that Muslims are taught to try and convert others to Islam rather than listening to what is being said. Most of the time, instead of engaging with the challenges being placed before them as to what they are saying, they simply repeat it or say it louder. This isn't always the case and there are some very patient, humble and interested Muslims. Sadly, more often than not this isn't the case. In this specific scenario Khaled and Abdullah just wanted to talk.

The solution that worked in this scenario to enable the gospel to be shared was that, it was explained to them that the team understood Islam and what it proposes. They were given a simple yet accurate explanation of Islam to which they agreed but when they were asked what Jesus says is the way to Heaven they could not answer. On the back of this then, the opportunity was taken to show them what Jesus has actually said.

They like usual were taken through God's law, humanities sinfulness, the position sin leaves us and therefore that the only way for God to remain just and humanity to be anything other than eternally damned is for God to do something to pay for sin. They were shown what Christ did and how they can receive it by trusting that He has paid for their sin on that cross. They were able to repeat back the simple message and how it is received but they ultimately rejected it because they were sure it would be their own goodness that would get them to Heaven.

Over all, it was an encouraging night as usual. With a 100% success rate because God's word went out. Please be praying for those who heard the good news that they wouldn't just comprehend it but that they would trust in Christ alone for their salvation.

Wednesday 12 June 2019

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On Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane City the team were out with a desire to proclaim the excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light, so that others may become children of the King! That is exactly what happened over the course of the afternoon. With a focus on proclaiming the gospel God used this simple obedience of unworthy vessels to bring people to understand who He is and what He has done to save sinners!

An early conversation was with Breno. He was a deeply broken man, trying to hold his life together. He has been married for three months and is now in the throws of a messy divorce. He said that if the topic was raised only a few weeks earlier he'd never have wanted to talk but now he wanted to know. Over the course of a lengthy discussion he came to understand the good news of how Christ saves sinners and he seemed to grasp it.

It took a number of tries for him to understand as his Hindu background lead him to think that it was personal actions which contributed to our right standing before God. At the end of the discussion he said that he would open up the Bible he has at home and start reading tonight! Praise God for using the pain of divorce to open a mans ears to the gospel!

Another conversation took place with Silvester. It was a weird conversation, in that, he knew the gospel and a lot about Christianity. Sadly this meant nothing of his spiritual health as he was as dead as could be. He had no desire to attend Church or read his Bible, rather he just wanted to live however he saw fit. Because God "cramped his style" he was happy to ditch God for his own ends. He was warned and warned and warned. The conversation lasted almost forty minutes as Silvester was pleaded with, shown the foolishness and gravity of his decision and was encouraged to open up God's word today and to attend a local Church on Sunday.

He made no promises and at the end of it all was warned, that this may have been God's final opportunity for him to trust in Christ.

An exciting conversation happened with a Frenchman. Often European's are very liberal and quite proud of it and so their arguments basically range from, "I don't believe that to I don't want to believe that". But Irvin was different. He was similar in that being what he originally said but as the law and gospel was shown he was moved from apathy and rejection to intrigue. He wanted to know more. He came to comprehend the simple gospel and actually said, "That's beautiful" in response.

He was challenged with the serious call the gospel makes that although it is free, you will give up everything for the sake of Christ. He said he would have to count the cost, think about this and said he would start reading his Bible tonight! It was a privilege to be a part of his journey to comprehension!

There were a scattering of other conversations with "atheists" all five of whom preferred personal freedom over truth and despite not having arguments against God, all struggling to defend their declaration that there is no God when asked some simple questions they all ended up leaving quite quickly. Most were silenced by God's law but didn't want to know of the solution because that would require the acknowledgement of their guilt.

Over the afternoon there were many other people who heard of Christ, so please raise up those mentioned here and any others who came to understand the way to Heaven this afternoon to our gracious God that He would use this simple message to save many!

Sunday 9 June 2019

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As Sunday nights have become a regular event more and more team members have been coming out. It has been exciting to see that there has been around ten members each Sunday night so far. What better time to come on out to preach Christ and Him crucified then after you've just had a ninety minute worship service, as a body praising God for who He is and what He's done. This week's outreach was exciting as again some newer team members came out with the intention of telling others what Christ has done!

