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Capalaba Team (QLD)

Meets 2-5pm every Monday afternoon (except public holidays) at the bus station between the two shopping centres (next to Noeleen Street).

Contact Ryan Hemelaar for more information.

Monday 4 March 2019

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This afternoon at Capalaba the team set out early in the afternoon to have some conversations. Upon arriving it was noticed that some JW's had set up their stand at one of the bus stations. The team prayed and split and the first conversation was had with these two ladies, Lauren and Dena.

Lauren did most of the talking. It was very sad to hear what she had to say, she didn't really have many answers to the questions posed. The first question asked and most important and central topic was, "How can someone be made right before God". Lauren listed five things, "Getting baptised, trying your best to obey God, reading your Bible, trying not to do the wrong thing and being sincere in asking for forgiveness". It was pointed out to Lauren that these were all based on human efforts.

It was pointed out to her that God's standard is perfection and that the best we can offer even in her list is a long way short of perfection. It was so sad to see that she mentioned nothing of Jesus Christ. The good news was briefly shared and she was challenged to read Romans 3-5 and to see what Paul has to say about how someone is made right before God.

Two exciting conversations were had with Damien and then Taylor.

Damien at first said that he thought there was no God. Upon being challenged with the building, builder analogy he admitted their must be a God but said it couldn't be the God of the Bible. When asked why he gave a few reasons and answers were given. It was pointed out at this early stage that it isn't primarily intellect that stops people from being Christians but rather a desire to sin. Damien then mentioned that he once was a "Christian" and that he did at one stage believe in God.

He was shown God's law as to his sin and was pointed to the penalty, the eternal Hell that he is headed for. Damien became quite sober in this conversation and wasn't being so dismissive but rather seemed to listen to what was being said. Just as the Gospel was about to be shared his bus arrived, he was given a tract and was encouraged to read and and the hope of a future conversation was mentioned. Please keep Damien in your prayers that he would read the tract and come back next week with questions!

A lengthy conversation was had with Taylor who at first seemed uninterested in talking as she mentioned that she had spoken to the team before. Taylor said her primary reasons to disbelieve in God were experiential. She had been forced as a child to learn about God, She had seen some "Christians" do some evil things and she had been mistreated by someone who claimed to know God. She was taken through God's law and saw her sin but kept trying to minimise it.

She was playing the usual game, jumping between trying to reject the existence of God and trying to argue that she wasn't that guilty. This went on through a few Gospel presentations and she seemed to understand the Gospel well. But her issue remained a love for sin. She talked about things she wanted to do that God disallowed. Then as the seriousness of the issue was being stressed another young man, who knew her came by and took her away to chat with her, which ended the conversation.

But by God's providence he hopped on his bus and she actually willing and came back over to continue chatting. She was challenged on a few more things, had the Gospel re-iterated and was strongly challenged on the seriousness of the decision she was making. Please keep Taylor in your prayers that she would heed the message proclaimed and turn to Christ as her Saviour and Lord.

One final conversation was as the afternoon came to the end the team of JW's swapped and so what was planned on being a short conversation was started with Patrina and Teagan. The conversation was initially intended to simply encourage them to have a read of the letter to the Romans, chapters 3-5. They shared that they had just read it the week before and so the question was posed, "How does Paul say we are made right before God?"

Patrina responded, "By exercising faith (doing the things the WT says one must do) and by doing good works". It was pointed out that Paul actually says the very opposite of that. The beginning of Romans 4 was read, and verse 4 and 5 were emphasised; "Now to the one who works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due. And to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness".

But Patrina then tried to argue that this simply meant that God opens the door to the ungodly by letting them enter but then they have to show worthiness through their actions. Patrina kept saying directly contradictory things, "No one can earn their salvation, God gives it as a gift to those who do good works". Sadly she couldn't see the contradictory nature of this and she tried to take the conversation elsewhere. The pair were encouraged to read their Romans 1-5 and spend some time trying to see what Paul was saying about how one is made right before God.

