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Warwick Team (QLD)

Meets each Friday 11am to 2pm - we set up a free Bibles table on the main street of Warwick.

Contact Rick Barnard for more information.

Friday 14 December 2018

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Each week I set up the table 1 hour before Rick arrives as he finishes work at 12 pm.  It is quite a busy time of day, that was the reason we decided for me to start then. This week there were workers just across from where I set up the table on the footpath. They were busy at their work. I started to hand out Christmas tracts, saying Merry Christmas. I like to just add to the people that it is the true meaning of Christmas and not Santa stuff. Most people think that is good and smile with me, some stop and share their belief in Jesus so it’s an opportunity to ask them more about their faith.

One man pushing his bike, stopped and after a few questions told me he used to be born again but now does not believe. I shared the truth of how, when we are truly born of God that God will keep us in our faith. As this is one of His great and precious promises, even in our struggles He brings us through using His Spirit His Word and other believers to help us and we will remain steadfast in His love. So I said to this man that if he was saying he doesn't now believe, that it seems that he wasn't truly born again. So I shared the law and the hell punishment that we all deserve and my concern for him. I then went on to share the offer of God’s love through His Son Jesus, that this is his greatest need before he dies and the only way to be made right with God and set free from sin through what Jesus has done to pay for our eternal punishment.

This man said to me he could see my genuine concern and he was thankful but he said he doesn't believe the Bible. Please pray for C, he has a tract, pray God will stir his heart to receive Salvation and seek to be truly born again. 

Then a little boy walked up to the table and said “I am Christian”, his mum was standing back so I smiled and waved to her and crouched down to chat with this little guy. I gave him a kiddies tract and asked if he had heard of the 10 commandments,  he said yes (he was only 7) then I showed him the pictures that help memorize each one. I also gave him a tract to give his mum. For some reason she did not want to come over. Pray for this little boy and his mum.

As he left the worker said to me, what a nice little boy. I said yes it is so needed for the young ones to know that there is a God. I then said that sadly many are being taught there is no God and it will be terrible as they have no accountability and no hope either. 

A young man (A) approached me with some Bibles to donate, he said he has seen me over some weeks and felt to bring these Bibles to give as they are just sitting on his shelf. He told me a little about himself and I thought to share that Rick is here from just after 12pm if he would like to chat with him too but he had to go. I gave him a tract and a 'God of Wonders' dvd to say thanks.

After Rick had arrived we handed out lots more tracts and also had the chance to give a Bible to a man from Vanuatu. We asked some questions to see if he knew the Gospel, and to the praise of God he was fully relying on Jesus being the only reason he would be going to heaven. His words were of course so! He had been taught as a young child to trust in Jesus. In amazement he told us he was leaving to go back to Vanuatu in the morning, so we encouraged him about the ministry and to share the good news where he is going, in his reply “of course so.” How lovely to have the opportunity to meet other Christians as we share the joy in salvation as we speak. Pray for J. We were also thankful to meet and encourage S and give a dvd from 'Way of the Master' to watch and share with her Church.

Thank you for continued prayers for the ministry.

Friday 7 December 2018

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It’s good to be back out on the street with my lovely wife Glenda sharing the Gospel with the people of Warwick. Our bible table is set up for giving away free bibles and resources to build up fellow Christians and equip and encourage them in sharing the good news and of course to give to anyone wanting to receive answers (for example) ”Does God Exist” and “Evidences for a young world” to plant seeds that God can use to draw some to Salvation.

I attended a funeral service just before joining Glenda for the outreach. The funeral was for a workmates family member. In God’s providence my boss sat next to me, and just before we all left I got to tell her that I was now going to join my wife in Warwick as I do after work each Friday, to hand out Gospel tracts, free bibles and talk to people about Eternal matters. Also I was able to plant a few seeds with some other work colleagues after the funeral about how short life is!!

Not long after arriving at the outreach location another workmate who was at the funeral happened to walk by and we engaged in a conversation about death in light of just coming from a funeral. During the chat with him he revealed a tattoo of his mother his brother and sister’s dates of when they passed away and underneath, said “Me -  Never”. I said that we are all part of the ultimate statistic that 10 out of 10 people die. After going through the Law, judgment and hell, then the flip chart, he didn't seem to be concerned at all, but who knows what our Lord can do with a few planted seeds!! He received a call from his upper management (wife) who had been waiting for him for some time and we said goodbye. Please pray for L.