An early conversation took place with Alva a tourist who was bold in her declaration that she does not want to believe in God. She was shown the law and her guilt but kept trying to defend that the things she had done aren't that bad. She saw the building builder analogy and said that it made sense but she doesn't want to believe in God. It was sad to see that she was so against God and was warned that it is exceedingly unwise.

The following conversation was with a young couple who at first were hesitant to stop because they didn't want to think about it but they ended up pausing and at first the shared that they don't think there is a God or an afterlife. Then they were shown how we know God exists, why this is a serious problem for us as God is good and must punish all evil, leaving us, if being judged based on how we've lived, deserving of and heading toward Hell. But then they heard the good news, that God in His kindness has offered a solution. He has come, paid the penalty sin deserves and all those who trust in Him will be forgiven of their sin because Jesus has paid for it!

What an joy to share. Keva and Claire heard this, were asked some clarifications questions and came to understand the gospel. They were then challenged with the cost of trusting in Christ and were encouraged this very day to consider it because they're not guaranteed tomorrow!

The following conversation was surprisingly even simpler! Dirasch and Miral an Indian couple said they sort of believed in reincarnation. They were shown how we know God exists and they agreed without argument. Then they were shown that God is good and they agreed, which then by implication left them guilty. They took a look at God's law and were humble enough without argument to acknowledge that they are in very serious trouble because they have lived lives of rebellion against God. They understood that the punishment can't be merely limited to this world but that there is a Hell punishment for sin.

This moment was taken to emphasise the problem with reincarnation, each life is filled with wrong actions. More and more sins. Which means, life after life one will just compile more and more sins that need punishment. In an attempt to avoid Hell the reality is they are just making it worse for themselves. They agreed with this and saw that extending the amount of lives one has will never atone for sin.

Then they heard the glorious good news, better than a self-hope that over 80,000 lives one may be able to perfect themselves rather that God in His love has done it all so that those who by faith in Christ accept the gift of forgiveness are made right before God because He has paid the penalty for their sin and provided the perfection required to stand in the presence of God!

Dirasch and Miral got the simple response to the gospel, that all one must do is trust in Christ to receive forgiveness and then they were shown what it will cost them. That although the gift is free trust in Christ may cost them many things. They understood and said that today they are going to trust in Christ! They mentioned they'd been given a Bible in Byron Bay a little while back that they would read and they were encouraged to attend a local Church!

Praise God for His mercy and kindness toward all those tonight heard the gospel! Please be praying that those who heard the truth, read the truth or were even asked simple questions would not be able to rest until they are right with God! May this exposure to the gospel be a pebble in their shoe that they must deal with as soon as possible!

Why not consider coming out one Sunday night, you'll be glad you did!

Saturday 8 June 2019

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On Saturday the rain came as the day went on and by the time for outreach came Brisbane had been thoroughly soaked. This meant there were fewer people around than usual. There were also showers coming on by which meant most people were dashing off somewhere between showers, whilst it was dry. So the evening was a little harder going than usual but this didn't stop the conversations. There were still plenty to go around, it was just more work to start them.

An early conversation took place with Ray. He walked up near the table and was asked what he thought happens after we die. He shared that he though he'd go to Heaven because he is a good guy. He was taken through a simple gospel presentation and came to understand that his goodness is not enough and in fact that his life means he deserves Hell. Ray was quite surprised and yet was not trying to deny this reality he took it seriously.

Then he came to understand how a sinner can be made right before God. He took a couple of different explanations to fully comprehend the simplicity but when he understood it was exciting to see the joy on his face! He asked if there is a local Church he could head along to and was encouraged to read the gospel of John. He took one and said that he would! Please be keeping Ray in your prayer so that he may trust in Christ, turning to live for Him and start attending a local Church!

Due to the rain coming the team were mostly limited to under cover areas which had a decent amount of foot traffic but a young couple stopped and started chatting. Ben and Sophie were their names. Ben wasn't sure what happens after death and came to agree that he likes sin. He was shown the judgement sin deserves and therefore his current eternal destiny if he does not trust in Christ and then was able to understand the comprehend the simple gospel. He sadly was taken away before some serious cost counting and challenges could be raised but Ben was reminded that his eternal destiny is based upon his response to what Christ has done.