Please pray for the four JW's spoken to today that God would use His word to lead them away from the deceptive false teaching of the Watchtower.

Monday 25 February 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba another new team member made it along! It is worth noting that even though this is (in terms of team size) the smallest outreach, it is a really good training ground. Due to the bus stop environment with the short conversations and the need to approach someone to be able to talk, it trains one in reliance on God for efficiency and boldness. Maybe if you have a chance, you could join the team at Capalaba one Monday?

The first conversation of the afternoon was had with Angus-Lee and it was very exciting. All the way in the car drive over prayer to God for boldness was being had and not only did God answer that prayer He also encouraged the team with an afternoon filled with many exciting responses. Angus was the first.

He at an instant said that he was going to Heaven because he was a good guy. Then was shown God's goodness, why that means He must punish all sin and therefore we are in big trouble because each of us has a long and in depth history of sin. He saw the problem and acknowledged that he was in trouble.

Then the Gospel was explained to him and he seemed to take it on board. To check he had understood, so as not to leave him with a false Gospel by accident, he was asked what he must do to be saved and responded, "believe in Jesus". Although true, it seemed as though he didn't understand it and so the Gospel was articulated another time and a second checking question was used, "If you were to realise today that your sin deserves Hell, understanding that you have no ability to save yourself from that fate and therefore trusted in Jesus and what He has done to pay for that sin, then on your way home today you did one more sin and died five minutes later, would you go to Heaven or Hell?"

This question he paused at, he was not sure but he said tentatively, "Maybe Hell?" and he was asked, "Why do you think that?". And he responded, "Actually you're right, I would go to Heaven because I have trusted in Jesus to pay for my sin". What a joyful moment to witness, someone for the first time understanding the Gospel. Then Angus was posed with the question, "When are you going to trust in Jesus?" to which he responded, "Today".

Some follow up questions about counting the cost and encouragement were given and he was encouraged to go to a local Church. Please be praying for Angus that he would come to know God and will begin to walk in a new life with him.

Another conversation was with a man named Callum. He had spoken to the team before and heard the Gospel but had still rejected it. He said it was because there were so many "gods" in the world and he couldn't know which is right. A few simple explanations were given about how one can know and he agreed that it made sense. The challenge was put forward that the real reason for the arguments, was not because they were questions that had really plagued him and he had been searching for answers but were rather being used as an excuse to avoid thinking about it.

He acknowledge this was true and was once again point to the law and Gospel and left with the very serious challenge that, he could stand before His Creator this very day.

A final conversation was had with Hayley. At first she didn't seem that interested in talking but after a couple of questions happily engaged through a conversation. She had little understanding of Christianity but through the conversation came to understand the Gospel.

When at the closure of the conversation she was challenged to consider why she would reject Christ and she said, "It is because I don't know Him well". She was encouraged to open up the pages of the Bible and come face to face with the God of this universe in His word and was reminded one final time that she can know of the depths of His love because of how far He was willing to go to save sinners.

Please be praying for Callum that he would not reject Christ in an attempt for autonomy and that Hayley would seek to know who God is and as a result fall in love with Him and what He has done for her!

Monday 18 February 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team swelled in size by 50%! It was exciting to see a new local Christian commit to coming to the outreach each Monday! It was an exciting afternoon that ensued when all three team members had fifteen conversations each, whilst each member had a couple of really encouraging conversations as well.

An early and very timely conversation was had with a young man named Jai. He at first was skeptical of God's existence and then heard the building, builder analogy, presented in the "How We Know God Exists and Why it Matters" tract. He then agreed that there must be a God. Next he was challenged on why he would argue why God doesn't exist and it was pointed out that it has to do with God's expectations of His creation. If there is a God, there are things He has asked of us. So often, people argue that there is no God to try and avoid His judgement.

