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Saturday, 12 May, 2018

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On Saturday night in Brisbane city it was a little cooler than usual but God still allowed the team to have some great gospel conversations with the lost.

It is great that sometimes we get to speak to people we have spoken to in the past. On Saturday night we spoke to one such man who one year ago had a conversation with us. He didn't fully remember the way to Heaven, so we got to remind him that it is through trusting in the the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

This man saw this second conversation as another wake-up call to really take this all seriously, but he saw that sin is pleasurable and so wasn't sure if he is ready yet to come to saving faith. We stressed the urgency of doing so, gave him a gospel of John to start reading, and left him in God's hands.

Another man we spoke with was a student from Nepal whose brother gave him a Bible when his brother became a Christian, before becoming a Muslim and then becoming a Hindu again. This man said he had read some of the Bible, and so in the conversation after talking about how we have all broken the law of God (to bring the knowledge of sin) and after hearing the gospel, he saw that his Hinduism doesn't actually provide a solution to getting rid of the history of his sin. He saw that doing good deeds wouldn't erase the past and saw how he needed a perfect person to take his punishment for him.

But he said, "The biggest thing stopping me from becoming a Christian is that we as Hindus must burn our parents once they die and you Christians bury your parents." It was explained that there is no commandment in the Bible about what exactly should be done with a person's body when they die, but burying is usually done because it shows respect for the person and it reminds us of the resurrection to come.

The second thing stopping him was, "But I don't want to lose what I've gained in Hinduism." We gave him the example of the apostle Paul who had gained so much in his Judaism prior to becoming a Christian - he was a Pharisee of Pharisees, and yet then in one of this letters he says "Whatever I gained, I now count as loss in comparison to the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord."

This man was seriously counting the cost of leaving Hinduism and trusting in Christ, we gave him a full Bible (as he left his in Nepal) and recommended a local church to attend on Sunday to learn more. To God be all the glory!

Saturday, 5 May, 2018

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The team headed into Brisbane City last night and many labourers came out and many Gospel conversations were had.

Watch the video to hear Brett and John share some exciting moments from the evening!

Edit: for some reason the audio only works properly on PC's not on phones (will see to right this).

Saturday, 28 April, 2018

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On Saturday evening the gospel was proclaimed in Brisbane city. We were also privileged to have a Christian busker filling the area with Gospel music.

Watch the video to hear the other encouraging events that occured over the course of the evening.

Saturday, 21 April, 2018

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The gospel went out again last night in Brisbane city. God brought along about 15 labourers for the team. It was great to see the team in constant conversations throughout the night.

We talked with Muslims who thought they had to earn their forgiveness by doing good deeds. For them, we gave them an illustration - "If a criminal stood before a judge and said. 'Judge, yesterday I murdered someone, but today I have done 5 good things, so please let me go free.' Would that work?"

Of course it wouldn't. Same thing with God, our good deeds could never get rid of any of the sins we have done - that is why we need a substitute who would take our punishment for us - Jesus.

We also talked with Christians who lacked assurance of salvation. We asked, "What would happen if you sinned on your way home this evening and then 5 minutes later you died, where would you go?" They said. "That's a good question, I'm not sure, because of that last sin."

We were able to explain that Jesus didn't just die for our past sins, but even for the sins we'll do tomorrow, and next week and next year even - if we are trusting only in His death on the cross for our forgiveness. That means we can know where we are going when we die, because Jesus has paid the price. And the evidence that we are trusting in Jesus is that we'll start living our life differently - instead of for sin, we'll want to live for Jesus.

One other person we spoke with said he had had a bad experience with church in the past and so that is why he has given up on church and just believes in God. I asked, "If you were sick and you went to a doctor but he turned out to be a pretty bad doctor, do you say, 'I'm never going to any doctors ever again!' No, instead you would go and find a good doctor. Same with church, if you happen to have been part of a bad church, you don't give up on church, you find a good church instead." The man said that made sense.

To God be all the glory for a wonderful night!

Saturday, 31 March, 2018

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A team of 15+ people gathered to share the gospel in Brisbane city last night. We set up the good person flipchart, which goes through some of God's commandments and shows how we have all fallen short of God's standards and therefore deserve punishment, but then goes on to illustrating the gospel.

This young man in the photo from last night was very concerned about where he would spend eternity and was not sure how he could be saved. He just knew that he did not want to go to hell.