Sophie his friend said she had a great hatred for God because of her family who had treated her very poorly when she came out as homosexual. She was shown that we cannot blame God for the actions of other people but should hear what God himself has said. She saw the kindness of the team that we weren't out to get her, to single her out and to proclaim how much worse she is. But she also wasn't just ignored and it wasn't pretended that her sin isn't sin. Like everyone else she saw through the law that she was a sinner deserving of Hell and came to understand that even if she wasn't a homosexual she was still heading to Hell.

It wasn't her specific expression of sin that caused her to deserve Hell but the reality that she is a sinner. She settled down and seemed to be understanding and was being shown the gospel until she got a phone call and had to leave. At the end they both had received some news. Ben heard the good news of forgiveness in light of the bad news of judgement and Sophie saw the actual news of God's judgement but didn't get a chance to understand the good news.

But in their final parting comments she shared that she wasn't really interested in "changing" anything about her life because she wants to keep living her way. Please raise Ben up before God that he would humble himself and come to God on his terms, trusting in Christ for his forgiveness. Please be praying for Sophie that she would stop trying to justify her sin but that she would comprehend the desperate wickedness of rebellion against God and turn to Him alone for forgiveness!

There were a few other scattered conversations over the course of the evening. One exciting one was with Jason who had spoken to the team before and was able to simply explain the way to Heaven! It was exciting to see that he still remembered the simplicity of justification by faith alone and that this will always be evidenced by a changed life. But when asked when he will trust in Jesus to pay for his sin he wasn't sure. He was then encouraged strongly to count the cost and consider it tonight because he may never receive another opportunity to think about it!

Jason said that he would. Please be praying that God would have worked in Jason's heart and brought him to believe, not just know about the gospel!

Wednesday 29 May 2019

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On Wednesday afternoon in Brisbane City the team had a wonderful afternoon, it is the time of year when the sun doesn't hit the square in the afternoon but instead is behind a building for most of the afternoon. Which means that many more people are sitting around, although it does make the square a bit cool as well.

There were a scattering of conversations but three stand out ones were with a JW, Josh an intellectual and Michael.

The JW man came up and approached the team seeing one of the messages that was displayed and was shown through the flip chart that like the rest of humanity he is guilty and deserving of God's judgement. He then sought to try and distract the conversation raising other different rabbit holes and getting away from the question posed to him, "How does someone get right before God?"

He finally said that we are made right before God simply by dying. This means Hitler, Satan and your garden variety person all receive the same punishment. But this man was asked if God has anything more to say in His word about the penalty of sin. It is true that death is a consequence of sin but the Bible doesn't say it is the only thing sin deserves.

He was shown some things Jesus said about Hell, some things that John wrote in regards to God's revelation and he sadly wanted nothing to do with it. He said that was all symbolic (meaning, that it didn't mean anything). He was shown that symbols point to something but when the good news of a free gift of forgiveness was being shared he decided that he'd had enough, we need to be worthy and so he left.

Next was a conversation with Josh who was engaged at length. He had spoken to another team member for quite a while and had heard the gospel but it was reiterated and he was able to simply and seemingly understanding it able to answer questions about the gospel, that many professing Christians would struggle to answer.

This was a good sign but knowledge isn't the same as belief and Josh showed this over and over as although he now knew the gospel he still loved sin and desired to live his own way. Over the course of the discussion he had quite a range of questions answered and was challenged greatly, there was a point at which his mouth was completely stopped as he realised what he was doing. He was shown that all his arguments were simply an attempt to justify his decision to live how he saw fit.

He saw that his sin was the same as Adam and Eve's in the garden that they wanted to be like God, they wanted to choose for themselves what they were and weren't allowed to do. This point was referred to over and over as Josh was challenged again and again to forsake his sin and instead trust in Christ alone for salvation.

Lastly a man named Michael came up, he approached the flip chart and said that he wanted to have a go. It was glorious! He had some good questions, he understood the law, his guilt and the good news of justification by faith alone and left knowing the gospel and said that he didn't think it was a mistake that he wanted to check it out and left with a gospel of John, the challenge to count the cost, consider what Christ has said and to trust in Him alone for salvation this day!

The afternoon overall was exciting, as always. It is wonderful to see who God brings along each outreach to hear of His kind and gracious offer of forgiveness. Please be praying for the JW man, Josh and Michael that God would use this small conversations to lead them to a saving knowledge of the truth. May God be gracious to them, save them and cause them to walk in His ways!

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