Then Jai heard God's law, like a mirror it revealed his sin and he saw the predicament he was in. The life he had lived had left him with a debt he deserved to pay. Jai's life had earnt him an eternal Hell punishment. When asked if there was any solution other than him paying, Jai wasn't sure.

A short discussion ensued which came to a close as the Gospel was explained. On the first explanation Jai didn't understand properly how one is saved, he thought it was by being good. So the Gospel was re-explained using another analogy and he got it! Showing that he understood he used the same argument that Paul answers in Romans 6, "Isn't the Gospel just a get out of jail free card, where you can do whatever you want but still go to Heaven?"

It was exciting to see he had understood and the explanation was given, using the crocodile analogy, that after being saved by God, out of gratefulness to Him for what He has done, we will want nothing to do with the sin that once enslaved us and instead want everything to do with that which honours God!

It was right at this moment that Jai's bus arrived, he was thankful for the chat and said he would read the tract! Praise God for His timing and providence and please be praying for Jai that he will strongly consider what God has said and will count the cost and choose to trust in Christ alone!

One of the downsides to bus station evangelism is that you don't always get to finish the conversation where you wanted, rather God and His timing decides when the person had heard enough. This means, efficiency in presentation is key but also remembering that God works on His own timeline. From Monday there were a range of conversations where God's existence was established, God's law and the consequences of breaking it was shown and the question was posed, "How can a Hell deserving sinner, get into Heaven?".

These conversations occurred with Anabelle, Maddi, Jayden, Bruce, Mick, Teagan and Kiara. Please keep these individuals in your prayers, that God would use the law to leave them wondering over and over about the question, "How can a sinner be forgiven?" and ultimately use the tract they took, a Christian they know or even another conversation at a bus stop to bring them to a knowledge of the Gospel. Please be praying that they cannot get this question out of their mind until it is answered.

One final conversation was had with Dewi, a young guy who the team has spoken to many times. At first during the afternoon he made a joke about wanting to avoid speaking with the team but as the afternoon drew to a close he happily sat down and chatted with the team. This conversation went deeper than a usual Gospel conversation and was filled with a heart to heart discussion about why the team cared about him, why they wanted to challenge him and share with him week after week and he seemed moved.

Please be praying for Dewi that he would seriously consider the Gospel and trust in Christ alone for His salvation and as a result turn from his sin, to living a life honouring to God!

Monday 11 February 2019

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On Monday at Capalaba the team had an afternoon filled with Gospel conversations. As is the way with Capalaba, there is constantly cycling people around the bus stops, enabling and encouraging consistent conversations.

Three highlight conversation were with Jasmine, Jacob and Charlotte.

Jasmine was a lady that attended a local Church. She professed to be a Christian. When asked what the way to Heaven was, she was very clear that it wasn't by good works but she was unable to articulate what it was that actually got someone right before God.

She was engage and taken through the law and the Gospel so that it was clear for her. She said it made sense and she was encouraged to read the book of Romans so that hopefully she could understand more clearly what God has said is the way of salvation.

The next conversation was with a man named Jacob. Jacob looked like the type of guy you don't want to approach and speak to. But to the teams surprise he was happy to talk! He was taken through the law and shown his sin. He was asked what he thought the solution is and didn't have an answer and then heard the Gospel. He comprehended it and when asked when he would trust in Jesus he said, "I think I will have to do it tonight!"

Praise God for the work He does in bringing unbelievers into His family. We know that it isn't our wise words or abilities that cause someone to want to know God but rather it is God at work in their hearts.

Thirdly was a conversation had with Charlotte. The conversation occurred because he bus came almost 37 minutes late! Praise God for His grace!

Charlotte has a strongly atheistic family and as a result had never heard about God or the Gospel. She was shown step by step who God is and how we know. What God has done and what He has asked us to do. She was then shown by comparison to God's law what the problem is, that God must hold us accountable for our sin and then she heard the Gospel and understood it.