We had a few short chats with some other folk - pray for S who is a believer as he helps his friend M with some Bible truths. We also were able to hand out lots of tracts.

Friday 23 November 2018

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23rd November
It has been great to have Rick with me as we are meeting people I have previously talked with and to have a man chat with other men is a blessing, as it is sometimes a better outcome. It’s great too when we meet couples, then we can talk one to one.

On the first week this fortnight we met a couple from an LDS Church. N & L stopped to ask about the ministry and we had quite a bit of time one on one with them. When the discussion on hell punishment came up, this is when they suddenly wanted to walk on. They took tracts but please pray that there will be another time we will see them and that God’s grace will be showing them truth in His Word. 

We got to talk with an paramedic who assisted me earlier in the year. I had shared the Gospel with him and he told me I was preaching to the choir. It was easter and he had been given an easter tract by Rick & myself back in April.

Rick recognised him and he remembered us too. We had a great chat with him and he has a good knowledge of the Gospel. He also wanted to know more about the ministry and received some resources. Pray for him and the work he does daily as an emergency worker, they do a wonderful work. Pray for M, L, C & G.

Rick had the opportunity to talk with a believer from out of town and he also was encouraged and interested in the work of evangelism, pray for S. 

Rick also got to speak with a man I have shared with many times in the past and have given tracts, also a booklet of John. He was wanting a Bible from Rick so praise our Lord for this man's seeking of God’s Word, pray for him (R).

We also got to share with the man who sold us our house here from 2 years ago. We had given him tracts back then and I have seen him and shared the Gospel at other times. Last Friday Rick and myself were able to challenge him more in his need to be made right with our Holy God.

30th November
This week was only myself as Rick had injured himself at work. I had a good amount of conversations. One that was sad to my heart was a elderly man saying he wanted to end his life. Please pray for D who I pleaded with and shared the need for him to come to salvation. I asked him to come meet us next week to talk with Rick. Pray the Lord's mercy will protect him and bring him to saving faith so he will have reason to love his life. 

God gave me the privilege to have encouragement from two older ladies who are believers, they had stopped to express their thoughts on the need for Christian influence in the public like this ministry does. They shared some of their hearts needs so we are able to pray for them. One lady (M) asked for something for her two granddaughters (in their 20's) to explain the Gospel, so she was given a couple of comic book tracts and I encouraged her to have them check out the website and look at the 5 minute video that explains the Gospel.

The other lady (P) has her husband in the final stages of his life. He is a believer but she is having family trying to take over her say in looking after him. I prayed with her and she said she would come visit me again on a Friday. 

Thank you again for all you who pray for this work. God is bringing these opportunities of sharing the Gospel either by our speaking or handing out a tract. And also the blessing of encouragement and equipping fellow believers to share Jesus.

The Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Praise His Holy Name!

Friday 16 November 2018

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The Warwick outreach has changed from Tuesdays to every Friday. Rick is now able to join on this day and my work was able to give me this day off. Praise God for the blessing to be together in this beautiful work to share the Gospel in this little town.

Over our first two Fridays we have had many great conversations and given out lots of tracts, we know God will use all our efforts to accomplish His work in hearts of the people. We know the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation. Only God can save sinners. We have been graced with faith in Jesus and saved from hell punishment and His great love is something we can not keep silent about. 10 out of 10 people need Jesus. 

Last Friday the table was being set up and a young man wanted a Bible and some resources.

He told me he had just moved to Warwick and was using his girlfriends Bible. I asked him if he was a believer, to which he acknowledged he is and then told me his testimony. He had been brought up in a Mormon family. He told me how God had shown him truth of who Jesus is and that he was born again. Amazingly i had just watched a mormon testimony on youtube that morning and in God’s sovereignty he had watched the very same testimony the night before. (Micah Wilder Testimony) There were a couple of things that were addressed that he needed some direction in God’s word with, pray he will get on tract with God’s help. He took a Bible and some resources.

Rick had a conversation with a man with a Catholic upbringing. He was encouraged in that it is only the work of Jesus that saves and not anything we can do. The conversation was a good length of time and pray with us he will receive the gift of Salvation or his sins. 

We also meet Christians who ask us to pray for particular things so praise God that they are able to have the desire to share their burdens and we can pray for them or with them.

This Friday we came together again and got plenty of conversations short and a couple of lengthy ones. One was with a man who has had belief in dream times. As I listen he seemed to have some understanding of the Bible and Jesus in his sharing and said he was open and teachable. Pray God will use the tracts to help him to understand the Gospel.

