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Friday 13 March 2009

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This week it was just the Lord and I to witness together to the great and glorious things that He has done. Thank you to all who have supported me in prayer this week, your support and loving appeals for my work to God.

I began in prayer as I drove to central Sheffield and pleaded with God for the city until reaching Barker's Pool, the large square in front of city hall. I handed out tracts for 20 minutes until I was sure that no-one was going to join me at the last minute. During this time I spoke with Simon Peter regarding the faith he had been taught but had since neglected. Simon was out for a night of lust and endulging the passion of his eyes. I spoke with him at length regarding God, His righteousness justice and salvation of hell deserving sinners. Simon listened and was very easy going but at the same time was utterly uninterested in changing his ways so warning him one final time and giving him some tracts to think on we parted ways. I pray that you would save this young man Lord God and turn him from sin and destruction to love You and follow closely Jesus Christ, the way the truth and the life.

I set up to preach and preached on the most "unlucky" theory ever to cross the mind of sinful man, naturalistic evolution. I preached for some time and no-one was stopping so I urged the passing crowd to consider their maker and his just condemnation of our sin. I pleaded that they would not continue to walk towards the abyss of eternity in hell under His judgement and wrath. Just as I was considering packing in the preaching (sore voice) a group of young sceptics arrived and a rapid fire debate ensued.

These young men hold that evolution is true and that Charles Darwin was a genius of the highest rank. I engaged them on the theory of evolution and tried to answer their questions. Space does not allow to discuss all that was said but the debate went along these lines.

The sceptics asked if I believe evolution to be true, I replied no that the theory was flawed. What about the mountains of evidence they asked, I replied by asking for an example of a transitional form, no answer. I said that the presence of impossible forms mean that evolution likewise is impossible. Partially described why birds are an example of impossible forms, was interrupted by shouts of this is possible by slow mutations, I retorted that it doesn't matter how small the change made to the lungs the new species would still die and not breed. But what about all the fossils they asked, excellent evidence of a catastrophic worldwide flood I replied. Couldn't it be evolution's evidence also they asked, not according the the gas diffusion dating of the rocks at the bottom of the geological column (approx 6000-10000yrs worth of helium in precambrian zircons) and not according to the fragmented evolutionary "tree" which looks more like a bunch of twigs!

This discussion went on in this vein for some time and part of the group left and only Dave and Antony remained to talk. These two fellows were willing to listen and so I urged them to consider what God has done and the gospel of salvation through Christ Jesus my Lord. They stayed for a while and were very thoughtful when they left. Pray that God will change their hearts and save them.

As my throat was sore and the night was wearing on I left for home and bed, tired but thankful of the opportunity our Lord gave me tonight.

Praise Him!

Friday 6 March 2009

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Jim and I met at the top of barkers pool for witnessing this week and spent some time catching up as we'd not seen each other for some time. It is so good to have genuine fellowship sharing what is happening with each other's lives.

We prayed also and then I set up to preach as Jim was going to have to leave early in the night. Tonight my passage that I spoke from was Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 and expounding Solomon's thoughts on the meaninglessness of life I spoke on the life that most live in the world. Most in this world focus their energy on getting one of three things really: money, pleasure, or power/reputation. The heart of my message was that these things will ultimately fail to satisfy us and will pall long before the death which cuts them short. The heart of man will never be satisfied with the blind and deaf idols of this world and as Augustine said so rightly "we are restless until our hearts find their rest in Him".

While many people stopped to scoff and then pass there was a group of young men that passed by and stopped to talk with me at length. Martin and his three friends were catholic and Muslim (two of each), I began by talking with Martin and we did the good test but Martin still thought he was going to heaven. He thought that he would be justified by his good works and also by the fact that God is merciful, I answered this with the justice of God revealed failingly in the justice of man. Good deeds don't release the criminal from punishment in a human court, likewise God the good judge of all the world will make sure that justice is done.

There followed a series of almost standard questions that non-Christians ask and so we discussed the existence of God, the validity of the bible and in the case of the Muslim folk the qu'ran and Muhammad. Very briefly I gave them an apologetic on each and then it was time for them to leave. They left thanking us for talking with them and I made sure there were tracts in every hand.