She actually responded, without being challenged, that it was something she would have to heavily consider. She even talked about counting the cost because it could mean rejection from her family! She said she was grateful for the conversation and that she would heavily consider what had been said.

Please be praying for these three conversations that God would be working in their hearts, to bring them to faith. Please also pray that they are strengthened to face any trials that might come as a result of their profession of faith.

Monday 21 January 2019

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At Capalaba on Monday the team had many conversations but also a very eventful afternoon.

An early conversation was had with John a walking contradiction. John declared that if God exists he is definitely going to Hell but then went on to explain that he had never done anything wrong in his life. Which was then followed by an explanation that he has just lived his entire life however he wanted and no one will hold him accountable nor change his mind.

John heard God's law, saw his sin but palmed it off as unimportant. Sadly due to John's lack of care regarding the law, it seemed vain to share with him the Gospel. So he was left strongly with the condemnation that sin brings.

Following this conversation, Luke and Seisha a young couple waiting at the bus stop were spoken to. During the conversation Luke shared he went to Citipointe youth group and Church but sadly didn't know the Gospel. He had some notions of Jesus' sacrifice but couldn't quite work out why Jesus had to die and how we are saved by it.

During the conversation Luke was showing signs of not being physically okay and was momentarily lapsing and unable to respond. This got worse very quickly and so the conversation was cut short as an Ambulance was called.

Later in the afternoon this opened up a brief conversation with Luke's mother but sadly she wasn't too interested in speaking. She did mention that she may go to church with her son sometime though.

The afternoon also held a range of other conversations.

Nikita heard the bad news and an introduction to the Gospel before her bus arrived and took a tract saying she would read it.

Sorem and Lissa also saw their sinfulness and were pointed quickly to Christ as the solution when their bus arrived.

Philip and Liam were in the same boat. They were less interested but will still happy to talk until their bus arrived.

The last two conversations though were quite interesting.

First was with a man named Phil, who believed in God just didn't think he could be saved because he thought he was too sinful. Paul was encouraged to hear about the extent of Christ's salvation and that he could make the foulest of sinners clean. Paul was encouraged to read Romans 1-5.

Last conversation was with a man named Nero. Who said he was a good guy who didn't do wrong things. Then when asked if he had ever lied he went on to mention that he had to lie for his job. This was surprising, at first he was good, then he basically admitted that he was paid to tell lies.

He went on to hear the desperate wickedness of his sin and its consequences and how seriously God takes sin. He then was asked if he had any idea of the solution and said he didn't know but mentioned that he had felt really guilty about his job and had thought about leaving it.

He then heard the Gospel and was given a picture tract to really illustrate what Christ has done and how we should respond.

Please be praying for those who heard the Gospel, that they would be challenge and come to a saving knowledge of the truth. Please also be praying for those who took tracts.

Please pray more specifically for Luke and his family and for Nero.

Please pray that Luke's condition would improve but also that the serious health problems he had will lead his family to seriously consider their own mortality and therefore their eternity.

Please pray that Nero would heed the seriousness of his sin and therefore come to total surrender and trust in Christ for his forgiveness.

Monday 7 January 2019

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As the outreach started on Monday at Capalaba, an older lady was engaged. She started talking about things that the JW's believe and it became clear that is what she believed. Whilst the conversation was going on with her there was another lady sitting near by who didn't want to have to listen to the discussion. She made some comments under hear breath to try and gain some attention but then after almost fifteen minutes she got up, walked over and yelled, declaring, "Stop talking to this lady, she doesn't want to know what you have to say".

The rude interrupter, was simply asked if she knew if God would send her to Heaven or to Hell after she died. To which she responded that God didn't exist but at this she walk a few metres away and then remained silent.

Sadly through the discussion, even opening up the scriptures with the JW lady, she was unwilling to acknowledge what God had said. She read some passages and yet would simply say, "It can't mean that". Saying basically, "The text doesn't mean what it actually says. This was a very sad moment, she was so committed to her pre-conceived ideas that she was not interested in what God actually had said.