A great conversation was had with a young man in year 11. He goes to a Christian College and a local Church and from a family that are believers in Jesus. Both Rick and I spent quite a bit of time with him. After going through the Commandments he wasn’t sure about his salvation. The flip chart was used and he heard the Gospel. Rick stressed to him that he had to own it for himself to examine himself and believe what Jesus has done on the cross to save him. He took tracts and some resources. He said he would look at the Facebook site for the ministry. Pray for his salvation and be given a hunger for God’s Word.

Thank you for your prayer support it is very vital.

Tuesday 30 October 2018

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The recent rain here in Warwick and surrounding towns have been a reminder of God’s care for all people. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. It’s the same grace that is given to us in the air we breathe. Pray for the people here in the country that they come to know our Father God and give thanks to Him for providing our daily needs. Pray that they know their greatest need is to be made right in His sight by faith in His Son Jesus. The drought is not broken though, it’s green, but the dams are empty. It’s what they call a green drought. Much like how we can look good on the outside and our inward heart be not filled with God’s Spirit.

The Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation!!! We know that this is the solution to the sin problem of our heart. May God’s mercy rain in our hearts and cause us to shine His saving  grace in our lives, as we serve Him out of gratefulness and love for saving sinners. Even when we are saved we need the Gospel each and every day!  

The flip chart is a wonderful tool to present the Gospel either in one on one or to a group. One of my opportunities last week was to have 4 teenagers stop and engage in the good person test using the flip chart. They were engaged in the questions and answered with humbleness and when asked if they were guilty the all said they were and they deserve to be sent to hell for eternity. When asked if that concerned them they laughed and had no fear or concern. Before sharing the good news of the Gospel with them I explained that sin keeps us from even wanting to know God and that we need to listen to our conscience and know that sin separates us from a just and righteous God who is the judge of our souls. Hell is not a fun place where you are going to party with your mates. Life is short even though you are young i reminded them many young people die. They acknowledged what was said and I shared the good news how Jesus died on the cross and took the wrath of God upon himself to set us free.

The flip chart is so visually impacting as it shows a ball of fire upon Jesus on the cross and a person being shielded from the eternal punishment. Thank You Jesus! As we flip to the next page there is a cross with no more Jesus there. This is showing that Jesus said it is finished the fine is paid, He defeated sin and death eternal,  He has risen from the grave and is alive forever more.

Because Jesus is God and He loves us so much, He took what we what we deserve and offers us a way to Eternal life and not hell punishment. They were given the bad news and the good news and urged to consider the message they had heard.  The 3 boys and 1 girl were encouraged to read through their comic book tracts they each had received. Pray they may be brought in by the irresistible grace of God to salvation.  Pray for all the people who received tracts this fortnight and for the tracts given out at the Rodeo Street Parade on Saturday. It has been a joy to serve God, All for His glory and honour.

Thank you for praying for the people of Warwick and those in surrounding towns. Also pray for the people visiting the town may receive the Gospel on their travels.

Tuesday 16 October 2018

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Over the past two weeks on the Tuesday outreach at Warwick many more tracts were handed out.  God always leads some to want to stop and ask questions.

Even those who walk past are seeing the free offer of Bibles and resources, it is a beautiful way to reach out with love and share the free gift of Salvation. Last week I was in a conversation with someone when another person tried to hand me a $5 note that they had found on the ground. I told them it wasn’t mine when they tried to give it to me, instead I grabbed a million dollar tract and gave it to them and added “Here is a million dollars with a message on it worth more than silver or gold”.  So he found much more than $5 dollars that day!!! Pray the message will be treasure to his heart. It’s great to take every opportunity to share the Gospel. Having a variety of tracts with different ice breaker words and themes helps so much.

Since I have started here in Warwick there has been a handful of people who offer me money to donate to the ministry,. It is a lovely offer and I give them a Gospel tract and show them the Ministry website where they can donate, it’s also good opportunity to give information about the Ministry and tell of the wonderful support of Christians that donate so we can give free Bibles and resources. Praise our wonderful Lord God for the hearts of these givers pray they have or will receive salvation by God’s grace.