Shortly following this Andy and Tom and Co all rolled up and wanted to know what the noise was all about. I asked Andy if he was good enough to get into heaven and from there we discussed the law of God and the gospel. They listened while I spoke and asked questions, it is a rare privilege to have two groups that will allow you to answer questions and speak to them without interrupting and trying to talk over you. Praise God not that they didn't interrupt me but rather that they listened to the gospel! They left with tracts in hand and smiles on faces.

With this I handed out a couple more tracts and then left for the night, rejoicing that these had heard the gospel and praying God would use tonight to good ends.


Friday 20 February 2009

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With many people struck down with flu it was just Sukhraj and I tonight. We have moved away from the memorial to the upper part of barker's pool to be closer to the constant stream of pub traffic. There were two sets of very frightening swinging rides in the square tonight and while they made a fair bit of noise they also drew in people and gave us many opportunities to witness. We gave out many tracts tonight and I was almost running out by the time we left.

Within moments of Sukhraj arriving he was in conversation about our saviour with some of the locals waiting for the rides in the square, I was also occupied with some of the local night-club reps that were willing to talk with me for a short period. Unfortunately I could not talk with them for long as they were at work and not meant to be socialising.

We set up to preach to the passing human traffic and I felt very rusty as I started (worse when I finished!). I preached on the question of how can God be good (or even be) when there is so much suffering, using the plight of those in the fires of south Australia as my spring board. During the preaching I had a couple of hecklers (uncommon for a cold Sheffield night). There was a group of young men who wanted some evidence for God and were willing to talk but had to leave shortly after arriving. I pray that they take on some of what I said and would come back as they promised in the future to talk further. The second was a very frustrating and angry lady who wanted likewise to know what reason we have for belief as Christians but then would interrupt and then claim that no reasons were given. I tried to reason with her but I think it was easier for her to right us off as fundamentalist nutters rather than actually hear why we believe.

Next up was Andy and Tom and their friends, I was able to engage them on the level of Andy being good and we went through the good person test. The conversation was very easy going and they were willing to listen through out and took tracts afterwards. Praise God that He opened their ears to listen even that little amount, may He use it to His Glory. After this I wrapped up as my throat was very sore.

Sukhraj then spoke on the thirst that we all have and the need of our souls for peace and rest that comes only through a relationship with God through Christ Jesus. Using the pointless entertainments of a night out Sukhraj emphasised excellently the need we have meaning. Only a couple of people stopped to heckle but would not stay for long so Sukhraj expounded the gospel clearly and called people to repent and turn to Jesus in trust and faith.

Tired but happy with the night we prayed together and called it a night. Pray with us that God will save the lost souls of Sheffield.

Friday 30 January 2009

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We were a smaller team this week with Jim and Sucraj both away unwell but we had the encouragement of Nikki joining us for the week. There was a fair number of people in the square so after beginning with prayer we started to hand out tracts.

Many people in this country will take a tract when they will not stop and talk to you. It is always encouraging to see people reading tracts when they take them but sometimes I almost laugh aloud for joy as I see a group of people gathered around on friend as they walk reading aloud the gospel!

It was very cold this week and as such not many people were stopping to talk but one couple of young ladies stopped and spoke with Nikki and I. One of them was very hard in her sin but the other was more receptive, we struggled to give them the gospel but the constant distraction of the night's partying was drawing them away. After a short period a middle aged atheist came over and proceed to insult and patronise both of us and refused to even enter discussion (all the while claiming to be the rational and reasonable one!). At this the girls left and we talked for a period over what had happened and then got back to it.

During this time Carl and Gemma had arrived and where at their normal busy pace of giving tracts to everything that moved. Those two are machines at tracting! When Nikki and I finished talking she had to head off due to the cold and as the other two were busy I set up to preach.

This week I preached regarding the jokes and laughter that Hell often inspires in people today. With my heart grieved to see them so deceived I gave the sobering truth of the judgement to come and the eternal hell that is deserved by all those who sin. Then pleading that people would turn away from eternal death and destruction I pointed to my great saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Not many were stopping and fewer still were heckling, cold or indifferent? I just pray that they will remember whatever they hear and that God will use it to bring them to faith.