The afternoon was filled with a mixture of other conversations. Jean said she didn't know what happens after we die but thought she was good. She tried to use her, "I don't know" as an avoidance at first to talking futher but then was happy to talk and heard the Gospel.

Puneema and Rista, two young indian ladies were being silly in and attempt to not be serious about God. The heard the law and the Gospel and left with tracts.

Daniel, loved his sin and his primary attempt to defend his sin was to claim that Jesus wasn't really God. He took a tract but didn't hear the Gospel.

The afternoon finished with some more exciting conversations,

A young man Lachy, had no arguments, he seemed to be affected by the law and the Gospel and was very interested in talking. He left with a Gospel of John.

Also a lady named Samantha, after hearing the condemnation of the law struggled to understand the Gospel. Using the pictures on the back of the tract she seemed to understand but only time will tell.

Please be praying that God would continue to work in the lives of these men and women. God has graciously provided them all with an opportunity to hear His offer of salvation, please pray that He would also change their hearts, that they may know Him.

Monday 10 December 2018

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Prayer needed please:

     - Trent, young man who had never heard. Now he says, "you've given me something to think about!" 

     - a pagan woman who said, "Nature gives us all that we need." Analogy in response -"If you gave a good gift to someone and that person then transferred his love from you to the gift, would you be pleased? No, of course not. God is not pleased when anyone ignores Him and loves His creation instead." Still, after taking her through the law and gospel, she would not forsake her pagan idolatry.

     - N, a young lass who has had her faith severely tested by the child abuse perpetrated by so-called Christians. She has no one to share her doubts and fears with.

    - that in the other witnessing encounters, God would glorify Himself as He sovereignly pleases.

He is faithful and true and worthy of all praise! 

Monday 26 November 2018

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On Monday afternoon at Capalaba the atmosphere was very different to the Schoolies outreach of the previous week. None the less, God used the smaller team, in a quieter location to proclaim the truth of the Gospel so that people may come to know God.

One exciting point to mention is that the team occasionally run into people who say, "I have a friend at work (or school) that has been telling me about this!" This is a massive encouragement in a number of ways, firstly, it is wonderful to hear that other people are hopping out of their comfort zone and boldly obeying Christ, even in places where they will have to see these people again!

A secondary encouragement though, is that often the people mentioning it, aren't angry but are excited! They are happy to tell us about their friend who has been sharing this with them. They aren't looking back in frustration but it is usually an enjoyable moment when someone else shares the same message of salvation with them. They rejoice in their friend.

May that encourage you, most Gospel conversations are not events to look back upon angrily, but ones that people remember, especially when it is a friend that shares with them.

On Monday there was a scary theme, church goers who had no idea about the Gospel. One man Peter, had been in a protestant church for almost seventy-five years and he said, "I am hoping that I will have done enough for God to let me into Heaven". What a scary thought, that this man could have sat in church, almost four thousand times and never understand the truth of the Gospel.

There were also two ladies Nikita and Julianna, who equally attended Church but that had only been for around three to five years during their high schooling. Again neither of them were clear on the Gospel, they barely knew who Jesus was at all. This is scary to see the state of the youth groups in our day, that someone could attend one hundred or more times and never clearly and explicitly be told the main point of Christianity.

A third conversation in this category was with Reagan, he too went to Church and similarly was unsure about the way to Heaven. At first he brushed the conversation off because he said he already knew it all but after going through the good person test, seeing his guilt before a Holy God and being left with the serious decision between choosing sin or Christ Reagan said he would think about it.

It was a privilege to be able to take the opportunity to be the person that articulated the Gospel to him and left in a position knowing that the Gospel called him to repent or perish. Please be praying that Reagan sees the sinfulness of his sin and turns to trust in Christ alone for salvation.

Two other exciting conversations were had with Erin and Nicola and Chloe.