One conversation from last week with a sweet young mother and her little baby was a highlight to my day, as we spoke, I could see how much she needed to hear about God’s care and especially needed to hear the free gift of salvation. This young lady was thinking she had to do the best she could to get to heaven. We went over the Gospel a few times and she left with tracts and some Bible verses to read up on about grace and not works. She had a Catholic upbringing and has a bible, pray she will start to read and understand with God’s Spirit’s work to know her heavenly Father through Jesus our saviour. Pray for C and her baby boy J.

Pray for C and L who have a love for the Gospel and share in their little town just out of Warwick. They took a variety of tracts and wanted to know how to purchase some.

This week I had a man approach me just as I was setting up for the day. T was interested in hearing about why and what my purpose was in the resources I was handing out, he said he already has a Bible. I wasn’t able to share the Gospel with him. He was more into psychology and his opinions. I listen and when I spoke I would ground everything in God’s Word. He didn’t like that. The conscience, sin, heaven, hell and our responsibility to respond to God was most of what I tried to talk about, he took tracts and a booklet on where the races come from. Pray for T that he will read the Eternity Gospel tract and for God to open his eye’s.

Pray for a lady who keeps visiting me and always mocks the message. I thank God that He is bringing her back because I always kindly answer her and point to her need for Jesus in her life. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to keep sharing truth in love and pray she will come to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you again for praying as God works big things in the little we do.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

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Just to be present in the streets is a blessing as we know God has kept open the doors for the Gospel to be received, either in tract form or heard by his servants and as we as a body pray together, He will call all those who will come to Faith in Jesus our Lord our saviour. The power He gives brings repentance and thankfulness, Praise God for saving grace He freely gives to sinful souls. None of us deserve His kindness but how much patience He has in bringing us to Himself. 

Thank Him for the work He is doing here in Warwick. This week I had so much encouragement from fellow believers, it spurs me on and i know the Lord is blessing every opportunity to share the truth of Eternal matters. It is of great importance to tell others of their fate of the punishment of eternal hell. Life here is short it is just a mist and His offer is there today so if you have not received His payment of sin I urge you, don’t put it off.

Jesus is the only way to the Father His sacrifice sets us free. The flip chart is impacting as in the visual where it shows Jesus on the cross as God poured out His wrath upon His Son Jesus instead of us. This wrath will be upon all who reject the kind offer to be saved. 

Nothing we do can save us, Jesus is the only way to have Eternal Life and be in God’s Kingdom forever. He rose again and proved His power over sin and death. Jesus said, "it is finished".

It is a love motive to share the way to flee from destruction. If we did not warn people, what sort of person are we? It is hard though as we are rejected and told that we are judgmental or we have lost our minds but we know it is true as we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good and the Bible is living and active in our lives. There is no greater love than the Fathers love.

Pray for R who just lost his wife and moved to Warwick to be with his son. He wanted a Bible as he has not been able to find his since the move. I shared the Gospel and he was in agreement but not sure if he has saving faith. He chatted for quite a time and I was a listening ear to him. Pray the tracts will stir his heart to a saving trust in Jesus.

T, R, H all Christians that stopped to ask about the ministry. Pray they will be active in sharing the Gospel in their area.

Pray for a family I was able to share with that has two small children. I was able to direct them to a Church that may be where the Lord will do the work needed and help their little boy who is struggling.

Thank you all for your commitment in prayers.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

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I used the flip chart to present the law and Gospel on Tuesday for the first time and it was very effective.

A young man named N seemed interested until his girlfriend pulled him away,  pray he will remember the Gospel message.
J a believer was appreciative to the reminder of the Gospel it was a joy to hear of her love for Jesus.

Another young man A responded well to the flip chart message seemed humble, he displayed appreciation towards Jesus taking the wrath of God upon himself to rescue sinners,  pray his love for Jesus will be deeper and he will have a a hunger for God's Word also if not already saved that he be saved.

J an older catholic man was taken through the law, he said he had never lied or stolen, looked with lust, and he said his anger was justified for different reasons. Pray for him to admit sin as he was proud in heart. He took a tract and I showed him the picture of Mr nice guy's face and explained we need to be humble to appreciate God's kindness to save sinners.

J & J were on a break from work, they both were paying good attention to the flip chart and answering the question with humble hearts J said he is a Christian Ja a good friend of J, excepted a booklet of John and said he will look into the salvation message and said he would ask J for help reading the Bible.

D a young truckie went from disbelief to being open enough to receive a God of wonders dvd about creation with Scriptures and teaching on salvation by good Godly teachers and said he would watch it and also said his mum would like it too he was thankful to receive it!!! He also took a Gospel tract.