He listened intently as the good news of the gospel was explained to him, and was happy to take a full Bible home to start reading, as he didn't have one. We encouraged him to start in the book of John.

Being Easter as well, it was really easy to hand out Easter gospel tracts - we simply had to say "Happy Easter!" and then offer the tract. We don't know exactly what God will do with each of the tracts handed out last night, but we know that God's word never returns void. These people will never be the same again in eternity, as they now have been presented with the only way they can be saved. Please pray that God saves many.

To God be the glory!

Saturday, 24 March, 2018

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Hear from Tobias and Harry how God has used them tonight to advance His gospel in Brisbane city (Australia) for His glory!

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018

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We had a good outreach in Brisbane city yesterday afternoon, with 6 people on the team.

The "Good Person Test" flipchart keeps working a treat, with plenty of people willing to go through it. We also had lots of gospel conversations with people around, including with an Aussie bloke named Lindsay - he said he was not religious and never thought about where he would go when he dies. But he came to grasp the gospel and said he would seriously consider it.

Ryu was another man we spoke with, from Japan and studying English here for a year. He said he sometimes believes there is a God - some days of the week yes, other days no. But once he heard that just as a building has a builder, so must the universe have had a creator, he said "Of course, that makes sense."

We then explained to him about the coming judgement, sin, heaven and hell, and the cross. After hearing all that, he said that trusting in Jesus is what he should do, but he said that sin has a strong pull on him. So he is going to count the cost of following Jesus. He happily received a gospel of John to start reading.

To God be the glory!

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

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On Wednesday during our weekly outreach in Brisbane city, one of the King George Square underground bus station entrances was closed for repair, but it was interesting to see the number of people who were walking towards the entrance (in the quick city manner) and then come to an abrupt stop just centimeters away from the closed door. They remain there for a few seconds in shock that the door is closed for them, before realising they have to go in the other entrance 50 metres away.

So one person on the team used this as an opportunity to say to a number of them, "Heaven's door will be shut one day too, are you ready?" And it got many people thinking about eternal matters.

It reminded me of the Scripture - "When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then he will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’" (Luke 13:25)

People think that they have plenty of time; there is no urgency to get right with God yet. But to the contrary, "today is the day of salvation" (2 Cor. 6:2). And shouldn't this motivate us to want to get out there and share our faith?

Wednesday, 3 January, 2018

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Yesterday for our outreach in Brisbane city we set up our "Are you a good person?" flipchart and the very moment it was set up, a group of six teenagers said, "I'd like to try the good person test". After going through it, explaining about sin, the coming judgement and salvation through Christ alone, they were appreciative of the chat and left counting the cost of placing their faith in Christ.

Throughout the afternoon, we took dozens of groups of people through the flipchart, including atheists, agnostics and even an elderly man who belongs to the cult called "Christian Science" (which is neither Christian nor scientific). He said that his religion denies that Jesus is God, and he said that only spiritual is good, all material things are bad. Apparently we created our own body through our mind and our aim is to rid ourselves of our body.

He denied the existence of Hell, and so we spent some time showing him verses in the Bible which showed that Hell is a real place, also verses that show that Jesus is God and how Jesus came to die on the cross for our sins (which he denied too, and instead said Jesus died for our healing).

After hearing the Scriptures he said, "I am just too old to change now." We expressed that it's not too late, by the very fact that his heart was still beating.

Please pray that this man (Wallace) comes to salvation, plus all the others we spoke with or gave a gospel tract to.

To God be the glory!

Saturday, 9 December, 2017

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Last night's outreach marked the first night of our Christmas outreaches in King George Square (Brisbane) during the light show that the Council puts on projecting a repeating 7 minute animation onto City Hall. This animation attracts large crowds into the city to watch it, and it also provides a great opportunity for us to share the real message of Christmas through the handing out Christmas gospel tracts and chatting to people.

And even though there were some big storms leading up to the outreach yesterday, there was still quite a lot of people about so we were able to get over 1,250 Christmas gospel tracts into people's hands. The team also got into some fruitful one to one conversations.

We will be there again each night this week and next week (except Fridays and Sundays), so please be praying for these outreaches that many people will come to saving knowledge of Jesus - how he came to this Earth to live a perfect life and die on the cross for our sins.

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