Erin was happy to talk even though she had no religious background. She listened to the law and how all it can do is condemn us. She then made a side note about other religions which was answered by pointing out that they simply have a law but no saviour, leaving anyone who tries to follow them, guilty and without hope.

Erin said this made sense and then proceeded to ask more questions about Heaven and Hell. As the Gospel was being explained her bus arrived and she was left knowing half of what Jesus accomplished. Please be praying that Erin would read the tract she took and desire to know God intimately as a result!

The second with Nicola and Chloe was similar. Throughout the conversation Chloe shared that everyone around her said religion was rubbish and asked why she should consider what the Bible says but she also shared that she was scared of death. Through this conversation the two girls heard why we should be scared of death not because death is the end but because after death comes a day of judgement, when everyone, if being judged based on their actions will be found guilty and deserving of Hell.

But that God has acted in history, and the Bible records the things God did, said and promised, so we can see what God has done so that sinners can be made right with Him. The girls heard the Gospel and were left to ponder the question, will I surrender to Christ or defy Him?

Please be praying for those the team was able to speak with that they would heed the call of the Gospel and not leave it another day or another year.

Please be praying for your local Church that they would faithfully in all their ministries preach the Gospel.

Please be praying for yourself, that you would be emboldened to step out in obedience to God and share the Gospel with your friends, family or colleagues.

Monday 5 November 2018

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On Monday afternoon the sun was blazing making a number of the bus platforms warmer than normal. The team due to one conversation ended up spending an extra hour in the outreach. A man who had a Catholic background, hopped off the bus, was asked a question about eternity and said that he doesn't really like talking about it. One hour and twenty minutes later the conversation ended and he had been encouraged numerous times to turn from his self-reliance to trusting in Christ.

Due to the extended time, the team had over thirty gospel conversations during the afternoon! Praise God for allowing the freedom and openness for such a fruitful afternoon to occur. There were many conversations that took place and in the moment they can be extremely sad, for example one short conversation with an elderly SDA man. He was adamant that he must work for his salvation. He would say, "It is by grace alone but we have to earn that grace". 

He probably won't survive to live in this world for another decade and if his pride remains in those short years, his eternity will be spent in hell.

It is conversations like this that are gut wrenching. He has every advantage to hear and understand God's offer of salvation. He has the Bible, in his own language. He has the ability to read and time on his hands and yet he prefers the false doctrine that enables him to have pride in his own achievements and abilities.

Despite this man's hard heart, we can know and rejoice that God isn't making mistakes. Whether this man remains proud until death and ends up in Hell, or God humbles him and leads him to Christ, the saviour of sinners, God is in charge and does not make mistakes. In our gospel proclamation, of course we want to see people come to a knowledge of the truth but we are called to be faithful in proclamation and nothing more.

There was a man Keiran who was spoken to, who once was a youth leader but had since rejected Christianity declaring he thinks he is a nephilim and has the ability to pay for his own sin. He says he is a spiritual health and wellness coach. Basically, he has foolishly rejected God as He has revealed Himself and then taken some parts from different sources and fashioned an idol out of his own ideas.

Another man Ray declared that we must simply have faith in faith. It was explained that it is the object of our faith that saves, not the faith itself. There are many faiths that are foolish. Many things people rely on and place their faith in, that cannot help. This was pointed out the Ray with some analogies and he was left to consider the only reliable object of faith, Jesus Christ.

Another lady Shirley declared a lot of different ideas, most important was the idea that God does not judge, He just forgives. This was pointed out as incoherent as to forgive someone requires you to judge what they've done as wrong. It was also pointed out that the one forgiving must take the hit. Shirley was a lady who was sure that she was a very good person and has lived a life very pleasing to God.

Another lady Linduca was adamant that she as a Buddhist was going to be fine. Even though in Buddhism one of the steps to enlightenment is to have no desires. The primary issue being, the desire to have no desires, is a desire. Linduca was shown the law of God, leading to a knowledge of sin and was left knowing the we can never be right before God on our own, only Christ can save a sinner.