We ended the night with prayer and headed home. Praise God for the encouragements we receive!


Thursday 22 January 2009

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Praise God for opportunities to speak with people and share the great news of sin forgiven and hell passed over for all of those who trust in Jesus Christ. Jim, Sucraj, Karl and I gathered in barkers pool for just that reason this week. We began with prayer and pleaded that God would break the hardened hearts of the people and bring them to faith in Jesus.

There is a fair amount of foot traffic through barkers pool of a Friday night but it comes in fits and starts. This means that we are often giving out large numbers of tracts all at one time and it would be great to have more hands as the crowd of people come through. This night however appeared to be all about conversations because just as one would stop another opportunity would pop up. Every member of the team had one good conversation through the night and it was encouraging to hear people getting the gospel again and again.

At the start of the night I had a good chat to a local security guard and his mate. They took tracts from me as they wandered through the square and the younger of the two wanted to know what it was about. He had obviously had some Christian upbringing and so we were able to discuss the common misconception that if someone is "good" and moral then God will be pleased with them. We talked for a period about the seriousness of sin and the greatness of God who we offend in our sin and then I pointed him to the cross of Christ as the cure for this huge problem. Unfortunately he was called away on work and the conversation ended with this brief look to the cross but I pray that he would be convicted of his sin and drawn to faith in Jesus.

Jim and Sucraj also had great conversations with some of the local teenagers and while (as there is often with the youth in Sheffield) there was resistance to even the concept of God, they listened and asked questions. Karl likewise was able to engage a man with a very jumbled set of beliefs but patiently and kindly set forth the reasonable and wise plan of salvation in Jesus alone. Both these groups left without any outward sign that they were changed by the exchange, but we trust that God is able to use His word to good effect.

The night as a whole was very encouraging and we left with exultant hearts, praising Him for His goodness to us again.


Thursday 8 January 2009

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In the cold and dark of the post Christmas and new years period there often few people around of an evening. At the same time there are some that are out and I believe God puts them in our path to bring them to know the truth. This has been born out again and again in my experience of work in Sheffield's streets.

I was joined but John who had been witnessing for 4 hours when I arrived from work at 7.15pm. He was mid discussion with a couple that were obviously drunk and the lady of the two was busy justifying her sin when I arrived. I briefly tried to speak with the man but the conversation did not get far as he was very drunk.

After they left (praise God with tracts in their pockets) a regular heckler as such arrived and Momen and I began to discuss what a Muslim would do with the words of Jesus when He claims to be God in flesh. In particular we addressed the passage of John 5:21ff, and in typical Muslim style Momen began by taking one small part of the passage and saying that that obviously means that Jesus was not claiming to be God. We struggled back and forth on this for some time, I tried very hard to make clear to him the doctrine of the Trinity but I fear that much I said was lost on him due probably to my poor explanation. An athiest friend of Momen's arrived and they left together.

While I had been discussing with Momen, John had began discussing with a pair of young men and they were taking in turns to shout at him their objections to God and Jesus Christ. I jumped in to engage one of them and John continued to have a discussion with the young man that appeared more willing to listen. Both of these blokes were very angry but this one was very angry and full of curses and blasphemes against God. The reason why was that they had buried their friend of 18 that day and nothing was going to stop the pain and angery that they felt. Arguments were not working in reasoning with him but compassion stopped him and I hope made him think twice about what we stand for. While I didn't get to speak with him much about Christ I pray that God would graciously open his heart to the tract he left with and that in repentant faith he would be healed and saved.

Around this time Jim, Carl and Jemma all arrived and we had a time of prayer together. Interestingly Momen arrived while we prayed and hung around close by, so Jim bless him "preached" while praying so that Momen heard the gospel one more time. Afterwards a rather cold John headed off to warm up and we stayed to hand out tracts and speak to people. Jim and Momen began to discuss and debate again and after a while they went to look at a manuscript at Momen's house.

The remaining three of us handed out many more tracts and after a long period of this prayed together and then headed home.