Pray for S who has heard the message of salvation a few times and is open, she received a Bible a few weeks ago and has various tracts to read. Praise God for the help she has received from a local Christian Community Centre, she met with me after I finished the outreach and it was God's Hand that orchestrated all her needs as she is new to Warwick. Pray for her salvation and L her son.

Pray for the organisations that help needy people and that they will hear the Gospel in their work. It was great to work together in the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Was a great day and past 2 Tuesdays very fruitful. Thanks for praying also pray for others who have had tracts and seeds planted.

Tuesday 28 August 2018

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These past two weeks have been fruitful in Warwick. Many people continue to approach the Bible table with questions and interest. It keeps showing us God is doing a mighty work. There has been many people, God knows each one. Here a a few to pray for. (We have decided as Warwick is a small town to only refer to people by initials so as to not embarass or dishonour them in anyway). 

I was asked to look after a dog while his owner went into the shop where I'm set up, then got to share the Gospel with his owner C afterwards. It was so nice to help him and then get the opportunity to share Jesus with him Praise God. I asked Permission if I could post a Photo of his doggy on our blog at the table. C said his dog H is well known in Warwick.

Pray for L and his carer A.

N is an elderly gentleman frustrated with the state of the world. He has been encouraged to trust Jesus and he took tracts.

Pray for M that his head knowledge of the Gospel will by God's grace give him new life by the power of the Holy Spirit's work in him. Pray for his brother S and nephews T & F as M helps them in their need. 

D wanted a Bible. She attends a local Church and goes to bible study. I had a short chat with her but she was in a hurry.

Pray for N who is a christian, pray for her daughter C who is a Jehovah Witness.

R who I have talked with before believes the Gospel and is having a operation soon.

Another R who says is starting to read his Bible every night! PRAISE GOD!

D a believer says he will help at the Bible table next week, answered prayer.

B and I talked with two men at the end of the day. They had beliefs that were not biblical. We planted seeds of God's truth.

Many tracts given out as well as Bibles as well conversations with locals and people traveling through. It has been such a blessing. It is a joy to share the Gospel and give tracts to remind them of the truth and to keep pointing them to Jesus and Eternal life and we pray each person be impacted and believe the Word of God to lead them to salvation. God knows each one.

Praise God for giving us the privilege to share in the ministry of reconciliation. All Glory be to God Alone!

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Tuesday 14 August 2018

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Edward stopped and asked about the Ministry of OP-513. I explained that we are non-denominational Reformed Christians, that have a passion to spread the Gospel through Street Ministry. He named some teachers he has seen on TV. He asked me what I thought. Jimmy Swaggart & Benny Hinn are the names he mentioned. "Both are false teachers," I replied and I asked him what he thought of them. Edward was saying he agreed with me on this. As I shared from the bible he said I was preaching to the converted. He had to leave but pray for him as I'm not sure where he is with the Lord and hope to chat again with him.

We seem to be getting people return for further discussions so praise our wonderful God for the work of the Holy Spirit in all He is doing and by giving us opportunities to get to know people more and share truth in love.

Herbert is one of those who at first was telling me he “doesn’t know” to nearly every question about the Bible. He is open to discussion and I shared the need to be saved with him. I explained that we need to know Jesus and believe He is the only way to heaven we need to know from His Word.

Also Evelyn is a lady who I've spoken to twice now. This time she had a question about Adam and Eve and different races and saying it was incest. I gave her a short explanation saying that it wasn't sin then as God allowed for that to happen to populate the earth. It wasn't until the effects of sin increased and recessive genetic disorders made this dangerous because of birth defects. God later made laws to obey concerning incest and now it is a sin. I gave her a booklet to read that Ken Ham has written. Pray this stumbling block be pulled away from Evelyn. I urged her once more to put her trust in Jesus because her greatest need is to be saved. She is always thankful and God has her open to hearing more.

Pray for Trish at Maryvale she has issues with her neighbours and cares for the children there. At this stage she doesn't want to engage in eternal matters.

Beth talked with and gave a tract to older lady named Rita. She asked us to pray for her and her granddaughter Angela.

David from the Baptist Church had a chat just when we were packing up. He was encouraged to see us. He has some info and tracts about the ministry. David has a son living on the Gold Coast who may be interested in the team that meets there every Friday night. His son's name is Nathaniel.

Thank you for your precious prayers. God is doing the work in and through us all.

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