Three others that heard the Gospel and responded positively were Brooke, Grant and Zane. They each did the good person test, saw their sin and the deserved punishment and heard God's offer of salvation. They were each encouraged to read their Bible and were left with a tract.

Please be praying for all those who heard the Gospel today. These numbers as well as many more. Please bring these men and women before God in prayer, asking Him to have His way with them, whether it be in changing their heart for His glory or hardening it for His glory. Please also be praying for the Lord of the harvest to send out more labourers, maybe even yourself!

Monday 29 October 2018

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What is the best way to avoid feeling stale and out of touch with evangelism? Evangelising! It might surprise you to know that even a single day between Saturday's outreach and Monday's outreach is enough to forget simple analogies and explanations. It is also enough time to forget how important it is to be patient and Christ-like whilst evangelising.

It makes sense that as Christian's we struggle to declare the Gospel to people, to find the words to say or the patience to share, if we only do it once a week, once a month or once a year. Thankfully Capalaba is a location that brings a very quick reminder that overcoming evangelism is not primarily about learning more apologetics or memorising answers but it is about trusting in God, relying on the Spirit, fearing God more than men and being motivated by God's great love for us, in Christ.

This Monday as usual was filled with humility, hostility and hope.

A surprising conversation early in the afternoon was had with Erica. She had just the night before stumbled across and watched a Joseph story.

This was unusual but it was a good opportunity to explain not just the Gospel by how the entire Bible speaks of God's sovereign plan to save the human race, through, the Son, Jesus Christ, for His own glory. Erica also heard the bad news of sin and the hope found in Christ alone for salvation.

She said that she would count the cost of trusting in Christ and took a tract. She also was encouraged to read her Bible!

A sad conversation was had with Jeff. He declared that he had tried all types of Christianity, Catholic, SDA and Mormon. This was really sad to hear because somehow in his searches, he had missed actual Christianity. Jeff had a number of arguments against God and also claimed that none of the groups had worked for him.

As the Gospel was explained Jeff was surprised and said that he had never heard it before but then he jumped to his own defense and said, "no Christian wants to help me, they just want to condemn me".

It was pointed out that in the very conversation he was making that claim, a team member was listening to him, was offering him hope and help and was encouraging him to trust entirely upon Jesus for salvation. Sadly the conversation was cut off there as his bus arrived. Please be praying that Jeff was impacted by the patience, remembers the Gospel and turns to God, not just to a set of rules and laws.

Another encouraging (and funny) conversation was had with Kiana and Deagon. Kiana was unchurched and had very little understanding of the Gospel and Deagon professed to be a Christian but didn't know the Gospel either. The conversation was quite straight forward, God as Creator, Judge and Saviour was presented and the two understood it. As the Gospel was explained the pair said they'd never heard it before. As the required response was shared Deagon said, "I already believe in Jesus". To which, without a moment's hesitation, Kiana responded, "Just because you say that you're a Christian and go to Church, doesn't mean you trust in Jesus!"

Ouch! All Deagon could do was try and defend himself but he knew she was right. Then moments later, Kiana who seemed to have comprehended the Gospel and its response, when asked, "When will you trust in Jesus?" said, "I think I will at sometime." She was then asked, "Why not now? If you don't want to trust in Him now..." Finishing the question she said "Why will I wanted to trust in Him later?"

It was clear Kiana understood what God required of her. Please be praying for Deagon that her question was used by the Spirit to cut him to the heart. Please be praying that Kiana takes the truth she has heard and turns to Jesus alone for her salvation!

A final sad conversation was had with Jake. He heard the Gospel and many different explanations and answers to his questions but sadly after all was said and done he declared, "I understand what you're saying but I don't want to trust in Jesus because I love marijuana too much".

Please be praying that God in his severe mercy, would do everything required to strip Jake's foolish reliance on drugs away, that he will be bought unto salvation.

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