Friday 12 December 2008

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In true Yorkshire style this week it was dark and wet and some how managed to be below zero and yet still be raining rather than snowing. Jim, Carl and Jemma joined me for the night and many others prayed for us through the night. There were construction work going on in the square we normally witness, this was causing a lot of noise and when added to the wind it was a rough night for witnessing.

Our little band gathered together to pray to the Lord God and plead for the lost (and also for the weather). We then went to it with tracts and before long we were running short, Jemma and Carl are both excellent at getting gospel literature into the hands of others. A couple of atheists stopped to quiz them about what we were doing. Unfortunately they couldn't stay to talk as they were going to a concert but promised that they would come and see us another week.

After much looking around we found a spot in the square where there was not too much noise and enough people to preach and set up under a tree on the corner. I preached first, not many wanted to stop and heckle but encouragingly there were quite a few who stood nearby and listened to what was said. I was particularly encouraged by one gentleman who nodded and gave the thumbs up as I affirmed the need people have to trust in Jesus alone for salvation.

Jim also got up to preach after I had and likewise struggled to get a heckler, after a period a lady did stop to have a heckle. Unfortunately she was very drunk and would only keep repeating “where is your evidence?”, and then not listen to the explanations Jim tried to give. After a period she left and Jim closed his message.

Everyone was now frozen to the core and very much needing to go home, so we prayed together (in particular for the drunk lady) and headed for home. In these dark times when it is easy to be discouraged we look to our saviour who for the joy that was set before Him endured more than we ever will and scorned any shame. May we think like Him and run our course in this world with joy knowing in every battle that the Lord is the one who will conquer our every enemy!


Thursday 4 December 2008

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Wet and cold were the themes for the night on Thursday this week and that is exactly how it stayed, thankfully God was kind to us by giving us a short reprieve from the rain while we witnessed. I was joined again by Jim and Sucraj; and we began the night in prayer for the work ahead of us.


There were very few people around as the weather was cold but praise God there was a concert of some form at city hall just across from the war memorial. We were able to give many people tracts as they went to there evening's entertainment. During the interval I preached on the emptiness of Christmas and life at that without peace with God. Many people go through this Christmas season without peace with God and so there festivities become frivolities and the sacred joy of this time degenerates into drunkeness, greed and gluttony.


It being such a cold night not many stopped and few people listened for long. No-one seemed keen to heckle, not supprising with a new location though. After proclaiming the word of eternal life in Christ Jesus our saviour for a period I stepped down and we continued to handout tracts.


After a sort period Jim got up to preach, unfortunately I didn't get to hear what he said as I spotted some young girl's I'd spoken to the previous week. We were able to chat further about their objections and questions (they were interupted last time). During this conversation a group of guys decided to hit on them and so I gave them all tracts and engaged one of them in conversation. This young guy was raised in a Christian home but had so many questions about the faith that he had no answer for. We spoke for some time, often fending of some of his mates who didn't want him seen talking to the wacked out street preacher. It was a great conversation and I hope that we will be able to meet again to talk further. He left with some tracts and I pray some answers.


When I came back to the memorial Jim was engaging some young bible college students regarding the third chapter of Romans and what it says regarding our natural state before God. Sucraj was deep in conversation with an asian man (muslim?). I spotted some people gathered outside one of the local pubs nearby so went to discuss with them. The conversations were short and largely useless, most people were too drunk to speak coherently and so I left tracts with as many as I could.


We ended the night with prayer and went our sepparate ways warmed by the thought of God's word now at work in the hearts of those who had heard. May He use it to save many!





Thursday 20 November 2008

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Thursday 20/11/08


Again we went out as a team on Thursday night, this month has been a difficult one for me to get out on a Friday. Thankfully we had a full complement of people with myself, Sucraj, Jim, Peter, Jemma and Carl; it is so encouraging to see people willing to go out of their comfort zones and into the cold to give others the gospel.

After praying together we set to handing tracts to as many people as possible and get into conversation with people. While there is not the amount of people we normally would see on a Friday there was a steady stream of people coming through and a group of security guards that heard the gospel many times over by the end of the night.


Sucraj was the first preacher up for the night and from the base of the war memorial proclaimed the gospel of the ever living God. The only hecklers that he had were railing at the fact that he a man of Indian descent was standing on an English memorial site. This sort of prejudice and racism is abominable but it was warming to see Sucraj respond with grace and patience to these men. Sucraj preached well on the topic of the unsatisfied longing of the human soul that only is satisfied when in relationship with our maker. Calling people to come through Jesus Sucraj urged the people passing to come and drinking from the waters of eternal life.


After Sucraj finished I jumped up and began to preach regarding the freedom and peace that people had fought and died for over the years. This is a peace and freedom that has proved fragile and full of problems. Ultimately peace is only truly achieved when we are in harmony with one another and that is only possible when we are at peace with our maker. Freedom is what most people claim to want but I pointed out to those present that what most call freedom is really only freedom to serve their master - sin. During this Pipes came along and wanted to interact with us and asked what we thought of the Buhddist faith. I responded that it is very difficult to trust in someone who had walked out on his family responsibilities just so that he could pursue a philosophical goal. Among other things that Pipes objected to in the preaching was the thought that there is a set of rules we were preaching, I quickly pointed to the fact that all Christians have sinned and works are not our basis for hope before God. It would have been good to talk further with Pipes but he had to go due to the cold so Sucraj went with him to a nearby place to warm up and talk further and they had a great conversation.


Jim was next up to preach and while the tracts were going out in a steady stream it was good to also hear the gospel sounding forth. The life of soldier Billy McFadzean was his beginning point (link:, this young man laid down his life for the sake of his friends before the battle of the Somme. Likewise Jesus laid down His life in sacrificial atonement so that those He called friends could live, Jim called people to carefully consider Christ and put their trust in Him. In his usual solid way Jim urged people to abandon sin, love Jesus and follow after Him, after preaching solidly for some time he stepped down.

At this point I had the privilege of speaking at length with a lady who had once believed in Jesus but said she no longer did. We spoke for some time and I was able to urge her many times to trust in Jesus as He is her only hope. I pointed to the law which condemns us all for our sin and pointed to the futility of good works because they are polluted by our sin and are a useless bribe to a holy God. She leave with a sober expression and I pray under conviction which will lead to salvation.

We joined together at the end of the night to pray to God and praise Him for His great works through us His all too weak ministers.




Friday 14 November 2008

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I was away from my usual area this Friday and found myself alone in Chester. This very beautiful city has one overwhelming problem that spoils the beauty of its streets and buildings. Most of the town inhabitants are currently headed to hell and determined to party hard until they get there if Friday was anything to go off.


After a fruitful day’s learning at a conference I headed out to the center of town and in the small streets next to a large Christmas tree I took my stand and proclaimed the truths of time and eternity to all who would listen. Not many people would engage and those who did heckle didn’t want to stay and talk, despite this I had a steady stream of people passing and of them a handful stayed to listen for much of the time.


I spoke with people regarding the love of God that is most clearly seen and understood in Jesus Christ. This is not the promiscuous love many think it is – love without boundaries that condones all sin and sweeps it under the carpet corruptly. Nor is this the love of the generous but soft-headed grandfather in the sky that so many idolise. Rather it is the love that protects the weak and defenceless and the orphan and outcast. God’s love is in many ways the greatest enemy of the sinner! When we lie or steal or tread down others in our ambition for selfish gain, this love of God kindles the wrath of God against all ungodliness and unrighteousness. The very person who claims that God is all loving is also the one in greatest peril from it! I fear that there will be many who will appeal to this on the day of Judgement only to hear the fearful reply: “I never knew you, depart from me you worker of iniquity!”.


As one who is equally guilty before God but forgiven through Jesus’ death and resurrection I urged, pleaded and encouraged the people of Chester to trust in Jesus and nothing else.


I had a couple of good conversations with some of the local street people, who welcomed the conversation and the preaching also. As opposed to the rich revelers who wandered past and scoffed. As has so often been the case, it seems that regarding eternity there is more realism and clear thinking among those who have little or nothing in this world.


After handing out as many tracts as I could I headed for my room praising God for His generosity in allowing me to speak with the lost of another city.


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